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Benefits of Exercising

Exercise is a miraculous treatment that we’ve all had, but we avoided taking our prescribed dosage for too long. As a result, our welfare is suffering today.
It’s not serpentine oil. Regardless of age, solid empirical evidence exists that your physical exercise will help you lead a better, happier life.
People who practice frequently are less likely to experience certain (chronic) long-term illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancer.Studies demonstrate that physical exercise can also increase self-confidence, mood, sleep quality and endurance, and reduce the susceptibility of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Locations of gym

The PSB fitness app allows you to incorporate your training and outcomes into your smartphone app, gives the user specific details and helps them to schedule their training based on their objectives and success. If you prefer to do your own exercises, the user will check the code on the computer. Check the code on the computer, and enter the quantity of burnt calories and muscle category exercised during the 30-second gap between representatives. It makes it time effective. The app will also create a custom training regimen depending on the type of body, fitness and fitness objectives of the individual. If the goal is to lose.

About us:

Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
Yoga Class at PSB Fitness

Initiated an on-campus gym service by the Pilon School of Business (PSB). This gym offers Zumba and yoga lessons and several more workouts to students and staff members 24/7. Through doing this, you can calm your mind and groove by doing Zumba in various other ways such as Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga and Crossfit. Their focus is on exercises such as Zumba and Yoga, since they are all aerobic activities appropriately mixed.

How will PSB FITNESS be chosen?

PSB Health Focus urges you to do an unbelievable, high quality curriculum that fits together. We allow students to take advantage of productive training at fitness sites, either online from home or anywhere they choose. We support them here at PSB Fitness to reach the results and prescribe meals, exercise schedules, personal assistance, and more through our cloud system. Our online workouts enable participants to log their workouts so they are able to monitor their shape and posture and ensure that there are no injuries and optimum performance. We are still a small group of students.

Per day calories intake

Calories Requirement
Diet chart

Our last quarter focuses on the understanding that health and fitness are important. Gym workouts are currently being conducted that draw our young generation to a healthier life. We will now address one of the important elements in the development of a safe and fit body. You do hear the words ‘correct diet’ but most people do not know what these sentences really mean and take them in a different way. We believe that an adequate diet should be such that the body gets all the nutrients it needs. We recommend mango almond milk for protein, which is healthy for your wellbeing and has no side effect.

PSB Fitness

importance of a healthy body

Health habits have declined in today’s century. This means that outdoor sports and workouts are not available. The problem can have negative consequences for the body of our young generation. Their development would be performed negatively without exercise. PSB Gym encourages young people to work out for a minimum of 15 minutes every day. Fitness is available 24 hours a day. We give a one-month Gym monthly free membership. This helps clients to resume their work after a routine of one month. Training is the best way to make a safe life for a young age. We expect this to draw and encourage people to get fitness and balanced workouts.

Services and benefits offered by PSB Fitness

The wellness emphasis of PSB urges you to carry out a realistic program that combines unbelievable and quality work. We help our students integrate effective programming at our workout sites, either online from home or whenever the member wants. Here at PSB Fitness, we help you attain success and prescribe food, training sessions, personal assistance, and more across our cloud system. Our online workouts encourage participants to register for their training sessions, as they monitor their shape and posture to ensure there are no injuries and full performance. We are still a small group of students and trainers looking for a long time to develop.

yoga sessions

Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
Yoga Class at PSB Fitness

Yoga is a great instrument for enhancing body flexibility and body and mind synchronization. Allows your life to stabilize as well. With no great pressure on your body, it boosts your physical health.
No vigorous workouts are essential. We experience Yoga instruction and support participants in daily observation and therapy to achieve the required fitness.

Zumba and aerobics

Fit Life

Zumba is one of the longest periods of fun and flexible exercise craze. Classes can be designed for almost any degree of fitness. While most Zumba moves like bouncing and skipping entail high impacts, they can be changed to suit the requirements. If you want a full-force fitness program, search for a Zumba class for some light body weights. If you need to begin slowly, or if you are in perfect shape, you can dance your heart. If you enjoy simply moving your body into music, Zumba is for you.


With COVID19 protocol on in view, we’ve been trying by our official channels to switch our workout workouts to ZOOM, INSTA LIVE online. You can access our online modes on the links given from time to time until you subscribe to our services. Get a 40 percent discount from entering via online platforms now and take advantage of it. You will use our digital archives after you use them. It enables you to fusion many routines into one routine that is ideal for your needs. We also made arrangements briefly to meet the online standards that will no longer matter when you begin our offline programs.

What separates PSB from others?

Meditation at PSB Fitness
Meditation at PSB Fitness

The fitness center has a fixed planning schema that distinguishes them. The routine they are performing to train the bodies for exercises is that they are doing a basic exercise. After that, clients join in an aerobic exercise scheme with a Zumba session lasting 1 hour. Following this mission, guests will be able to relax for 5 to 10 minutes. For the body to keep on moving, the break time is limited. The last session would have a right one-hour yoga session. This is the program for people who have free time who are willing to complete the whole process.



About us

PSB fitness Gym has founded by two graduates Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years of experience as fitness instructor and Matt has 5 years of experience as a certified personal trainer. We are a well-known name to provide excellent fitness training and other facilities. Our Gym remains open 24 hours with trainers available all times. As our founders are well trained and experienced, so they always choose best trainers for our customers as well.


Membership and fee

• Monthly- $40
• Quarterly (3 months)-$110
• Half yearly (6 months) -$225
• Yearly memberships (1 year)-$400

We value your money so our membership fee is quite affordable and the facilities you will be provided are worth of this fee and we are confident that you will love the experience and training with us.


If you want to be trained by highly skilled professional trainers and want desired results for your hard work whether it’s about gaining or losing weight or building muscles, then PSB fitness is the right place for you.

Doing exercise is not enough to get the results but doing exercise in right way is. Some of you are not getting desired results even after doing lot of hard work, so u need special training and right place to do so and we are best in that.


Latest Gym equipment is provided to train you well with the help of technology. We always put your safety first but, in any case, if anyone needs help one of our sports therapists is always available in gym to take care of you. We provide happy and healthy environment inside the Gym to make you feel comfortable. Good music plays a significant role in Gym as it motivates you to keep going. While doing intense exercises or running on treadmill needs little high tempo music while doing meditation and aerobics the music should be soothing. We also keep the performance record of every customer to help them to achieve their goal. Every person has different expectations from gym and so their metabolism, so we make diet plan according to their requirement. Free car parking, bathroom shower usage are also included in the membership.


Aerobics is a type of exercise that involves rhythmic aerobic exercise to improve flexibility, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness. We provide gym with aerobics in Mississauga and Brampton location included the membership with no extra fee. Aerobics is a fun exercise to enjoy with music and dance as it includes dance like steps. . Yoga is good for physical and mental health it has many benefits such as reducing mental stress and helps to sleep well, so we provide yoga sessions for every day.


Every sport needs some special exercise for particular body part to focus on such as football needs more stamina and tennis need body balance and more focus as well. So, we provide special sessions for the exercises that you need to improve your sports performance Such as: balancing board , meditation session , rope exercise etc.


Due to Covid -19 we are taking extra care for our customers by setting up few mandatory rules to follow in the gym:
• 6 feet distance in the gym
• Not more than 15 persons at a time in the gym.
• Sanitize the equipment after every use.
• Fill up Health sheet before entering the gym.
• Use sanitizer before entering the gym.


PSB fitness is going to open 2 new gym:
• Sheridan college Davis campus
7899 McLaughlin Road
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9

• Sheridan college HMC campus
Hazel McCallion Campus
4180 Duke of York Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5

PSB Fitness- Place to Relax

What you eat in private you Wear in Public

Why Gym is Important?
A gym is a place where people go to become physically and mentally fit. This place has special equipment and all other facilities needed by the people during their workout sessions. You can go to the gym to lose weight or gain weight, so the motive of the gym is to make you fit and to make you feel relax. Gyms have trained coaches who can help you in all ways, like, with the type of workout your body needs, appropriate diet plan, etcetera. In today’s world, almost every place has a gym, some people have gyms at their homes too.

Want to Stay Healthy?
In this 21st Century, Everyone is Following a 24/7 Pattern of work. So, mostly because of the Hectic lifestyle everyone goes for Fast food that is easy to cook as well as Quick to make. To Stay Healthy it is important that with regular Exercise intake of balanced diet food is also important.

About PSB Fitness

• What makes it Special?

PSB fitness is Special because it is Providing membership at an affordable price as well as many options. For example, A proper diet plan, A Cloud system through which one can check his or her performance. Especially, PSB Fitness is here not to make a profit, but to make you feel confident, healthy and achievers.

• Suitable For?

PSB Fitness is a Perfect Place for one who is Fitness Freak as well as the person who wants to run his or her life smoothly, especially College Going Students as being adult he has to face many problems at once. For example, Along with studies they have to do Work to Fulfill their basic amenities, especially International students they have to face a lot as they have to Pay their fesses, Rents, and have to look back at their home along with Studies. So, this place is perfect for them as by visiting here they can relax is through exercise, and with the proper diet, they can be Wealthy as well as Physically.

Doing exercise

Access to Gym

• Location

PSB Fitness is situated in the Center of the city at Mississauga. The Branch is located inside the college building of the HMC campus.

• Access for students

Access to this is very easy, especially for Sheridan students as well as for Non- students. The only difference is that college students do not have to buy Membership as the price of Membership is already paid in their Fees and Non-Students have to buy the Membership.


• For Sheridan Student

The price of membership is very affordable for students as for Sheridan Students the price is $40 Per Month. which is included in their tuition fees including access to Cloud System, and to all Equipment.

• For Non-Sheridan

Non- Sheridan is not the people who are part of the Sheridan Campus. So, For the membership of PSB fitness, the Amount is $50 per month which includes the access same as Sheridan Students have.

Type of Service Available

• Proper Diet

A proper Balance diet Chart is provided to all with the help of a Proper guideline dietitian. As proper diet is also a part to Stay Healthy.

Equipment’s Available

There are various types of equipment at the gym, for instance, treadmills, cross trainers, indoor cycles, exercise bikes, etcetera.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, everything has changed including the gym, Only a limited number of people can use the gym, All the equipment has to sanitized after each use., Everyone entering the gym have to wear a mask including coaches, Social distancing is also mandatory.

Feel free to join and Enjoy your life

If you have any Queries, Please free to contact us at:

Fitness and Meditation classes Mississauga

Transform your body and mind with these amazing fitness and meditation classes held at PSB fitness center Mississauga.


Commence your fitness journey with our experienced fitness trainers and the new build infrastructure at the Sheridan Brampton and Mississauga campuses. Our 15000 square feet area is a newly developed fitness space that includes a wide variety of equipment ranging from cardiovascular to strength training equipment programs, spa, and recreational and diet consultation services. We are determined to provide a comfortable space that elevates your workout experience and drives in the motivation to strive for a healthy body and mind.

Our services

PSB is thoroughly designed to strengthen our mission of the mental and physical wellbeing of our clients. If you are seeking a place where you could replenish and rejuvenate yourself then this is the right destination for you. Moreover, our fitness training methods not only provide you with a good shape but provide various methods to optimize your performance.

Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
Yoga Class at PSB Fitness


Become a healthier and happier version of yourself with our PSB’s Fitness and Meditation classes and if you are someone who loves to socialize and do workouts with other like-minded individuals, then these classes are the best for you to amp up your daily workout schedule.
There are different types of fitness classes curated exclusively for you that help you to stay motivated, learn proper body formation and have fun while exercising.

Class category


Achieve spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing, by engaging your mind at ease with PSB yoga and meditation classes. Try everything from low intensity to high-intensity yoga asanas and sweat yourself to a healthy state of mind. Engross your mind with meditation exercises.


Are you ready to enjoy a workout party at PSB fitness? Forget the workout and grove yourself to the musical beats and shed those kilos on the exquisite beats of international music. It is an easy, fun way to get in shape.


person lift barbel

PSB’S High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can help you train like an athlete. Each class integrates both cardio and strength training to optimize performance, enhance aerobic fitness, offering new and exciting challenges for your body.


Challenge yourself with PSB’s strength classes. Shed fat and build muscles, achieve the bodyweight that you desire. focus on your bone density exercises and elevate your performance.


Swap your dull workout schedules with the PSB’s kickboxing classes, empower yourself with the fun sessions and escalate your energy with the most exciting calorie-burning workout.



Do not miss this opportunity to work out with our celebrity fitness trainer Mark Tyler. He will provide you with techniques and tips used by celebrities in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and grab a chance to get clicked with him!

What are you waiting for?
JOIN NOW! Build your confidence and boost your self-esteem and get a one-month free trial in your fitness and meditation classes

Membership plans and other services

All the services provided below are included in the membership fee.
For students:
Free membership for one year which is included in the tuition. Discounted prices upon continuation.
For outsiders:
● Monthly/ Quarterly or yearly Membership package
● Monthly $65
● Quarterly $240
● Yearly $650
● Weekly Plan (pay and go)- $25
-Refer a friend and stand a chance to win a free session with a celebrity fitness trainer.
-Freeboot camps with every membership
-New members receive a one-month free trial in our fitness and meditative classes
-Free orientation kit upon membership which includes cool accessories for the gym.

*Terms and conditions apply*

Fitness 24/7 yoga and Zumba

Pilon School of Business (PSB) has launched an on-campus gym service. This fitness center provides students and team members 24/7 Zumba and yoga classes and many other activities. By doing this, their mind can get relaxed with music and dance by doing Zumba exercise many other kinds of exercise such as aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, and CrossFit exercise. Their emphasis lies on workouts like Zumba and Yoga, as both are properly combined physical activity.

Be fit gym
Gym is Mississauga

Let us get you started with your fitness journey!
Our fitness club offers gym passes to its students and workers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means they will use it at any time and on any campus, as long as the gym is open. Currently, the operation is in its infancy, with plans in place to offer world-class service to its customers. The instructors are well trained and have extensive experience as coaches. Since some students and staff are committed to their fitness, the gym also provides virtual courses to them. Furthermore, it is impossible to come every day due to work. As a result, the provider is prepared to offer simulated virtual courses for them.
provides fitness 24/7 yoga and Zumba classes available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
Yoga Class at PSB Fitness

Fit Life

2. Benefits Of PSB
Exercise plays a significant role in physical and mental well-being, which is why rising numbers of young people and school pupils attend gyms more than ever. New research by Oxford University students also reveals how workouts continue to improve the physical and health care of young generations. The fitness center has numerous advantages such as reducing stress, reducing bad cholesterol, and raising metabolism.
1. Improved health
2. High metabolism after a weight session
3. Muscle regeneration
4. Once you have more muscles you use more calories to feed them.
5. Increase in energy level

Fit Life

What makes PSB Different from Others?
The gym has a set preparation regimen that sets them apart from the competition. The set routine for them is that they will do some basic exercises to prepare their bodies for workouts. After that, clients will engage in a one-hour Zumba session in which they will dance their way through an aerobic workout regimen. Following this task, there will be a 5- to 10-minute rest period during which clients can relax. The break time is short for the body to stay in motion. There will be a proper yoga session in the last session, which will last an hour. This is the schedule for those who have spare time and are capable of finishing the whole phase line.

Membership discounts
For students with a GPA of at least 3.5 or above, there will be a membership discount of 25$.
24/7 access to Gym
PSB fitness club offers 24/7 services.
Interactive and mind relaxing activities
such as Zumba and Yoga classes

Pricing and Promotional Offers:

Monthly membership= $40
Semi-yearly membership=$250
Yearly membership=$320
For referring a friend $10 off on your membership.
Sign up for our emails regarding more prizes and events.
Follow and tag us on social sites (Facebook, Instagram) and get 5% off on your membership.

Are you still looking to join us?

If you are
kindly email us and to know the latest updates regarding the PSB fitness club do follow us on social sites.

• Facebook-
• Instagram-
• Website-
zumba and yoga classes

zumba and yoga classes

Zumba and yoga classes at affordable prices

We are happy to say that the PSB fitness center has two other locations as well. In Mississauga and Trafalgar campuses. The best thing is students can easily access to there fitness centers. In today’s scenario, we all know that all of them are busy with their daily schedule. If we talk about students. They are busy with their assignments or in other college work. So, our locations inside the campuses help students a lot. They can do work out during their free time. for instance, during their class break. Or when they have time for another class.

furthermore, let us look at some good points:

• Are you health-conscious or a fitness freak.
• you are looking for a place where you can burn your calories or give your body a proper shape.
• Do you want to look more attractive in front of girls?
• Have you ever heard about a fitness center with less fee and more benefits?

We can undoubtedly say that students have busy lives. They remain busy all day with their college work. Some of them do part-time work as well. Even they do not have time to spent with their kith and kings. In today’s world. The majority of the students are fitness freaks because they belong to an educated society. They want to live a healthy life and give their body a proper shape. Due to a shortage of time, they fail to go to the gyms. So, we have a fitness center inside the college campus in Mississauga, Brampton, and Trafalgar. Students have the opportunity to access these fitness centers.

Be fit gym
Gym is Mississauga

furthermore, They can do their workout during their free time. The majority of the students have it me time between first and second class. They use their time in the fitness center and burn their calories. One main positive point is. Workout pokey an important role in removing stress from the mind. Now they can remove this stress.

Along with this, Our fitness center provides Zumba and yoga classes as well. Interested applicants can join these at an affordable price. Along with this, we have experienced trainers who provide 24*7 service. Those who pay a full-year fee. Our gym faculty provide them 20 * discount and free consultation from our trainers now the students can gain knowledge and pump their muscles in a single roof. Students can also enjoy music. We have cleaners who clean all the gym 24*7. Students can do their work out in a hygienic environment.

Our gym faculty also provide these special services to the customers.
• Weekly gathering where members can enjoy and dance.
• Any time consultation from professional trainers.
• Get their diet chart and discuss their problems with the trainer.
• Free shakers and gym bag along with gloves to our members.

Also, Now students have the opportunity to do workouts with their college friends. They can help each other and motivate them. Undoubtedly PSB fitness is a beautiful place where students can be stress-free and give their body a perfect shape.

furthermore, If anybody is interested to join Zumba and yoga classes. Never forgot to register before the end of this semester to get a 10% discount.

You can check more about us online from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on google as well.

Positive performance and lifestyle

Celebrity Fitness Trainer in Your City Mississauga!POSITIVE LIFESTYLE and PERFORMANCE

Be fit gym

ABOUT US: PSB fitness is outstanding amongst other sporting and recreational center for nearby students and other people. These centers have been opened in campuses of Sheridan college for instance in Brampton and Mississauga and are 24 hours opened for students and for nearby inhabitants. This activity place has new kinds of machine arrangements and various features like treadmill, Seated arm extension, steam shower, spa and some more. We look to achieve positive performance and a healthy lifestyle for our members and there are many advantages of joining PSB Fitness, for example, lessen terrible cholesterol, increase digestion, muscle recovery, expansion in energy level, improve adaptability, also help to make a positive propensity and Improved wellbeing.

PSB wellness focus urges you to do a reasonable program that joins both incredible and quality getting ready works out. We are looking to help the students incorporate productive performance workouts at our fitness locations, either remotely from their homes or anywhere the member desires. Here at PSB Fitness, we are helping them to achieve the results and recommend meals, workout routines, personal help, and more through our cloud system too. Our online workouts allow members to record their workouts as this is to watch their form and positioning to ensure no injuries occur and maximum results are achieved. In Addition, we are a small community of students and trainers looking to build long lasting relationships.

Common mistakes
Common mistakes

•Firstly, some members are are adapting bad techniques of exercising that will results in increasing risk of injury and long-term niggles, aches, and pains. Members are encouraged to watch their form or posture in the mirror and try to correct it, even here at PSB fitness our employees will gladly help them with performance posture, or any new exercises that they are looking to tryout.
•Secondly, it’s common that people just randomly hop from one machine to the next or pick an arbitrary sequence of exercises with no rhyme or reason. Exercises are tools that can help us achieve a goal, so it’s important we choose the right tool for the job.
•Thirdly, you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym, but like anything in life, some hard work is required if you want to succeed.
•Finally, improper nutrients are another common mistake for many people. Working out is easy but keeping a steady diet with the proper calories and nutrients is very critical. PSB fitness in Mississauga, performance for a healthy lifestyle, we will help you keep track of all that so you can balance your school and work schedule as well your diet with consciousness.

You can book virtual sessions from our schedule with the time that best fits your schedule and can enjoy our training sessions with ease and comfort. The benefit of this is that the training sessions with the trainers are free of cost.

Masks are mandatory all the time.
Maintain 6 feet distance with other members.
Use sanitizer provided at the entrance while entering or leaving the gym.
If a person has any symptoms of virus, they can attend sessions from their homes.
Use alcohol wipes for wiping the equipment’s before and after use.

Monthly membership= $40
Semi-yearly membership=$250
Yearly membership=$320
For referring a friend $10 off on your membership.
Sign up for our emails regarding more prizes and events.
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and get 5% off on your membership.

LOCATIONS: HMC (Mississauga) and DAVIS (Brampton) campuses of Sheridan College.

Locations of gym


Celebrity Fitness Trainer in Your City Mississauga!

Get in shape with your favorite celebrity fitness trainer Mark Tyler at PSB fitness center in Mississauga!

PSB Fitness Centre would soon be opening its fitness center in Davis campus in Brampton and HMC campus of Sheridan College in Mississauga. It not only caters to your fitness needs but gives you an experience with the celebrity trainer Mark Tyler.

The state-of-the-art fitness studio, with brand new equipment would have the best of experienced certified instructors in the industry. The center with its great location inside the Sheridan campus would have a safe and secure environment for its members. With spacious layout of about 25,000 square feet fitness facility with hi-rise ceilings and plenty of natural light through the sunroof, all members have their own space to work out with.

Celebrate your body and soul with Mississauga’s celebrity fitness trainer -Mark Tyler and get the results you deserve with PSB Fitness Center. Transform your health and get the body you like to flaunt! Sign up Today!

rich results on Google SERP for fitness trainer <"fitness-trainer-helping-man">Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Fitness- A New Experience

We have luxury equipment like treadmills with O2 vaporizers, spinning bikes, and stair climbers, and weight resistance equipment like dumbbells, smith machines, bench presses, lockers with USB port and much more.  Ample breathing space to each member inside the center as the equipment is placed 6 feet apart. Strict COVID-19 guidelines practiced throughout the day. All exercise equipment and tools would be cleaned and disinfected after every use. Our modern facilities along with the workout regime by the celebrity fitness trainer will help you reach your fitness goals.

The fitness center will also have a dietician to build individual diet plan for its health-conscious members. The club will also have Yoga and meditation sessions for those who want to relax and relieve their stress levels. We have flat screen, HD television screens with “cardio-theatre” sound the best surround sound system for you for a great music experience that stimulates your workout routine. Try out!

<“image.jpg” alt=“empty fitness studio celebrity trainer” title=“fitness center”>

Image retrieved from The Future of Fitness

PSB fitness is a great opportunity for student, staff and residents surrounding Sheridan college to utilize their extra time and give themselves a chance to get into shape with the help of a personalized trainer. Work with a celebrity fitness trainer in Mississauga who will help you look and feel your very best. Each member can set their own fitness goals, our celebrity fitness trainer will ensure you reach those goals with their personal supervision. Daily guidance and customized work out plan crafted especially for you by our well-known celebrity fitness trainer. You will get a chance to get a lot of Instagram worthy pictures of yourself.

Let us get you started with your fitness journey!

Bootcamps for women

alt tag<"girls-workout-together-fitness-Celebrity-Trainer">

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Bootcamp is a quick and an intense way that works towards your fitness and weight loss journey. It is an intense workout that works on all the major muscles, including the core, and gives you a great cardio workout. The results are great and quick and helps you achieve your fitness goals in a matter of months.

Free Bootcamp with every membership where members meet and make great connections. 

 Customized Diet Plans

Transform your health with a customized diet plan with a certified dietician. The dietician works in conjunction with your fitness routine and hence achieve the right balance of diet and workout. We motivate you to love eating healthy and help you get fat loss and muscle building results faster than you think.

<cereal bowl-platter-healthy-meal>Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

A Place to Socialize

You become who you hang out with, PSB fitness center gives you an opportunity to meet like minded college buddies. Or bring your college buddy, share your goals, motivate each other for an extra push up and have fun. PSB fitness center is much more than a gym, it is a stylish and luxury studio where you work out in style and socialize with your friends like you would in a night club or a pub. There are designated lounge areas to sit and relax with your workout buddy and much more… So, Believe in Yourself & Be Unstoppable! Create a positive self-image and feel confident from inside and out.

<img src=“image.jpg” alt="girls-sitting-laughing-enjoying">

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

PSB Membership Plans And Benefits

PSP membership for all students at Sheridan college is included in the tuition fees at the time of registration at a special discounted price. For the public and outsiders, the package is as follows-

  • Monthly $65
  • Quarterly $240
  • Yearly $650
  • Weekly Plan (pay and go)- $25
  • Free orientation kit upon membership which includes cool gym accessories.
  • Free trial sessions and consultations throughout the launch month.
  • 24-hour access
  • Free parking
  • Free cancellation of membership anytime.

***All the services and facilities are included in the package.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Visit our website:

Contact Us: 905 456-7891