Best protein pancakes in Mississauga

 Best protein pancakes in Mississauga

Best protein pancakes in Mississauga


Raise your hands if Pancakes are your go-to breakfast!

So the basic idea of introducing high protein pancakes in Mississauga can create a huge impact on people who usually take breakfast pancakes as an unhealthy option.
And it can be changed, so to change their mindset and shift to a meal which is not only tasty but filled with organic ingredients.
So these ingredients are not only healthy but at the same time they satisfy the taste buds and are prescribed to be consumed by all the age groups.

Best protein pancakes in Mississauga- at PSB cafe

So when we look at the trend as well as a new lifestyle of being healthy and eating the right food.
So in order to cater the needs and requirements of the people, five types of protein pancakes are introduced-
1. Double chocolate protein pancake.
2. Strawberry protein pancake.Flourless Banana & Protein Powder Pancakes - Nourish & Tempt
3. Honey and vanilla protein pancake.
4. Irish coffee protein pancake (Helps you cure your caffeine needs in the morning ).
5. Mango and honey protein pancake.

So these above are the types of protein pancakes that have been introduced, and with the increasing needs and varied varieties of ingredients.
Talking about the types that we currently serve:-
1. Double chocolate protein pancake– So this includes fresh dark cocoa powder and low calorie chocolate chips with eggs and  flavored yogurt.

2. Strawberry protein pancake– So this one includes the organic strawberries with almond milk and yogurt with maple syrup.

3. Honey and vanilla protein pancake– So this one we add almond milk with baked oats, sugar free low calorie vanilla yogurt and eggs.

4. Irish coffee protein pancake-So this includes dark roasted coffee beans with dark cocoa powder with eggs and  oat milk.

5. Mango honey protein pancake– So this one is for the health conscious people and it includes organic mangoes with freshly brewed honey with baked oats and eggs.

Benefits of using organic products

All the ingredients used are all organic, fresh and without any preservatives so  using natural and organic products not only adds up a boost to the present health condition but also helps you have a good healthy lifestyle.

And a great Gut health which is a very common and untouched problem that a lot of people have. So to cure it consuming natural products is recommended because of it’s benefits. And apart from physical benefits it also helps one mentally, as it  gives a boost of dopamine in the body.
And researches say that every time one eats something that is not only healthy but also something that satisfies their taste buds, so their body releases a feel good hormone which affects their mind mentally and  laying a good and positive effect on the brain.

So the main focus is not only bringing physical benefits but mental benefits as well and to support the above point, all of this is covered by the amazing team at the cafe that is super friendly and makes one feel like home, So to avail such benefits visit the cafe at the given location below.

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Increase in Customised and Vegan coffees in mississauga cafes.

Mississauga coffee shops adapt to the new trend as demand for customized and vegan coffee in mississauga cafes increases.

customized and vegan coffee in mississauga cafes

customized and vegan coffee in Mississauga cafes

Diversity is valued in the time in which we live. Diversity gives us a broader view of problem-solving and a higher probability of innovation. Naturally, there is a need for diversity when it comes to consumption. One in five customers who exhibit interest in personalized products or services is prepared to pay a 20% premium. 36% of consumers are interested in buying customized goods or services, according to the Deloitte Consumer Review Report.

Unquestionably, we need personalised items to improve our user experience and quality of life, and it probably has nothing to do with one’s gender or race.

Java Express Cafe understands the assignment. It wants to be available for customers when they lookup for customized and vegan coffee in Mississauga cafes. Size, milk kinds, mile level, sugar level, espresso shots, caffeine level, and drink temperature may be adjusted for each coffee in the shop.

These alternatives cover nearly all aspects of brewing a cup of coffee. The benefit is that most of them aren’t more expensive than using standardized coffee. Customers get complete choice over what they desire while still paying no further fees for it.

Will an increase in demand for customized and vegan coffee in Mississauga cafes help Java Express Cafe’s sales or brand recognition grow?

Java Express Cafe is known for its high-quality beans rather than its extensive menu of coffee drinks.

The customized choice offers a solid competitive advantage in the mass coffee shop market. By extending its menu with numerous drizzles, sauces, cream, milk, and various vegan options.

This is because there is no additional option for the customer to choose what kinds of coffee beans they would like to add.


Why are people searching for customized and vegan coffee in mississauga cafes?

The service sector is evolving to become more consumer-focused, which is the first factor. Instead of waiting to get it, we are making requests for what we desire. From drinking for caffeine to now drinking for pleasure, we are developing.

Coffee gives us the opportunity to taste the tastes we choose while working, making it more than just a way to stay alert. This may be the cause of the first-person putting milk in their Americano.

Coffee makers begin to add available alternatives to coffee to accommodate everyone’s preferences and provide a personalised alternative.

The second reason is that, in addition to taste, personalized orders provide customers with a sense of control. The experience we provide to the customers is being valued covertly when they opt to visit one over brewing coffee at home.

Customers acquire experience in terms of having control and freedom of choice. As a consumer, I am unable to distinguish between the types of milk that go into my latte, but I do appreciate the cashier asking me what I want.

And that’s the satisfaction we want to give the customers by making them feel appreciated.

A Variety of coffee for different customers

The power of customisation in coffee.

It goes without saying that the personalized coffee order trend will continue to spread throughout the sector as the demand for customized and vegan coffee in Mississauga cafes increases.

Customers’ ability to select the sort of milk and ice they want in their coffee was the first step. Hence, there are an increasing number of alternatives available.

We at PSB Café are looking forward to staying up to date with the trends by offering our customers more than 100 ways to personalise their drinks to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

customized and vegan coffee in mississauga cafes

There is a tremendous need in addition to customized coffee, as seen by the expanding market for customised coffee. This is the upcoming trend for the high-end coffee establishment, even though we may not currently have a choice in the brewing process or the coffee beans on the counter.

Excited to Customise your drink?

Visit Java Express Café today to enjoy your personalised and handcrafted food and beverages from our renowned baristas as we provide a variety of snacks, beverages, bread goods, coffee, and tea along with a wide range of vegan choices.

Hoping to serve you soon at Java Express Cafe! Thank you for reading this blog.

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Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga

If you are looking for more than just a cup of coffee with a lot of health benefits, have yourself drink an organic specialty coffee. Have you asked yourself, “Why do I need to be aware of the type of coffee I drink? What benefits can I get from organic specialty coffee? Are coffee shops near me available that serve organic specialty coffee around Mississauga?” Let us find out.

What is ‘Organic Coffee’?

Organic coffee is conventional coffee that has been grown, harvested, and processed without any harmful chemicals. Coffee is steeped in these toxic chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Unfortunately, the majority of coffee farm is impacted by these chemicals.

On the other hand, organic coffee has grown on organically-certified coffee plantations using only organic fertilizers such as coffee pulp or chicken manure. Of course, as with all things organic, coffee from these plantations is more expensive than coffee from non-organic farms. This is primarily because organic coffee requires more workforce to cultivate due to its lush, naturally dense forestry. Conventional coffee is frequently grown in sizeable open coffee fields that are far easier to harvest.

Why do I need to be aware of this? What can I get?

Coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods on the planet. And you might be able to consider now choosing organic coffee over non-organic coffee since it does have a more significant impact than you previously thought.

Aside from the health benefits that organic coffee can provide, including the ability to increase energy levels, promote weight loss, improve athletic performance, and protect against chronic disease, the Coffee Affection, a coffee blog website, provided four (4) most significant benefits of organic coffee that are based on science.

specialty organic coffee benefits

1. Organic Coffee is Without Pesticides

Pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides are synthetic chemicals in non-organic farming. And it’s now common knowledge that many of these chemicals lead to various health issues.

When we consume those foods with harmful chemicals, we may unknowingly consume a variety of chemicals we were unaware of.

Furthermore, pesticides can endanger farmers and workers. With organic certification, you can be confident that your beans are organic and farmers are safe!

organic specialty coffee

2. Organic Coffee Has more Nutrients Than Non-Organic

Organic coffee contains more vitamins and minerals than non-organic coffee due to the absence of synthetic chemicals added to the beans and nutrients in organic soil.

Coffee contains few macronutrients, but some micronutrients most people do not get enough. Especially notable are potassium, niacin, and magnesium. Despite the small amount, any additional sources of these minerals are beneficial.

Organic coffee also has traces of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5. It’s not a miraculous health drink, but the less produced and chemically treated coffee beans are before they reach your cup, the better!

3. Organic Coffee Growing Methods are Better for Farmers

Though organic certification is costly, most organic coffee farmers can charge a higher price for their product because it’s of higher quality. That means they can pay their employees more.

Many organic coffee growers also adhere to fair trade standards. A “fair trade” business commits to environmental stewardship, individual and community well-being, and income sustainability.

organic coffee farmers

Organic growing methods may not produce the highest yield of coffee beans, but the care and attention required to keep the fertile soil results in more consistent profits. A synthetic fertilizer may significantly boost one crop, but it can also leach nutrients from the soil, leaving it depleted.

And, as previously stated, the absence of pesticides means there is no risk of inhaling them! Handling poisons and pesticides are not part of organic farmers’ farming methods.

4. Organic Coffee Growing Methods are Better for the Communities and the Planet

Because synthetic chemicals on plants impact more than just the plants themselves, these highly toxic substances leach into the nearby soil and water.

Organic farming is also more environmentally friendly than chemical farming because it produces less carbon. Organic farmers not only do not purchase chemicals that emit greenhouse gases during production and use, but practices such as composting trap carbon in the soil and allow it to degrade before it enters the atmosphere.

To grow naturally is the farming method for organic coffee; that’s why it’s good for the communities and planet!

conventional coffee

What could be better than organic coffee? Specialty organic coffee!

Specialty Grade organic coffee, it turns out, is far superior to organic coffee in more ways than one.

Specialty-grade certification goes above and beyond to ensure the health of every coffee enthusiast who enjoys the aroma and taste of a fresh brew.

Specialty grading takes the beans even further along the process, all the way to your cup. Specialty-grade coffees have almost no defects and have gone through rigorous testing. To be classified as specialty grade, the coffee must receive an 80 or higher on a scale of 100.

While only 3% of the world’s coffee is grown organically, specialty organic coffee accounts for less than 1%.

Combining organic and specialty coffee makes you forget the health risks of drinking coffee! But of course, you must still not be drinking coffee too much!

Where can I get organic specialty coffee in Mississauga?

We, Java Express, are serving organic specialty coffee in downtown Mississauga. We are the only one in Mississauga that offers this combination. You may visit us at Confederation Parkway, City Centre Drive, near Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus.

Java Express offers natural ingredients to all its products that will help you provide many health benefits, including increased energy levels, promoted weight loss, improved athletic performance, and protection against chronic disease.

Our coffee shop includes a wide range of coffee choices from a well-renowned barista. We have focused on a minimalistic style of branding that portrays the luxury associated with premium coffee.

Our product mix includes snacks, coffee, tea, bakery items, and refreshing drinks. We have a variety of vegan options as well.

Our product line for snacks and drinks includes:

  • Coffee: Cold Brews, Dark/Medium roast, ice blends, espresso, and lattes
  • Tea: Chai tea lattes, breakfast teas, and refreshing iced teas
  • Snacks and Bakery items: Croissants, donuts, puffs, cream buns, rolls, chicken sandwiches, bacon & cheese burger etc.
  • Vegan items: Chickpea salad, Vegan Burrito, Coleslaw sandwich, Burrito Bowl, Avocado toast

We aim to reduce plastic waste and have an eco-friendly environment; our packaging is made with recycled plastic! We have an in-house bakery that produces freshly baked items.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more deals. Get updates on events and offers when you subscribe to our newsletter now!

Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga



24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton

The fitness world is full of a lot of gimmicks and promises because working out is hard work, and if there’s one thing human history has shown us, it’s that humans love to do a good workout. When it comes to fitness “hard work” means getting into the gym, banging weights around, laying down miles, not eating trash, and making the effort to cut fat and make gains. For this hard work and improvement in the gym, we are launching a 24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton.

Professional trainers:

24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton
24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton

Sheridan College, Brampton is providing professional trainers which will provide the best workout and will help in building one’s career. The trainers are highly qualified and have several skills to control any type of problem. The skills include:

  • Knowing how to engage, manage, and direct people and teams.
  • Communicating with clarity, precision, and influence.
  • Using creativity to handle situations on the spot.
  • Identifying and measuring the different results of training.
  • Speaking to an audience with confidence and control.


24 Hour Gym Excel:

24 hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton
24 Hour gym availability

Apart from professional trainers, Sheridan college is also providing 24-hour gym availability for the students and other people. Joining a 24-hour gym could benefit in several ways:

  • Supreme Scheduling Flexibility – Joining a 24-hour gym provides superior scheduling flexibility. Customers get to work out whenever they want-whether it’s early in the morning before work, late at night, or during the day. They should forget shifting their day around just to make it to the gym when the lights are still on. Anytime Fitness also makes it easy to burn calories and tone muscles at any time of day or night.
  • Consistent Motivation – Knowing that the gym is open 24 hours a day leaves no room for excuses. It’s easy to skip the fitness class or treadmill time when workout opportunities are limited.
  • Faster Goal Achievement – Getting to work out at any time is not only highly motivating, but it will also enable the consumers to reach their goals faster. They will burn calories and strengthen their muscles regularly, as well as get fit in a shorter time span. Whether they want to define their abs, lose their stubbornness, or simply have more energy, they will achieve their goals all the faster in this gym.


Costs and Packages:

Professional trainers at 24 Hour Fitness vary in price depending on the number of sessions you purchase, the length of each session, and the individual trainer. Packages start around $200 and can cost more than $2500.You cannot buy a single training session at 24 Hour Fitness and all sessions sold in packages must be used within six months of purchase. One-on-One, partner, and small group training sessions are available.

Training Packages at 24 Hour Fitness:

Professional Trainer (50-Minute Sessions)

  • Starter Package (include four sessions; first-time trainees only): $200 to $270
  • Four sessions: $330 to $500
  • Eight sessions: $600 to $900
  • 12 sessions: $900 to $1100


Offers and Discounts:

There are various offers given by the Fitness gym. Members and Sheridan college students will get the first two classes with a professional trainer for free and get additional discounts on the packages and passes. They could get a 7-day pass just for $50 and a 30-day pass for $130. To apply for membership you could fill out the membership form at Sheridan college Fitness gym, Brampton or could apply online at Follow the fitness gym page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for more updates on sessions and offers.


The Fitness gym is also offering an application where people could do different types of things and activities and could track them by using the app launched by the gym recently. To access it and to understand it better visit




As we know that in this Covid-19 situation everything is going online from studies to work so its become important for us to mix up in these situations and our Sheridan college as well is online so in order to keep ourselves healthy and active we launched a new app called PSB Fitness.

Stressed due to Virtual studies


You might not be able to make it to the gym as much as you used to, but that doesn’t mean the workouts have to stop. So, in order to solve this problem Sheridan launched a app called PSB Fitness app which will be very helpful for them in these situations.

PSB fitness app

Run faster, bike farther, swim better, trim down, or bulk up. However, this app will help you keep your commitment to physical fitness.


  1. It will be a hands-free audio coaching where you will find pre-recorded workouts for different fitness levels.
  2. It can be connected to your smartphone app like apple health to track your workouts and calories burned.
  3. Meal planner will also be in the app
  4. You can customize your workout reminders
  5. 50+ yoga exercises with detailed explanations
  6. You can connect to a personal trainer of Sheridan if you have any questions regarding any workouts or exercise.

So those are some features of the app. This app will be very easy to access if you are Sheridan students you need to just login with your Sheridan student number and password and it will open a premium free version to you. But don’t need to worry if you are not Sheridan students you can access our premium version for just $4.99/month which is a very less amount to access all our premium features.

       If these features interest you, please download our app on app store or play store.

If you want to join our fitness programs, please visit our website



Student life involves a lot of responsibilities and maintain a work life balance is important and as a college student staying mentally active is as much important of being physically active. If your body is not feeling well or you feel sluggish, tired it means your mind is going to be same. Exercising regularly will help us to improve our mental and social wellbeing.

College students doing gym to keep themselves healthy

This app will help you to achieve the fitness level you want starting from basic to hardcore trainings and there will be no. of exercises you can do at home to stay fit and active not only these this app has a special feature which is calorie counter from where you can count the calories you are getting from the food and it includes 9000 menu items to choose from so it will help you to calculate the desired calories you need per day.


Apart from this it will help you to build your daily exercise routine which is very important because there are 90% chances that you will do exercises one or two days and after that you will follow your regular routine but this app will delete your current progress if you missed any day so by this way this helps us to stay consistent with our routines



You can also connect with us Facebook, twitter and Instagram to follow us to get more update about these things. Any questions please contact us!



Injury therapist for sports HMC Sheridan College Mississauga

Injury therapist for sports HMC Sheridan College Mississauga

PSB fitness is excited to introduce you to our own; Injury therapist for sports at our HMC Sheridan College Mississauga

PSB Fitness teaming up with Sheridan College HMC
Group of our gym members happy after successfully completing a fitness class

Have you ever been exercising and pulled a muscle? Or been playing basketball and twisted your ankle, resulting in a sprain? 

One of the most common injures we see, sprained ankle
Female runner suffering with pain on sports running knee injury

These types of accidents happen while being an active person. Or, can even happen due to poor use of exercise equipment. Unfortunately, most people don’t have access to treatment to fully recover from these types of injuries. However, fear no longer! Here at Sheridan PSB fitness, we have the resources and on-site trained therapists to help you. We show you how to safely use exercise facilities, and will aid in your injury rehabilitation. Therefore, allowing you to bounce back to “The Real You”.


Our injury therapist for sports at our HMC Sheridan College Mississauga, treat a wide range of patients. We treat students suffering from torn ligaments, to elder gym users suffering from sprains and strains.


How we diagnose an injury:  

Injury therapist for sports HMC Sheridan College Mississauga inspecting injured area and putting together a safe treatment plan for you!
Female physician talking to male customer while colleague taking notes in physiotherapy clinic

First, our trained physio-therapists checks out your injury. Then will review your x-rays or ultrasound results with you, to understand what you are dealing with and how severe the injury is. Torn ligaments have different treatments than pinched nerves do. Second, they will then put together appropriate treatment plans for you.



Now you may be wondering what methods and equipment we use to treat such injuries… 🤔


Methods of treatment we use:

Every injury is different, meaning each person will have different methods of treatment. Therefore, it is all dependent on your situation:


  • Massage therapy:

This works by using massage techniques. They release tension, relax muscles, and allow gentle healing of the body to work. It’s most used for people who ae recovering from sprains or strains; and are slowly working their way back into exercise motions.

Massage therapy from Injury therapist for sports HMC Sheridan College Mississauga to a client dealing with injured back
Massage therapy for a client dealing with bad back injury

Firstly, our trained therapist will relax your muscles. They do this by applying cream and medical rub to the affected area.

Secondly, the therapist will rub area, releasing all tension.

Thirdly, they will then allow you to rest in a hot temperature room to relax muscles further, and relax the mind.

In conclusion, this helps for a variety of health-related purposes. Those purposes include: to relieve pain, heal sports injuries, increase relaxation, reduce anxiety and depression, and help general wellness.


  • Acupuncture:

This works by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. Acupuncture points enter the central nervous system.  This will then release chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. Therefore causing the body’s natural healing abilities to active. This will help improve your recovery.

Injury therapist putting acupuncture points onto effected area






  • Heating and Cooling Pads:

Heat therapy relaxes muscles and prevents stiffness. Heat and ice are used together in an alternating patterns. This works to reduce swelling and increase circulation to an area.

heating pad being applied to area that is injured
Heating pad being applied to injured area

Firstly, the therapist will rub area gently with muscle relaxing cream.

Secondly, they will apply cold or warm compress and allow time for relaxation.

Finally, they will apply skin hydrating cream incase of any sensitive skin reactions. In conclusion, this will increase injury recovery time.



  • Bracing and Taping:

We use a specific type of therapy tape called “Kinesio Tape”. This tape limits movements of muscles and joints. Several layers of tape are rolled around the area to keep of pressure onto the muscles. Therefore, allowing the muscles to recover faster, as they are not being used as much in movements.

taping injured area to prevent movement and further damage


  • Modalities:

Our gym understands how mental and physical health are intertwined in many ways. We aim to help your mind, as much as your body. Therefore, we believe working on mental and physical health help you to become “The Real You”.

These type of therapies help mental tension and disorders. They aid in general wellness, but are geared towards helping people with anxiety and depression.

Mental health conselling
Mental health counselling and therapy
  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    This form of therapy deals with emotions and working your way through them with talking. It helps you view things in a positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts.

  2. Interpersonal Therapy

    This is a form of therapy that deals with relationships and working your way through them with people in your life.

  3. Exposure Therapy

    This deals with exposing yourself safely to things that you fear, to help control and confront your fears. Allowing the person to be more confident with themselves.

  4. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

    This treats moods and personality disorders. It works by changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It helps to change the way people think, to allow them to have a positive outlook.


However, it is important to remember that therapy  for mental health helps a lot, but part of the journey is also improving diet. People may not realize their diet has an effect on their mental health. For more info on that check out our PSB fitness Nutritionist at


Overall Goal:

In conclusion, there are a variety of methods and treatments, but the objective doesn’t change; Help our gym users return to their usual activities, whether that means playing competitive sports or going through daily motions without limitation.

Overall goal to be a community and give our gym users the best experience
PSB fitness members happy with their results and becoming the best they can be

Join PSB fitness to meet with our best on site therapists and 

achieve your best today!

Call us at 905-123-4567  or e-mail us at 

and speak to our of our specialists about membership options

For more information, please check out

Nutritionist for PBS Fitness Gym Members

Nutritionist for PSB Gym Members

and Sheridan Students


Nutrition can be daunting and confusing. We know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy diet during our busiest days.

Meet one on one with our nutritionist when you join our gym!

PBS fitness has partnered with Sheridan College to create a new and dynamic gym.

That’s why we offer our nutritionist for all of our gym members and Sheridan students at PBS fitness.

nutrition for students



Our nutritionist works with our personal trainers to develop specific meal plans that reflect your fitness goals.

Firstly, you will have a one on one meeting with our nutritionist.

Here we will discuss your goals and dietary restrictions.

Secondly, we will develop a diet plan to reflect your goals.

Our nutritionist will provide recipes to cook meals and links to grocery stores to buy products.

Lastly, you can monitor your success through our cloud app unique to PBS fitness.

When you download the cloud app you will be able to access information from your nutritionist, keep daily logs which track your diet, fitness, mood and energy. As a result we will use this information to continue to develop meal plans that change as your goals change.

PSB fitness aspires to reach all areas of health and fitness through our innovated uniquely designed gym. We offer a diverse array of fitness options for students and like minded people. Diversity is important to us as we all have different goals when it comes to fitness. 

Here at PBS fitness you can expect to find;


Develops meal plans and recipes for students and members. Ask our nutritionist for expert advice on managing stress and anxiety. A nutritionist is an important part of your fitness journey.


At PBS fitness you can find indoor sporting facilities for basketball, soccer, tennis and more. A designated cardio and weight rooms.

Fitness Classes

Cardio Classes

Weight Training




Sports Therapy

Helps to prevent injuries and treat sport injuries. Provide breathing exercises and more.

Cloud App

Our cloud app will help keep you on track. You can find personalised workout routines, tutorials, and hand picked recipes provided by our nutritionist.


Our Mississauga location has paired up with Sheridan College.  PBS fitness is easily accessible for Sheridan Students and and the Mississauga area.


We have your fitness goals covered!

We’ve have your fitness goals covered!

It is important to take the time to listen to your fitness goals and understand what is important to you in order for us to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. 



Did you know that your diet can affect your mood?

Did you know that your diet can affect your mood?

Exams and test anxiety are extremely stressful at peak times for students. Our nutritionist works closely to students and develops meal plans for students that are nutritious, quick and easy.

Meal Plans for Sheridan Students

Check out Harvard’s list of vitamins to understand how they work in our bodies.

We want to provide an affordable healthy option for students so you can manage your stress. A healthy diet and exercise routine are proven to help reduce stress and enhance students’ academic ability.


  What We do!

  • Our nutritionist designs weekly and monthly meal plans and recipes
  • Meal plans for; busy students, managing anxiety and stress, weight loss, reaching ultimate fitness performance
  • Work co side our personal trainers to achieve fitness goals
  • Able to provide nutritional advice for all dietary restrictions
  • Accessible through our cloud app.
  • Affordable for Sheridan students

Join PSB fitness to meet with our best on site nutritionist and 

achieve your best today!

Call us at 905-123-4567  or e-mail us at 

and speak to our of our specialists about membership options