Premium Community Coffeehouse Mississauga

Premium Community Coffeehouse

Premium Community Coffeehouse Mississauga

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Twice the FUNN! Bring a friend, Get 20% Off

Community Cafe

Curate your premium coffee, play games, make new friends at our Community Coffeehouse!

Are your excited to grow your community in Mississauga?

Gourmet & Healthy snacks

You don't need to be worried about your health choices. With us, get the right nutrition and be stress free about calories.

Build your community

Have a coffee with a stranger, your best friend or coworkers. Create new worthwhile memories at your community cafe.

It's Game time right?

Recharge your social battery by playing new games, participating in open mic nights, social events and much more!

DIY Brew Coffeehouse

Your coffee and your perspective are both freshly brewed here. Choose your flavors as per your mood!

Our Community Coffeehouse Gatherings

Join our weekly gatherings for your favorite DIY coffee, boardgames and healthy snacks. Each week with a new theme, we aim to create a memorable experience for each of our guests. We encourage community building activities that would help you make new friends and strengthen your existing relations. If one week is an open mic night, the next a music contents, the following would be a marketplace at our coffeehouse. Our boardgames range from Chess, Bingo, UNO, Monopoly, Scrabble & Charades just to name a few. We help create your own games too.

You can also create your coffee from scratch by speaking to our experienced baristas who will help you utilize diverse flavors to create your final favorite coffee. Whether you prefer hot or cold coffee? We got you! Incase you don't like coffee, we offer premium teas and smoothies too.

About the food? The more you eat the better for your health as we use organic products only. Our best sellers are the Burrito bowls, Avocado Toast and so much more! We're excited for this journey of Coffee & Conversations over food.

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A caramel macchiato and Bingo. My perfect day at PSB Cafe! The coffee is affordable but premium quality, great community.
I'm new to Mississauga and PSB Cafe makes me feel like home. It's the best Community Coffeehouse.

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“Exploring Premium Coffee Brews in Mississauga : A Unique Journey at The Cafe”

Welcome to PSB Cafe in Mississauga, where we redefine your coffee experience with our Premium Coffee Brews. Explore the world of exquisite flavours and limited-edition blends crafted to perfection. PSB Cafe stands as the perfection of Mississauga’s Finest Premium Coffee and the artistry of brewing coffee. From meticulously sourced beans to unique brewing techniques, every cup at PSB Cafe tells a story of dedication to excellence. Indulge in the extraordinary with us, where each sip celebrates the finest in Mississauga’s coffee scene.

Discovering Hidden Gems

Located in the city’s heart, Cafe encourages people looking for an out-of-the-ordinary coffee experience. Every cup is a meticulously made masterpiece that exemplifies the richness and individuality that only premium beans can provide. Mississauga, a city of flavour, provides an ideal environment for discovering premium coffee brews. PSB Cafe stands out for quality in a crowded market, serving those with refined tastes. We make your cup special. Our commitment to top-notch beans ensures every sip is a joy, celebrating our distinctive flavor.

Indulge in Premium Coffee Bliss at PSB Cafe
From the first sip to the last, delight in the art of premium coffee at its finest.

The Essence of Premium Coffee Brews In Mississauga: 

Embark on an exploration of premium coffee brews in the heart of Mississauga, which uncovers hidden gems of extraordinary experience. At PSB Cafe, we’re committed to sharing the secrets of our exceptional brews, Dedicated to premium coffee brews in Mississauga. Our blog series illuminates the vibrant coffee scene, revealing the meticulous sourcing process behind our premium beans. Learn about the unique origins of our rare beans, sourced from the finest regions. While, the specialized brewing techniques employed by our skilled baristas. Moreover, Each cup tells a story of dedication and craftsmanship, making your coffee experience truly exceptional. We are Celebrating the richness and rarity that define our coffee landscape and invite you to savor the uniqueness of rare coffee brews in Mississauga, where every cup is a journey into the extraordinary. Embrace the exceptional with us – your gateway to rare coffee gems in the heart of Mississauga.

Brewing perfection at PSB Cafe: Crafting premium coffee with precision and passion for an exceptional taste experience.
PSB Cafe – where every cup is a masterpiece of flavor and dedication.

Join Us On This Premium Coffee Brews in Mississauga

As we embark on this rare coffee expedition in Mississauga, We warmly invite all coffee enthusiasts, from seasoned connoisseurs to those just venturing into the realm of limited addition brews. At PSB Cafe, we go beyond the traditional coffee shop experience; we’re a tight-knit community of enthusiasts who share a passion for the unique flavors found in premium coffee brews in mississauga. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the subtleties of coffee or a newcomer excited to explore, our carefully curated moments elevate’s mood. PSB Cafe is distinguished by its unique blend of creativity, Premium Coffee Brews, and customisation. It attracts international foodies and reflects Mississauga’s burgeoning coffee culture.

Immerse yourself in an experience like no other as we reveal the closely guarded secrets of Mississauga’s rare coffee gems. PSB Cafe transcends the label of a mere destination; it’s a sanctuary where each cup is an artful creation, narrating a tale of commitment and quality. Your rare coffee adventure awaits at PSB Cafe, promising an extraordinary journey with every sip – an invitation to indulge in the unparalleled world of rare coffee brews in Mississauga.

Unite in Sip-licity: Everyone Indulging in the Pleasures of Premium Coffee
Join the community that appreciates the finer flavors, where every cup is a moment of joy and connection.


PSB Cafe is more than just a coffee shop; it’s an invitation to experience the essence of outstanding coffee. We’ve built a refuge for individuals who love the finer things in life by focusing on quality beans and giving a one-of-a-kind experience. As you sip each carefully crafted cup, you become a member of a community that appreciates quality and simplicity. Enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary with us at PSB Cafe, where every visit is a journey into the heart of great coffee.

Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe

Mississauga’s best Mocha Latte Café

In the city of Mississauga, where everyone is hustling with their jobs, work, studies. There is a spot where everyone is welcomed to our café which provides the best Mocha Latte Coffee. As a result, we believe that coffee helps us to make our senses better which let to happy day. Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe.

Why Mississauga’s best Mocha Latte Café is unique

Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe
http://Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe

Our café is not just about the beverages. But it is also about the moments that you make in our café. Additionally, we believe in serving the best coffee and creamy lattes. It helps to swing your mood and make you feel better and out of the world.
Our café is located in the heart of Mississauga, thus, it is conveniently situated near your offices, schools, colleges. Moreover, it is a place where you get refreshment, and you can also refuel yourself. If you are struggling with your daily office work, and studies. Then our café helps you to make content and make you feel better. With our special premium quality coffees, and the cozy atmosphere of our café makes you mesmerized.
Nowadays, where every coffee café has the same theme. There is a uniqueness in our café which makes us different from the other cafés. And that is our unique selling point.
Apart from the taste of our coffee and lattes, there are also some benefits which are valuable for our consumers. Firstly, excellent coffee in a cozy and restful ambience. Secondly, the café is not just about to grab your coffee and go back to your responsibilities, our café is like your home where you feel familiar.

Café Insights

In our café we have all kinds of beverages related to your mood or need which help to boost your emotions. For

Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe
http://Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe

instance, Everyone recommend the most famous Mocha Latte Coffee, and it helps us to release our stress and as well make us refresh. Furthermore, if you are tired, then we have espressos, and we have Cappuccinos for the cold weather. Not only Coffees but also several types of pastries, mouthwatering muffins (Chocolate, Vanilla, Almonds), cheesecakes, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, waffles and many more. Our café looks very attractive owing to the wooden floor. And, paintings, wooden patios, and the warm lightning creates a good aroma.


In conclusion, Mocha Latte Coffee is the best coffee in Mississauga, it is preferable by everyone either it is a student or a businessman. Each and every sip of Mocha Latte Coffee boosts your mood and fills you with an energy and increases your productivity, and also helps you to prepare for the daily challenges. Hence, the good fragrance of our beverages and warm lights our café creates good moments. Our café is a place where businessman can do their business meetings, and the students can discuss their school projects, friends and families can create their memories and do their discussions. Our café is easy to find, it is near to your daily destination, but it does not look similar to other cafés due to its menu, theme, offers, deals, ambience and the services.

Connect with us

At our café, we take pride in crafting moments more than just bringing coffee. So, join us today where each sip of coffee brings joy and satisfaction to your life. For getting information regarding our upcoming new beverages or offers, please subscribe our daily newsletters, and get an advantage of better deals and discounts. On special occasions and festivals, we provide special discounts on our beverages and on cakes, pastries, etc. In addition, follow our Instagram page where we post updates and whenever you visit our café do not forget to tag us on Instagram which helps us grow bigger. Furthermore, to treat yourself extraordinarily, visit our café.

The Best Hangout Place with Pets in Mississauga at PSB Cafe

Cafe Where Every Day is ‘Bring Your Pet to the Cafe Day!’

We are glad to announce the opening of our cafe, the ultimate hangout place with pets in Mississauga. We are more than a cafe; we are a community of like-minded people who share a love for both coffee and companionship with our furry friends. At PSB Cafe, every day is ‘Bring your pet to the cafe day!’.

A dog sitting at a table with food, eagerly waiting to be served a delicious meal at PSB Cafe. Hangout with him in Mississauga.

Imagine savouring your favourite coffee while your furry friend lies beside you. No more waiting for the weekend to enjoy the company of your pet in a public space. At PSB Cafe, you can bring your pet every day of the week. Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or even a parrot, all well-behaved pets are welcome here. We believe that the joy of having a pet should be celebrated daily, and we’re here to make that possible.

Pets Welcome: Your Family Our Priority

At PSB Cafe, our commitment to creating a hangout place with pets in Mississauga is evident in everything we do. We understand the deep connection you have with your pets. They are not just animals; they are a part of your family. That is why we have created a space where you can enjoy quality time with your pets and play with our in-house pets while connecting with fellow pet enthusiasts. Our cafe isn’t just pet-friendly, it’s designed with your pets in mind.

(Video: Canva Pro)

Pawsitive Social Space Cafe

We understand that bringing your pet out can sometimes be a challenge due to concerns about their safety and comfort. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to create an environment that caters to both pets and their owners:

Lady hanging out with her pet at PSB Cafe in Mississauga.
Canva Pro
  1. Pet-Friendly Amenities: Our cafe is equipped with pet-friendly amenities such as designated play areas, water stations, and even a pet menu with treats and refreshments specially crafted for your furry companions.
  2. Safety First: We prioritize the safety and well-being of all our guests. We have trained staff who understand pet behaviour and can assist in ensuring a positive experience for everyone.
  3. Socializing Hub: PSB CAFE is more than just a cafe; it’s a gathering place for pet lovers. Share stories, tips, and laughter with fellow pet enthusiasts while your pets make new friends.
  4. Hygiene Standards: We maintain strict hygiene standards to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for both humans and pets. Regular cleaning and sanitization are part of our commitment to your well-being.

Our Menu

While your pets enjoy their own special treats, you can savor our delicious menu. From artisanal coffee and specialty teas to mouthwatering pastries and sandwiches, our culinary offerings are designed to complement your relaxing experience at PSB Cafe.

coffee and croissants, showcasing various combinations and presentations of the best hangout place with pets in Mississauga. | | Canva Pro

Events and Activities

We host a variety of events and activities for pet owners and their furry companions. From pet costume contests to educational workshops, there’s always something happening at PSB Cafe. Keep an eye on our event calendar to stay updated!


You can find us at 4000 Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, a convenient and accessible location that’s perfect for a day out with your pet. Our cozy and welcoming atmosphere is designed to make you and your pet feel right at home.
Best hangout place with pets in Mississauga. Location on maps.

Join Us in Celebrating the Joy of Pet Ownership

At PSB Cafe, we’re passionate about fostering a sense of belonging for pet owners and their companions. Come visit us today and experience the warmth, fellowship, and pet-friendly atmosphere that sets us apart. PSB CAFE is more than a cafe; it’s a community that celebrates the love we share with our pets, one cup of coffee at a time.

Join our community for the latest updates, pet tips, and heartwarming stories from our pet-loving community.

cut pets sitting, creative for joining the community.
Canva Pro

Contact Us

Got questions or want to know more about PSB Cafe? Feel free to reach out to us at, and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Visit PSB Cafe and make every day “Bring Your Pet to the Cafe Day!”

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Peaceable pet cafe in Mississauga – Five Baristas

Join us in our peaceable pet cafe in Mississauga, where you and your dog can enjoy a memorable birthday celebration together!

Looking for a Peaceable pet cafe in Mississauga? Look no further, we got it all.

peaceable dog cafe in mississauga

Make your dog’s next birthday a memorable one at a peaceable pet cafe in Mississauga !

peaceful pet cafe in mississauga

At our dog friendly cafe, we believe that every furry friend deserves a special birthday celebration! To begin, we carry the most distinct dog birthday men. These menu includes a variety of dog-friendly treats and meals.

We have something for every pooch’s taste. Thus including something from homemade dog biscuits to fresh meats and vegetables. Moreover, to keep your pooch friend never limited on options and always craving for more and make it to be one of a kind experience for you and your dog.

Five Baristas is a place your dog brings you to for our savoury collection. Bringing convenience for your pet cannot be forgotten by you or by them .

birthday celebration at our peaceable cafe

Your dog’s special day the way you plan it in our Peaceable pet cafe in Mississauga

We can also accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure that your pup has a memorable meal. We offer a variety of dog-friendly activities. Not just those, but also events in addition to the dog themed birthday menu to keep your pup entertained and engaged.

Five Baristas have everything from dog training classes to dog-friendly movie nights.

We can even assist you in planning a personalized party for your dog, complete with decorations, games, and activities.

Your loved mate is taken care of

Quality ServiceOur team of  professionals is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all dogs in our cafe. Thus ensuring that your dog’s birthday celebration is a success.

If you want to celebrate your dog’s birthday in a fun and safe setting, our dog-friendly cafe is the place to be.

We can’t wait to assist you in making your furry friend’s special day one to remember!

If you want to celebrate your dog’s birthday in a fun and safe setting, our dog-friendly cafe is the place to be.

We aim to create a welcoming and safe environment for both owners and their dogs, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your time with your four-legged companion.

More than just a peaceable dog friendly café

At Five Baristas, we consider your dogs to be more than just your pets; they are family. That is why we have created a space where you can bring your dogs to eat, socialize with other dogs and their owners,

Our cafe is the place to be if you love dogs or just want a cozy place to relax.

Our cafe provides a variety of delectable meals, snacks, and drinks to satisfy your taste buds. Coffee and tea are available, as well as sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

Why choose Five Baristas?

A curated menu just for our four-legged friends! We believe that dogs deserve the high-quality food that humans do, so we provide a variety of dog-friendly meals to keep your dog delighted.

Our dog-friendly cafe also has a large outdoor seating area. At these place you and your dog can enjoy some fresh air while eating. Our outdoor area has water bowls for your dog to stay hydrated while you relax and socialize.

We also have dog events and activities on a regular basis to keep your pup entertained and happy.

We offer a variety of activities to keep your furry friend engaged and stimulated, from dog training classes to dog-friendly movie nights.

Ready for your next celebration in our peaceable pet cafe in Mississauga?

Come and visit our cafe with your furry mate and bring your friends for your dog’s play date near Sheridan college in Mississauga.

Sign up  or Contact us for more offers and discounts available and enjoy the best moments with your friend.

PSB Fitness with Spa, Sauna Bath and cross fitness

Facilities in our gym
1 Cross fitness – It helps you to burn calories and you will also get stronger and will able to lift more weight while working out.
Cross fitness also reduces the chance of heart failure and also helps brain to be refreshed. It increases the concentration of a person while doing a certain type of activity.
2 Spa – Help in weight loss and to reduce the chances of diabetes. Allows you to improve sleep and decreases the stress level of a person.
PSB Fitness & Gym Centre

3 Sauna Bath – It is a bath consisting of exposure to hot vapore to induce sweating and followed by rubbing or light beating skin which improves the skin quality and increases life expectancy of a person. It also let you focus towards your goals and work

4 Cross fitness- Cross is a type of tough training like box jumps, planks, cross body sledge hammer with sit ups and lunges. This all exercise allows you to lift more in gym and be flexible. It also helps you to have a good body shape and muscle.

5 Well Educated Trainers – Trainers plays a vital role in the gym as they guide people to do exercise in right manner without getting injury. They also plan diet chart for the people who are working out in the gym. A good teacher can help you achieve your goals which our trainers are doing from last 5 years
6 Swimming Pool -Members also get chance to swim in cold water and to enjoy. Swimming increases the power of lungs and also help muscles to grow in proper shaper and also controls the cholestrol levels.
7 Free trails – People can get free trail of the gym for a day by this they get a proper knowledge of gym and can decide whether it is good for them or not.
We are providing our services in two main cities that are Brampton and Mississauga. We ae having 24 gyms 14 in Brampton while rest 10 in Mississauga. They cover all the places of the city. The members can access all the locations by showing their card. All the facilities are available at all the locations. All the gyms are open for 24 hours and for 7 days a week. Locations are having proper parking facilities with perfect ventilation system.
Different types of packages are available in the gym. Students will be getting a special discount.
1 Student pack – students will be getting 15% discount on the regular packages and will be provided with special diet. They will get some books related to the fitness.
2 Yearly pack – In this people can have membership for a year at a price of 1500 dollars allowing them to have access to every facility in the gym.
Social Media
Our gym accounts will be available at every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks.
Transformation videos of clients will be posted daily. Everyday we will be posting videos of different workout and how to be in perfect form while doing a certain exercise
Celebrities will be joining our gyms because of the services provided by us and we will be posting that videos also. Motivation posts will be shared and posted on the website of the gym.

How we differ from others?
We are giving all the services under one roof
Diet Chart is given
Trainers give special attention to everybody
Proper parking and ventilation
Contest and lucky draws every week

Faculty members

Prabhuttamdeep Singh
Gurpartap Singh
Sahaj Bansal
Manpreet Maan
Amandeep Kaur
Kamalpreet Kaur
Jasleen Kaur
Contact Information –
Head office – 9600 matterdale ave
Brampton L6Y 4J6
Telephone- 905-667-8765
Mobile number – 647866-0853
Office hours- Monday to Saturday 9.00a.m to 6.00p.m
Sunday 11 am to 4 pm