Be healthy and fit with our new workout plans



Be healthy and fit with our new workout plans. The PSB Fitness, is founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years’ experience and 15 existing clients. Both of they are the founder of the PSB fitness.

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The two main PSB fitness centers are located in the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College.

Goal of the PSB fitness:-

1) Gain new customers and brand awareness for its two Sheridan College locations

2) Saving time by giving virtual classes to their customers

3) Giving best services to their customers in less price as compare to other fitness clubs.

Distinct types of services provided by the club that saves time and money are:-

Personal Trainer:- Personal trainer service is available at both the campus at Sheridan college at very less cost        including the membership fees.

Yoga Classes:- Yoga classes are also available within the gym to increase the flexibility of the body, Moreover to perform these exercises there is different section name Yoga section inside the gym.

Young athletes stretching at the gym.

Shower and Steam Bath:-However, In addition to yoga classes and personal trainer service, shower and steam bath facility is also available.

Modern Machines are available for the better workout like:-


1)Lateral Pulldown Machine

2)Smith Machines

3) Row Machines

4)Bench Press Machines

5)Leg Press Machines

 The gym machines that are used for lifetime fitness

Cardio: Rowing Machine-

Believe it or not, genuinely. ‘The paddling machine is stand-out in its ability to target 85% of your body’s muscles to play out the full turn of events or stroke properly,’ says Annie Mulgrew, VP and building up teacher of CITY Line.

‘The huge muscles in your legs, arms, back and focus all must institute, giving a hard and fast body practice that will grow your body wellness similarly as your cardiovascular cutoff.’ You heard that advantage too – the machine incorporates cardio and quality structure all the while.

Lat Pull-Down- The lat pull-down is a connection based exercise machine that is wherever in rec center focuses the world over. This back designer is definitely not hard to learn and unusually effective, considering variable deterrent depending upon where you place the pin in the stack


PSB fitness clubs provides all the basic facilities that are needed in the gym at the cheaper price as compared to other fitness companies. The PSB provides 24*7 availability, Secondly more spacious, Thirdly modern workout machines, Fourthly source of water, Lastly cleanliness, etc.


In this paragraph, the target audience of the PSB fitness is new generation that comes to college for learning and willing to develop personality. Be healthy and fit with our new workout plans. The fitness coaches spent significant time in numerous distinctive exercise plans. Which permit them to modify a work out regime utilizing wide range of activities to pick from. Utilizing the wellness application. You can interface with your coach consistently and choose how you need to finish your planned program

 Effective Workout Plans

Additionally, with a wide scope of loads this permits PSB wellness individuals to feel great to work out at any level.  actually, individuals can have a free preliminary attempt. As well, PSB Wellness offers one free exercise from one or the other part at the rec center. However, clubs gives all the fundamental offices that are required in the rec center at the less expensive cost when contrasted with different wellness organizations. The PSB gives 24*7 accessibility, Also more open, Thirdly present day exercise machines, wellspring of water, neatness, and so forth.

For more information please call at 6475552322.

Personal Trainer course Abbotsford

Personal Trainer Course Abbotsford


In the “personal trainer course Abbotsford” you will review in more detail:

·         Client assessment, goals and expectations

·         Program design

·         Sport-specific training

·         Instructing clients on incorrect exercise technique and avoiding injuries

·         Exercise motivation

·         Injury rehabilitation

·         Diet and nutrition management

·         Marketing, business planning, and legal expectations



There are some things which are pre-required for this course:

ü  Fitness Knowledge course

ü  Weight Training Level 1 or their equivalent

ü  Including the Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

ü  20 basic weight training programs

ü  Current CPR and First Aid

Personal trainer course Abbotsford
Courses Dates and Times


The personal training course is divided into certain parts:

1.       Level 1 Weight Trainer Course

2.       Level 2 Weight Trainer Course

3.       Fitness to Music Course

4.       Fitness Knowledge Course

5.       Nutritional Coaching Course


Level 1 PersonalWeight Trainer Course

If you are interested in improving your knowledge of weight training for your own fitness program or to train others in the weight room, this is the course for you, the course includes:

  • ·         Review of basic anatomy
  • ·         What exercises work each muscle group
  • ·         Setting up basic weight training programs from start to finish
  • ·         Working with adolescents, adults, and older populations
  • ·         Flexibility and stretching techniques and how to include them into a workout program


To pass this course you will need:

  • ·         80% passing mark on the final exam
  • ·         CPR – Valid within 120 days
  • ·         Fitness First Aid – Valid within 120 days


Level 2 Weight Trainer Course

This is the second level of the weight trainer course. In this course you will learn in more detail about:

  • ·         Safety and weight training program
  • ·         Advanced techniques and program designs
  • ·         Periodization for fitness and athlete
  • ·         Bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • ·         Nutrition for fitness and athletes
  • ·         Exercise motivation


To pass this course you will need:

  • ·         Level 1 Weight Training or equivalent
  • ·         Fitness First Aid
  • ·         exams passed with 80% marks
  • ·         Level A CPR

Fitness to music Course

It is also known as the Aqua-fit course. In this course you will learn:

  • ·         How exercising in the water is different from training on land
  • ·         The physical properties of water
  • ·         The components of an aqua-fit and deep water classes
  • ·         Classes design and how to choreograph exercises using the properties of water
  • ·         Monitoring intensity in water and other important safety information
  • ·         About working with special needs and special populations in the water

To pass this course you will need:

  • ·         CPR Level A
  • ·         Fitness First Aid
  • ·         80% passing mark on the final exam

Fitness Knowledge Course

Anyone who loves fitness and cares about their body will enjoy learning more about both these areas from this informative course. There is no pre-requisite to taking this course. This course acts as a pre-requisite to the Fitness to music and Level 1 Weight training Courses. Expect an enjoyable, practical course designed to teach you:

·         All about your bones and muscles and how they function in basic moves, and during exercises

  1. ·         The function of the heart and lungs
  2. ·         How to burn fat, shape and tone muscle, gain strength, endurance, and flexibility
  3. ·         A variety of exercise ideas
  4. ·         All about Principles of safety in exercise
  5. ·         Designing personal exercise programs
  6. ·         Basic nutrition and weight management principles


To pass this course you will need:

  •          A Level CPR
  •          First Aid Fitness
  •          Exams passed with 80% marks


Nutritional Coaching Course

In this course, you will learn several important lessons to help you become a better fitness professional by being able to complete the mission piece of the training puzzle – nutrition


  •          Why nutrition is such an important part of the training/coaching process
  •          Becoming more confident with the science of exercise nutrition with included topics like cellular function, digestion. And absorption, energy transfer, and macronutrient biochemistry.
  •          How the system can be broken down into 4 simple steps of Assessing, Advising, Measuring, and Adjusting.
  •          Putting it all into practice.


Facilities where courses are taught:

ARC – Abbotsford Recreation Center

34690 Old Yale Road

Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 7S6



Personal trainer course Abbotsford
Payment Methods















The PSB Fitness is a gym situated at SheridanCollege that offers a fantastic workout and training atmosphere with a low budget. Moreover, personal training is also offered by the gym. To keep you safe and fit, the gym is situated at two locations on the HMC campus (Mississauga) and Davis Campus (Brampton). This gym also provides the Sheridan faculty and students with an inexpensive membership.




First of all, the new PSB fitness has a very fresh feeling inside. For all its clients, this gym provides an inexpensive subscription. The basic plan begins at $5 biweekly, which is PSB’s cheapest option that features 24-hour gym service. Many college students want a decent physique, but they do not have to pay a lot.

So, our basic plan is especially for them. The normal package costs $10 a week with free shower facilities at the gym and pool service. Then comes the premium option, which costs around $20 biweekly, which includes all the services of the regular plan as well as personal fitness, spa, and massage service. Other facilities such as locker room, water bottles, gym bag, earpieces, are also available.




Due to the hectic schedule of the individuals, they do not have time for the gym. So, PSB introduced the interactive online training sessions for every member from a basic plan individual to a premium plan person. It includes various types of activities and sessions in different time slots. Our professionals give you online training which includes activities such as-



Yoga-In this class you can enjoy plus train your whole body with safe stretching with different seated, standing postures. This class is for only 15 You can choose any time slot from early morning 4 am to 11 pm.








Regular Bodyweight training & Cardio-It includes the sessions in which our professional trainers teach you bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, pull-ups, crunches, and lots of other exercises. The cardio part includes jogging at a place, jumping jack, burpees, kickboxing, etc. This class also has the same timings as the yoga class.




  • Flexible timings as per your schedule, choose what time you want to train your body.
  • It is a fun activity that every member of the family can do.
  • You have your privacy because you and the trainer will be the only person in between your workout.
  • These classes are affordable for everybody because of the included service in ongoing membership.
  • You do not have to pay extra for these sessions.






The first PSB center is located at Sheridan’s J wing on the first floor at Davis Campus, Brampton. So, it is convenient for students to go there because it is near to the Sheridan library wing and other wings are connected too. The picture below describes the Sheridan college Davis campus location. The second location is in the Mississauga HMC Campus front building as shown in the picture of the map above.





Visit us today at our two locations in Brampton and Mississauga. Start your free trial now for a week. Our goal is to get you in a good shape by giving our best to you. Become part of our PSB family right now.

Online registration and offline registering are both available. Visit Sheridan’s website and register online or fill out the registration form in person with our receptionist at the gym entrance. We just need your Canadian identification and Sheridan’s One card. Further details are available online.




Contact Us

Any queries please contact

647-419-7458 (Jaswardhan)

Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Road

Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9