Fresh Coffee In The Morning

We appreciate you stopping by PSB Cafe, where you may enjoy a good coffee experience. The intimate Mississauga location of our café also offers a unique experience unmatched by any other place in town. We give our consumers a unique, artistic coffee experience that they will never forget. Most importantly, we provide a sophisticated and unique coffee experience thanks to temperature-controlled brewing.

We take pride in offering our customers unique customized possibilities at PSB Café. About coffee, we are incredibly sensitive to the individual preferences and tastes of each person. For this reason, we provide a broad range of options, such as milk flavors, grind size, foam, and latte art, as well as artisanal baked items, temperature adjustments, and other amenities. Using our products, which precisely match their moods and personal tastes, our clients may create their own unique coffee journeys.

How do we offer Fresh morning in the coffee?

We fully agree that nothing gets the day started quite like a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Your senses might be stimulated and you can get going just by the aroma. And there’s simply something that can be so gratifying about taking the first sip of a freshly brewed cup.

We personally enjoy experimenting with various coffee brewing techniques, such as French presses, pour-over setups, and espresso machines. To find the ideal cup, it’s great to experiment with various beans and brewing methods. Naturally, it’s crucial to preserve your beans properly to maintain their freshness and flavor.

What do we offer?

At PSB Cafe, we offer a wide variety of coffee options, including cappuccinos, lattes, freshly brewed coffees, and more. We also offer baked goods and protein bars which are ready-to-go-eat products and as well as available for dine-in.

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Handpicked Organic Coffee in Mississauga

PSB Cafe: Serving the Best Handpicked Organic and Fair Trade Coffee in Mississauga

At PSB Café, we offer the best Handpicked Organic Coffee in Mississauga. From our carefully selected coffee blends to our commitment to ethical and sustainable production. As a result, we take pride in serving only the highest quality, sustainable food, and beverages. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable food and beverages. Likewise, our focus on sustainability extends to our coffee selection as well.  Furthermore, we will also explore the unique taste of handpicked organic coffee and what makes it so special.


An inviting coffee shop interior with a cozy atmosphere. The space is filled with wooden tables and chairs, decorated with potted plants, and features a large counter displaying a variety of pastries and baked goods. Customers are seen enjoying their coffee while chatting or working on their laptops
Step into our cozy coffee shop and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a side of relaxation. Our comfortable seating, delicious treats, and friendly staff will make your coffee break a delightful experience

What is Handpicked Organic Coffee?

Handpicking organic coffee is a method of harvesting coffee cherries that ensures higher quality and better taste. Handpicking coffee cherries involves selectively choosing them at their optimal ripeness, resulting in a more even and consistent flavor profile. In contrast, machine-harvested coffee cherries often include underripe or overripe fruit, which can negatively impact the flavor.

Furthermore, organic farming practices ensure that coffee beans are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. This not only results in healthier coffee beans, but also supports environmental sustainability.

Experience the art of handpicking organic coffee beans! Click here to discover our meticulous process and savor the rich, full-bodied flavor of our coffee.

Why We Use Handpicked Coffee?

Using handpicked organic coffee is not only better for our customers, but also for the environment and local farmers. Here are some of the reasons why we use handpicked organic coffee:

  • Higher Quality: By handpicking only the ripest coffee cherries, we ensure that our coffee beans are of the highest quality. As a result, this leads to a richer and more complex flavor profile that our customers love.
  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Organic farming practices contribute to the preservation of the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of the coffee industry. By using natural fertilizers and avoiding harmful pesticides, we support sustainable agriculture and help reduce the negative impact of coffee farming on the environment.
  • Support Local Farmers: By sourcing our handpicked organic coffee from local farmers, we support the local economy and promote sustainable agriculture. We take pride in working with local farmers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.
  • Better for Our Customers: Using handpicked organic coffee ensures that our customers are getting a high-quality and healthier product. Ultimately, By avoiding harmful chemicals and additives, our coffee is not only better for the environment, but also for the health of our customers.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible coffee experience, and we believe that using handpicked organic coffee is an essential part of that commitment. Therefore, we purchase only the best handpicked organic coffee in Mississauga.

Indulge in a delicious and healthy meal at our cafe today! Click here to explore our menu of handpicked organic coffee, fresh salads, flavorful sandwiches, and refreshing drinks.

A hand is holding a pile of coffee beans. The beans are small, round, and brown. They have a rough texture and are slightly shiny. None of the beans are still attached to their stems. The hand holding the beans is slightly dirty, indicating handpicking.
From the hands of the farmers to the roasters and baristas, every step in the journey of coffee is essential to creating a delicious and satisfying cup.

Taste of Handpicked Coffee:

Handpicked organic coffee has a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart from other types of coffee. Handpicking coffee beans involves selecting only the ripest cherries, which produces a higher quality coffee bean. This higher-quality bean leads to a more complex and nuanced flavor profile, with notes of fruit, chocolate, and nuts.

Organic farming practices also impact the taste of coffee. By using natural fertilizers and avoiding harmful pesticides, organic coffee beans have a cleaner and richer taste. Subsequently, organic farming practices also contribute to the preservation of the environment, leading to a more sustainable coffee industry.

Our coffee has a rich and complex flavor profile that is sure to delight coffee lovers. We offer a range of different types of coffee beverages, from traditional drip coffee to espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Discover the rich aroma and flavor of handpicked organic coffee at PSB Cafe today! Click here to order your cup of pure goodness now

Two white ceramic cups of freshly brewed coffee with a creamy layer on top and rising steam. The best <yoastmark class=

Supporting Local Farmers:

By purchasing handpicked organic coffee from local farmers, we are supporting the local economy and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Nevertheless, local farmers take great care in producing high-quality coffee beans, and we believe that by purchasing their products, we are supporting their livelihoods and ensuring the continued growth of the local agricultural industry.

Nevertheless, we commit to serving our customers the best quality food and beverages by handpicking organic coffee sourced from local farmers. Thus, ensuring a unique and flavorful coffee experience for our customers while supporting local agriculture and promoting sustainable practices.

Join us in supporting local sustainable farmers who handpick organic coffee beans in Mississauga! Click here to donate and help us continue to bring you the freshest, most flavorful coffee around. 

A Canadian farmer is holding a single coffee bean in his hand. The bean is small and brown with a slightly rough texture. It is a organic handpicked coffee bean.
A Canadian farmer holds a single coffee bean, the fruit of his hard work and dedication.

Wholesome Chai Latte in Mississauga.

  Looking for a healthier drink to start your morning?

Welcome to our PSB Café. We offer a variety of drinks that are healthier options for you. So, come and start your day with our wholesome Chai Latte and coffees! The  Café offers nutritious drinks and even have the options to customize them according to their choice and preferences.

Healthy tea for better digestion
Benefits of drinking Chai Latte
Chai Tea Latte is a type of beverage that originated in India.
  1. Anti-Oxidant: All kind of tea is a good source of anti-oxidant, including a chai tea latte. It’s rich with flavonoids and gives benefit to neutralize effect of free radical from the pollutant. Therefore, this cup of tea can give a fresh relief mind and avoid an early aging process to human.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory: In correlation with the capability as anti-oxidant, the tea is capable to perform as an anti-inflammatory. Based on Ayurveda medicine, the ginger contains in the drink is good to treat joint inflammation such as arthritis or sore throat. It brings a fast cure and work to relief the pain.
  3. Digestive Support: Black tea is good for digestive. In most people, the caffeine contains in the black tea is working as a stimulant for our body digestive system. It helps to fasten the digestion metabolism by acts as a laxative and increase peristaltic movement in intestines.

Some other benefits of drinking the latte are weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention.

Spice chai

Why choose PSB Café?

This drink’s main ingredients are black tea, milk, spices, and sweetener. In comparison to coffee, black tea contains one-third the amount of caffeine. While the spices usually include cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. Our Café provides customers with the option of customizing their chai latte.

They have control over the amount of spice, sweetness, and milk in their latte. Another advantage is that we source the majority of our ingredients locally.

Customers need not be concerned about the freshness of our wholesome chai latte. Apart from the teas, our café also has variety of coffees and smoothies if they want a healthy start for the day.

The ingredients used for them are also locally sourced and are ordered according to the need. Our top priority is that our customers are only provided with the best quality of food and drinks. We believe in maintaining the hygiene as well as quality standards of our café.

What’s new in our menu?

Every dish is carefully curated with the highest quality ingredients, from our deliciously crisp salads to our hearty entrees and decadent desserts. Furthermore, our chefs hand-pick each ingredient, ensuring that only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients make it onto your plate.

Salad Bowl: We have recently introduced the salad bowl that is really wholesome and fulfilling. The customers can have options to change the vegetables going in the bowl.

Smoothies: Customers now have the option to choose from a variety of healthy smoothies to drink from. They can mix and match the fruits they want in the smoothies and have a wholesome experience. Drinking healthy does not have to be boring.



Maria Johnson: I decided to give PSB Café a try out of convenience. Surprisingly, I love the food quality and how you can customize your drinks, not to mention how fresh and delicious they are. The wholesome Chai Latte as they call it is real. In fact, it has become my go-to quick breakfast option. I highly recommend you all to give it a try! (14th March,2023)

Jackson D’souza: As a workaholic and quality conscious person, I am overjoyed to have discovered this location where I can work while also enjoying delicious meals. I particularly enjoy the maple-glazed Pancakes, and the menu selection is extensive. Notably, the café is ideal for people like me who are always on the go because we can quickly order and pick up our favourite on-the-go meals. (10th January, 2023)

Come and Join us at our loaction near Sheridan college, Hazel McCallion Campus.

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Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Welcome to Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Indulge in a premium coffee experience like no other at Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga. We offer freshly brewed coffee at the heart of the city. Welcome to our café, where every cup is simply a true delight.

The Ultimate Coffee Haven at the Heart of Mississauga

Welcome to the ultimate coffee haven – Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga! The destination for coffee aficionados in Mississauga. Located in the heart of the city, our Café perfect location is ideal for meeting as well coming together to study, and enjoy a cup of coffee expertly crafted by our certified barista. So why not come on in and treat yourself to the goodness of our freshly brewed organic coffee?
We prioritize, catering to the needs and busy lifestyles of professionals and students, in addition, Aritzia PSB Café is conveniently located within walking distance from businesses and colleges. Whether you’re in need of a quick caffeine fix or a quiet spot, we’ve got you covered. Come and experience the perfect coffee break at our warm and inviting café.
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Menu at Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Beverages at Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Looking for a coffee fix? Look no further than Aritzia PSB Café, where we offer a multitude of options to satisfy your daily caffeine desires. From classic favorites like the Americano and Café Au Lait to more indulgent options like Mocha, we have it all. For those who prefer a bit of frothy goodness, you can’t go wrong with our Cappuccino. And when the weather heats up, be sure to cool off with our refreshing Cold Brew or Iced Coffee. Even if you prefer Decaf, we’ve got you covered with our expertly crafted cups. Our baristas take pride in ensuring that every sip is a delight, so come on in and treat yourself to your favorite coffee today.

Food at Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Our top priority is promoting healthy and organic eating habits. Not only do we provide a range of delectable and nourishing choices, but we also cater to every craving. From sandwiches and wraps to bagels and muffins, our freshly baked pastries and seasonal fruit bowls are sure to hit the spot. in addition, we offer oatmeal and a diverse selection of yogurts to suit any taste buds. At Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga we believe eating healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Come in and try our delicious and nutritious goodies today!

Healthy Choices at Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Our commitment to promoting healthy and organic living is reflected in our menu. It offers a diverse selection of options to suit every taste and dietary preference. We’re provide a range of healthy and organic choices, such as almond, coconut, oat milk, skim milk, and milk substitutes. We’re dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality coffee beans, which are organically grown and ethically sourced. This ensures that every cup of coffee is not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable.
We recognize that some consumers have dietary restrictions, which is why we offer a wide range of options. These include oatmeal and fruit smoothies as well as organic white and green teas. Our commitment is inclusivity and accessibility is at the core of everything we do, and we’re constantly striving to expand our menu to cater to a diverse range of dietary options.

Deals and Rewards at Aritzia PSB Café

Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

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Bundle Deals – Indulge in 2 delicious coffees and get a complementary bagel! And that’s not all, you can earn reward points to use for future purchases.
Referral – Invite a new customer and earn yourself 50 points or a delectable drink of your choice completely on us!
So, what are you waiting for? Follow us on social media and download our app today to start enjoying everything our café has to offer.
Our variety of options makes it convenient for you to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. Whether you prefer the classic walk-in ordering experience, the ease of online ordering, or the convenience of delivery service, we have it all. You can place your order on our website or app and select a pick-up time that fits your schedule. Or take advantage of delivery partnerships with Door Dash or Uber Eats. For those who are always on the on-the-go, our pick-up services make it easy to grab your order without waiting in line.

Aritzia PSB Café Ambiance

At Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga, we believe that comfort is key. This is why we’ve made it a top priority to provide comfortable seating arrangements complete with free Wi-Fi and unlimited charging ports. Whether you’re looking for a place to work, study, or simply catch up with friends, our café offers a pleasant and inviting environment that’s perfect for any occasion.

Our Staff

We take great pride in providing every customer with a memorable experience. That’s why our team is made up of highly qualified and friendly staff. We also have a certified barista who expertly crafts every cup of coffee. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every visit is exceptional. They recommend specialty drinks to customizing orders to your exact liking. You’ll quickly see why we’re so proud of our team and the exceptional experience they provide.

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Aritzia PSB Café Mississauga

Best instagramable cafe Mississauga

Most Instagram-Worthy Café in Mississauga!

Explore the best of PSB cafe in Mississauga, where style meets comfort and every shot is undeniably picture-perfect.

A cozy and stylish cafe in Mississauga with Instagram-worthy decor and a comforting ambiance.









PSB is the best instagramable cafe in Mississauga. Looking for a unique and memorable spot to snap, sip and share Instagram-worthy photos? Look no further than PSB café, located in Mississauga. Our cozy and inviting café is the perfect destination unquestionably for anyone seeking to add some style and flair to their social media feed. Without a doubt PSB café stands out for its Instagram able décor and design elements, our unique furniture pieces and eye-catching murals provide the perfect backdrop designed to make your photos pop. Whether you’re taking solo shots, couple photos, or group shots with friends PSB has got you covered!

Enhance your Instagramable cafe experience with a cozy and comforting Ambience

Welcome to our café, where we believe that ambiance is just as important as the menu. We strive to provide a cozy and comforting environment that enhances your experience and leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease. Our rustic and urban décor pieces radiate appeal and personality, creating a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding along with our varied Signature Coffee flavors. Whether you are catching up with friends or getting work done, our café provides the ideal setting.

Discover our décor’s retro & simple yet Instagramable Cafe vibe.

Our café’s rustic setting evokes nostalgia and a sense of belonging to a simpler, traditional way of life. Exposed brick walls, wooden accents, and vintage décor create a distinctive and unforgettable ambiance. Moreover, step back in time and escape modern life at our cozy café, whether you seek a quiet place to read or catch up with friends. Come and experience the charm of our rustic environment that is best cafe experience you will ever have.

Enjoy the Best Blend of Serenity and Style at PSB

At PSB café for a cozy and comfortable escape from everyday chaos. Enjoy a calm environment with extremely soothing lighting, cozy seating, and real wood finishes. And if you’re looking for the perfect spot for social media shots, our café won’t disappoint, with appealing décor and distinctive design elements. Come and capture your picturesque moments at our café. On the whole PSB café is the ultimate destination for those seeking the perfect blend of serenity and style. Come and experience it for yourself at the best Instagramable cafe in Mississauga today!

Discover PSB Café


Events at PSB Cafe!

Live Music Nights

PSB cafe is holding live music performances including regional artists, musicians, and performers, it has grown to be a well-liked hangout for music fans. Moreover, the café’s retro furnishings and plush seats create the ideal setting for these occasions, resulting in an intimate and welcoming environment that improves the music experience. Additionally, PSB Café’ offers patrons a special chance to discover fresh talent and appreciate a variety of musical genres. The café provides an opportunity for up-and-coming musicians to share their ability. That will and reach a larger audience, whether they are playing jazz, blues, or acoustic music.

Art Exhibitions

The café’s rustic and vintage décor again makes it the perfect setting for art exhibitions. Furthermore PSB café showcases the work of local artists, photographers, and other creatives, creating an artistic ambiance that is both inspiring and visually appealing making it best instagramable cafe in Mississauga.

Book Clubs

Book club meetings are held in the PSB café because of the cozy and welcoming ambiance here. Customers can savor their favorite coffee and pastries while perusing new books and authors in addition to taking advantage of the snug and comfy seating. Moreover, the café’s serene setting also fosters a calm ambiance that promotes a focused and useful discussion of the selected book. Also, PSB café  gives book club members a place to connect with others who share their passion for literature and utilize for networking and socializing tool. PSB café gives book lovers a chance to form a community by holding book club gatherings.

Food and Beverage Tastings

PSB Café can provide food and drink tastings that include pastries, coffee, and tea from their menu. Besides, guests can try various foods while learning about the ingredients and preparation techniques. In addition, Customers can also take part in brewing and baking events. Besides that it helps to discover various methods for creating coffee and pastries. Moreover, PSB Café can plan community events and fundraisers for neighborhood charities, strengthening sense of community.

At PSB you will the best of  fun, coffee, Relaxation.

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