Nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga

Mississauga’s Exciting Vegan Plant based delicacies are here!

nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga

The Nutritious plant based vegan delicacies that we offer at PSB café in Mississauga ,will make you fall in love with our  Café.

We believe that healthy eating is not just about what you eat, but also how you feel. Our mission is to make eating vegan delicacies easy delicious and affordable for everyone at PSB café in Mississauga.

At PSB Café, we offer a wide range of vegan delicacies and are located in the heart of the city. We serve outstanding, delicious meal replacements made fresh each day for eat-in or ‘on-the-go’. In addition to showcasing how versatile, wholesome and nutritious vegan food  really is, our deeper aim is to motivate people to eat healthy. All of our our products are free from preservatives, dairy products and sugar

We work hard to provide you with a great selection of healthy vegan food and beverages at competitive prices.

We can’t wait to have you at our table.

Our healthy combo at PSB cafe


Some Insides

Vegans have a lot of options when it comes to getting their nutrition. From fruits and vegetables, to beans and nuts, there are so many ways to get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy on a vegan diet..

These meal replacements are made with ingredients like protein powder, vitamins, and minerals so that you can get what your body needs when you don’t have time or energy to eat a full meal.

Vegan shakes are an easy way to get your daily calories, protein, and nutrients without having to worry about what you’re eating. They are also great for people who have difficulty eating more than one meal a day due to their busy schedules or other reasons.  





Our café is a great place for people who wants a short break from their busy and stressful lifestyle. The ambience we provide here includes soothing ambient music which provides a necessary calm in our fast paced lifestyle for people who want to try healthy vegan delicacies in Mississauga.


Benefits of  eating  vegan delicacies

1 -Weight loss.

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s important to make sure you don’t consume too many calories at your meals, one way to do this is by starting with a salad before your meal, which will help you full faster and eat less. The rawer vegetables you can incorporate into your salad, the greater the potential positive effects will be. Salad veggies are a great source of water, which is a vital part of keeping our bodies hydrated. It helps keep skin looking youthful and is necessary for many basic bodily functions.

2-Healthy Heart

Heart health is important. We all know that. But did you know that a diet rich in folate and fiber can help keep your heart healthy?

Folate and fiber are two key nutrients that help to protect your heart muscle from damage, with folate also assisting in the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease. These two nutrients work together to provide you with the protection you need for a healthy heart.

3-Helps Fight Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, it is important to eat a healthy vegan-friendly diet. Consuming plant-based foods can help in boosting the production of good bacteria in the large intestine. It helps to decrease the inflammation in the joints of your hands and knees, etc. By consuming a healthy diet, you can also improve your overall health and well-being by reducing your risk of developing other diseases

Most selling offerings

Peanut Butter Vanilla Green Shake

Nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga


Our  classic combo Peanut butter and banana provides potassium, fiber, protein and vitamin C. The spinach adds an extra dose of vitamins A and C, plus folate and other minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium.

Chocolate Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie

 We’ve packed all the goodness of oats, almond butter, plant-based protein powder, and banana into one bar. We’ve also added cocoa to take it up a notch


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Healthy food Restaurant in Mississauga

Of course, It is Your Cup of Coffee!

Would you deny if we say that the best way to dip yourself in energy is by sipping a cup of coffee in the morning? Stealing a smile by giving an extraordinary experience for coffee lovers is always our main priority. Clearly, we strive to be the best healthy food Restaurant in Mississauga. Here, at PSB café we aim to serve and satisfy ethnically diverse people from various parts of world. Importantly, satisfying our customers who are highly health conscious is our responsibility and that’s how we choose the beans! PSB café is committed in ensuring that the most popular dishes being served here are launched after a careful choice to get into customer’s favorite list.

Trying out different cuisines from various parts of world that too health friendly is our guarantee. While ensuring the perfection of a coffee from a seed to cup, we also make sure that all dishes are served at it finest!

Did you know?? A Quick Journey through the healthy food Restaurant

Dried peach tea from healthy food café in Mississauga
Newly launched healthy dried peach tea containing antioxidants helping antiaging

In Today’s world where people give due importance to nutritious food, the ability to serve it without compromising its deliciousness and quality is the success of every café. Our certified baristas have spent a considerable time to choose the most healthy and nutritional dishes to offer our customers. Besides, the specialty teas and coffees are therapeutic in nature, and the premium-quality, fresh ingredients used to make the sandwiches.

Unlike other cafes, PSB is known for variety of coffees and teas where the flavors selected by us are rich in medicinal values which improves digestion, regulates blood sugar level and is beneficial for the heart. Furthermore, our newly launched dishes include 1. Cinnamon coffee, which offers tons of antioxidants and acts against cold, 2. Dried peach tea, helps in antiaging and in enhancing dental and bone health 3. Pumpkin spice Black tea which naturally acts as an agent to ease stiffness and muscle pain, and more (Check out the menu to explore our handpicked dishes)

Undoubtedly, PSB café is always confident in serving the most fresh and premium quality sandwiches and side kicks with our beverages.

Can’t wait to try out different cuisines from the city? Here is the best healthy food spot

In Mississauga there are people from various parts of the globe and here, we are ready to entice your taste buds by serving the handpicked dishes from all over the world. In addition to this, our In-house special menu includes Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and more! Unquestionably, this healthy food Restaurant in Mississauga is the right place for you if you are up for exploring new cuisines. People are busy with their hectic and tedious schedules which makes them settle for what is readily available. But, we know what you crave for and serve you the best.

Looking for the best place for business and casual meet ups? Yes, you are at the right place!

Exterior of the healthy food café in mississauga

Quiet and aesthetic atmosphere of the café by making the best use of natural lighting.

We are here to welcome you with a cozy and warm space you’ve been looking for. If you haven’t been here, don’t be too late to reach your perfect hangout spot. The artistic and elegant ambience of our café will win your heart. Obviously, this is the best spot in the city for professional meet ups and other gatherings. Likewise, The calm and quiet atmosphere elevates the beauty of this spot. Moreover, The café is designed by making use of natural lighting which makes it more aesthetic and encourages people to be productive in their projects, especially students and working professionals with its lively atmosphere.


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About us:

Location: 3050, Confederation Parkway, Mississauga






This new Wholegrain Bagel in Mississauga solves problems


PSB café in Mississauga launched an exciting Hot-brew black coffee from dark roast beans with a Wholegrain Bagel combo.

Located in the beautiful city of Mississauga, Ontario, this coffee-bagel combo is a fresh addition to a working café. As the coffee offers super antioxidants that boost the brain in every sip. Also helping your body to manage cholesterol and boosting the health of your skin and digestive system; This Wholegrain Bagel available at PSB café in Mississauga has a lengthy list of benefits. Something that makes this even more interesting is that the Wholegrain Bagel at PSB café that also offers an extensive list of other coffee, tea, and baked menu options. This particular option of a Wholegrain Bagel is scarcely available in the Mississauga, Ontario.

Generally, cafes offer wholewheat or multigrain alternatives but the wholegrain option is a fresh addition to a working café. Healthy food is often understood with a compromise on taste but not in this case. PSB café in Mississauga offers better-tasting healthy food options as they want you to enjoy the process of staying healthy.

The list of health benefits that the Wholegrain Bagel offer could meet your problem of finding a healthy snack. PSB cafe located at the heart of Mississauga, Ontario provides a peaceful atmosphere for you to have a focused session of work or study while you consume healthy during the process. The cafe wants to make healthy living enjoyable.


Mississauga’s rising trend

PSB cafes launch of the Hot-brew black coffee and Wholegrain Bagel combo could not come at a better time, as we see a rise in consumption of healthy food choices that are available at eateries. A significant percentage of Gen Z and millennials are adopting this lifestyle and prefer this over their regular junk food options. They are particular about what they consume. Consumption of healthy food is one of the key expressions of their identity.

A blog posted by the Restolab team at based on a study by L.E.K consulting’s food and beverage survey says that “93% of consumers want to eat healthy at least some of the time, with 63% trying to eat healthy most or all the time. Health-oriented food primarily includes fresh, natural, additive-free, and sustainably produced food.”



The health benefits of the Wholegrain Bagel
Wholegrain vs Multigrain vs Wholewheat


Health benefits of the Wholegrain Bagel

Wholegrains have a long list of health benefits when compared to Wholewheat or Multigrain

Wholewheat contains the whole grain of wheat while multigrain contains several types of grains. Both options go through a refining process but surely have health benefits. The healthiest of them all is the whole grain option as it contains the entire grain and its three edible layers. The grains are not refined, and all the constituents remain intact which provides quality, natural, and authentic consumption of nutrients.

According to a study, whole grains are better sources of fiber and nutrients like iron, folate, selenium, potassium, and magnesium compared to other options. Evidence-based research by Kerri-Ann Jennings, MS, RD for Key health benefits of wholegrains are as follows. It helps reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, and cancer. It also helps in healthy digestion and improves overall immunity.

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel


PSB Cafe's Orange Pekoe Tea, another option with the Wholegrain Bagel
Try PSB Cafe Mississauga’s Orange Pekoe Tea with the Wholegrain Bagel


Mississauga’s PSB Cafe | List of options

Although this Cafe in Mississauga’s standout offering is the Hot-brew black coffee-Wholegrain Bagel combo, The café also offers a wide range of coffee, tea, and baked food options.

PSB café provides Decaf, lattes, mocha, French vanilla, and black coffee from dark roast beans under coffee.

Under tea, they offer Black tea, Green tea, Orange Pekoe, and Chamomile. All the drinks come in three sizes which are small, medium, and large. You must try the Orange Pekoe as we prepare using traditional Japanese methods, which also has various health benefits.

The baked menu consists of Donuts (glazed, sprinkled, and powdered). Muffins (Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, and Pumpkin). Pastries (Croissant, Danish). Cookies (Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal). Bagels (Sesame and without sesame), and of course the Wholegrain Bagel.

All these offerings are affordable, and the café also offers a peaceful atmosphere to run a focused session of work or study. PSB café wants to actively be a part of conserving and protecting the environment. For this reason, cardboard paper is used in the packaging cover of coffee cups for parcels.


Mississauga's PSB Cafe - cardboard paper packaging
PSB Cafe’s cardboard paper packaging


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Connect with PSB Cafe
Connect with PSB Cafe


Strong Coffee with Ambience in Mississauga

Strong Coffee with a great ambiance in Mississauga that will make you fall in love with us!

Tasty Coffee with great ambience in Mississauga

The S.A.M.E Café on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga will undoubtedly become your new favorite spot if you’re looking to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy taking pictures. As a result of our cafe’s ambience, you will feel happier, more optimistic, and more energized. It is always good to have a cup of strong Coffee with ambience in Mississauga.

It’s all designed to make diners want to post photos on social media, from the lighting to the presentation of the food. The café offers customers a captivating aesthetic of rich colours and European décor that they will want to share with their friends online. Our unique atmosphere will transport you to a relaxing European environment, temporarily taking you away from the stresses in your life. Most importantly our warm-coloured graffiti wall which we have designed especially for our customers to click good pictures.

These days Instagram is one of the most noticeable changes brought on by Millennials’ use of social media. Food and Drinks have become a significant component of social networking as more Instagram users post pictures of cafes and places which they like. This in return has helped us gain brand awareness and make potential customers come and enjoy their cup of tasty coffee at our cozy ambience.

Tasty Coffee with great ambience in Mississauga

We offer tasty coffees, teas, refreshers, smoothies, sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, parfaits, and soups among other things. Our specialty waffles, mixed berry smoothies, and specialty strong coffee are all things you must try while you enjoy the great ambience we offer.


  • Quality Service

One of the most memorable experiences at a restaurant will be the caliber of the service, which also has a significant impact on the atmosphere there. Customer service can either break or make an individual’s customer experience! The success of your business depends on making the proper personnel investments. A warm, outgoing team with excellent communication skills will go a long way toward assisting you in creating an amazing environment and experience that your guests will gush about!

  • Respectful Music

Strong Coffee with Ambience in Mississauga

You can create a great mood as soon as your guests walk through. All you have to do is select the right soundtrack to accompany their eating experience.

  • Unique and Brand-Consistent Décor

Tasty Coffee with great ambience in Mississauga

Restaurant’s décor can influences the customers experience by adding to the overall ambience. Especially when combined with the great food, service, and music. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate your playlist and the genre of music that will be played. A poorly chosen playlist can be a distraction from the excellent food. Hence, the well-planned interior design components of your restaurant. As a result, the design of your restaurant’s interior should complement the overall ambience you want to give your customers.

  • Accommodating Furniture Placement 

Tasty Coffee with great ambience in Mississauga

The choice and arrangement of your furniture have a big impact on the mood you create inside your business. It also influences the settings you provide for consumers, such as whether you provide a private or social setting. The furniture you introduce can be used to create zones with varying purposes, so plan your experience accordingly. A strong cup of coffee on a comfy couch is all one would need.

  •  Suitable Colour Scheme 

Everyone makes subconscious judgments about the places they visit every day, including bars and restaurants. When a customer walks through the entrance of a restaurant, the colour scheme quickly conveys a message, even impacting their energy and hunger! Bright, vivid colours are typically associated with fast food establishments, whereas softer colour palettes are better suited for eateries that want their patrons to stay for longer periods of time.

Welcome Offers 

If you are a person who loves discounts and free drinks then we have a great offer for you. You can get our strong coffee with great ambience in Mississauga for free if you have subscribed to our newsletter. Also, if you tag us on your pictures clicked in our café, we will give you an additional 15% discount.

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quiet coffee shops to study in Mississauga

Modern coffee shops

Coffee shops are no longer just visited to drink coffee, but also to do work and have a cup of coffee. The PSB coffee shop is the right place for you if you’re looking for a quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga  and enjoy your coffee.


quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga
quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga

Benefits of studying in a quiet coffee shop:

1-Quite environment 

Studies have shown that studying outside your house in a quiet environment will increase your motivation to finish the study and make you more concentrated and focused hence, having high grades.

2-Relaxing soft music 

The main theme of most of the coffee shops is soft music and relaxation vibes. As it is known, studying and tests are very stressful and can lead to anxiety. Listening to soft music can reduce the anxiety; apart from this, watching other students’ study helps to relax.


The comfort level in any coffee shop is essential. For example, make sure to have comfortable chairs and sofas, good lighting, and a good temperature. Some coffee shops focus on designing every detail in the shop to make it convenient and comfortable for the customer .As a result, it will make studying easier.


4-Provides all kinds of amenities

You can use your laptop and devices easily anywhere and not suffer from the internet while studying.

tasty coffee in a quiet coffee shop

quiet coffee shop to study in Mississauga

Next time you see a quiet coffee shop, why not stop in and taste their coffee.Studies show that you’re more likely to enjoy your coffee  in a quiet environment.


Where can I find a quiet coffee shop in Mississauga?

The PSB coffee shop offers everything needed to create a quiet and relaxing environment so the customer can study and do their tasks easily while drinking the best coffee or eating one of the snacks from a multi-option menu.

quiet coffee shop to study in Mississauga
quiet coffee shop in Mississauga


The product line of the PSB café includes:

All kinds of coffee, tea, and snacks are available. In addition to that, there is a  new combo line option.


Here are some of the coffee drinks that are served on the PSB  cafe’s menu :


1-Americano:  1 shot of espresso and 3 oz. of hot water

2-Espresso :1 shot of espresso

3- Macchiato1 shot of espresso and  1 to 2 teaspoons of steamed milk

4-Cappuccino: 1-2 shots of espresso . In addition of 2 oz. of steamed milk + 2 oz. of foamed milk + sprinkling of chocolate powder

5-Mocha: 1 shot of espresso .In addition of 1-2 oz. of chocolate syrup/powder + 1-3 oz. of steamed milk + 2-3 cm of foam or whipped cream

6-Iced Coffee:2 oz. drip coffee or espresso . In addition of 4 oz. of ice + 4-6 oz of milk or water + flavouring syrup to taste.

quiet coffee shop in Mississauga
a cup of tasty coffee

Why should students drink coffee?

While having a quiet environment in the PSB cafe , having   a cup of coffee is a must because it has many benefits .
This is why students drink coffee :
In moderate amounts, caffeine can boost mood, energy, and concentration .Therefore,research has shown that drinking coffee increases mental alertness and reduces tiredness – a huge help to those trying to study.

Also, choosing what meal and drink you will have as a combo line  from the PSB cafe’s menu will save you time and money and help you to focus on the studying.




In conclusion, our main goal is to provide you with a quiet environment,so you can accomplish your tasks while enjoying the view and our tasty drinks and delicious snacks.

You may visit us at Confederation Parkway and City Centre Drive, near Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus.

For more details about the café and the events, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, by subscribing to our email, you will get the latest discounts and offers.


Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga

If you are looking for more than just a cup of coffee with a lot of health benefits, have yourself drink an organic specialty coffee. Have you asked yourself, “Why do I need to be aware of the type of coffee I drink? What benefits can I get from organic specialty coffee? Are coffee shops near me available that serve organic specialty coffee around Mississauga?” Let us find out.

What is ‘Organic Coffee’?

Organic coffee is conventional coffee that has been grown, harvested, and processed without any harmful chemicals. Coffee is steeped in these toxic chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Unfortunately, the majority of coffee farm is impacted by these chemicals.

On the other hand, organic coffee has grown on organically-certified coffee plantations using only organic fertilizers such as coffee pulp or chicken manure. Of course, as with all things organic, coffee from these plantations is more expensive than coffee from non-organic farms. This is primarily because organic coffee requires more workforce to cultivate due to its lush, naturally dense forestry. Conventional coffee is frequently grown in sizeable open coffee fields that are far easier to harvest.

Why do I need to be aware of this? What can I get?

Coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods on the planet. And you might be able to consider now choosing organic coffee over non-organic coffee since it does have a more significant impact than you previously thought.

Aside from the health benefits that organic coffee can provide, including the ability to increase energy levels, promote weight loss, improve athletic performance, and protect against chronic disease, the Coffee Affection, a coffee blog website, provided four (4) most significant benefits of organic coffee that are based on science.

specialty organic coffee benefits

1. Organic Coffee is Without Pesticides

Pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides are synthetic chemicals in non-organic farming. And it’s now common knowledge that many of these chemicals lead to various health issues.

When we consume those foods with harmful chemicals, we may unknowingly consume a variety of chemicals we were unaware of.

Furthermore, pesticides can endanger farmers and workers. With organic certification, you can be confident that your beans are organic and farmers are safe!

organic specialty coffee

2. Organic Coffee Has more Nutrients Than Non-Organic

Organic coffee contains more vitamins and minerals than non-organic coffee due to the absence of synthetic chemicals added to the beans and nutrients in organic soil.

Coffee contains few macronutrients, but some micronutrients most people do not get enough. Especially notable are potassium, niacin, and magnesium. Despite the small amount, any additional sources of these minerals are beneficial.

Organic coffee also has traces of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5. It’s not a miraculous health drink, but the less produced and chemically treated coffee beans are before they reach your cup, the better!

3. Organic Coffee Growing Methods are Better for Farmers

Though organic certification is costly, most organic coffee farmers can charge a higher price for their product because it’s of higher quality. That means they can pay their employees more.

Many organic coffee growers also adhere to fair trade standards. A “fair trade” business commits to environmental stewardship, individual and community well-being, and income sustainability.

organic coffee farmers

Organic growing methods may not produce the highest yield of coffee beans, but the care and attention required to keep the fertile soil results in more consistent profits. A synthetic fertilizer may significantly boost one crop, but it can also leach nutrients from the soil, leaving it depleted.

And, as previously stated, the absence of pesticides means there is no risk of inhaling them! Handling poisons and pesticides are not part of organic farmers’ farming methods.

4. Organic Coffee Growing Methods are Better for the Communities and the Planet

Because synthetic chemicals on plants impact more than just the plants themselves, these highly toxic substances leach into the nearby soil and water.

Organic farming is also more environmentally friendly than chemical farming because it produces less carbon. Organic farmers not only do not purchase chemicals that emit greenhouse gases during production and use, but practices such as composting trap carbon in the soil and allow it to degrade before it enters the atmosphere.

To grow naturally is the farming method for organic coffee; that’s why it’s good for the communities and planet!

conventional coffee

What could be better than organic coffee? Specialty organic coffee!

Specialty Grade organic coffee, it turns out, is far superior to organic coffee in more ways than one.

Specialty-grade certification goes above and beyond to ensure the health of every coffee enthusiast who enjoys the aroma and taste of a fresh brew.

Specialty grading takes the beans even further along the process, all the way to your cup. Specialty-grade coffees have almost no defects and have gone through rigorous testing. To be classified as specialty grade, the coffee must receive an 80 or higher on a scale of 100.

While only 3% of the world’s coffee is grown organically, specialty organic coffee accounts for less than 1%.

Combining organic and specialty coffee makes you forget the health risks of drinking coffee! But of course, you must still not be drinking coffee too much!

Where can I get organic specialty coffee in Mississauga?

We, Java Express, are serving organic specialty coffee in downtown Mississauga. We are the only one in Mississauga that offers this combination. You may visit us at Confederation Parkway, City Centre Drive, near Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus.

Java Express offers natural ingredients to all its products that will help you provide many health benefits, including increased energy levels, promoted weight loss, improved athletic performance, and protection against chronic disease.

Our coffee shop includes a wide range of coffee choices from a well-renowned barista. We have focused on a minimalistic style of branding that portrays the luxury associated with premium coffee.

Our product mix includes snacks, coffee, tea, bakery items, and refreshing drinks. We have a variety of vegan options as well.

Our product line for snacks and drinks includes:

  • Coffee: Cold Brews, Dark/Medium roast, ice blends, espresso, and lattes
  • Tea: Chai tea lattes, breakfast teas, and refreshing iced teas
  • Snacks and Bakery items: Croissants, donuts, puffs, cream buns, rolls, chicken sandwiches, bacon & cheese burger etc.
  • Vegan items: Chickpea salad, Vegan Burrito, Coleslaw sandwich, Burrito Bowl, Avocado toast

We aim to reduce plastic waste and have an eco-friendly environment; our packaging is made with recycled plastic! We have an in-house bakery that produces freshly baked items.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more deals. Get updates on events and offers when you subscribe to our newsletter now!

Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga Organic Specialty Coffee in Mississauga