Customized Coffee Creations Mississauga

Unique Coffee Experience

Customized Coffee Creations Mississauga

Experience customized coffee creations in Mississauga at PSB Café

Discover the art of customized coffee creations as you get to select each aspect of your beverage, from beans to brew, to suit your unique preferences. Our innovative approach ensures accuracy, convenience, and satisfaction, making each cup a customized delight crafted just for you.

Excited to create yourself a customized cup of coffee?  

Interactive Digital Ordering Experience

Amidst all the hustle, PSB revolutionizes the traditional coffee experience with an innovative interactive digital ordering system which is more simplified. It also Helps to seamlessly navigate through the menu options to customize as per your liking.

Customized Coffee Creations

We believe that every coffee lover deserves a drink tailored to their taste buds. Create from a variety of beans, select your preferred brewing method, and personalize your beverage along with a range of milk options, sweeteners and flavorings. 

Quality Assurance

Quality is our top priority. We source only the finest ingredients and uphold the highest standards of customized coffee experience to ensure that every sip is a true delight made just for you. 

Specialty Beverages

In addition to our customizable coffee offerings, we also feature a selection of specialty beverages created by our talented baristas. Explore our menu to discover new and exciting flavors.

Featured Items

Indulge in our featured menu items, where you’ll find a collection of customized coffee creations to delight your taste buds. Innovative offerings are crafted with precision ranging from personalized espresso drinks to artisanal brews with lip smacking food options.

Upcoming Events!

PSB Café brings to you an opportunity to learn customized coffee creations in Mississauga from our renowned Baristas!

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Customer Reviews
Great experience and ambience at the cafe. Would certainly recommend it!
Customized Coffee Creations Mississauga
Love their offering of customized coffee creations Mississauga. It helps me to order and craft my coffee with accuracy every single time.
Customized Coffee Creations Mississauga
Laura Correa
Head here if you are looking for high quality coffee crafted by trained baristas. Menu also offers tasty food options. 
Customized Coffee Creations Mississauga
Amazing experience with the digital coffee creation option. A must try cafe for sure!
Customized Coffee Creations Mississauga

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Modified brewed coffee

Welcome to Your Modified café!!!

A perfect cup of coffee is much more than just a brew in the world of coffee connoisseurs. We are always looking for new ways to enjoy our favourite beverage as coffee aficionados. One such invention that has gained popularity among coffee connoisseurs in recent years is modified brewed coffee.

Who are we?

We provide modified coffee as per your preferences.

We’re happy you’re here! Our café take pride in providing a homey and friendly environment. Where you may unwind, catch up with friends, or work while savoring some delectable cuisine and beverages. Additionally, Confederation Parkway, which has been open for business for two years, is close by. We also offer free Wi-Fi so that you may stay connected while working or unwinding. Up to 20 persons can fit in our private room. If you’re looking for a place to hold a meeting or conference. Additionally, just give us a call to reserve the spot.


Enjoy your Modified brew coffee

Introducing Our Modified Brewed Coffee Menu

  • Cold Brew Coffee:
  • Nitro Coffee:
  • Iced Coffee:
  • Espresso Tonic:
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee:
  • Caramel Macchiato:
  • Mocha Latte:

Our Vision:

The PSB cafe’s goal is to establish a friendly atmosphere where patrons may assemble, unwind, and socialize while enjoying delectable food and beverages especially our modified brewed coffee. Also, we aim to create a warm environment where clients can congregate and engage while taking use of our services. We are committed to sustainability and ethical business practices because we aim to have a positive impact on both our customers and the environment. Our long-term objective is to establish ourselves as the premier choice for everyone looking for a satisfying and fulfilling café experience.

Dietary Restriction:

PSB café is aware that some of our clients have dietary needs or preferences, we also provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. We’ll be pleased to assist you in finding something delectable to savour if you just let our helpful staff know your preferences.



Wants to earn Something?????

We at PSB café use 4 types of reward program.

Do you know you can earn more points on our modified brewed coffee???

  • Point Based Rewards:

Customers who participate in a loyalty programme with points earn a particular number of points for every dollar they spend or just for going to the restaurant.

  • Item Based Rewards

You probably already know how items-based incentives operate if you’re familiar with an outdated punch card system. Customers are rewarded in this model for making a particular number of purchases by receiving the subsequent item free of charge. For instance, if you purchase nine cups of coffee, the tenth is free.

  • Subscription Rewards

A rewards programme that is based on subscriptions awards users when they attain predetermined levels of membership. You could, for instance, charge a certain price for a meal kit subscription plan and provide rewards to members who stick with the programme for a predetermined time.

  • Promotional Rewards

Members of this kind of restaurant loyalty programme get prizes with expiration dates that tempt them to eat at your establishment or place an order within a certain time frame. These incentives don’t have to be connected to a certain type of spending. Instead, they might be offered as unexpected incentives to, for example, encourage clients to eat with you on their birthday or increase sales during quiet times.

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Why Us ???

  • In addition to our coffee ,we’re the Only One in the market who known for Vegan products.
  • Ambience
  • We at PSB also offers free meal on birthday or any special occasion. For that you need to register with us.
  • PSB also known for customer services


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PSB Café: New Mississauga Coffeehouse

PSB Café is Coming Your Way

PSB Café: New Mississauga Coffeehouse is going to your perfect spot for coffee and food. The café will be the perfect place for students, working professionals, and anyone who loves coffee! Keep reading more to know about your soon to be favorite coffeehouse!

About Us!

PSB Cafe’s newest coffee house in Mississauga is a must-visit coffeehouse for all coffee aficionados! Cozy ambiance, diverse customers, and customizable food/coffee options make PSB Café ideal for work or study meetings. In addition to the certified barista coffee the café offers equally delicious sandwiches, bagels, and baked goods.

The café is best known for the coffee it serves. Customers can choose items from the cafe’s preset menu or customize it to meet their taste and/or dietary preferences.

Why Choose PSB Café?

There are a number of reasons why you should visit PSB Café for your next coffee run such as:

  • Great Atmosphere and Staff: Besides the inviting atmosphere, there are more reasons to love PSB Café. The café has an attentive and experienced staff who have mastered the art of customizing coffee to meet your standards. In addition, the staff create a great atmosphere that makes you feel at home.
  • High-Quality Coffee and Food: We pick and choose the best coffee beans available in the market to ensure all beverages on our menu are of the highest quality, and can be perfectly paired with a side of your choice. We leave it up to you to decide whether you wish to sit and enjoy your meal or grab-and-go.
  • Convenience: We placed a lot of emphasis on selecting a location that is accessible for both current and potential consumers. As a result, we have chosen a location that is convenient and handy for all working adults, college students, and coffee enthusiasts. In addition, you can stop by whenever you like for a lunch or a rest.
  • In-store offers: We run discounts and promotions all year round to ensure our loyal customers feel appreciated and valued.

Menu at PSB Café

PSB Café: New Mississauga Coffeehouse offerings:


PSB Café is popularly known for its famous White Chocolate Mocha, Hazelnut Latte, and the Turkey, Ham and Cheese Gourmet Sandwich.

The menu at PSB Café keeps changing with limited-edition menu items and other seasonal drinks and food menu items during holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving and many more!

Mind, Body, and Soul at PSB Café

Mind: PSB Café offers a calming environment to enjoy a preferred beverage and ambient music. For some peace of mind is engaging in conversations and catching up with family and friends while, others feel motivated and focused to complete their work in a calm environment.

Body: We aim to ensure your body feels as relaxed as your mind by providing customers who are sitting in the café for a couple hours with comfortable seating options. This is proven to help them reduce the strain on their body. Many customers at the café tend to take a walk around and/or stretch to eliminate stiffness and improve blood circulation.

Soul: The relaxing and calming environment at PSB Café allows customers enough and more time for reflection and contemplation. Many customers observe that reflecting on their thoughts and emotions at PSB Café is extremely beneficial for the soul.

PSB Cafe Environment

Now the wait to find the perfect spot for coffee is over! Head over to PSB Café today and tag us at @PSBCafeMississauga and let us know about your experience. Follow us on our social channels mentioned below for more details about limited-edition menu items, in-store promotions and stay tuned for other details.

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Exquisite Customized Coffee in Mississauga

Well-crafted coffee

 Customization is the name of the game in the world of well-crafted coffee. PSB cafe is the one of the best cafe which offers exquisite customized coffee in MississaugaEven when they get served a coffee menu over the bar, more than half of them personalize it with magnificent flavours. Likewise, when it comes to mixing in cream and/or sweetener, they choose to do it personally rather than have a foodservice provider do it for them. Six out of ten coffee drinkers prefer their exquisite customized coffee in Mississauga. Creamers are the most preferred way to offer coffee taste, followed by flavored beans and, lastly, flavour syrups. Creamer’s appeal may be fueled by its capacity to influence more than one aspect of coffee; depending on the creamer type, it may vary the texture, taste, and sweetness all on its own.

Exquisite customized coffee

What will you get at the PSB café?

At our PSB café, we recognize that everyone’s coffee preferences are different. Some individuals love their coffee to be strong and powerful, while others prefer it to be sweet and light. That is why we provide a wide range of alternatives for you to select from, allowing you to make the perfect cup of coffee to suit your tastes.

How it works is as follows: initially, you select your coffee foundation. We provide a wide selection of exquisite, high-quality, freshly brewed coffee beans from all around the world , including light, medium, and dark roasts. To get the right degree of strength and taste, you may also use alternative brewing techniques, such as drip coffee or French press.

Following that, you may customize your coffee by adding milk or cream, sugars, and flavours. We provide a variety of dairy and non-dairy milk alternatives, including almond, oat, soy, and coconut milk, so you can make the perfect vegan coffee or latte. To add exactly the appropriate amount of sweetness to your drink, you may also pick from a choice of sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and syrups such as vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut.

Wonderful coffee

Exquisite customized coffee flavours

If you’re feeling daring, you may amp up the flavour with our assortment of toppings and add-ins. Whether you like a sprinkling of cinnamon, a dash of cocoa powder, or some whipped cream on top, our café has you covered.

In our PSB café, we believe that everyone deserves the ideal cup of coffee, which is why we provide a totally exquisite customized experience. We have everything you need to make the ideal cup of coffee, whether it’s a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon treat, or a warm and comforting beverage on a chilly winter day.

So come see us and enjoy the thrill of making your own unique coffee. Our friendly baristas are always available to give advice and instruction so you can make the ideal cup of coffee any time. We cannot wait to see you!


Customized coffee is an excellent way to enjoy your morning coffee.  Creating your own exquisite customized  coffee may be enjoyable and gratifying since it allows you to experiment with different flavours and ingredients to find the right mix for your taste. PSB cafe can deliver you best exquisite customized coffee in Mississauga. 

Get your exquisite customized coffee!

You are just one sign up away. We will send you a form on your email id to get your coffee preference and your pickup schedule so that you don’t have to repeat your preference to us. You will just need to provide you email id to get your coffee.