Our Organic Single Origin Coffee Mississauga Love Affair

Let’s face it, fellow Mississauga coffee enthusiasts: our coffee obsession is real. It’s the liquid hug for our brain, the magic potion that gets us through dreary Monday mornings, and the ultimate conversation starter. PSB Café, right in our beloved Mississauga, is taking this coffee love to a whole new level. Every cup has a story, every sip is sustainable, and every bean showcases dedication. Our organic single origin coffee Mississauga love affair means PSB Café is redefining the coffee experience with our commitment to social and environmental sustainability through partnerships with small local and global farmers. Above all, this commitment to local and single origin sourcing means there is sustainability in every sip, contributing to a global story of positive impact which ensures your love of coffee aligns with your love for the planet.

Digging into the Hype of Organic Single Origin Coffee

Before we dive deep into the PSB magic, let’s unravel the mystery behind “organic single origin coffee”. Firstly, in the simplest terms, single origin means the beans come from one specific place. This could be a single farm, a particular region in a country, or sometimes even a specific part of a farm. At PSB, we pride ourselves on our sourcing of unique Colombian beans. What does this mean for you? An unmatched, unique flavour coupled with a journey right to its origin.

Now, make it organic. Imagine these beans grown without synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides, or GMOs. It’s pure, it’s clean, and it’s Earth-friendly. That’s the heart of organic single origin coffee. 

In today’s age of mass production, the connection between product and origin often gets lost. So, PSB Café is changing that narrative. With a commitment to transparency, your coffee stops being just a morning ritual. Specifically, it transforms into a narrative. A narrative of the hard-working farmer who nurtures the beans in Colombia to the dedicated hands that craft your perfect cup in Mississauga. in this case it’s a global story of positive impact.

PSB Café’s Organic Single Origin Coffee Mississauga Charm

Okay, okay. Mississauga’s got a bunch of coffee joints. So, what makes PSB Café undeniably stand out? To list just a few of the reasons:

Firstly, PSB isn’t just about serving coffee; it’s about building relationships. Partnering with local farms means we can get the freshest ingredients for your coffee additives and pastry essentials, and you get to support our local economy. 

Secondly, PSB doesn’t just stop at our city’s borders—it spreads its wings globally, sourcing beans through sustainable partnerships with small-scale producers in Colombia. This means while you’re cozying up in Mississauga with your cup, you’re also connecting to a farmer thousands of miles away.

By committing to local and single origin sourcing, PSB ensures that the coffee you adore also adores the planet. For this reason every cup you buy is a step towards a more sustainable world. 

Organic single origin coffee farmer

Sustainability in Every Sip

“Sustainability in every sip” isn’t just a catchy slogan. PSB Café takes it seriously. Sustainability, in this context, goes beyond eco-friendly practices. In effect, it’s about creating a sustainable ecosystem for coffee production that benefits everyone involved.

By prioritizing fair trade practices, PSB Café is minimizing the environmental impact of coffee cultivation. Farmers treated fairly are more likely to adopt sustainable farming methods, as they have the resources to invest in environmentally friendly practices. This, in turn, contributes to preserving biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation in coffee-growing regions. By sticking to fair trade, we’re not just thinking about the environment; we’re making sure every farmer involved gets a fair shake. Therefore it’s a win-win for the planet and your taste buds.

Organic single origin coffee Mississauga supply chain

Moreover, the sustainability ethos extends to the packaging and presentation of every cup. PSB Café takes pride in using eco-friendly materials, from biodegradable cups to recycled napkins. This attention to detail ensures that the sustainability journey initiated at the source continues seamlessly through every stage, from the farm to your hands!

Join the Movement, One Cup at a Time

Let’s be real—coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a little daily joy. And at PSB, we get that. Choosing PSB isn’t just about getting your caffeine fix; it’s about supporting a place that cares about doing things right. It’s about aligning your love for coffee with a love for the planet. By choosing us, you’re choosing more than just coffee. Basically, you’re choosing community, sustainability, and a commitment that extends beyond borders.

Organic single origin coffee Mississauga community

Stay Connected with Us!

Click the icons to follow us on social media and dive into the world of PSB Café. Discover how every cup tells a tale, every bean has a history, and every sip is a promise to our planet by joining our online community. 

Cheers to brewing not just coffee but also a better world!

Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee in Eglinton


Introducing Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee at Eglinton, Mississauga!

Indulge in the rich and aromatic world of Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee at Eglinton. Elevate your coffee experience with a delightful selection of authentic Vietnamese brews, right in the heart of Eglinton Mississauga.


Hanoi Bold Brew (Cà Phê Đen, pronounced as Ka-fay Den)

  • If you love coffee, get ready for a journey of delicious flavors with our delicious Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee. We at PSB Cafe are proud to bring you the best of Vietnamese coffee culture. Explore our carefully made Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee, each with its own special blend and charm. Let’s explore the world of Vietnam Gourmet Coffee and find out the magic behind every cup. You can now try Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee at Eglinton Mississauga
  • 2 Calories
black coffee at PSB Cafe in eglington
iced coffee served on a table at the psb cafe

Saigon Sweet Chill (Cà Phê Sữa Đá, pronounced as Ka-fay Swa Dah)

  • Saigon Sweet Chill is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s a combination of rich brewed coffee and rich, creamy, sweet condensed milk, all topped off with a generous scoop of ice. The perfect way to cool off in the heat.
  • 120-150 calories

Golden Cloud Coffee (Cà Phê Trứng, pronounced as Ka-fay Trung)

  • The Golden Cloud Coffee is a unique blend of rich, velvety egg yolks and rich, sweet condensed milk. It’s the perfect balance of rich, creamy egg yolk and rich, creamy condensed milk. Golden Cloud Coffee is rich, creamy, and rich, and it’s topped with a rich, meringue-style foam that’s both indulgent and unique. It is now available at Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee at Eglinton Mississauga
  • 150-200 calorie
vietnamese egg coffee served at PSB Cafe


PSB Cafe, based out of Mississauga, is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a haven for coffee lovers, a place where great coffee meets a warm and inviting atmosphere. Established with the passion for delivering exceptional coffee experiences, our cafe has become a local favourite.

Our specialty, Vietnamese coffee, is a gem in the world of coffee. With its unique brewing methods and rich flavors, it’s a treat for the taste buds. At PSB Cafe, we take pride in crafting the perfect cup of Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee that brings the flavors of Vietnam to Mississauga.

Conveniently located in Mississauga, PSB Cafe is easily accessible for both residents and visitors. Our presence in this vibrant city has allowed us to create a welcoming space where people can relax, socialize, or simply enjoy a cup of their favourite coffee. 

PSB Cafe offers a warm and inviting ambiance with cozy seating, Vietnamese-inspired decor, and a community-focused environment that encourages relaxation, socialization, and cultural immersion.

Our cafe offers a warm and inviting ambiance with cozy seating, Vietnamese-inspired decor, and a community-focused environment that encourages relaxation, socialization, and cultural immersion. Our friendly and experienced staff, including certified baristas, ensures that you receive not only a great cup of coffee but also expert guidance on coffee choices and brewing techniques. We’re here to make your visit enjoyable and informative.


PSB Cafe is committed to reducing waste at every level of our operations. From sourcing to serving, we make sure that there is minimal wastage. Our efficient processes and responsible sourcing practices allow us to minimize waste and make the most of our valuable resources.

Our goal is to not only serve you the finest Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee but to do so with a conscience. We believe that by making sustainable choices, we can contribute to a better future for our planet and the people who make our coffee possible.

So, when you enjoy a cup of coffee at PSB Cafe, you’re not just savoring a delightful brew; you’re also supporting sustainability and ethical practices that benefit both the environment and the communities that we hold dear.


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Reach out to us at: 905-809-6699
Email – hello@psbcafe.com

psb cafe logo

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Welcome to Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

Welcome to our quaint Mississauga coffee shop, where we take great pride in providing a distinctive and reasonably priced Cappuccino Excellence experience. Our talented baristas create harmonious blends of flavor, fragrance, and texture in each cup, demonstrating their mastery of the coffee art form.

But the whole experience is more important than simply the coffee. The smell of freshly roasted coffee, the gentle murmur of conversation, and our friendly staff all work together to create a peaceful, friendly haven.



Our core values are rooted in the belief that superior coffee should be accessible to all. In order to accomplish this goal, we meticulously choose the finest beans, roast them with precision, and harness cutting-edge technology to maintain the utmost quality, all the while keeping our products affordable. Furthermore, our commitment to providing exceptional coffee is apparent in our diverse menu, offering a variety of mouthwatering pastries, lattes, and mochas.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

Crafting Coffee Excellence at Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

Our café aggressively acknowledges that coffee’s varied qualities are what really make it what it is. Our objective is to consistently make the perfect cup. The baristas at our establishment are experts in their field; they meticulously choose only the best beans, roast them to perfection, and expertly make every cup to leave your palate delighted with a harmonious blend of tastes.

In addition, our café offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that draws in both new and returning customers. Apart from our delicious cuisine, we also actively foster a conversational, storytelling, and creative atmosphere in addition to offering a warm welcome. Join us as we venture into the fascinating world of coffee, where you’ll learn that it’s more than simply a drink—rather, it’s an amazing experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

More Than Just Your Typical Premium Coffee

We Offer A Symphony of Flavours. With every taste of our coffee, you’re invited to explore the complex and delightful world of coffee—from the robust, flavorful espresso to the smooth, luxurious lattes.

Affordable Luxury 
We truly think that exceptional quality shouldn’t have to cost a hefty price. It’s worth noting that both cost and quality are entirely achievable. We just make one simple promise: savor the elegance of finely produced, handcrafted coffee without breaking the bank. We’re redefining what it means to be indulgent at an accessible price, and we want you to enjoy the finest without going over your budget.

Consider us to be Your Daily Retreat: Come here to escape the bustle of the outside world and relax with a hot cup of coffee. We prioritize your daily routine by considering cost-effectiveness in our pricing.


Signature Drinks at PSB CAFE: A Flavorful Experience.

Click the image

1. Original Espresso – Expertly Crafted for Connoisseurs:

With our Classic Espresso, lose yourself in the art of fine handcrafting. This is a tribute to quality and simplicity—a clean, unedited shot of coffee. Indulge in this handcrafted classic, and do so without breaking the budget. The unparalleled thick crema and rich, robust flavor, masterfully produced by our trained baristas, make it a truly exceptional choice. What’s more, thanks to our unwavering commitment to affordability, this delightful coffee remains accessible to all. For coffee aficionados who genuinely value the art of espresso, it’s a robust and genuine experience.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

2. Iced Coffee Pleasure :

Our Iced Coffee Delight is your cool, affordable haven amid the sweltering sun. Skilled hands expertly prepare it, delivering a refreshing, cooling sensation perfect for hot days. Crafted with precision and knowledge, it blends the depth of coffee with the refreshing embrace of a wonderful summer dessert. Designed to keep you cool without breaking the bank, it’s a guilt-free trip into the world of fine coffee

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

3. Mocha Magic: The Delightful and Affordable Fusion

When it comes to a delicious and affordable blend, our Mocha Magic is the best in the world of Mississauga’s Cappuccino Excellence. This masterfully constructed work of art skillfully combines the delicious sweetness of chocolate with the deep, nuanced flavors of coffee. Furthermore, this wonderful blend creates a balanced, harmonic experience that satisfies your sweet need without breaking the bank. Expertly crafted by our espresso baristas, it is proof of our steadfast dedication to delivering every cup with outstanding quality.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

4. Caramel Cream Dream – Luscious and Handcrafted Sweetness

The Caramel Cream Dream is a decadent, reasonably priced treat that uses handcrafting to bring sweetness to life. A delightful delicacy is created by carefully balancing indulgence and affordability with the proper combination of caramel, cream, and coffee. Additionally, this delectable creation also gratifies the taste buds. Made with care and precision by our talented baristas, it represents our dedication to quality. For individuals who value the artistry of a handmade, sweet coffee experience, this is the ideal option.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

 5. Vanilla Velvet: An Orchestra of Affordably Elegant Style

The pinnacle of our dedication to both affordability and quality is Vanilla Velvet. This classic drink, expertly mixed by our baristas, combines a selection of coffee beans with the calming flavors of vanilla. For those who enjoy coffee and want a short, velvety treat, it provides a cozy, reasonably-priced haven. Come enjoy this wonderful, budget-friendly experience that enhances your coffee times.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

6. Hazelnut Heaven: A Nutty Symphony of Budget-Friendly Bliss

Hazelnut Heaven is a secret gem that’s tucked somewhere amid the delicious blend of nutty flavors that characterizes Mississauga’s Cappuccino Excellence. And we can sell it for a fair price because of our careful handiwork. In addition, our knowledgeable baristas take great care in crafting this masterpiece, paying close attention to the fine art of handcrafted quality, and considerately accommodating your budget and sensory preferences.

Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga

Promotional Deals

As a warm welcome to both new and existing clients, join us and take advantage of alluring discounts and special promotions. Our bargains range from buy one, get one free offer to percentage reductions. Stay updated about these one-time chances by subscribing to our newsletter, social media accounts, and website. That’s how we express our gratitude for your help. Come see us now for quality and further discounts.

Cultivating Community Connections

Beyond our everyday coffee delights, Cold Brew Cafes serves as a hub for community engagement. Throughout the year, we curate a rich tapestry of events, from coffee tastings and latte art workshops to vibrant live music nights and open mic sessions. Our cafe is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a place where friendships are brewed, creativity flows, and unforgettable memories are crafted.


Let our baristas create the ideal coffee just for you when you visit us today. Discover the exceptional quality-price ratio that’s shaking the coffee industry.

We invite you to get in touch with us or remain in touch via the following information, which includes our active social media presence:

Give Us a Call: (905) 809-6699

Send an Email to Us: Contact us by email at hello@psbcafe.com. We are always available to answer your questions.

Connect on Social Media: Join us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER for the latest news, exclusive offers, and your daily dose of coffee inspiration. We look forward to engaging with you online and welcoming you to our warm cafe.

Google Reviews: Embark on a journey of Cappuccino Excellence in Mississauga through Google Reviews. Your opinions drive our motivation.




Alluring Innovative Coffee Mississauga

PSB Cafe -
Introducing New Looks
and Alluring Innovative Coffee!

PSB Cafe reopening on October 31st, 2023, and will be offering alluring innovative coffee, store address 123 Confederation Pkwy, Mississauga

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve given PSB Café a complete makeover, and we’ve furnished and revamped it. We’re all set to welcome you back and offer a variety of alluring and innovative coffee in Mississauga!

In order to provide you with the best in-store experience, we redesigned the store and are offering innovative fruit-infused coffee series. We can’t wait to show you our fresh look and the exciting new menu we have. Join us for the grand reopening and rediscover PSB Cafe in a new light!

PSB cafe in Mississauga
PSB cafe in Mississauga
PSB cafe in Mississauga that offers alluring innovative coffee

Our Captivating Seating Area

We’re delighted to introduce the newest addition to our store, a seating area designed to elevate your coffee experience! Therefore, with modern designs and ample natural light, this space is perfect for savouring our specialty brews. Additionally, you can capture your unforgettable moments with us. Whether you’re seeking a backdrop for your coffee snapshots or an aesthetic setting while you catch up with friends, together with our new seating area which provides you with both comfort and social enjoyment.

So, join us today, to relax, and make memories as you enjoy your favourite coffees in this calming setting. We eagerly anticipate seeing your photos and sharing them in your coffee shop stories!

seating area of PSB cafe in Mississauga that offers alluring innovative coffee
bar seating area of PSB cafe in Mississauga that offers alluring innovative coffee
alluring innovative coffee offered at PSB Cafe Mississauga
ordering cashier space at PSB cafe


The Innovative Alluring Fruit Coffee in Mississauga

Our newest fruit coffee series is a delightful fusion of two worlds – the aromatic goodness of coffee and the vibrant, natural sweetness of fresh fruits. Each brew in this series is carefully crafted, promising a burst of fruity flavours with every sip. Thus, our fruit-infused coffees contains the citrusy taste from oranges to the succulent juiciness of ripe berries to celebrate the taste and aroma

alluring innovative coffee offered at PSB Cafe Mississauga
alluring innovative coffee from PSB Cafe Mississauga

With our newest fruit coffee line, you can enjoy the tanginess of hand-pressed oranges while sipping on a mellow Americano or enjoy a latte enriched with the essence of blueberries. However, these are just a part of what we have to offer you on our new menu. So visit us in-store today to discover more of what we offer!

🍊Orange VC Americano - Rich Flavours to Lighten the Taste

Orange Americano offered at PSB Cafe

Indulge in the vibrant sensation of our Orange VC Americano coffee. With this innovative brew, we’ve created a twist on the classic Americano, combining the richness of espresso with the natural essence of oranges. Most importantly, you’ll experience a unique fusion of coffee flavours and natural orange juice with each sip. Moreover, each cup of our Orange VC Americano includes freshly pressed juice from a whole orange, fulfilling your daily Vitamin C intake.

🫐The Blueberry Latte - Alluring, Innovative Coffee only in Mississauga

alluring innovative coffee offered at PSB Cafe Mississauga

Indulge in the natural flavour of our Blueberry Latte. With each sip, you’ll not only enjoy but also savour the harmony of freshly roasted coffee beans and the delightful fusion of blueberries. The innate sweetness of ripe blueberries beautifully transforms this latte into a genuinely special treat for your senses. Furthermore, it’s a truly unique and refreshing addition to our coffee lineup, meticulously crafted to bring the best of nature to your coffee cup.

Unveiling Our AllureBrew Program

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new membership program, particularly designed to thank our loyal enthusiasts in our community. After all, at PSB Cafe, we believe in rewarding your passion for great coffee. Therefore, we’re launching our AllureBrew program. As a member, you’ll unlock exclusive discounts on your favourite brews coupled with a points system that rewards you with every visit. For each cup you enjoy, you’ll earn points, which you can redeem for more alluring, innovative coffee in Mississauga and special surprises. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of our coffee-loving community. So, click below to sign up and join the AllureBrew program today!

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The Strongest Colombian coffee in Mississauga

PSB:The Cafe that is here to stay

The strongest  Colombian coffee in Mississauga is back but please do  not call it a comeback because we have been here for a year. 

 Let us reintroduce you to the new and improved PSB Cafe. Our cafe is the ultimate destination where you can get work done while sipping on one of our signature coffee throughout the day, then check your profession at the door after 6 pm and enjoy one of our highly touted Espresso martini’s for social hours. 

We have rebranded the menu and curated a select number of high quality items that guarantee the strongest Colombian coffee in Mississauga offering consistent flavours 10/10 times.

We look forward to seeing you soon so you can enjoy our specialized products made by our specialized baristas.

Social Coffee lovers adore our strong Colombian blend

Socializers enjoying the famous Iced lattes infused with the strongest Colombians blends in Mississauga

In the overly saturated  and fad driven coffee business we live in today,PSB has positioned itself by simultaneously offering strong Colombian coffee blends that guarantee high quality in our products while also creating a setting where social customers can come after work and take load off with our coffee infused cocktail drinks.

The strongest Colombian coffee in Missisauga

Our PSB cafe located in Mississauga by Confederation Parkway guarantees its customers,  The strongest Colombian coffee in Mississauga  By using the unique Colombian Arabica coffee beans, PSB ensures the quality and kick our customers needs from any of our signature coffee options.

Real Quality is Priceless

Our customers value quality and authentic ingredients. There is nothing worse than ordering a coffee and it tastes bland. Here at PSB Cafe we are committed to guaranteeing high quality and consistent coffee drinks 

One of a kind Colombian sourced Coffee Drinks at PSB Cafe

PSB offers signature coffee beverages that are made using authentically sourced Colombian Arabica coffee beans. Our high trained baristas use these blends to create and guarantee a very high level of quality for our coffee drinks, that will give you the boost you need. Check out our drinks menu below!

PSB Coffee Drinks Menu

Strongest Colomobian coffee making process

Colombia benefits from producing quality coffee year round. The harvest benefits from being surrounded by a diverse land and bio range. The quality of the coffee bean PSB uses for its products is superior to its competitors due to its advantage of hands on care in Colombia ensuring top quality control for the coffee blends.

These coffee beans combined with our highly trained and knowledgable baristas, create a very strong and smooth tasting coffee that will have you coming back multiple times a day for. 

High quality Colombian coffee bean harvest


We at PSB Cafe absolutely love and encourage any feedback our customers have.

Check out some recent reviews from our soft opening last week.

Recent Customer Reviews

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have on hours of operation , products, events and anything else using the links below.

One of our enthusiastic employees would be glad to assist you.

Email: PSB@Gmail.com

International Coffee Connoisseurs Cafe Mississauga | Now Open!


Savour the World in Every Sip

Finally, the wait is over as we are proud to announce the grand reopening of PSB Café, an international coffee connoisseurs cafe in Mississauga. Previously, we operated as a small local shop; however, we have since rebranded to expand our offerings and bolster our aesthetic. Due to these changes, we have modified our menu to bring new and exciting choices to our customers.

So please join us for an array of exotic flavours from across the globe and enjoy spectacular service from our certified baristas. In addition to our delicious new drink specials, we now offer an exclusive Coffee of the Month Club to spark your passion for international coffee at home!

Subscription button for the international coffee connoisseurs cafe club.

The PSB Café Connection

Firstly, here at PSB Café we love to encourage our customers to bond with a community of like-minded international coffee connoisseurs who can share experiences that spark their passion as a citizen of the world. Furthermore, our culturally inclusive cafe atmosphere offers coffee connoisseurs a wide variety of international flavours to enjoy with their favourite friends and relatives. Additionally, PSB Café brings people together over delicious coffees, teas, and lattes, therefore connecting you as you savour a world of flavour in every sip. We take great pride in our work, especially in the quality of our international flavour blends.

International Coffee Connoisseurs Will Love This Local Gem in Mississauga

Presently, our flagship location is in central Mississauga near Square One Shopping Centre on Confederation Parkway. As a matter of fact, our well-established café is known to local coffee connoisseurs of all backgrounds, and as such, boasts an array of delectable international flavours from around the world. Another reason why locals love us is because all of our baristas are certified in the art of specialty coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association. As a result, they bring their expertise to every hand-crafted beverage to create an unforgettable experience. In addition to our baristas, our culturally inclusive atmosphere brings like-minded international coffee connoisseurs together to share memorable experiences and thus, spark passion in all they do.

Video by Kelly: https://www.pexels.com/video/a-person-making-a-coffee-art-6769802/

Spark Your Passion with the Flavour of International Coffee

Undeniably, the PSB Café inspires joy and sparks passion with a world of international flavours. Therefore, we designed our menu to bring culturally inclusive items from across the globe to right to you. While you visit, choose from a wide variety of drinks and snack from various countries. You can ask our trained baristas for recommendations or, alternatively, explore unique combinations of your own choosing. Be sure to savour the world in every sip and share in the bold flavours of our international blends because this will reconnect you with those you love and ignite your spark.

An international coffee connoisseurs cafe in Mississauga ad featuring a collage of photos depicting a couple holding hands at a cafe, a cup of coffee surrounded by autumn leaves, and a woman sipping coffee behind a cafe window.
Every international coffee connoisseur falls in love with the PSB Cafe. Photo by Marina Abrosimova: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-loving-couple-holding-hands-in-cafe-6569510/ Photo by igra: https://www.pexels.com/photo/coffee-and-autumn-leaves-12176675/ Photo by Los Muertos Crew: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-woman-drinking-coffee-7487523/

Delicious International Coffees at PSB Cafe

PSB Café is proud to offer a selection of delectable flavours from across the globe. In fact, international coffee connoisseurs delight in our coffee blends and enjoy learning first-hand from certified baristas about the provenance of each brew.

Bringing you high-quality international flavour, try one of these delicious drinks:

  • Egg Coffee from Vietnam
    A strong, delicately sweet, and creamy coffee with rich, dessert-like qualities.
  • Türk Kahvesi from Turkey
    A dark, slightly bitter dessert coffee with aromatic spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.
  • Espresso Romano from Italy
    A beautiful shot of strong espresso married with a refreshing twist of bright lemon flavour.
  • Spiced Coffee from Morocco
    A warm and cozy dark coffee featuring nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and other spices.
  • South Indian Filter Coffee from India
    A frothy and bold coffee with notes of chicory brewed with traditional methods.
  • Yuanyang from Malaysia & Hong Kong
    A delectable blend of strong coffee and black milk tea infused with notes of chocolate.
  • Café de Olla from Mexico
    A pot-brewed coffee featuring sweet notes of molasses and cinnamon with hints of orange and anise.

As seen below, we also offer an range of classic cafe snacks that are baked fresh each day.

Check out our full menu for a list of available treats and seasonal specials.
A banner depicting baked goods sold at PSB Cafe: An international coffee connoisseurs cafe in Mississauga.
Enjoy an assortment of fresh-baked goods with your coffee at our international coffee connoisseurs cafe in Mississauga. Photo by Rachel Claire: https://www.pexels.com/photo/tasty-sweet-cakes-with-carrot-banana-and-blueberry-5490828/

Mississauga Coffee Connoisseurs Rejoice

The international coffee connoisseur cafe community had some amazing things to say about PSB.
Check out these reviews left by some of our guests on opening weekend!

A banner depicting reviews from customers of a cafe.

Calling All Coffee Connoisseurs: Join the Club!

Are you a true coffee connoisseur? Do you enjoy international flavours? Want to explore the globe from the comfort of your own kitchen? Do we have something you will love!

Well, PSB Café is excited to offer you exclusive monthly flavours through our Coffee of the Month Club! For just $19.99, you will receive a subscription box stocked with goodies to enjoy including our featured global blend and, subsequently, gain essential knowledge of cultural traditions from around the world.

Included in your kit are the following:

  • A bag of our exclusive monthly coffee bean flavour.
  • A recipe card featuring an outline of the blend’s provenance and brewing instructions.
  • Access to our online platform with virtual tasting sessions hosted by our baristas.
  • A digital voucher for a discount off your next PSB Café purchase.

Additionally, this service will allow you to connect with other local coffee enthusiasts.
So, subscribe for yourself or, alternatively, order a subscription for a friend or relative.

Click the link below to sign up for our exclusive international coffee connoisseur community and
spark your passion as a citizen of the world through bold flavours and rich history!

A promotional banner for a monthly coffee subscription service sold by an international coffee connoisseurs cafe in Mississauga.
For just $19.99 you can sign up for the Coffee of the Month Club!* Photo by interwebly io: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cup-with-coffee-11264120/ Photo by Monstera Production: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-person-adjusting-coffee-beans-in-form-of-world-map-7411983/

The Only International Coffee Connoisseurs Cafe in Mississauga

PSB Café boasts a culturally inclusive atmosphere where international coffee connoisseurs can connect over delicious flavours and spark passion for the everyday. Thusly, you can find your community at PSB Café; your one-stop-shop for bold blends, rich history, and personal connection.

High-quality, authentic international flavours await. So, stop on by to order a fresh cup of coffee, delve into the culture and tradition of each unique flavour, and find your spark at our international coffee connoisseurs cafe in Mississauga.

Video by RDNE Stock project: https://www.pexels.com/video/friends-hanging-out-at-a-coffee-house-4919568/

Questions? We are Happy to Help!

Have questions about our store, products, or prices? Simply reach out via the information below and a customer service representative will be pleased to serve you.

By Phone: (905) PSB – CAFE | (905) 772 – 2233
By Email: psbcafe@gmail.com

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Superfood Bowl and Specialty Coffee in Mississauga

Introducing Superfood Bowl and Specialty Coffee Combos in Mississauga

Experience the ideal harmony of wellness and pleasure with our three meticulously curated pairings of superfood bowl and specialty coffee in Mississauga. Our nourishing and invigorating combos accommodate various preferences and tantalize discerning tastebuds. These scrumptious and nourishing meals are sure to energize and delight you. Besides, They’re ideal options for those busy days when you need wholesome, appetizing choices. Enjoy the convenience they provide to empower both your body and mind.

A Perfect Blend of Superfood Bowl and Speciality Coffee for You in Mississauga


Luxurious Omega-3 Rich Superfood Bowl & Specialty Coffee in Mississauga – Avocado Iced Coffee & Salmon Avocado Bowl 

Indulge in the lavish experience of our Avocado Iced Coffee and Salmon Avocado Bowl combo. Rich in omega-3 fatty and vitamins, this superfood bowl and specialty coffee paring is perfect for food connoisseurs in Mississauga. 

Moreover, the bold and earthy undertone of Indonesian coffee blends seamlessly with the buttery taste of avocado, creating a distinctive iced coffee experience. Furthermore, The Salmon Avocado Bowl features succulent grilled salmon and creamy avocado slices. It’s a nutrient-rich and photogenic dish that supports heart health and enhanced brain function.

Almond Latte & Mixed-nuts Quinoa Bowl – Vegan-Friendly & Nutrient-Packed

Our Almond Latte and Mixed-nuts Quinoa Bowl combo presents a delightful fusion of flavours and textures. Therefore, it’s a must-try superfood bowl and specialty coffee set for Vegetarians in Mississauga, especially those who adore nutty notes.

The almond latte is crafted with Colombian coffee beans presenting a natural nutty flavour. The creamy almond milk and roasted almonds also add to its multidimensional. The Mixed-nuts Quinoa Bowl is made with an assortment of leafy greens, organic tomatoes and a variety of seeds. The mix of nuts in the bowl adds a satisfying crunchiness, while the seeds enhance the meal’s nutritional value. What’s more, it’s packed with plant-based protein and fibre, which will keep you energized throughout the day.

Cashew Cappuccino & Chicken Breast with Chickpeas Bowl – Low-Fat, High-Protein Indulgence

The flavorful and creamy cashew cappuccino uses high-quality Ethiopian coffee beans. In addition, its fruity notes and velvety creaminess balance out the bold mixture of exotic Indian spices in the chicken and chickpeas bowl. This enticing combination of flavours is specially tailored for individuals who desire stimulating tastes to excite their palate. Furthermore, this superfood bowl and specialty coffee duo offers a satisfying source of lean protein, making it an excellent choice for gym-goers in Mississauga. 

Easy Options for You to Enjoy Ultimate Healthy Indulgence with Our Selections of Superfood Bowl and Specialty Coffee in Mississauga

Ready to elevate your coffee and meal experience and discover the irresistible taste and health benefits of our superfood bowl and specialty coffee in Mississauga?

superfood bowl specialty coffee Mississauga

Choose from a variety of convenient options: pick up your order at our store, enjoy the convenience of our delivery services, or savour your meal in our cozy and inviting setting. Embrace a world of invigorating flavours and exceptional health benefits today with our tempting healthy bowl and premium coffee in Mississauga.

A Place for Inspiration and Healthy Living with Superbowl and Premium Coffee in Mississauga

PSB Café exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, adorned with natural colours and lush greenery that create a vibrant and refreshing vibe. The decor features wooden materials, blending vintage charm with a modern touch. The gentle yet dynamic jazz music sets a soothing tone. Our welcoming atmosphere is ideal for friends and family gatherings, casual business meetings, or simply taking a moment to unwind and enjoy some much-needed me-time for recharging. Immerse in a comforting escape, find inspiration and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Find Us and Savour Nutrient-rich Superbowl and Artisan Coffee Pairings in Mississauga

Address: Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, ON L5B 3J6

superfood bowl specialty coffee Mississauga

Phone number: +437 666 8888

Operation hours:  8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday)

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Finest Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

The sun is out in Canada(finally)! It is hence safe to say the best time of the year calls for the best drinks in town! If you are a fan of coffee like us, then you know the best way to beat the heat (apart from wearing LOTS of sunblock) is by sipping on a refreshing fruit-infused iced coffee. To get you started, we have curated a list of the finest fruit-infused specialty coffee in Confederation Parkway to grab on the go.

We do understand your love for your classic iced cappuccinos and lattes, however, we are here to get you experimenting. For starters, why choose the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary?

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Cold Coffee

Best Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

Added Hydration

It is crucial to spike up those fluid intakes during the summer and fruits are loaded with electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Hence, making them the perfect addition to your summer drink.

Double Down on Energy

Another great reason is the presence of natural sugars in fruits. These natural sugars combined with the caffeine in your drink can rapidly boost energy levels and improve alertness and mental performance.

Bag in Those Nutrients

Fruit-infused coffee may offer extra vitamins and minerals that can improve general health, depending on the fruit used. For instance, berries are high in fibre and antioxidants, while oranges are strong in vitamin C.

Protect Your Cells

When it comes to summer, an addition of fruits to your coffee will help keep the doctor away. The reason is, fruit-infused coffee can provide additional antioxidants from the fruit, which can help protect against cell damage and inflammation.

Spike Your Taste Pallet

Lastly, adding fruits like berries, citrus, or tropical fruits to cold coffee will add a unique and delicious flavour profile, making your morning cup of coffee all the more exciting.

Best Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

best fruit-infused specialty coffee

Cranberry Cold Brew

Being the crowd’s favourite, it is no doubt an interesting blend of espresso and cranberry juice leaves everyone with an “aha” moment. One of the healthiest fruits, cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Basically, this cold brew makes an ideal combination with a bowl of pasta or spaghetti due to its rich and vibrant flavours.

For this reason, treat yourself or your partner with this breathtaking combo at our cafe built using stress relieving plants to encompass you with serenity amidst your busy schedule.

Peach Cold Brew

We all have heard of peach iced tea, but have you gotten your hands on our peach cold brew coffee yet? We guarantee it tastes better. Brimming with a variety of nutrients, minerals, and health-promoting substances, this peach cold brew will do wonders for your skin! Talk about the cherry on top? or it is peaches?

Apricot Cold Brew

Similar to peaches, apricots frequently have a high fibre content and are quite advantageous for enhancing digestive health. They also promote bone growth, safeguard eye health, maintain the health of your muscles, and aid in immune system development. What’s better? They blend magnificently with Tanzanian coffee and Haitian coffee!

Strawberry Cold Brew

Strawberries contain flavonoids that can help to increase blood flow in the skin, and decrease its sensitivity to sunlight making it a gem for a refreshing cold brew. Evidently, this iced coffee will leave you hydrated with its high water content along with lowering your body temperature.

Mango Iced Latte

A fantastic alternative to your typical cup of coffee is to pair it with the mango, the king of fruits. Mangoes can strengthen your immune system and control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition to serving as a natural sweetener, mango adds a whole new level of exotic flavour to your iced coffee pallet.

Still not sure about mixing fruits with coffee? PSB Cafe is offering a free beverage on sign-up for its loyalty program. Grab the finest fruit-infused specialty coffee in Confederation Parkway today! To make sure you get that perfect cup of morning brew, our beverages are brewed by certified baristas.

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