Healthy and Premium Tea/Coffee Café in Mississauga

 Healthy Premium Café


The PSB café is not like your typical coffee shops where you expect to find a cheap, just ok, tasting coffee with a donut you know isn’t good for you. At the PSB café in Mississauga we offer premium tea/coffee with healthy snack options so that you never have to sacrifice taste and quality in order to support your healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it will be affordable and the café has an inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy your tea/coffee and healthy snack.


Premium coffee
Healthy and Premium Coffee/ Tea Café


Healthy Snack Options

Our customers are important to us and we want to support healthy lifestyles. Indeed sometimes with a coffee we want to enjoy a snack or have food options. We know it can be hard to stay healthy when all that is offered at a coffee shop are sugary donuts or high-carb items. Therefore, we designed a menu that offers healthy snack options to go along with your coffee. Don’t worry we didn’t forget about the taste and added items that tasted good. Since, we understand that healthy items don’t always taste the best we got you covered. Our café features protein balls, whole-grain sandwiches,  vegan friendly bars, oat cookies, and much more that we want you to come try. Sweet or savoury we got you!


Healthy Snack at Healthy and premium tea/coffee café in Mississauga


Premium and Healthy Tea/Coffee 

Bringing high quality coffee and tea to you is important to us. Therefore, with every cup you drink we want you to enjoy the taste. For many of us having a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or at a certain time in the day is a ritual. The reason you need coffee can change whether it is for a break or energy but you should never have to compromise on the taste. This is why we offer a selection of premium coffees and teas. Hot or cold we got you! Our menu has different types of coffees and teas that are all high quality. Our cafe is health conscious thus to support healthy lifestyles we offer a special line of organic coffees and teas as well.

Benefits of Organic Coffee:

  • Chemical Free
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Sustainable
  • Rich in Taste

Benefits of Organic Teas:

  • Boosts antioxidants
  • Improves immunity
  • Soothing Effects
  • Controls blood sugar levels



At the PSB café you’ll want to sit and enjoy your food and drinks because of how inviting the atmosphere is. Above all we have a space for everyone. The vibe described by customers is chic welcoming, and calming.

Perfect for:
  • Dates
  • Studying
  • Socializing
  • Me time
  • Energy
  • Relaxation



We know the value of money hence we assure you that we do everything in our power to deliver you with the best prices. It is hard to find quality, healthy, premium options at an affordable rate but we deliver. Not only is the menu priced fairly but we bring special offers all year round. We invite you to subscribe to our email newsletter. Upon subscribing you will receive an offer for a free healthy snack with the purchase of a coffee or tea.


Join Us

In conclusion, we invite you to visit us at in Mississauga so that we can offer you premium tea/coffee café with healthy snack options. You will never have to sacrifice taste and quality in order to support your healthy lifestyle.

Finally, to stay connected follow us on all our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here we will able to share the latest details, events, discounts, and offers we have for you.


Coffee bean cafe in Mississauga.

The best coffee bean Cafe in Mississauga is located right at the heart of the city for people who are always in the need of freshness as a result we work hard to give our visitors the best experience possible. PSB cafe is seen as a place where young people choose to socialize and have fun while enjoying a warm mug of coffee.

A soothing Coffee bean cafe in Mississauga to hang out.

Interaction Session

We at PSB conducted surveys about how can we make our place livelier and more interactive after hearing out all we decided to have weekday sessions such as networking session to build connections, Full quiet sessions for students and professionals who want to work or study in a minimal silent environment, reading sessions for all the book worms, games and jamming session for every age whereas during weekends there will be improv sessions and stand-up shows which is open to all. 

The best coffee beans cafe in Mississauga.

If you are probably wondering from where these beans are from which smells so fresh and aromatic in your Latte, Decaf, or in your Frappes, then you are at the right place to discover it. Let us tell you the journey behind of how these best coffee beans in Mississauga come from Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Hawaii are sorted, refined and served to you in the form of your desired beverage which makes you feel mesmerized with every sip.

PSB cafe in Mississauga takes a great pride in maintaining the quality and precision of selecting only those Coffee beans which are carefully checked by our in-house coffee connoisseur who with their expertise provide us the perfect roasted beans to choose which is then later grinded into fine powder which you definitely see us doing it every time because for us the end goal is always providing a nice cup of coffee from the bean to the cup. Each time.

Our Menu with main benefits.

We serve different types of coffee and provide beans and seasonal drinks with customized toppings according to the needs of the consumer. Decaf, Latte, Cappuccino, Flavoured Coffee, Frappes, and Hot Coco are some of the beverages we provide while providing them alternatives for milk such as Oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk.

Our eatery consists of bagels, sandwiches, croissants, poutine, salads, cream-filled donuts, lasagna, soups, veggie-style burgers, and baked delicacies. These all eateries are made fresh and with proper hygiene and nutritional information value. This gives us immense pleasure in serving you as our customer and helping you spend quality time.

Our New Mexican Veg Fajita wrap.

The new Mexican Veg Fajita wrap

The famous Mexican Veg Fajita wrap is the newest addition to our menu. It consists of grilled vegetables and potatoes, with a wheat-based tortilla wrap, which can be accompanied by sour cream or guacamole. It is one of the dishes fully loaded with nutrition that is required in our daily lives.

We are Vegan! Yes, you heard it right.

We are now the only Coffee bean cafe in Mississauga that promotes veganism with the recent changes throughout the world where people are open to following a vegan diet we as a cafe fully support the decision and as a result, we have customized our menu and let go of all the things which aren’t plant-based.

Find us on

We are now on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tiktok.

What’s New?

PSB Cafe is not in the competition to fight our competitors we are solely here to make people aware of how we are different from others and bring that little joy into your life and make you feel special.

By keeping this in mind we have introduced a PSB loyalty program where you as a consumer will receive points whenever you have any of the beverages or eateries from us and can later redeem those points to enjoy free meals.

So Sign Up! and get yourself registered for this exciting program.

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Nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga

Mississauga’s Exciting Vegan Plant based delicacies are here!

nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga

The Nutritious plant based vegan delicacies that we offer at PSB café in Mississauga ,will make you fall in love with our  Café.

We believe that healthy eating is not just about what you eat, but also how you feel. Our mission is to make eating vegan delicacies easy delicious and affordable for everyone at PSB café in Mississauga.

At PSB Café, we offer a wide range of vegan delicacies and are located in the heart of the city. We serve outstanding, delicious meal replacements made fresh each day for eat-in or ‘on-the-go’. In addition to showcasing how versatile, wholesome and nutritious vegan food  really is, our deeper aim is to motivate people to eat healthy. All of our our products are free from preservatives, dairy products and sugar

We work hard to provide you with a great selection of healthy vegan food and beverages at competitive prices.

We can’t wait to have you at our table.

Our healthy combo at PSB cafe


Some Insides

Vegans have a lot of options when it comes to getting their nutrition. From fruits and vegetables, to beans and nuts, there are so many ways to get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy on a vegan diet..

These meal replacements are made with ingredients like protein powder, vitamins, and minerals so that you can get what your body needs when you don’t have time or energy to eat a full meal.

Vegan shakes are an easy way to get your daily calories, protein, and nutrients without having to worry about what you’re eating. They are also great for people who have difficulty eating more than one meal a day due to their busy schedules or other reasons.  





Our café is a great place for people who wants a short break from their busy and stressful lifestyle. The ambience we provide here includes soothing ambient music which provides a necessary calm in our fast paced lifestyle for people who want to try healthy vegan delicacies in Mississauga.


Benefits of  eating  vegan delicacies

1 -Weight loss.

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s important to make sure you don’t consume too many calories at your meals, one way to do this is by starting with a salad before your meal, which will help you full faster and eat less. The rawer vegetables you can incorporate into your salad, the greater the potential positive effects will be. Salad veggies are a great source of water, which is a vital part of keeping our bodies hydrated. It helps keep skin looking youthful and is necessary for many basic bodily functions.

2-Healthy Heart

Heart health is important. We all know that. But did you know that a diet rich in folate and fiber can help keep your heart healthy?

Folate and fiber are two key nutrients that help to protect your heart muscle from damage, with folate also assisting in the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease. These two nutrients work together to provide you with the protection you need for a healthy heart.

3-Helps Fight Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, it is important to eat a healthy vegan-friendly diet. Consuming plant-based foods can help in boosting the production of good bacteria in the large intestine. It helps to decrease the inflammation in the joints of your hands and knees, etc. By consuming a healthy diet, you can also improve your overall health and well-being by reducing your risk of developing other diseases

Most selling offerings

Peanut Butter Vanilla Green Shake

Nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga


Our  classic combo Peanut butter and banana provides potassium, fiber, protein and vitamin C. The spinach adds an extra dose of vitamins A and C, plus folate and other minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium.

Chocolate Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie

 We’ve packed all the goodness of oats, almond butter, plant-based protein powder, and banana into one bar. We’ve also added cocoa to take it up a notch


To get more updates about our exciting offers and  new upcoming products, please sign up.




Custom-combo meals in Mississauga- Made Fresh

Custom-combo meals in Mississauga at PSB Cafe. When you have the choice to customize your combo, options are plenty. At PSB Café, every menu item – created fresh, served warm, and balanced perfectly so you could make the right decision. Custom and pair with any food or drink – recommends flavors combo based on ingredients, according to your preference, diet, saves money and time, and reduces food waste.

Nutritional value for Optimal well-being

Custom-combo meals in Mississauga

With various products ideal for the health conscious, you can enjoy your meal without compromising your health. All the while, we are focused to serve you to give specific energy consumption needs for any meal of the day. Now, your food and beverages will be even more tasty and flavorsome.

Get your Fresh Custom-combo meals in Mississauga!

Customize your balanced meal:

If there is a combo available, why there is a need for customization?  Many don’t prefer the idea of pre-combo meals. And above all, they might prefer something else within their combo or if it’s not available they eat with a heavy heart. Furthermore, the food that you want to eat should not be a punishment rather you have to eat to make you feel better and that is when you get to personalize your own food and drink.

The goal here is that you must feel satisfied with how much you feel better and fresh while choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Get started with Custom-combo meals in Mississauga!

Stir to perfection


Custom-combo meal in Mississauga

We are proud to say we have our own barista who is certified by Speciality Coffee Association. He is a well-known barista because his family owns a coffee bean business. Let’s just say they have superior produce of all coffee beans.  Berg Wu is an artist when it comes to making coffee. Unquestionably, he is the best at tampering with the coffee and never missed the balance of coffee, cream, and sugar. It will feel like a hug to your soul. As a matter of fact, the coffee is roasted to perfection. It is fresh, dark, velvety, and aromatic which gives you the mouthfeel satisfaction of drinking your first sip of our coffee. You can custom-combo your meals with the best coffee in town that hits the right notes of satisfaction.

Read more about our Premium Coffee!

Did you know our taste buds change every two weeks?

Custom-combo meal in Mississauga

Although this might be true, we want to ensure we serve only best for you. A little boost for Monday shenanigans right? Well, guess what? We introduce Bliss Bite Monday!


Meet the all-new secret drink prepared by Chef Reynold who is a creative genius to make amazing and mouthwatering dessert drinks and exotic desserts. Here is a little hint for our next secret menu drink! They smell like roses with thick, creamy foam on top and they will taste heavenly. Additionally, we give you one free baked good which will complement your dessert drink if you buy it.

Signature Food item:

Custom-combo meal in Mississauga Custom-combo meal in MississaugaOur Aubergine Lasagna is a top seller. All the ingredients are fresh and made from scratch daily. Our vegan lasagna will be an appreciation to all your senses. The Aubergine is sliced thin to perfection which is soaked in lemon butter and afterward, layered with two different sauces which are rich and creamy. Topped with vegan shredded cheese, baked in the oven for that crispy top layer of heaven is all you want to crave.

But hey, here’s a secret!

It’s even tastier than normal lasagna!

Click here how you can customize and pair with the best beverage



Our Story



PSB café was founded by indeed by a culinary chef who studied in culinary school. While he was a student, he was doing part-time at a café. Working in the kitchen made him realize that prepping meals and drinks was not authentic, not fresh, or not even bothered to course a balanced meal. He wanted to design a combo that any food or drink could go along with and focus on good nourishment, tasty food, and fulfillment.

Meet our Founder and Chef:

PSB Cafe - Custom combo

Tony Lam studied in a culinary school to build his own empire in the food industry. He worked tirelessly and worked hard on recipes and ingredients that could complement each other. So, when customers want to order, they can custom-combo meals however they desire. Subsequently, he wants to fulfill that once anyone comes to his restaurant, they should leave with fullness and peace of mind.


Need a Quick bite?

Our team has divided according to order and serve you quickly without any hassle or difficulty in your busy schedule.

Decide your first-ever custom-combo meals in Mississauga from our Menu

Menu Items:

Breakfast and Lunch
  1. Bagel sandwich
  2. Butter Croissant
  3. Blueberry Pancakes
  4. Raspberry compote almond butter toast
  5. Date plum
  6. Crepes with exotic fruits
  7. Cream filled donuts
  8. Poutine with a twist
  9. Salads and sides
  10. Mushroom soup
  11. Veggie style burger
  12. Oven baked Pizza
  13. Rice and Gravy
  14. Wraps
  15. Pasta
Brew StationCustom-combo meals in Mississauga
  1. Decaf
  2. Latter
  3. Cappuccinos
  4. Flavor-infused coffee (Aromatherapy)
  5. Frappes
  6. Matcha latte
  7. Chai Latte
Smoothie & MoctailsCustom-combo meals in Mississauga
  1. All in one berry smoothie
  2. Matcha Delight
  3. Strawberry Acai Smoothie
  4. Summer in a Smoothie
  5. Clean Green Smoothie
  6. Banana and Chocolate Smoothie




Dessert Barcustom-combo
  1. Hot cocoa (Seasonal drink with customized toppings)
  2. coconut pie tee Tartlette
  3. Chocolate Delight
  4. Lavender mousse, berry compote, and sponge with almond biscuit base
  5. Lotus biscoff cake
  6. Smores
  7. Macaroons





Some of our own famous Custom – combo meals in the menu

Matcha banana Pancake with Avocado and kiwi smoothiecustom-combocustom combo

The pancakes are made fluffy with a lovely hint of matcha and topped with sliced bananas enough to wake you up with a lot of energy, satisfaction, and fresh. The best part is when you drizzle with luscious maple syrup brings a colorful sensation to your mouth.

Pair with our famous green smoothie to stay healthy and feel good and lite.




Custom-combo meals in Mississauga

 Think crust veg Pizza and Peach lemonade mocktailCustom-combo meals in Mississauga

A thin-crust pizza is everyone’s favorite! We make our pizza in our brick oven which makes it soft, chewy, and crisp with a lot of fresh toppings and herbs to bring comfort to you.


Pair with our indeed Peach lemonade mocktail which will awaken your palate to indulge more!

Not interesting enough? Well, come and check out our cafe so you can custom-combo meals in Mississauga to get your first ever experience at our cafe.

Collect and claim rewards at every order and a 5% discount on your first order if you sign up for our Reward Program for exciting offers and discounts!


Custom combo





Authentic Coffee in Mississauga

Authentic coffee at PSB Cafe

Coffee is like a breath of fresh air on a Monday. Coffee is the medicine that keeps you from going to the doctor. Coffee evokes the coziness of a winter evening spent in front of the fireplace. But what if we told you that your coffee experience can be much more? PBS Café is a place where you can find authentic coffee in Mississauga from all over the world under one roof.


PBS Cafe provides a one-of-a-kind cafe environment with an authentic coffee experience unlike any other in Mississauga. We are not only a place to stop in for your morning cup of coffee but also a place to sit down and enjoy that authentic cup of coffee. If you need to study or hold a meeting, we have a seating area set aside for you. If you’re hanging out with your friends, there’s a comfortable gaming zone where you can chit-chat or play some board games. If you need to rest, we have a soft-seating area with a mini-library where you can choose a book to read with your coffee. We provide a delightful selection of authentic coffee as well as mouth-watering delicacies that pair perfectly with our coffee beverages.

Colour theme with ambiance



Canada represents multicultural diversity. The country is home to ethnic groups from all over the world, each with its own language, characteristics, and way of life. They, too, have different tastes, and to cater to all ethnic groups, we offer authentic coffee from various countries. Furthermore, we have local flavor beverages as well as delicacies that our certified baristas and bakers make for everyone to experience a taste of Canada.


Every culture has its own way of enjoying authentic coffee and PSB Cafe offers authentic coffee in Mississauga. Even though all types of coffee are made from coffee beans, the taste is determined by the brewing style of the coffee and the seeds used in them, which is what distinguishes them.
custom coffee

French Roast Coffee

French coffee is a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts. The said dark roasted coffee has quite a smoky sweet taste and a burnt taste, earning it the moniker “burnt coffee.”

Brazilian Coffee

Arabica and Robusta are the two kinds of Brazilian coffee beans. Arabica beans in general have a sweeter, softer flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, or slightly nutty notes. While they still make a strong cup of coffee, because of the softer flavors it’s usually on the sweet side. Robusta, on the other hand, has a more intense, nutty, and bitter flavor.

Vietnamese Coffee

The strong flavor of Vietnamese coffee is what sets it apart. Beans roasted for 15 minutes before filtration. They have more antioxidants and 60% less sugar and fat than arabica beans, making them a bolder and smoother brew. The usage of condensed milk instead of milk to sweeten the coffee is the most surprising part of Vietnamese coffee.

Australian Coffee

Lighter roasts bring out the taste that darker roasts lose during the roasting process, making coffee an art form in Australia. Instead of the acidic and bitter coffee produced by drip-brewing, Australian coffee has a stronger, less tangy taste with more noticeable caramel notes. It’s also naturally sweet, which is why they don’t require a lot of sugar to experience it.

Italian Coffee

Authentic Italian coffee drinks are what we call espresso shots in English. In fact, drip coffee as we know it does not exist in Italy. Created by the pressure of near-boiling water, an expresso shot contains more acid than drip coffee and has a thicker consistency.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee has a winey flavor and a bright mouthfeel. As the cherry fruit is intact with the coffee beans when dried, as they use natural filters. Thus, the cherry fruit is still intact to the coffee bean when it is dried. The coffee can be punchy and very sweet, evoking the flavors of fresh fruit salad. Cantaloupe, cherry, grape, lime, green apple, and even peach can be found in natural Ethiopian coffee. They have heavier bodies with a velvety mouthfeel or a syrupy, honey-like texture.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is made by combining finely ground coffee beans with water (and sometimes sugar) and heating the mixture to a frothy foaming stage just below boiling. Turkish coffee is traditionally brewed in a cezve pot. The flavor of the coffee is bold, but not in the way that western coffee is bold. The coffee is condensed, like espresso, and has a strong bittersweet flavor.


This winter try something new. After every fifth cup of coffee, PBS offers you a mystery cup of authentic coffee which certified baristas would make according to your preference. Sign up for the mystery coffee cup and receives a newsletter about various other offers of PBS Café.Sign up for our newsletter



Social handle of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe



Coffee and Books in Missisauga | PSB cafe

A well balanced life is cup of coffee in one hand and a book in other. Who wouldn’t prefer a combination of coffee and books for their me-time. PSB cafe has a comforting ambience where you can have your own work space, work meetings, hangout with friends and social gatherings.

Located in Missisauga, our cafe offers affordable freshly brewed coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, healthy snacks, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, muffins, donuts, brownies and cookies along with a wide variety of books for you to come and have an overall mesmerizing experience.


We promote socializing, our workshops and events help people make new friends and network with people who have similar interests. For instance, our weekly events conducted help people to network and also make business out of it. Soon as you enter you will see a room with great interior and the air filled with aroma to enhance your mood.

Coffee and Books

budget friendly café in Mississauga
Girl Studying at café with budget friendly coffee

What can be better than a coffee and a book on a relaxing day. You can bring your own book or choose from the variety of books available in the cafe. You can also exchange the collection of your books with the available ones by being a member of our cafe. This member card has exciting offers and makes the exchange process easier.

Weekly Social events and workshops on newly published books are conducted. For more details visit our cafe in Missisauga. Click here for directions or connect with us on facebook for updates.

Coffee and Work

Its a perfect ambience for you to work by yourself while enjoying your favorite coffee. Its an ideal place to conduct fun out of office meetings with your co workers.

Cafe has wide tables to accommodate laptops too for a hassle free experience. The variety of snacks and beverages fits best for a group of people with different likings.

Coffee and snacks

Freshly Brewed Coffee
Freshly Brewed Coffee at Mississauga, Square One

Our cafe not only offers wide variety of beverages but snacks too. There are lip smacking sandwiches, wraps and burgers and an amazing variety of desserts. There are food items like sandwiches, wraps and salads in healthier options without compromising on the taste.

The muffins, donuts, cookies and brownies are available for your sweet tooth. However, compromising on health is not an option so we have desserts that are made with almond flour and organic sugar substitutes for the health freaks.

You obviously cannot miss out on are Freshly brewed classic coffee for $5, healthy options like sandwiches and wraps are under $20, sugar and gluten free desserts that are for $8 and the crispy chicken burgers are the best for $12.

Coffee and chill

Its the best place to enjoy evening snacks and coffee with friends. We provide options in food and beverages to cater people of different likings. A hangout spot for you and your friends to have a memorable experience. You can play cards and board games like Jenga, Uno and Snake and ladder, etc. that are available at the cafe.

Birthday celebrations are more special at our cafe as we provide a small complimentary birthday cake with an additional 10% discount to make you feel special.

If you pre book a table for a birthday celebration, we can also decorate the table for you.

Connect with us

PSB cafe conducts weekly workshops and events of newly published books and various other events. We also provide offers on such days. Therefore, It’s the best way to socialize and network with people around. Follow us on facebook for updates and more details.

Social handle of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe
Social handle of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

Best mint chocolate coffee in Mississauga

One of the most obvious flavour pairings that comes to mind is chocolate and mint. They are incredibly complimentary to one another and have produced some of the best works ever made. Many individuals depend on their morning cup of coffee to get their day off to a good start. The fact that coffee has been linked to a wide range of potential health benefits in addition to its stimulating effects gives you even more reason to start brewing it.Coffee is a popular beverage that is known to increase energy and attention. PSB cafe have the Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga.

Why to choose PSB cafe ?

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga


PSB café is located in mississauga. we use fresh and healthy ingredients. We have amazing ambience and friendly staff. We also have world class coffee experts with lot of experience in. We have lot of flavours in coffee and the most healthy and famous one is mint chocolate coffee. Coffee making and you will always get mind blowing taste of our coffee.  If you want to taste the best coffee do visit PSB café in mississauga

coffee is grown with care to make the best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

In some of the most well-known coffee-growing locations in the world, small coffee growers cultivate our coffee. The technique of growing coffee is frequently a labor-intensive procedure in the arid regions of our exporting nations. Our research and expertise in coffee make us different from other brands.

Coffee combination and selection done by experts to make Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

coffee makers choose particular coffees and combine these various ingredients to make blends that are opulent, intricate, and well-balanced. Type of bean we use is robusta, roasting style. Coffee beans are initially green. Once they have cooled, they are ground for brewing. They undergo a chemical shift during the intensely hot roasting process, which is what gives coffee its distinctive flavour and aroma. Light, medium, and dark roasting are all possible. The colour, flavour, and acidity of a roast vary depending on how dark or light it is. A black bean with a dark roast will have little acidity and a bitter roast flavour. A common French roast is medium-dark in colour. We use fine grind for stronger flavours like espresso, which releases the oils.

From where we get our mint chocolate ?

We directly import our mint chocolate from europe. To give the authentic taste of mint chocolate and refresh the taste buds as well. A chocolate mint with hints of chocolate in the flavour and aroma. A classic peppery mint finish blends with subtle flavours of cocoa and vanilla.


What are the benefits of mint chocolate ?

•  Is rich in vitamin A and C.
•  Contain manganese.
•  Essential oils are reputed to be effective in treating indigestion, cramping and nausea.
•  Improves brain function.

Is it healthy to have mint chocolate coffee so answer is yes, PSB cafe known for their Best coffee and They are providing the best flavour with so many health benefits.

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga


What are the benefits of coffee ?

Coffee contains caffeine its a stimulant, it makes your brain and nervous system more active. it promotes the body’s circulation of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Caffeine can help you feel alert and concentrated in modest quantities.

•  Boosts energy level and Mint gives refreshment
•  Support brain health.
•  Support gut health.
•  Slower the risk of depression.
•  Increase metabolism rate of body.
•  Is good for heart and liver.


Nutrition facts of mint chocolate coffee serving size 1 cup 250ml

Carbs : 0g
Calories : 2.5
Sugar : 1g
Protein : 0.5g
Vitamin D, A and C




To get more information about our products click on the button and signup

Best Coffee Lounge Bakery at PSB Cafe

Want to experience the best Cafe experience in Mississauga? Choose PSB Cafe!

PSB Cafe takes pride in meeting your every need. From our extensive range of beverages, smoothies, coffee, and food we will ensure your tastebuds are happy! PSB cafe is known for their specialty coffee and extensive product knowledge, all barista’s are trained and certified by The Specialty Coffee Association. PSB Cafe is a locally owned small business located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Featured in photo: PSB Cafe's homemade banana bread, vanilla lattes and breakfast sandwich. Image Source:

Customer Satisfaction

At PSB Cafe we take our customer satisfaction as our highest priority. We guarantee excellent customer service, high quality products and a beautiful atmosphere for our customers to enjoy. Our Barista's have extensive knowledge on our food and beverages and can help assist you into picking the perfect brew or meal. PSB Cafe is the perfect environment for hanging out with friends, studying or just relaxing. We offer a quiet study and a community space to meet all customer needs. We understand when it's time to have fun with friends but also when it's time to focus and grind your work out. Make us your new favourite fave by visiting us the best cafe lounge bakery at PSB Cafe Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario!

Our Mission to be the Best Cafe - Lounge - Bakery

To provide you with the best cafe lounge bakery experience yet. PSB Cafe values community, connection, innovation and inspiration. As soon as you walk into our Cafe you will be greeted with a smile. We value Corporate Social Responsibility so we take pride in providing customer with the highest quality fair trade coffee. This allows us to support local farmers and ensure we are sourcing our products ethically. PSB Cafe is a safe space for everyone that walks in the door.

Featured in photo: Friends socializing in the PSB Community Lounge. Image Source;

About Us: Meet the Owners

PSB Cafe proudly opened our doors September 2020. The brains behind the operation are Reese and Liz. after years of being left unsatisfied with past cafe experiences Reese and Liz decided to start-up their own coffee shop. They wanted their cafe to be a positive experience for all excelling in customer service, product quality and product knowledge. Reese and Liz value corporate social responsibility and sustability, they wanted to create an impact against other coffee shops. They also wanted to bring the joy and fun into your morning coffee run or studying for exams. PSB Cafe is aesthetically pleasing with its luxurious interior designed warm hospitality. Reese and Liz put the fun back into coffee. We hope you stop by soon to get the PSB experience!

Featured in photo: PSB Cafe Proud Owners Reese and Liz. Support local businesses! Image Source:
Featured in Photo: PSB Cafe's Breakfast, Sandwiches and Dessert. Image Source:

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Discover the most personalized healthy Meal replacement smoothies available in Mississauga

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga
Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Customizable freshly crafted smoothies are now available at PSB Cafe Heartland Town Center

Love customized healthy smoothies and live in Mississauga?

Also, PSB is your best option. In Mississauga, you can now make your own unique, nutritious smoothies. Additionally, you can take pleasure in your nutritious smoothie bowls.

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga
Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

The most welcoming neighborhood to continue living a healthy lifestyle :

Our Smoothies are created using fruit alone or with a variety of vegetables, dairy products, and vitamins.

Also, Despite having more calories than coffee, they may also be packed with nutrients depending on the ingredients,

and since the whole fruit is utilized, much of the fiber is preserved.

Meal Replacement smoothie benefits – Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

They are a vital component of the ideal breakfast since they provide you with a day that is full of energy. Our Young adults and even teenage customers are moving

forward with healthier solutions to support their healthy lifestyles in today’s aesthetically pleasing and fast-paced society.

They consume nutritious, antioxidant-rich smoothies that they may customize to meet their own nutritional needs and

goals in order to maintain their physical and mental fitness.

ABOUT US – Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

PSB Cafe offers customized smoothies and a nutritious substitute for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Fresh smoothie bowls, frozen and fresh fruit smoothies (both seasonal and non-seasonal), seasonal and non-seasonal vegetable smoothies, and flavored smoothies are all available on our menu.

Refuel with us

Refuel with a fresh smoothie like the Matcha Monster Smoothie, Blue Maldives Smoothie, or Frozen Cucumber Refresher Smoothie!

Also, Mississauga is a melting pot of individuals from all over the world.

With the goal of providing the most wholesome meal possible while also simplifying people’s lives, we are now offering freshly prepared smoothies and smoothie bowls in Mississauga.

More than just your average Smoothies!!

Also, PSB Café only serves fresh fruits and vegetables grown and raised in Canada.

Making them the most wholesome, natural, plant-based meals, drinks, and cleanses. Our smoothies were created after extensive study to nourish and make you feel amazing.

No unsavory substances or artificial preservatives are ever used in anything we put together; we are always fresh.

Also, The nutritional boost that smoothies provide is almost as popular as their fresh tastes. In their hectic schedules, most individuals struggle to find time to prepare their favorite meals.

Our Best- selling smoothies!!!

  1. Oz of Berries

(mixed berries, apple, banana, greek vanilla yogurt, and honey)

  1. Slim Fast 

(baby spinach leaves, kale leaves, banana, pineapple, apple, and ice)

  1. Slushy Bizness

(brewed cacao, bananas, cocoa powder, cashews, frozen cauliflower, milk, and ice)

  1. Sun Blendz

(ginger, goji berries, hemp seeds, oranges, and ice)


Smoothie for you, freshly made and healthful!!!

Also, by changing the kind of ingredients each consumer requests for their smoothie, we ensure that they receive a unique creation. We take care to tailor the smoothies to the demands of the client.

As the consumer has power and liberty of choice over their nutritious smoothies, this creates a great customer experience, which is crucial to both us and the customer.


Our highly experienced baristas at PSB receive their own in-house training, and smoothies are.

We provide a selection of smoothies to pick from in order to fulfill your taste buds and give you a memorable experience. For the greatest customer experience, we also continuously launch new smoothies.

Do you enjoy smoothies and want to learn about our newest flavors?

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Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga
Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Healthy Veggie salads in Mississauga

Healthy Veggie Salads in Mississauga

Healthy Veggie Salad At PSB Café

Looking for a Healthy option to start up your day? Specifically, a salad with high-quality ingredients? Visit PSB Café in Mississauga to try Healthy veggie salads.

At PSB Café we ​​offer a wide range of healthy options ,made from fresh ingredients. We choose fresh farm vegetables and ingredients to satisfy customer’s taste buds. Not only that, but we also have protein style burgers, loaded veggie omelets, chicken and fruit salads and our Unforgettable Barista coffee, which will make you visit our Café again.

The secret of making a Healthy salad at PSB café

We never hide any ingredients from our customers and give them the option to choose ingredients for their salad. Although there are many steps involved in making a salad, our first and last step is always customer satisfaction.

1.Selection of farm fresh veggies

Nothing can beat fresh and green leafy veggies, specially when directly picked from farms. Choose your favorite healthy veggies according to your choice.

Healthy Veggies at Farmers Market

2.Lets add some color and crunch in your Healthy salad

Add your favorite spices to it now with our special seasoning and sausages, or our handmade dressings, as it has all the healthy ingredients such as 100% pure organic olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt for salad and mayo which is freshly made everyday. Meaning that, all the preparation is done in front of you, to let you customize your meal, so that you can get what exactly you want and you get the fun of getting something cooked.

3.Its Ready to eat, now enjoy your salad with our luxurious ambience, where you would feel like home.

Healthy Salad at PSB Café

Benefits of eating healthy food

There is no denying the fact that eating healthy food involves loads of benefits.

1-Healthy Heart

Eating healthy food can help people to reduce their blood pressure and keep their hearts healthy. Even According to many researches, eating fresh vegetables and fruits can help in reducing so many heart disease. Since they are full of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

2-Boosts brain Health

People who eat more vegetable and fruits on daily  basis or stick to a healthy diet, are more likely to have less mood fluctuations. Which could help to improve their overall ability. This is even more beneficial in the case of depression, anxiety, and Dyslexia.

Eat healthy, Live Healthy

3- Increases immunity

Habit of eating junk and packed food could lead to obesity, and because of this the immunity system also has to suffer. However, healthy food, on the other hand has numerous benefits, and better immune system is one of them. As eating healthy foods like strawberries, blueberries, oranges, leafy greens, carrot, tomatoes, cheese ,milk, herbs, and spices can help to improve overall immunity because they are full with minerals ,fiber and vitamins, and helps immunity system to fight against viruses.

Why to choose PSB Café

PSB Café is located in the heart of Mississauga, and what makes us different from other cafes is our choice of ingredients, which are fresh and organic. Since, we offer a variety of options in food, and a luxurious ambience where you can spend quality time with your loved once, while enjoying the food. So, Would you like to try a Healthy salad visit PSB  Café on confederation parkway in Mississauga.

  • Experienced staff  who serve Healthy Veggie Salads in PSB Café Mississauga

With our experienced staff members, we promise our customers to offer high end services, because our people know what your needs are and how to make your meal memorable. Our staff members and quality of services makes us different from others.

Experienced Staff members at PSB Café

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Healthy veggie salads in Mississauga