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What is PSB Fitness?


PSB wellness is an gym center to give you a one of kind experience to understudies and office at Sheridan College. PSB wellness was established by previous alumni Jessie and Matt who have 12 years of involvement set up, as the two of them filled in as a health specialist/fitness coach. Preceding opening up their own gym center together which is presently PSB Fitness for understudies and office. The objective of PSB wellness is to empower understudies and office faculties to remain solid/dynamic also get another game/leisure activity they have been keen on 100% of the time. its also best gym facilities near hazel mccallion campus.





We as of now offer two areas which are:

  • Sheridan school – Hazel McCallion, Mississauga grounds
  • Sheridan school – Davis, Brampton grounds

We wish to extend to all Sheridan school grounds throughout the span of quite a long while our absolute first area is situated close to Sheridan school, Davis grounds which area is 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9. With the outcome of our absolute first exercise center we are opening up our new area close to Sheridan school – Hazel McCallion, Mississauga grounds which area is 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5. The situation of our latest area is to make it more helpful for understudies and office to exercise as opposed to making a trip to our Davis grounds area to do as such.


What does the PSB wellness participation give you?


The PSB wellness participation will give you unique educator lead classes, also fitness coaches to help/guide you in your exercises. Besides, with shiny new hardware which is twofold checked to guarantee that it is the most ideal quality, to assist with your exercises. A portion of the classes that PSB Fitness gives are:

  • Yoga
  • Hand to hand fighting
  • High-impact
  • Dance
  • Weight training


these are only a portion of the classes we offer at the new area of our exercise center at Sheridan school Hazel McCallion grounds, to empower understudies and office individuals to start their dynamic way of life, as well as empowering understudies and office individuals to attempt new games/exercises they have generally been keen on however didn’t have any desire to focus on it on the reality in the event that they could have done without it. With our new rec center area which is situated close to Sheridan school Hazel McCallion grounds.


Combative techniques

Hand to hand fighting is one of the most sought after self – safeguard for some reasons physical or emotional well-being rehearses to deliver pressure develop from different various elements, as well as giving combative techniques classes will deliver tight muscles as further develop speedy reaction choice – making abilities, which will bring about helping the understudy and office individuals to dominate in school/work.

Power lifting

Weight training is another class PSB wellness gives at exercise center where people are keen on power lifting to show them the legitimate strategy, instruments, position and how to cause it without making damage themselves as well as their body. By offering power lifting classes at our rec centers we are guaranteeing that our buyers are getting the advantages of weight lifting which incorporate reinforcing bones/joints to diminish hazard of injury, consume muscle versus fat.


Yoga is one of the most quieting exercise out their which increments ones equilibrium, strength, and adaptability. By giving yoga classes we are giving a place of refuge for people to loosen up their body to cause it to feel quiet. Educator drove class will show people the rudiments of yoga as far as breathings, extends, as well as structures. To develop that fortitude, balance, as well as adaptability what’s really going on with yoga.

  1. Hardware
  2. seat press
  3. treadmills
  4. bike
  5. hand weights
  6. cardio


PSB wellness is the one stop for you to start your wellness experience. Make certain to look at our virtual entertainment down cry, for more data, free preliminaries.


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It is the best gym facilities near hazel mccallion campus and davis campus.

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Optimized Brain function with a Nutritionist

Did you know a combination of the right nutrition and a healthy exercise regimen can improve your overall brain function? This incredible combination has the power to help you live a more productive and fulfilling life. According to recent studies, they have shown that nutrition impacts students’ critical thinking skills, behavior, and health, these are all influences that impact academic performance. Yes, seeking advice from a Nutritionist to optimize brain function. We’re all feeling the pressure of today’s society whether it be school, work, or the children, here at Mississauga PSB, we have a dedicated Nutritionist working on-site to help optimize your gym experience.  Optimizing Brain function with a Nutritionist along with physical activity will make life more manageable by increasing circulation to the brain and improving sense of awareness, memory, and lots more.  Allow yourself to embrace a change in life by getting healthy and feeling amazing.


Figure 1Photo by Tarachand Kumtanom from Pexels

Our Nutritionist

Here at PSB, we believe in taking the holistic approach to wellness from your nutrition and dietary needs to your physical activity, that’s why we’ve hired 2 certified nutritionists to be on-site at both our Mississauga and Brampton locations.


Kim Nguyen

This image shows Kim Nguyen PSB Mississauga's Nutritionist

Figure 2Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

Kim Nguyen is our PSB Mississauga on-site Nutritionist. Kim graduated from Guelph University in 2010 with a Masters’ in Applied human nutrition and a certificate in holistic nutrition. Kim launched her career as soon as she graduated bringing over 10 years’ experience to PSB. Kim likes to take a holistic approach with her clients. This is the preferable method for most people who seek advice from nutritionists. It factors in your current nutrition levels. any health conditions and your goals. So whether you’re hanging by a thread or just need a boost, Come check in with Kim at PSB Mississauga!


Bryson Adams

This image is of Bryson Adams he is the Nutritionist of of Brampton PSB

Figure 3 Photo by George Ikwegbu from Pexels

Bryson Adams graduated from Guelph University in 2015. Bryson obtained a master’s in food science and a Certificate in Health and nutrition. Bryson launched his career by becoming a Holistic Nutritionist for the Toronto Rappers leading up to their triumph in 2019. Since then he’s started a successful YouTube channel with more than 50,000 subscribers, teaching the importance of health and food science.


Optimization we offer

Our nutritionist offers a variety of products and services such as customized meal plans, recommended nutritional vitamins, supplements, and even a nutrition test. This test assesses your body’s vitamins and minerals levels. Nutritionists in the GTA are not only hard to find but also expensive to maintain. As of 2019, the average cost of a nutritionist can cost you upwards of 80 dollars an hour. You would think OHIP would cover such cost, no they don’t! Here at PSB, we want you to have the same experience without having to break the bank for your own health. That’s why when you become a member you will save 20% on all our Nutritionist services. And students save even more! Helping you get the best bang for your buck and helping you get into the best shape of your life, for a more fulfilling experience.

We understand that everyone’s body was built differently some people’s strong points will be other people’s weak points etc. That’s why we also offer customized packages available to best suit your needs starting from $60.00. These customizable plans can be based on your current state, minerals and vitamin levels and any health conditions your goals, and your lifestyle.

Get started with a Nutritionist today!

So whether you are seeking Nutrition in Brampton or Mississauga we’ve got a location and a Nutritionist for you! You can even get started via text by texting “PSBnutrition” to 2468 and filling out the questionnaire. (A nutritionist will reach out to you within 48 hours)

PSB Fitness – Begin your adventure now


What is PSB Fitness

PSB fitness is a gyms which are located near  Hazel McCallion campus to provide you a one of kind experience to students and facility at Sheridan College. PSB fitness was founded by former graduates Jessie and Matt who have 12 years of experience put together, as they both worked as a fitness instructor/personal trainer. Prior to opening up their own gym together which is now PSB Fitness for students and facility. The goal of PSB fitness is to encourage students and facility members to stay healthy/active as well pick up a new sport/hobby they have always been interested in.


We currently offer two locations which are:

  • Sheridan college – Hazel McCallion, Mississauga campus
  • Sheridan college – Davis, Brampton campus

We wish to expand to all Sheridan college campuses over the course of several years our very first location is located near Sheridan college, Davis campus which location is 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9. With the success of our very first gym we are opening up our new gyms location near Sheridan college – Hazel McCallion, Mississauga campus which location is 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5. The placement of our most recent gym location is to make it more convenient for students and facility to workout instead of traveling to our Davis campus location to do so.

What does the PSB fitness membership provide you?

The PSB fitness membership will provide you with one of a kind instructor lead classes, as well personal trainers to assist/guide you in your workouts. Furthermore, with brand new equipment which is double checked to assure that it is the best quality possible, to help with your workouts. Some of the classes that PSB Fitness provides are:

  • Yoga
  • Martial arts
  • Aerobic
  • Dance
  • Weight lifting

these are just some of the classes we offer at the new location of our gym at Sheridan college Hazel McCallion campus, to encourage students and facility members to begin their active/healthy lifestyle, as well as encouraging students and facility members to try new sports/activities they have always been interested in but did not want to commit to it on the fact if they did not like it. With our new gym location which is located near Sheridan college Hazel McCallion campus.

Martial arts

Martial arts is one of the most sought after self – defense for many reasons physical or mental health practices in order to release stress build up from various different factors, as well as providing martial arts classes will release tight muscles as improve quick response decision – making skills, which will result in benefiting the student and facility members to excel in school/work.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is another class PSB fitness provides at it is gym where individuals who are interested in weight training to teach them the proper technique, tools, stance and how to do it without causing harm to themselves as well as their body.  By offering weight training classes at our gyms we are ensuring that our consumers are getting the benefits of weight training which include strengthening  bones/joints to reduce risk of injury, burn body fat.

gym facility


Yoga is one of the most calming exercise out their which increases ones balance, strength, and flexibility. By providing yoga classes we are giving a safe space for individuals to relax their body to make it feel at ease. Instructor led class will teach individuals the basics of yoga in terms of breathings, stretches, as well as forms. To build that strength, balance, as well as flexibility what yoga is all about.

mindfulness fitness


  • bench press
  • treadmills
  • bicycle
  • dumbbells
  • cardio



PSB fitness is the one stop for you to begin your fitness adventure. Be sure to check out our social media down bellow, for more information, free trials

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Affordable Fitness Clubs in Mississauga Near Sheridan college

Affordable Fitness Clubs in Mississauga near Sheridan College. We are the most affordable fitness club in Mississauga, We are Located at Sheridan college. Are you Looking for an affordable way to exercise? Look no further PSB fitness has amazing deals that you can’t resist. We have many services and products that we know you’ll love. We offer a monthly member ship as well as some amazing fitness classes. Once you Join Our Gym you will leave feeling great and confident after every session.

Become a Member Today!

Feeling Great well getting fit, fitness Club Mississauga

About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is an affordable gym located on Sheridan campus in Mississauga. At PSB fitness we understand with the stress and busyness of school it’s not always easy to find the time for the gym. We as a company have made it our mission to make this gym such a positive and motivational place to work out. For Sheridan staff and students, we have discounted the price of there memberships. Our Regular Memberships are still at an affordable price. PSB offers many features and amenities such as Personal Training, an onsite nutritionist, and many fitness classes. We have a classes for everyone, there are classes such as yoga, Zumba, kick boxing, spin classes, and cross fit.


Co-op Opportunities

Since we are located on Sheridan campus, we have created a coop program for students. This program has allowed students to learn more about there future careers and develop the necessary skills. We encourage students to take the initiative and gain that work experience. Students from a variety of programs have joined our Co-op, we have had students in Marketing, Finance, Human resources, and many other programs.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes run on a set schedule from Monday to Friday. Most of the classes start at 11am and run till 7pm. Each class has a minimum of 10 people and a Maximum of 40. Our instructors give a detailed outline of that will take place in each of the classes. The instructors are trained professionals and can move at the pace of each group and motivate each person to work there hardest. We Have separate rooms for each class with different capacity depending on the class and what the member is comfortable with. We have made it one of goals to make these classes every enjoyable and motivational for the members. With this goal in mind we have installed different lights that also go along with the music to make the experience that much better.

Personal Training 

PSB Fitness offers a free consolation where the member gets to meet the trainer, go over their goals, and ask any questions before moving forward. We offer 1 hour sessions. Our personal trainers are trained professional and are prepared to help you work towards your goals. Our professionals are here to help you see results and that is exactly what they will do. We are dedicated to making these sessions easy and enjoyable so we have invested in the best quality equipment.


Services and products Available!

  • Monthly Membership
  • PSB Merch
  • Fitness classes (Zumba, Kick Boxing, Yoga, and Many more!)
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritionist


Affordable classes and Personal training in Missisauga

Affordable Prices 

Monthly Membership for students and staff $9.99

Regular monthly membership $19.99

Fitness classes

  • 2-week trial $39.99
  • Monthly unlimited use pass $59.99
  • 10 visit pass $29.99

PSB Merch

  • Gym bag $9.99
  • T-shirt $5.99

Personal Training

  • $40 Per hour session


Come Join Us!

Affordable Fitness Clubs in Mississauga near Sheridan College

Hours of Operation


Monday to Friday 6am-11pm

Saturday and Sunday 6am-8pm


We are located at the Mississauga Sheridan campus 4180 Duke of York Blvd




Karachiwala, Y. (2020, April 25). Feeling too lazy to work out alone? try these fun exercises with a partner. The Indian Express. Retrieved March 15, 2022, from

UHC Newsroom. (2020, December 10). We’re all in this together – the benefits of group fitness. Newsroom. Retrieved March 15, 2022, from

Affordable Mississauga gym College

What is PSB Fitness?

PSB Fitness is a gym experience made for college students. It was founded by two men who graduated Sheridan college. Their names are Jessie and Matt. Combined they have 12 years of fitness experience. Jessie has 7 years experience as a fitness instructor and Matt has 5 years as a certified personal trainer. Their goal is was to create the affordable Mississauga college gym students use to say healthy. And over time we improved on that.


We have two locations that students can attend. These locations are very accessible to the students that attend Sheridan college.Both these locations provide the same amenities and quality.

  • Sheridan College –  HMC, Mississauga campus
  • Sheridan College – DAVIS, Brampton campus

What is our goal at PSB Fitness?

Our goal at PSB Fitness is to provide college students with the highest quality classes, equipment and experience without the high prices and a long commute. We also strive to providing a great and connecting experience between students and faculty. Students can do the workout they want or enjoy without the hassle of a pricy membership and while having a great and connecting experience with other students and faculty.

What does our membership provide you?

Our membership here at PSB Fitness will provide you with the newest and highest quality gym equipment that is equivalent to the popular, and brand name gyms. Our equipment is constantly checked and is kept to the highest standards. If working out on the equipment does not sound that appealing we also have a number of classes that you can attend. We have yoga, cardio, aerobics, and our very popular volleyball. These classes are run and taught by the best professionals in their fields. You can find out more about the equipment and the yoga, cardio, aerobics and volleyball classes below!


The equipment that is at both the PSB Fitness locations are top tier equipment that the popular gym names get access to. Here is a list of the most popular gym equipment we have

  • Dumbells
  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Stationary bikes
  • Aerobic steppers
  • Stair steppers
  • Rowers
  • Leg press

These are not the only equipment we have. There are many more to choose from that can fit any workout need.


Yoga is one of the most popular exercises to do today. With school causing every student stress and the long class and study times making you sit in a chair for hours on end theres no wonder yoga is so popular today. In yoga you will be doing a variety of stretches that are designed to loosen up your body to make you feel energized and refreshed. There is constant times throughout the week that yoga classes will be running. Make sure to check the PSB Fitness website and all other socials to find out when to attend down below!


Since the dawn of humans cardio has been a staple of an exercise. Cardio is a great way to get your heart going and your blood pumping. We know that college students tend to sit down all day because studying is time consuming, but cardio can actually help you study, and at PSB Fitness we know that. Our cardio classes do a number of exercises from more intense exercises like running, jump squats and stair climbs to less intense but still enjoyable exercises like dancing, jump rope and jumping jacks. You can find out when to attend by checking the PSB website and all the other socials down below!


Aerobics is all about building your muscle strength. Doing aerobics is a great way to build up the confidence to move that heavy object you’ve been meaning to move for a while. Our aerobics classes focus on building your overall muscle strength. We do exercises like squats, pushups, plank, and glute bridges. You can find out more about attending at the PSB website and all other socials down below!


Volleyball is a classic sport that really does not need an introduction. Volleyball is a great way to test your strength, mind and agility. You will go head to head against other teams and learn from our instructors to be able to be the best player you can be. You will also meet a lot of new faces and will have to work together with other classmates to beat the opposition. This is our biggest team oriented activity at PSB Fitness. To find out more and how to sign up visit the PSB Fitness website and the other PSB socials down below!


PSB Fitness has many promotions. Be sure to check out socials down below for free trials, samples,

coupons and rewards!

What are you waiting for? Join PSB Fitness now for all these awesome amenities!




Love Your Gym

 Improve your Workout

Enjoy your gym time with our state-of-the-art equipment

Is working out becoming a chore? Do you dread having to go to the gym? Fear not! At PSB fitness we believe that everyone can have a have a happy, healthy and fun workout. Our state-of-the-art gym has everything to get you fit such as our selection of cardio and weight training machines as well as free weights tailored to every workout style. At PSB fitness we want you to Love Your Gym.


Group yoga, just one of the many classes offered at PSB Fitness At PSB fitness we understand that sometimes working out alone can be boring. We offer classes such as mixed and women’s only yoga, Kickboxing, Crossfit and Spin classes. All of our classes are free to try and are charged on a class by class basis and are taught by our friendly and knowledgeable instructors.

Classes currently offered at our gym

  • Mixed Yoga
  • Women’s only yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Beginner spin classes
  • Intermediate spin Classes
  • Expert spin classes
  • CrossFit

Our Trainers

At PSB fitness we pride ourselves on having a fun and inviting atmosphere. All of our personal trainers are ready to motivate you and help you achieve your goals.


Jane Dorthey- personal trainer and leader of beginner spin classes

Hi my name is Jane Dorthey. I am 26 years old and have been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for 4 years. My personal philosophy is that maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial for anyone no matter their age or fitness level. I can help you set your goals and get you working towards. I want you to Love Your Gym.



Kevin Williams- Personal trainer and kickboxing instructor


I’m Kevin Williams and I am committed to helping you. I am 32 and have been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for 10 years. I teach kickboxing here at PSB and I also do personal training. Whatever your goal is, whatever your fitness level, I will help reach them.


Dane Thompson Personal Trainer and CrossFit instructor our Gym

My name is Dane Thompson and I want YOU to get fit. I’m 36, and have been working in the personal training and fitness industry for 13 years. I enjoy helping people reach their fitness potential and I am looking forward to helping you with your fitness goals. I believe that working out can be a fun for everyone and I seek to show that through teaching.

Services at our Gym

At PSB fitness we understand that everyone has different fitness needs. At our gym we offer a wide selection of personal training programs and consultation. We offer

  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Weight lifting instruction
  • Workout planning and adjustment
  • Nutrition advice and meal planning

*All of our trainers us MyFitnessPal for custom workouts. Learn more at


Our gym offers volleyball league play

Our recreational Volleyball league is the perfect way to get fit and have fun. Join as an individual or register as a team and have fun as you make new friends and stay fit.


  • Individual $20 (one time fee)
  • Team $70 (one time fee)



Other Services We Offer

  • Tanning beds
  • Hot Towels
  • Locker Rental
  • Showers
  • Sauna

Adore your gym


Want to learn more? Check out our contact us page for all of your questions

Contact Us


Other Articles about PSB


Affordable gym to train and workout.

Bargain gym prices in Brampton and Mississauga with added member benefits.

What is PSB Fitness?

PSB Fitness was founded by two PSB alumni’s named Matt Harold and his friend Jessie. The two friends are passionate and have made careers from fitness prior to PSB. The goal of PSB Fitness is to provide a low pressure and comfortable training facility for women. The hope is to increase personal health and confidence for all women. Whether your personal goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, learn a new sport, or you’re just trying for find a new hobby, PSB Fitness provides the necessary classes, services, and equipment to help you achieve your goal all at a bargain price.

Currently, PSB Fitness has two locations. One location in Mississauga and one in Brampton and both facilities are located on Sheridan Campus in their respective cities.

Female beginners volleyball classes.

PSB Fitness is proud to announce our new service to keep women healthy and active. This service is a beginners volleyball class that is available to all members at PSB Fitness and will allow members to learn a new skill while staying physically active. These classes will take place on the HMC and the Davis Sheridan campus’s and will provide members with the basic rules and techniques needed to begin playing volleyball competitively.

These beginner classes are free to all PSB Fitness members because we want to show the Sheridan community that you can have fun while working out. We know that signing up for a gym and working out is easy. The hard part is continuing to go over long periods of time because people lose motivation. PSB Fitness hopes that our new volleyball class will not only help keep member active, but also keep members motivated to come back because they are having fun while staying healthy.

Membership Package

PSB Fitness’s hopes to one day begin a volleyball league where every woman in the GTA is able to sign up and play. Currently we only offer classes to PSB Fitness members in hopes of them joining the league one day once they learn the rules and techniques of the sport. Even though only members have access to these classes, anybody can sign up to be a member due to our affordable monthly rates.  Members pay only $40 a month in order to enjoy all the services, equipment, and amenities that PSB Fitness offers which is low compared to other companies within the fitness industry.

PSB Fitness is most convenient for Sheridan students because our facilities are right on campus. This means students who wish to work out or use our services after class don’t have to commute to another gym, they can simply walk to the other side of campus and begin training. You can sign up for a membership at both PSB Fitness locations or online at

Member benefits

Not only do members have access to the PSB Fitness gym and all its equipment, we offer numerous classes. These classes include yoga and tai chi and are tough by industry professionals. Members are also given passes that grant friends and family one time use access to our facility for a three hour periods. This means that new members don’t feel alone while working out and have some they know there to motivate them. We hope that these passes also help generate new members as it allows people to test out our facilities.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at ,

Workout, Sports and Fitness in PSB


Intense training is the key to staying healthy and enjoying the process. It helps readers create their own workouts and find exercises that they can try at home, in the gym, or outdoors.  The best exercise to do at home How to train in your garden  training routines for fat loss My favorite training routine trainings without equipment  weight gain training.  Workout is different kind of work in the GYM with heavy equipment and get involved in the shape of the figure that you want to gain or loss.



Sports and Fitness 

In the PSB fitness we are including lots of things such as GYM equipment's. Which are usually required in every GYM. The main point of opening the GYM in PSB fitness is to helping the individual in their physical health to grow them in proper way and giving proper guidance towards every single detail about the GYM environment. 

Why to choose PSB Fitness

Their are various reasons to choosing PSB fitness.

  1. Its provides a booklet of the GYM and also helps to guide the directions.  
  2. Free trial for one week. 
  3. Instructors will be provided to every individual in the GYM. 
  4.  Its easy to access because its inside the campus. 
  5. Therefore outsider can also take part in the these activities . 
  6. You can access it throw the ONE card.  

Gym couple

Benefits of using PSB Fitness

  1. We provide all kinds of facilities.
  2. Separate washrooms for Male and Female.
  3. Provide towels.
  4. We provide personal trainer also.
  5. Bathrooms.
  6. Refund would also give to you.
  7. Online classes.


Individuals who are committed to preserving physical or mental fitness engage in physical or mental activity. Walking, cycling, swimming, or athletics are only few of the sorts of exercise that may be done as a healthy habit, and these sports have several health benefits for the human body and mind. Sport strengthens the body and combats obesity, making it perfect, consistent, and healthy. Many diseases can be avoided, including: Obesity is a risk factor for a variety of illnesses, including diabetic cartilage disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


A person's health and fitness refers to their whole physical, mental, and social well-being. One can maintain his or her health and fitness in a variety of methods, but it takes patience, hard effort, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, most people are concerned about their health and fitness, but on the other hand, most people live sedentary lifestyles and suffer from a variety of ailments and obesity. Maintaining excellent health is not an easy task; it takes consistent effort and full devotion. It takes years to achieve the required level of health and fitness, but once achieved, it is extremely beneficial.


Our Locations

Sheridan College- Hazel McCallion Campus

Sheridan College- Davis Campus 



Contact Us


Phone: (905) 452-5657


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Affordable training and fitness in GTA with student pricing

Stay Fit, Stay Active, Choose PSB Fitness

Calling all college students to the PSB fitness club, which offers affordable training and fitness in GTA for you to stay fit and get into better shape. Get free training sessions with professional, experienced trainers for one month when you buy the membership! We have new equipment and a great space to give you a perfect environment to work out and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

There is a new PSB Cafe outside each gym facility where you will find protein-rich meals and energy drinks to grab before you work out. The newly opened gym facility has a variety of equipment to help you work out and there are fitness sessions running every week. Our facility offers equipment including the following:

  • Training bench
  • Dumbbell set
  • Treadmill
  • Fitness cycle
  • Barbell Set
  • Rowing machine
  • Low-impact treadmills
  • Ellipticals and more

Besides the equipment, we also have group fitness classes, namely Bootcamp, Core, Bodyfit, and Total fit. These sessions are complementary to the membership and are conducted by our experienced trainers. You can join group fitness sessions by signing up on the PSB Fitness website! Our expert trainers are available all the time to support you in your fitness journey.

group workout class

Image source:

The monthly membership fee charges you $40 per month, including taxes for all the services. Also, the facility offers a very affordable, weekly subscription option to college students. The rate is $12 per week with free personalized training services.

The budget-friendly pricing option offers multiple benefits like access to the gym facility and equipment. There are personalized training sessions and expert guidance from trainers at no additional charge. The prices are cheaper compared to other gym facilities in Brampton and Mississauga and offer all services under one umbrella. You can learn more about the products and pricing on the PSB Fitness website or our social media accounts or just drop by the gym to take a look.

gym facility

Image source:

The gym facility is located in the Hazel McCallion and Davis campuses of Sheridan College. It is an accessible area with close proximity to the bus stop which makes it easier to commute. The parking space on campus is also nearby for the better convenience of students and staff. Having a gym right on campus makes it easier for Sheridan students to work out before or after class. When passing by the gym, you will feel motivated to stay fit when you see others working out. It is also a great way to meet other students during the group fitness classes, or to work out with your friends!

The facility in Davis campus is on the first floor of the B Wing and has a vending machine outside to grab a protein bar or energy drink. At the Hazel McCallion campus, the gym is located in the C Wing on the second floor.  This wing is close to the parking area on campus and has easy access to the elevator. The vending machines outside the gym are fully stocked with protein bars and energy drinks. This helps you to quickly grab some energy before sweating out and burning your calories!

We have put up flyers with all the information about the new gym facility on all Sheridan campuses for you to take a look at! Check out our free trial sessions and weekly events. You will also get a $10 credit towards your membership for referring a friend. So, come and check out our space and avail yourself of the multiple benefits and services to start an active lifestyle! You can also catch a sneak peek into the facility by visiting our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Students Fitness Gym in Mississauga and Brampton


Conveniently Fit!

Fitness PBS 2022 Student


PBS Fitness is a gym dedicated to giving its members the best experience. We have a state of the art gym equipment. We have trainers with years of experience. Our staff is welcoming of all gym-goers and strives to give our members a great experience every single time. We are conveniently located for Sheridan College students. We have a large focus on giving students fitness tips for the Gym. Student Fitness Gym in 2022!




 Davis Campus – Brampton

 Hazel McCallion – Mississauga


 Meet the Team!

Fitness Students Gym
Kyle Fitness Instructor

This is Kyle.

He’s a fitness instructor with over 7 years of experience



Fitness Student
Matt Personal Trainer

This is Matt

He is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience.



Blog Posts

 Balancing School and the Gym for Student Fitness

Students have a very busy life. They must juggle multiple responsibilities while maintaining their grades, mental health, work, and more. Amongst such a busy life oftentimes students aren’t able to find time for the gym. In order to incorporate the gym, students must create a schedule that will help them balance everything.

A common misconception is that in order to see results from the gym you must go every day. In reality go to the gym every day, for students to the corporate gym into their schedules thing to pick up certain days that work for them and keep them consistent. . We suggest speaking with a fitness instructor that will help students create a workout plan that will work with their busy schedule.

That way working out will not come in the way of their other priorities. Another great way to do it so be able to include the gym into their workout it’s by finding gym guys conveniently located near their school are home.  Our gym is located on two Sheridan College campuses. This is a great opportunity for the students of Sheridan College as they can go to the gym easily as our gym is on their campus. Let’s increase Student Fitness Gym in 2022


Mental Health, Its Connection to the Gym and Students

Mental health has gained the importance that it has needed in recent years. Everyone is slowly becoming more self-aware and understanding that mental health is as important as physical health. New ways to help people deal with their mental health needs have been created. While some ways are new the gym is not one of them. Only recently has the tie between mental health and the gym has been brought to everyone’s attention.

Maintaining or achieving one’s body physically is very helpful. It helps create a positive body image which in turn affects mental health. Our gym is located near Sheridan College which is convenient for students as they can help their mental health and release stress by visiting the gym.


Menstruation and the Gym

 Billions of women experience periods around the world. Many say that when women are on the period they should not work out. That is not true, women can work out while on their period. It is entirely up to the woman if she would like to work out or not, for instance, some experience way more extreme periods than others.

We encourage our gym members to get in contact with a fitness instructor and learn certain exercises that will help in elevating periods of pain and make their workouts fit them.


Tips, Tricks, and Facts

Chia seeds are very healthy and nutritious

A calorie deficit is a great way to aid in weight loss

Try mixing greens into your everyday food