Fresh Coffee In The Morning

We appreciate you stopping by PSB Cafe, where you may enjoy a good coffee experience. The intimate Mississauga location of our café also offers a unique experience unmatched by any other place in town. We give our consumers a unique, artistic coffee experience that they will never forget. Most importantly, we provide a sophisticated and unique coffee experience thanks to temperature-controlled brewing.

We take pride in offering our customers unique customized possibilities at PSB Café. About coffee, we are incredibly sensitive to the individual preferences and tastes of each person. For this reason, we provide a broad range of options, such as milk flavors, grind size, foam, and latte art, as well as artisanal baked items, temperature adjustments, and other amenities. Using our products, which precisely match their moods and personal tastes, our clients may create their own unique coffee journeys.

How do we offer Fresh morning in the coffee?

We fully agree that nothing gets the day started quite like a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Your senses might be stimulated and you can get going just by the aroma. And there’s simply something that can be so gratifying about taking the first sip of a freshly brewed cup.

We personally enjoy experimenting with various coffee brewing techniques, such as French presses, pour-over setups, and espresso machines. To find the ideal cup, it’s great to experiment with various beans and brewing methods. Naturally, it’s crucial to preserve your beans properly to maintain their freshness and flavor.

What do we offer?

At PSB Cafe, we offer a wide variety of coffee options, including cappuccinos, lattes, freshly brewed coffees, and more. We also offer baked goods and protein bars which are ready-to-go-eat products and as well as available for dine-in.

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A tempting roastery café in Mississauga: PSB

Looking for a tempting roastery café in Mississauga, well you are at the right place. Located in the heart of the city, PSB offers the most tempting roasted coffee to all coffee lovers.

Tempting roastery café in mississauga
Visit us for live roastery experience

The newest PSB café located at confederation parkway, Mississauga is getting all the limelight for its tempting roastery café vibes. PSB offers freshly roasted brewed coffee, pressed juice, and many other freshly prepared food items.

Bringing all the coffee vibes to the city, PSB has a lot to offer to all coffee nerds. This tempting roastery café in Mississauga not just offers freshly roasted coffee but also helps the local community by sourcing all their kitchen supplies from the neighborhood.

PSB Café: Everyone’s tempting roastery café in Mississauga

The new local café offers the best coffee experience with the coziest atmosphere in the city. Not just the ambiance, the café believes in supporting all the local vendors. Sourcing all the ingredients locally and customizing menu items based on season gives the homely vibes to us. If you are still thinking about why you should visit PSB café (a tempting roastery café in Mississauga), let us make it easy for you:

Live the roastery experience at a tempting roastery café in Mississauga

Coffee enthusiasts can now see the magic behind the counter. Unlike any other coffee shop in the city, PSB will give you a glimpse of what is going to be in your coffee cup. Starting from roasting the beans in front of your eyes, you can see almost every step of how they prepare the magical blend of your coffee.

Tempting roastery café in mississauga
Experience the freshly roasted Coffee beans

There’s something for everyone at this tempting roastery café in Mississauga

PSB offers a wide range of blends and roasts for all the coffee nerds out there. Not only just coffee, but PSB cafe has something or the other for everyone out there. Starting from a freshly roasted expresso shot to freshly pressed juice, you will get everything right from the farm, giving you a complete Farm-to-Table experience.

Nutritious and delicious food options: All the food ingredients being sourced freshly make PSB café’s menu the most nutritious as well as delicious menu. One can pair their drinks with the handpicked seasonal food items making it a cool as well as a healthy meal option.

Variety of Roasted Coffee Blends: PSB tops the list of all the coffee café in Mississauga. Offering a variety of coffee blends to its customers PSB café takes pride in listing most of the coffee blends on its menu. Whether it’s arabica, latte, cappuccino, or a doppie, one will get everything on their menu. So don’t dare to miss out on PSB café this weekend with all your coffee mates.

Mission Local at tempting roastery café in Mississauga

Not only with coffee PSB café is also winning our hearts with its mission to support all local vendors. Maintaining every possible sustainable practice PSB café aim to reduce waste, and adopt best practice to support the environment. The café adapts the no plastic policy, so while taking away your order you might see the cute compostable cups and packaging.

Place as warm as Coffee at tempting roastery café in Mississauga

PSB cafe offers a warm atmosphere just like how we all like our coffee. With the fresh aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and baked cookies, the place feels like heaven. Cozy furniture and fireplace lighting will surely make you feel at home at the café. Trust us you will surely end up spending more time than you thought and will not be able to resist revisiting the café.

Overall if you want us to list more reasons to visit PSB cafe we can carry on. But we must say it’s one of the best experiences to have for all coffee lovers out there. For the latest update on the café menu, you can check out their Instagram page, and don’t forget to follow.

To read more about us visit us at PSB Cafe

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Mississauga Flexible Workspace Cafe

Mississauga Flexible Workspace Cafe


Mississauga Flexible Workspace Cafe, Please enjoy your visit to our café. We comprehend how challenging it may be to locate a peaceful, relaxing space to work, study, or unwind, particularly in crowded places where the noise and distractions can be deafening. Because of this, we have designed a room that is ideal for anyone who requires a conducive setting in which to work.

Everything you need to work effectively and comfortably is available in our café. For your attention and productivity, we provide high-speed internet, lots of workspace, cosy seats, and lots of natural light. We also provide a variety of delectable teas, coffees, and snacks to keep you fueled all day.

But what truly distinguishes our café is our dedication to offering a conducive working atmosphere. We are aware that many people want a peaceful environment free from outside interruptions in which to work. Because of this, we have developed a location that is ideal for everyone who needs to concentrate and complete tasks.

Office people working in Mississauga Flexible Workspace Cafe You may work for long periods of time at our ergonomic tables and chairs without feeling uncomfortable. Also, we provide a large amount of workspace, so you won’t have to be concerned about running out of room to spread out your work. Also, you can rely on our helpful team to give you prompt, courteous service and ensure that your time at our café is nothing less than exceptional.

We recognise that working from home may be lonely, which is why our café is envisioned as a centre for invention, creativity, and teamwork. At our café, you never know who you’ll meet—from other freelancers to entrepreneurs and business owners. Our café is a fantastic location to network, meet new people, and exchange ideas.

Why the Five Barista cafe is known in Mississauga as flexible workspace cafe

Student in cafe of Mississauga Flexible Workspace CafeOur café is a fantastic area to study as well. We are aware of how crucial it is to work in a calm, concentrated setting whether doing homework or preparing for examinations. Because of this, our café set up has a calm environment where you can study without interruptions.

After a hard day, it’s a terrific spot to unwind and rest. Our relaxing atmosphere, cosy furnishings, and mouthwatering refreshments make it the ideal spot to unwind and recharge from the strains of daily life.

In our café, we’re dedicated to provide a setting that accommodates the demands of today’s busy professionals. Our café is the ideal location to work, study, or unwind whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or a company owner.

Reviews by our loyal customers

But don’t just believe what we say. Here are some testimonials from our grateful clients:

People working in Mississauga Flexible Workspace CafeI’ve been coming here to work for months, and it’s the ideal setting. The place has a calm, focused environment, polite, and helpful personnel, and great coffee.”

“While I’ve tried working from home, I’ve found that I frequently become sidetracked. I enjoy visiting this café because of this. It’s the ideal setting for business, study, or relaxation.”

“This café was just what I needed because I wanted a peaceful location to study for my examinations. The personnel is always willing to assist, and the environment is tranquil.”

“In this café, I’ve made a tonne of interesting friends, including other independent contractors, company owners, and entrepreneurs. It’s a fantastic setting for networking and idea sharing.”

Go no farther than our café if you’re searching for a place to focus, be productive, and meet new people. We are eager to welcome you! Sign Up for reward and loyalty programs.

If you want to have some amazing coffee with good ambience and work all together visit our cafe near Sheridan College

Modified brewed coffee

Welcome to Your Modified café!!!

A perfect cup of coffee is much more than just a brew in the world of coffee connoisseurs. We are always looking for new ways to enjoy our favourite beverage as coffee aficionados. One such invention that has gained popularity among coffee connoisseurs in recent years is modified brewed coffee.

Who are we?

We provide modified coffee as per your preferences.

We’re happy you’re here! Our café take pride in providing a homey and friendly environment. Where you may unwind, catch up with friends, or work while savoring some delectable cuisine and beverages. Additionally, Confederation Parkway, which has been open for business for two years, is close by. We also offer free Wi-Fi so that you may stay connected while working or unwinding. Up to 20 persons can fit in our private room. If you’re looking for a place to hold a meeting or conference. Additionally, just give us a call to reserve the spot.


Enjoy your Modified brew coffee

Introducing Our Modified Brewed Coffee Menu

  • Cold Brew Coffee:
  • Nitro Coffee:
  • Iced Coffee:
  • Espresso Tonic:
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee:
  • Caramel Macchiato:
  • Mocha Latte:

Our Vision:

The PSB cafe’s goal is to establish a friendly atmosphere where patrons may assemble, unwind, and socialize while enjoying delectable food and beverages especially our modified brewed coffee. Also, we aim to create a warm environment where clients can congregate and engage while taking use of our services. We are committed to sustainability and ethical business practices because we aim to have a positive impact on both our customers and the environment. Our long-term objective is to establish ourselves as the premier choice for everyone looking for a satisfying and fulfilling café experience.

Dietary Restriction:

PSB café is aware that some of our clients have dietary needs or preferences, we also provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. We’ll be pleased to assist you in finding something delectable to savour if you just let our helpful staff know your preferences.



Wants to earn Something?????

We at PSB café use 4 types of reward program.

Do you know you can earn more points on our modified brewed coffee???

  • Point Based Rewards:

Customers who participate in a loyalty programme with points earn a particular number of points for every dollar they spend or just for going to the restaurant.

  • Item Based Rewards

You probably already know how items-based incentives operate if you’re familiar with an outdated punch card system. Customers are rewarded in this model for making a particular number of purchases by receiving the subsequent item free of charge. For instance, if you purchase nine cups of coffee, the tenth is free.

  • Subscription Rewards

A rewards programme that is based on subscriptions awards users when they attain predetermined levels of membership. You could, for instance, charge a certain price for a meal kit subscription plan and provide rewards to members who stick with the programme for a predetermined time.

  • Promotional Rewards

Members of this kind of restaurant loyalty programme get prizes with expiration dates that tempt them to eat at your establishment or place an order within a certain time frame. These incentives don’t have to be connected to a certain type of spending. Instead, they might be offered as unexpected incentives to, for example, encourage clients to eat with you on their birthday or increase sales during quiet times.

ambience, café, coffee, donuts, internet, charger, Wi-Fi, Second Home , Work Place

Why Us ???

  • In addition to our coffee ,we’re the Only One in the market who known for Vegan products.
  • Ambience
  • We at PSB also offers free meal on birthday or any special occasion. For that you need to register with us.
  • PSB also known for customer services


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Finest Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

The sun is out in Canada(finally)! It is hence safe to say the best time of the year calls for the best drinks in town! If you are a fan of coffee like us, then you know the best way to beat the heat (apart from wearing LOTS of sunblock) is by sipping on a refreshing fruit-infused iced coffee. To get you started, we have curated a list of the finest fruit-infused specialty coffee in Confederation Parkway to grab on the go.

We do understand your love for your classic iced cappuccinos and lattes, however, we are here to get you experimenting. For starters, why choose the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary?

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Cold Coffee

Best Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

Added Hydration

It is crucial to spike up those fluid intakes during the summer and fruits are loaded with electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Hence, making them the perfect addition to your summer drink.

Double Down on Energy

Another great reason is the presence of natural sugars in fruits. These natural sugars combined with the caffeine in your drink can rapidly boost energy levels and improve alertness and mental performance.

Bag in Those Nutrients

Fruit-infused coffee may offer extra vitamins and minerals that can improve general health, depending on the fruit used. For instance, berries are high in fibre and antioxidants, while oranges are strong in vitamin C.

Protect Your Cells

When it comes to summer, an addition of fruits to your coffee will help keep the doctor away. The reason is, fruit-infused coffee can provide additional antioxidants from the fruit, which can help protect against cell damage and inflammation.

Spike Your Taste Pallet

Lastly, adding fruits like berries, citrus, or tropical fruits to cold coffee will add a unique and delicious flavour profile, making your morning cup of coffee all the more exciting.

Best Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

best fruit-infused specialty coffee

Cranberry Cold Brew

Being the crowd’s favourite, it is no doubt an interesting blend of espresso and cranberry juice leaves everyone with an “aha” moment. One of the healthiest fruits, cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Basically, this cold brew makes an ideal combination with a bowl of pasta or spaghetti due to its rich and vibrant flavours.

For this reason, treat yourself or your partner with this breathtaking combo at our cafe built using stress relieving plants to encompass you with serenity amidst your busy schedule.

Peach Cold Brew

We all have heard of peach iced tea, but have you gotten your hands on our peach cold brew coffee yet? We guarantee it tastes better. Brimming with a variety of nutrients, minerals, and health-promoting substances, this peach cold brew will do wonders for your skin! Talk about the cherry on top? or it is peaches?

Apricot Cold Brew

Similar to peaches, apricots frequently have a high fibre content and are quite advantageous for enhancing digestive health. They also promote bone growth, safeguard eye health, maintain the health of your muscles, and aid in immune system development. What’s better? They blend magnificently with Tanzanian coffee and Haitian coffee!

Strawberry Cold Brew

Strawberries contain flavonoids that can help to increase blood flow in the skin, and decrease its sensitivity to sunlight making it a gem for a refreshing cold brew. Evidently, this iced coffee will leave you hydrated with its high water content along with lowering your body temperature.

Mango Iced Latte

A fantastic alternative to your typical cup of coffee is to pair it with the mango, the king of fruits. Mangoes can strengthen your immune system and control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition to serving as a natural sweetener, mango adds a whole new level of exotic flavour to your iced coffee pallet.

Still not sure about mixing fruits with coffee? PSB Cafe is offering a free beverage on sign-up for its loyalty program. Grab the finest fruit-infused specialty coffee in Confederation Parkway today! To make sure you get that perfect cup of morning brew, our beverages are brewed by certified baristas.

Sign up for a free beverage of your choice!

Relaxing and Cozy Café in Mississauga


In case you’re wondering where to find a relaxing and cozy café in Mississauga, PSB is the answer! Our cafe offers a calming and warm environment, making it the perfect place to unwind and savor a cup of coffee. Our café, offers a healthy and delicious coffee combo, featuring a range of specialty coffee such as Café au lait, Hazelnut latte, and Ristretto. Whether you’re in need of a quick energy boost or simply want to savor a delicious cup of coffee, our café has everything you need. So why not drop by and experience the tranquil and inviting café in Mississauga today? Sign up for our loyalty program and start earning rewards for every purchase at PSB Café!

relaxing and cozy cafe in mississauga: PSB Café


Tranquil And Warm Café in Mississauga with Forest-Themed Atmosphere:

We, the PSB café, boast a unique and exclusive coffee experience in Mississauga. Consequently, our forest-themed ambiance creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere. As a relaxing and cozy café in Mississauga, we understand the importance of providing a calming environment for our customers. Thus it allows our customers to enjoy their coffee without rushing through it or dealing with noisy cafes.

PSB Café Ambience- Forest Themed Café, relaxing and cozy cafe in mississauga

The café’s forest-themed ambiance and vibe create a peaceful and happy atmosphere. It’s a perfect spot to read, catch up with friends, or work. All these make our café the ideal place to relax and unwind. We offer specialty coffee and healthy treats for a one-of-a-kind experience that customers won’t find anywhere else.


Specialty Coffee and Healthy Foods for a Personalized and Nourishing Experience:

Our relaxing and cozy café in Mississauga has specialty coffee and healthy foods. All our products are made by our certified barista. This provides an exceptional experience for those looking for quality coffee and nourishing treats. Our selection of specialty coffee options, such as:

  • Ristretto
  • Café au lait
  • Hazelnut latte
  • Espresso macchiato

all these cater to different preferences and caffeine levels, ensuring a personalized coffee experience.

Moreover, we take pride in our healthy gastronomic treats are carefully curated with high-quality organic ingredients packed with

  • proteins
  • vitamins
  • minerals

that aims to boost energy, support immunity, and promote overall wellness.

PSB Café's Healthy Food Options: relaxing and cozy cafe in mississaugaPSB Café: Specialty Coffee Options - relaxing and cozy cafe in mississauga

At PSB cafe, we strive to provide a one-of-a-kind coffee experience that offers a range of flavors and benefits. Our specialty coffee and healthy foods are the perfect way to start your day. We aim at providing a quick energy boost with delicious taste, especially guilt-free. Whether you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere to relax in or a quick coffee fix on the go, our café has something for everyone.


Hassel free and Convenient Purchasing Options at PSB – A Restful and Cozy cafe in Mississauga:

At PSB café, we recognize the importance of providing convenient purchasing options for its customers. Hence, we offer both in-store and online purchasing options for our specialty coffee and healthy foods. At our relaxing and cozy café in Mississauga, customers can conveniently place their orders through our online store. These orders are then delivered to the customer’s doorstep providing them the convenience of ordering from home or work.

Additionally, we are planning to introduce delivery options through popular delivery apps like Uber Eats, SkiptheDishes, and Doordash. This will make it easier for our customers to enjoy our unique coffee experience regardless of their location. With PSB cafe, customers can indulge in our specialty coffee and healthy foods anytime and anywhere, making it the ultimate destination for coffee lovers with busy lifestyles.


Experience More Than Just Coffee -Your Relaxing and Cozy Café in Mississauga:

Our peaceful and comfortable café in Mississauga aims to create an exceptional experience for its customers. Here, at PSB café enjoying specialty coffee and healthy foods goes beyond just a transaction. We offer a cozy and welcoming environment that is ideal for catching up with friends or taking a break from a hectic day. We take pride in fostering a sense of community for our customers. Our customers can connect with other coffee enthusiasts who share their love for high-quality coffee and nourishing foods. Whether you’re looking for a place to work, relax, or unwind, PSB Cafe provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion.


Location of Your Relaxing and Cozy Café in Mississauga:

Visit our locations near Sheridan College (HMC campus) today.

Don’t forget to sign up for our loyalty program and start earning rewards for every purchase! At PSB Café, we appreciate our loyal customers and want to give back to those who make us their go-to coffee spot. So why not drop by and join our loyalty program today? Experience the ultimate coffee experience and earn rewards with every sip at PSB Café.

Best instagramable cafe Mississauga

Most Instagram-Worthy Café in Mississauga!

Explore the best of PSB cafe in Mississauga, where style meets comfort and every shot is undeniably picture-perfect.

A cozy and stylish cafe in Mississauga with Instagram-worthy decor and a comforting ambiance.









PSB is the best instagramable cafe in Mississauga. Looking for a unique and memorable spot to snap, sip and share Instagram-worthy photos? Look no further than PSB café, located in Mississauga. Our cozy and inviting café is the perfect destination unquestionably for anyone seeking to add some style and flair to their social media feed. Without a doubt PSB café stands out for its Instagram able décor and design elements, our unique furniture pieces and eye-catching murals provide the perfect backdrop designed to make your photos pop. Whether you’re taking solo shots, couple photos, or group shots with friends PSB has got you covered!

Enhance your Instagramable cafe experience with a cozy and comforting Ambience

Welcome to our café, where we believe that ambiance is just as important as the menu. We strive to provide a cozy and comforting environment that enhances your experience and leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease. Our rustic and urban décor pieces radiate appeal and personality, creating a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding along with our varied Signature Coffee flavors. Whether you are catching up with friends or getting work done, our café provides the ideal setting.

Discover our décor’s retro & simple yet Instagramable Cafe vibe.

Our café’s rustic setting evokes nostalgia and a sense of belonging to a simpler, traditional way of life. Exposed brick walls, wooden accents, and vintage décor create a distinctive and unforgettable ambiance. Moreover, step back in time and escape modern life at our cozy café, whether you seek a quiet place to read or catch up with friends. Come and experience the charm of our rustic environment that is best cafe experience you will ever have.

Enjoy the Best Blend of Serenity and Style at PSB

At PSB café for a cozy and comfortable escape from everyday chaos. Enjoy a calm environment with extremely soothing lighting, cozy seating, and real wood finishes. And if you’re looking for the perfect spot for social media shots, our café won’t disappoint, with appealing décor and distinctive design elements. Come and capture your picturesque moments at our café. On the whole PSB café is the ultimate destination for those seeking the perfect blend of serenity and style. Come and experience it for yourself at the best Instagramable cafe in Mississauga today!

Discover PSB Café


Events at PSB Cafe!

Live Music Nights

PSB cafe is holding live music performances including regional artists, musicians, and performers, it has grown to be a well-liked hangout for music fans. Moreover, the café’s retro furnishings and plush seats create the ideal setting for these occasions, resulting in an intimate and welcoming environment that improves the music experience. Additionally, PSB Café’ offers patrons a special chance to discover fresh talent and appreciate a variety of musical genres. The café provides an opportunity for up-and-coming musicians to share their ability. That will and reach a larger audience, whether they are playing jazz, blues, or acoustic music.

Art Exhibitions

The café’s rustic and vintage décor again makes it the perfect setting for art exhibitions. Furthermore PSB café showcases the work of local artists, photographers, and other creatives, creating an artistic ambiance that is both inspiring and visually appealing making it best instagramable cafe in Mississauga.

Book Clubs

Book club meetings are held in the PSB café because of the cozy and welcoming ambiance here. Customers can savor their favorite coffee and pastries while perusing new books and authors in addition to taking advantage of the snug and comfy seating. Moreover, the café’s serene setting also fosters a calm ambiance that promotes a focused and useful discussion of the selected book. Also, PSB café  gives book club members a place to connect with others who share their passion for literature and utilize for networking and socializing tool. PSB café gives book lovers a chance to form a community by holding book club gatherings.

Food and Beverage Tastings

PSB Café can provide food and drink tastings that include pastries, coffee, and tea from their menu. Besides, guests can try various foods while learning about the ingredients and preparation techniques. In addition, Customers can also take part in brewing and baking events. Besides that it helps to discover various methods for creating coffee and pastries. Moreover, PSB Café can plan community events and fundraisers for neighborhood charities, strengthening sense of community.

At PSB you will the best of  fun, coffee, Relaxation.

Visit PSB Today!!!

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