Best Coffee Lounge Bakery at PSB Cafe

Want to experience the best Cafe experience in Mississauga? Choose PSB Cafe!

PSB Cafe takes pride in meeting your every need. From our extensive range of beverages, smoothies, coffee, and food we will ensure your tastebuds are happy! PSB cafe is known for their specialty coffee and extensive product knowledge, all barista’s are trained and certified by The Specialty Coffee Association. PSB Cafe is a locally owned small business located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario. 

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Customer Satisfaction

At PSB Cafe we take our customer satisfaction as our highest priority. We guarantee excellent customer service, high quality products and a beautiful atmosphere for our customers to enjoy. Our Barista's have extensive knowledge on our food and beverages and can help assist you into picking the perfect brew or meal. PSB Cafe is the perfect environment for hanging out with friends, studying or just relaxing. We offer a quiet study and a community space to meet all customer needs. We understand when it's time to have fun with friends but also when it's time to focus and grind your work out. Make us your new favourite fave by visiting us the best cafe lounge bakery at PSB Cafe Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario!

Our Mission to be the Best Cafe - Lounge - Bakery

To provide you with the best cafe lounge bakery experience yet. PSB Cafe values community, connection, innovation and inspiration. As soon as you walk into our Cafe you will be greeted with a smile. We value Corporate Social Responsibility so we take pride in providing customer with the highest quality fair trade coffee. This allows us to support local farmers and ensure we are sourcing our products ethically. PSB Cafe is a safe space for everyone that walks in the door.

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About Us: Meet the Owners

PSB Cafe proudly opened our doors September 2020. The brains behind the operation are Reese and Liz. after years of being left unsatisfied with past cafe experiences Reese and Liz decided to start-up their own coffee shop. They wanted their cafe to be a positive experience for all excelling in customer service, product quality and product knowledge. Reese and Liz value corporate social responsibility and sustability, they wanted to create an impact against other coffee shops. They also wanted to bring the joy and fun into your morning coffee run or studying for exams. PSB Cafe is aesthetically pleasing with its luxurious interior designed warm hospitality. Reese and Liz put the fun back into coffee. We hope you stop by soon to get the PSB experience!

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Featured in Photo: PSB Cafe's Breakfast, Sandwiches and Dessert. Image Source:

Meeting over Coffee in Mississauga

Asking for meeting over coffee in Mississauga is quite easy. In Coffee meetings, people converse; because there is no formality, this makes it appealing to many. A conversation is democratic, individuals are free to dialogue and express the real project issues or roadblocks. A conversation also gives people room to be creative and allows them to focus on issues that cannot be resolved in a conference room.

Formal meetings take a lot of time to organize:

Once someone attend, one will find that they are ‘too formal’, filled with an overload of data-focused PowerPoint presentations with many slides. They tend to not resolve the main objective of a meeting, which is to make a decision and move forward. This approach tends usually to conclude towards an email tennis game.

The main reason you are having this chat in the PSB Cafe instead of the conference room is to learn something from the other person and move forward with your project issues.

Benefits of meeting over coffee:

Benefits of the PSB cafe meeting cannot be emphasized enough. This may sound surprising but there are actually fewer distractions than in quiet offices and boardrooms as they tend to be quite monotonous. Working from the same place every day is an enemy of creativity. A change of an environment brings new type of input and stimulation. A coffee shop brings that benefit of discussing the real issues and helps stimulate positive activity with your project colleagues.

Overall, most of the meeting over Coffee in Mississauga are amazing. It is the quality of results discussed and attained during the meeting that simply cannot be replaced by a boardroom or other formal meetings.

Informal Coffee Meeting:

The informal nature of coffee shops puts meeting participants at ease, which is beneficial for both client and colleague meetings. Meeting a client at a coffee shop places both a person and the client on neutral territory. These meetings avoid the anxiety that comes with being on someone else’s turf.

Asking someone to have a coffee chat with people can provide benefits such as the opportunity to strengthen current connections. A coffee chat provides an informal setting in which a person have a discussion with a colleague or coworker. This allows for a different type of discussion than a person might have while working or in the office. Someone can plan the meeting to develop a stronger connection, both personally and professionally, with colleagues.


Reestablish old connections:

An important part of networking is maintaining our former professional connections. This requires communicating with people he or she is no longer see regularly. One way to stay in contact with old connections is through getting coffee together. This is a perfect time to discuss what that person did after one stopped working together or what they’re doing now.

Meeting over Coffee in Mississauga

Make new connections:

People can also use an informal meeting to make new connection’s. If he/she want to learn from someone, ask them to get coffee with that person. It typically helps to have a common connection with this person, such as a former colleague, but someone can also ask strangers out to coffee. If someone ask politely and explain his reasons for wanting to meet them, they might appreciate the interest and say yes.

These meetings are great ways to learn about new opportunities. If someone is considering a career change, talking to someone in that field can help someone learn more about it before switching. A person can ask someone to have coffee with him or her for this purpose, or he/she might learn about new jobs simply by talking to others. Regardless of whether someone is looking to change jobs, it’s often useful to learn about our options.

Freshly brewed coffee in Mississauga

Freshly brewed coffee in Mississauga

This freshly brewed café in the vicinity has to be in every coffee lovers’ to-do list!

Being a Freshly brewed coffee café in Mississauga is one of the needs of the localists for the moment.

The cafes have an obligation to not only sell its products and services but also its ambiance and vibes.

They have to be aware about the various social matters and have it in utmost consideration.

Being socially aware and active on various social media platforms are a vital factor for the cafes.

It helps to get a good social standing amongst its competitors and within its audience.

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Freshly Brewed Coffee at Mississauga, Square One

This friendly neighborhood café caters to the needs of its customers and provides them with a memorable experience.

They also serve finely brewed coffee with an experienced barista.

Serving the freshly brewed coffee is one of the key essentials for the cafes to survive in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

This café does it perfectly as it takes a keen interest on the consumers feedbacks and works on it improvising its products.

The Chamomile Tea which is the best selling products of the café and served at an affordable price and gives them a sense of refreshment equally.

The seldomly available artisan croissants are freshly baked and given out at the counter to the people at the most reasonable prices.

The café is one of a kind and offers selective products in its outlets and also caters to a comparatively wide range of customers.

About the Staff

The café staff does not serve the coffee and its eateries like an obligation, but they give it out with a sense of belonging towards the coffee enthusiasts.

The ambiance of the café also is a remarkable one and also it make the visit to the store a memorable one and the chances of the individual returning back is relatively higher.

Aesthetics and Vintage Collection of Cutlery
Vintage Cutlery at Freshly Brewed Café Mississauga


What makes us one of a kind? Lets dive in!

  1. The aesthetic and vintage café vibe:

Amidst the fast paced standard of living and between the chaos of the city and its responsibilities, the café is more of a place to sit back and have a relaxed cup of coffee with a croissant by the side.

The café does not narrow its products to only coffee items but also offers Tea to the tea lovers.

An important observation is also that the cutlery used to serve is in complete sync to the ambience of the café.

2. Mellow Background Music

Secondly, the café has an exceptional genre of good and mellow instrumental music in its background throughout the day. Also the music is so soothing that one cup of coffee does not do justice to the place.

The places calls for an additional one. The instrumentals just calms the individual than the hustle bustle from the errands outside.

3. Qualified Barista

The individuals are well catered to whilst they are in the café with highly experienced staff and quick service by them.

The staff is able to cater to the best of their abilities to meet your needs as per your needs and mood for the day. They certainly pay attention to detail and are very consumer oriented.


Most selling offerings at Freshly Brewed café in Mississauga

A) Chamomile Tea

B) Artisanal Croissants

C) Iced + Hot Coffee


Staying Connected with us at all times!

The PSB Café is a place to be refresh and reenergize with one self.

Secondly, it is simply an escape admits the city chaos.

Our café has an App for its customers, available on Appstore and Play Store which is absolutely free to download.

There is no need to think twice but simply download it to avail the numerous discount offers.

Stay updated with the recent trends, tastes, monthly recommendations and festive coupons and benefits of referrals and much more!

Go ahead, take the extra mile and discover yourself.

Chamomile Tea
The Chamomile Tea at Freshly Brewing Café at Mississauga, Square one.

Finally, stay connected with us on your social platforms for frequent updates.

Freshly Brewed Coffee in Mississauga





Organic Veggie Omellete In Mississauga

Organic Veggie Omelette with Coffee at PSB Cafe

Mississauga’s first Organic Veggie Omellete

Organic Veggie Omellete with Barista Coffee at PSB Café

PSB Cafe is offering its customers a new product line which is more focused
on having a healthy lifestyle. Organic veggie omellete in Mississauga @PSB Café.

  • All of our meals are free of red meat, processed sugars, preservatives, and vegetable oils as well as dairy products from cows.
  • We provide just a little bit of white seafood and meat. At the same time we assemble the freshest ingredients and high-quality, organic products to create delectable meals that we like to refer to as “Healthy & Customized Offerings.”

PSB Café is offering Mississauga’s first Organic Veggie Omellete with our signature Barista Coffee.
Coffee and Organic Veggie Omellete
Veggie Organic Omellete with Barista Coffee

We are the first café in Mississauga who are offering this unique dish which is known as Organic Veggie Omellete. Customers are now more focused on healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet.

We at PSB Café , have an exclusive new range of menu which is specially designed for people who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We have customized offerings for our walk in customers and also for the ones who order online through our website.


Healthy Organic Options:

Organic Platter
Organic Veggie Platter

Following items are all available on our menu.

      • Organic Veggie Omellete
  • Protein Burger
  • Numerous plant-based meals
  • Barista Coffee and more
  • Pizzas
  • Freshly squeezed juices and Smoothies
  • Homemade cakes

Additionally, our café is available for private events and you’re seeking for a distinctive location to organize a memorable occasion. Also , we provide food for small to big gatherings and create meals that are tailored to your particular requirements.

Book Now!
Book now!

Healthy Lifestyle @PSB Café

  • Firstly , encouraging you to eat better
  • Feel better
  • Become healthier
  • Be happier while also passing this inspiration on to your children, family, friends, as well as to community in order to build a more understanding, caring, and kind world that we can all share and ardently appreciate.
  • Eating and drinking better
  • Another key point, someone is vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, or nut-free, also we can accommodate their needs.
  • At the same time ,besides you may be confident that you know exactly what’s in your cuisine because every one of our dishes is clearly listed on the menu.
  • To give the most nutritional value, as a result we take pride in freshly preparing every item on our menu at the time it is ordered.

Fresh Juices & Smoothies

Fresh Fruit Juices @PSB Cafe
  • As shown above ,not occasionally and not every now and then, however always 100% juice is what you will expect from us.
  • First thing to know, we always serve you the best of the best products
  • We are also aware that, like ourselves, our audience is at various stages of their path but toward better health.
  • Following that significantly the weapons and allies you enlist to assist your vision should be dependable and constant, therefore ensuring that you always receive 100% juice.

We have a wide variety of options to choose from:

  • Strawberry

  • Pineapple

  • Blueberries

  • Orange

  • Spinach

Additionally our enlarged menu, take advantage of a comprehensive selection of smoothies, bubble teas, and Matcha teas.

Experienced staff will serve you the best and a refreshing healthy veggie fresh juice. Thus,  You’re definitely going to love it!

Make your own Salad!

Also, our owners and operators a successful business model and a brand they can be proud of. Thus  our objective as a result  is to offer our customers a fresh and nutritious alternative than to traditionally unhealthy fast food.

Because you’re a consumer searching for a tasty, wholesome meal or a businessperson looking for a wholesome business opportunity, we can help.

The days of measuring vegetables, preparing chicken, and counting each solitary pea on a plate have long since passed.

From time to time, PSB Cafe has all the options to make your own salad!

Lastly you can enjoy your cake (or cookie) both ways besides if you make it!

We hope to see you soon at our PSB Cafe – Mississauga 

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