Custom-combo meals in Mississauga- Made Fresh

Custom-combo meals in Mississauga at PSB Cafe. When you have the choice to customize your combo, options are plenty. At PSB Café, every menu item – created fresh, served warm, and balanced perfectly so you could make the right decision. Custom and pair with any food or drink – recommends flavors combo based on ingredients, according to your preference, diet, saves money and time, and reduces food waste.

Nutritional value for Optimal well-being

Custom-combo meals in Mississauga

With various products ideal for the health conscious, you can enjoy your meal without compromising your health. All the while, we are focused to serve you to give specific energy consumption needs for any meal of the day. Now, your food and beverages will be even more tasty and flavorsome.

Get your Fresh Custom-combo meals in Mississauga!

Customize your balanced meal:

If there is a combo available, why there is a need for customization?  Many don’t prefer the idea of pre-combo meals. And above all, they might prefer something else within their combo or if it’s not available they eat with a heavy heart. Furthermore, the food that you want to eat should not be a punishment rather you have to eat to make you feel better and that is when you get to personalize your own food and drink.

The goal here is that you must feel satisfied with how much you feel better and fresh while choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Get started with Custom-combo meals in Mississauga!

Stir to perfection


Custom-combo meal in Mississauga

We are proud to say we have our own barista who is certified by Speciality Coffee Association. He is a well-known barista because his family owns a coffee bean business. Let’s just say they have superior produce of all coffee beans.  Berg Wu is an artist when it comes to making coffee. Unquestionably, he is the best at tampering with the coffee and never missed the balance of coffee, cream, and sugar. It will feel like a hug to your soul. As a matter of fact, the coffee is roasted to perfection. It is fresh, dark, velvety, and aromatic which gives you the mouthfeel satisfaction of drinking your first sip of our coffee. You can custom-combo your meals with the best coffee in town that hits the right notes of satisfaction.

Read more about our Premium Coffee!

Did you know our taste buds change every two weeks?

Custom-combo meal in Mississauga

Although this might be true, we want to ensure we serve only best for you. A little boost for Monday shenanigans right? Well, guess what? We introduce Bliss Bite Monday!


Meet the all-new secret drink prepared by Chef Reynold who is a creative genius to make amazing and mouthwatering dessert drinks and exotic desserts. Here is a little hint for our next secret menu drink! They smell like roses with thick, creamy foam on top and they will taste heavenly. Additionally, we give you one free baked good which will complement your dessert drink if you buy it.

Signature Food item:

Custom-combo meal in Mississauga Custom-combo meal in MississaugaOur Aubergine Lasagna is a top seller. All the ingredients are fresh and made from scratch daily. Our vegan lasagna will be an appreciation to all your senses. The Aubergine is sliced thin to perfection which is soaked in lemon butter and afterward, layered with two different sauces which are rich and creamy. Topped with vegan shredded cheese, baked in the oven for that crispy top layer of heaven is all you want to crave.

But hey, here’s a secret!

It’s even tastier than normal lasagna!

Click here how you can customize and pair with the best beverage



Our Story



PSB café was founded by indeed by a culinary chef who studied in culinary school. While he was a student, he was doing part-time at a café. Working in the kitchen made him realize that prepping meals and drinks was not authentic, not fresh, or not even bothered to course a balanced meal. He wanted to design a combo that any food or drink could go along with and focus on good nourishment, tasty food, and fulfillment.

Meet our Founder and Chef:

PSB Cafe - Custom combo

Tony Lam studied in a culinary school to build his own empire in the food industry. He worked tirelessly and worked hard on recipes and ingredients that could complement each other. So, when customers want to order, they can custom-combo meals however they desire. Subsequently, he wants to fulfill that once anyone comes to his restaurant, they should leave with fullness and peace of mind.


Need a Quick bite?

Our team has divided according to order and serve you quickly without any hassle or difficulty in your busy schedule.

Decide your first-ever custom-combo meals in Mississauga from our Menu

Menu Items:

Breakfast and Lunch
  1. Bagel sandwich
  2. Butter Croissant
  3. Blueberry Pancakes
  4. Raspberry compote almond butter toast
  5. Date plum
  6. Crepes with exotic fruits
  7. Cream filled donuts
  8. Poutine with a twist
  9. Salads and sides
  10. Mushroom soup
  11. Veggie style burger
  12. Oven baked Pizza
  13. Rice and Gravy
  14. Wraps
  15. Pasta
Brew StationCustom-combo meals in Mississauga
  1. Decaf
  2. Latter
  3. Cappuccinos
  4. Flavor-infused coffee (Aromatherapy)
  5. Frappes
  6. Matcha latte
  7. Chai Latte
Smoothie & MoctailsCustom-combo meals in Mississauga
  1. All in one berry smoothie
  2. Matcha Delight
  3. Strawberry Acai Smoothie
  4. Summer in a Smoothie
  5. Clean Green Smoothie
  6. Banana and Chocolate Smoothie




Dessert Barcustom-combo
  1. Hot cocoa (Seasonal drink with customized toppings)
  2. coconut pie tee Tartlette
  3. Chocolate Delight
  4. Lavender mousse, berry compote, and sponge with almond biscuit base
  5. Lotus biscoff cake
  6. Smores
  7. Macaroons





Some of our own famous Custom – combo meals in the menu

Matcha banana Pancake with Avocado and kiwi smoothiecustom-combocustom combo

The pancakes are made fluffy with a lovely hint of matcha and topped with sliced bananas enough to wake you up with a lot of energy, satisfaction, and fresh. The best part is when you drizzle with luscious maple syrup brings a colorful sensation to your mouth.

Pair with our famous green smoothie to stay healthy and feel good and lite.




Custom-combo meals in Mississauga

 Think crust veg Pizza and Peach lemonade mocktailCustom-combo meals in Mississauga

A thin-crust pizza is everyone’s favorite! We make our pizza in our brick oven which makes it soft, chewy, and crisp with a lot of fresh toppings and herbs to bring comfort to you.


Pair with our indeed Peach lemonade mocktail which will awaken your palate to indulge more!

Not interesting enough? Well, come and check out our cafe so you can custom-combo meals in Mississauga to get your first ever experience at our cafe.

Collect and claim rewards at every order and a 5% discount on your first order if you sign up for our Reward Program for exciting offers and discounts!


Custom combo





Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

Best mint chocolate coffee in Mississauga

One of the most obvious flavour pairings that comes to mind is chocolate and mint. They are incredibly complimentary to one another and have produced some of the best works ever made. Many individuals depend on their morning cup of coffee to get their day off to a good start. The fact that coffee has been linked to a wide range of potential health benefits in addition to its stimulating effects gives you even more reason to start brewing it.Coffee is a popular beverage that is known to increase energy and attention. PSB cafe have the Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga.

Why to choose PSB cafe ?

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga


PSB café is located in mississauga. we use fresh and healthy ingredients. We have amazing ambience and friendly staff. We also have world class coffee experts with lot of experience in. We have lot of flavours in coffee and the most healthy and famous one is mint chocolate coffee. Coffee making and you will always get mind blowing taste of our coffee.  If you want to taste the best coffee do visit PSB café in mississauga

coffee is grown with care to make the best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

In some of the most well-known coffee-growing locations in the world, small coffee growers cultivate our coffee. The technique of growing coffee is frequently a labor-intensive procedure in the arid regions of our exporting nations. Our research and expertise in coffee make us different from other brands.

Coffee combination and selection done by experts to make Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga

coffee makers choose particular coffees and combine these various ingredients to make blends that are opulent, intricate, and well-balanced. Type of bean we use is robusta, roasting style. Coffee beans are initially green. Once they have cooled, they are ground for brewing. They undergo a chemical shift during the intensely hot roasting process, which is what gives coffee its distinctive flavour and aroma. Light, medium, and dark roasting are all possible. The colour, flavour, and acidity of a roast vary depending on how dark or light it is. A black bean with a dark roast will have little acidity and a bitter roast flavour. A common French roast is medium-dark in colour. We use fine grind for stronger flavours like espresso, which releases the oils.

From where we get our mint chocolate ?

We directly import our mint chocolate from europe. To give the authentic taste of mint chocolate and refresh the taste buds as well. A chocolate mint with hints of chocolate in the flavour and aroma. A classic peppery mint finish blends with subtle flavours of cocoa and vanilla.


What are the benefits of mint chocolate ?

•  Is rich in vitamin A and C.
•  Contain manganese.
•  Essential oils are reputed to be effective in treating indigestion, cramping and nausea.
•  Improves brain function.

Is it healthy to have mint chocolate coffee so answer is yes, PSB cafe known for their Best coffee and They are providing the best flavour with so many health benefits.

Best mint chocolate coffee in mississauga


What are the benefits of coffee ?

Coffee contains caffeine its a stimulant, it makes your brain and nervous system more active. it promotes the body’s circulation of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Caffeine can help you feel alert and concentrated in modest quantities.

•  Boosts energy level and Mint gives refreshment
•  Support brain health.
•  Support gut health.
•  Slower the risk of depression.
•  Increase metabolism rate of body.
•  Is good for heart and liver.


Nutrition facts of mint chocolate coffee serving size 1 cup 250ml

Carbs : 0g
Calories : 2.5
Sugar : 1g
Protein : 0.5g
Vitamin D, A and C




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Healthy Veggie salads in Mississauga

Healthy Veggie Salads in Mississauga

Healthy Veggie Salad At PSB Café

Looking for a Healthy option to start up your day? Specifically, a salad with high-quality ingredients? Visit PSB Café in Mississauga to try Healthy veggie salads.

At PSB Café we ​​offer a wide range of healthy options ,made from fresh ingredients. We choose fresh farm vegetables and ingredients to satisfy customer’s taste buds. Not only that, but we also have protein style burgers, loaded veggie omelets, chicken and fruit salads and our Unforgettable Barista coffee, which will make you visit our Café again.

The secret of making a Healthy salad at PSB café

We never hide any ingredients from our customers and give them the option to choose ingredients for their salad. Although there are many steps involved in making a salad, our first and last step is always customer satisfaction.

1.Selection of farm fresh veggies

Nothing can beat fresh and green leafy veggies, specially when directly picked from farms. Choose your favorite healthy veggies according to your choice.

Healthy Veggies at Farmers Market

2.Lets add some color and crunch in your Healthy salad

Add your favorite spices to it now with our special seasoning and sausages, or our handmade dressings, as it has all the healthy ingredients such as 100% pure organic olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt for salad and mayo which is freshly made everyday. Meaning that, all the preparation is done in front of you, to let you customize your meal, so that you can get what exactly you want and you get the fun of getting something cooked.

3.Its Ready to eat, now enjoy your salad with our luxurious ambience, where you would feel like home.

Healthy Salad at PSB Café

Benefits of eating healthy food

There is no denying the fact that eating healthy food involves loads of benefits.

1-Healthy Heart

Eating healthy food can help people to reduce their blood pressure and keep their hearts healthy. Even According to many researches, eating fresh vegetables and fruits can help in reducing so many heart disease. Since they are full of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

2-Boosts brain Health

People who eat more vegetable and fruits on daily  basis or stick to a healthy diet, are more likely to have less mood fluctuations. Which could help to improve their overall ability. This is even more beneficial in the case of depression, anxiety, and Dyslexia.

Eat healthy, Live Healthy

3- Increases immunity

Habit of eating junk and packed food could lead to obesity, and because of this the immunity system also has to suffer. However, healthy food, on the other hand has numerous benefits, and better immune system is one of them. As eating healthy foods like strawberries, blueberries, oranges, leafy greens, carrot, tomatoes, cheese ,milk, herbs, and spices can help to improve overall immunity because they are full with minerals ,fiber and vitamins, and helps immunity system to fight against viruses.

Why to choose PSB Café

PSB Café is located in the heart of Mississauga, and what makes us different from other cafes is our choice of ingredients, which are fresh and organic. Since, we offer a variety of options in food, and a luxurious ambience where you can spend quality time with your loved once, while enjoying the food. So, Would you like to try a Healthy salad visit PSB  Café on confederation parkway in Mississauga.

  • Experienced staff  who serve Healthy Veggie Salads in PSB Café Mississauga

With our experienced staff members, we promise our customers to offer high end services, because our people know what your needs are and how to make your meal memorable. Our staff members and quality of services makes us different from others.

Experienced Staff members at PSB Café

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Healthy veggie salads in Mississauga




Custom Coffee and Sandwich in Mississauga

Coffee is loved for its caffeinated boost almost as much as for its deep, strong flavor. Most of the people find it hard to find time to make their favorite coffee or sandwich. Even if they could find some café it’s hard to match their exact taste and preferences. Mississauga is filled with people from all around the world. To make peoples life easier we are now offering custom coffee and sandwich in Mississauga according to their choices. Also, we now provide custom combos.

Customized Coffee

Now you can make your own personalized coffee and sandwich with us, right here in Mississauga.
Even better!! You can create your custom combo by selecting the coffee and snacks.

More than just a Coffee or Tea!!

PSB uses premium coffee beans sourced with people & quality in mind. We use High quality beans from Arabica, Kona, Colombia and Rona that are used to prepare the best coffee in the world. These beans are sourced from all around the world to make the best custom coffee as per the consumer needs from around the world.

custom coffee

To add more to this, we also provide a number of options for the tea lovers in Mississauga.

Quick Customized Coffee for you!!

PSB has own CSA-certified baristas who are highly skilled and will surprise you with their incredibly creative latte art designs. In order to satisfy your taste senses and provide an unforgettable experience, we have a variety of coffee to choose from. We also do a number of art designs to provide the best personal experience.

We make sure that each customer gets their own custom coffee by altering the type of beans used in the coffee. They make sure to personalize products according to customer’s needs. This creates a positive customers experience as the customers have control and freedom of choice over their coffee.

Your Personalized sandwiches

Customized Sandwich

Each person is different in terms of taste and preferences. We try to get to know each of them and try to get them a personalized experience. This is achieved through providing the customers the freedom to choose their own ingredients for their custom sandwich.

PSB has a variety of ingredient’s that a customer can choose from.  Seven type of bread choices are provided at the beginning. This is followed by a number of choices for meat, cheese, vegetarians, condiments, toppings etc. This helps the customers to create their own custom sandwich.

Custom sandwich


PSB Café has now introduced new customizable combo packs. Customers can now choose their own combos from a variety of Coffee and snacks that are available in the café.

Combos are provided by most of the cafes in Mississauga. Cafes provide fixed combos to their customers this is where we differ from them. We provide an option to create a custom combo from the selected items. These combos are available at the same price range as that of other combos with a major change that the customers can personalize their choices.

Custom sandwich

PSB’s do special offers for students as well. With the heavy workload and busy schedule, students are in need of a coffee or tea to relax their mind. But they are not able to get this as they have a limited budget for their meals.  We have identified this need and created custom combos focused on students. Now students can get their favorite coffee and snacks with in their budget.

Special additions are provided for customers who needs something more special for them. Unlike the given custom item’s specials are available with extra pay.

Love to enjoy a Custom coffee and snacks in Mississauga? 

PSB is the right choice for you. Now you have the freedom to create your own custom coffee and sandwich in Mississauga. Furthermore, you can enjoy your personalized combos.

To blend into the world of coffee, to enlighten the hidden taste of your taste buds, come and try our new option of customization. Sign up to our web page to know more.

Furthermore, you can also subscribe to our newsletters to win promo cards or even get better deals.

Healthy food Restaurant in Mississauga

Of course, It is Your Cup of Coffee!

Would you deny if we say that the best way to dip yourself in energy is by sipping a cup of coffee in the morning? Stealing a smile by giving an extraordinary experience for coffee lovers is always our main priority. Clearly, we strive to be the best healthy food Restaurant in Mississauga. Here, at PSB café we aim to serve and satisfy ethnically diverse people from various parts of world. Importantly, satisfying our customers who are highly health conscious is our responsibility and that’s how we choose the beans! PSB café is committed in ensuring that the most popular dishes being served here are launched after a careful choice to get into customer’s favorite list.

Trying out different cuisines from various parts of world that too health friendly is our guarantee. While ensuring the perfection of a coffee from a seed to cup, we also make sure that all dishes are served at it finest!

Did you know?? A Quick Journey through the healthy food Restaurant

Dried peach tea from healthy food café in Mississauga
Newly launched healthy dried peach tea containing antioxidants helping antiaging

In Today’s world where people give due importance to nutritious food, the ability to serve it without compromising its deliciousness and quality is the success of every café. Our certified baristas have spent a considerable time to choose the most healthy and nutritional dishes to offer our customers. Besides, the specialty teas and coffees are therapeutic in nature, and the premium-quality, fresh ingredients used to make the sandwiches.

Unlike other cafes, PSB is known for variety of coffees and teas where the flavors selected by us are rich in medicinal values which improves digestion, regulates blood sugar level and is beneficial for the heart. Furthermore, our newly launched dishes include 1. Cinnamon coffee, which offers tons of antioxidants and acts against cold, 2. Dried peach tea, helps in antiaging and in enhancing dental and bone health 3. Pumpkin spice Black tea which naturally acts as an agent to ease stiffness and muscle pain, and more (Check out the menu to explore our handpicked dishes)

Undoubtedly, PSB café is always confident in serving the most fresh and premium quality sandwiches and side kicks with our beverages.

Can’t wait to try out different cuisines from the city? Here is the best healthy food spot

In Mississauga there are people from various parts of the globe and here, we are ready to entice your taste buds by serving the handpicked dishes from all over the world. In addition to this, our In-house special menu includes Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and more! Unquestionably, this healthy food Restaurant in Mississauga is the right place for you if you are up for exploring new cuisines. People are busy with their hectic and tedious schedules which makes them settle for what is readily available. But, we know what you crave for and serve you the best.

Looking for the best place for business and casual meet ups? Yes, you are at the right place!

Exterior of the healthy food café in mississauga

Quiet and aesthetic atmosphere of the café by making the best use of natural lighting.

We are here to welcome you with a cozy and warm space you’ve been looking for. If you haven’t been here, don’t be too late to reach your perfect hangout spot. The artistic and elegant ambience of our café will win your heart. Obviously, this is the best spot in the city for professional meet ups and other gatherings. Likewise, The calm and quiet atmosphere elevates the beauty of this spot. Moreover, The café is designed by making use of natural lighting which makes it more aesthetic and encourages people to be productive in their projects, especially students and working professionals with its lively atmosphere.


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About us:

Location: 3050, Confederation Parkway, Mississauga






Student friendly Cafe in Mississauaga

 PSB Café in Mississauga AKA Student friendly café


Students wish fulfilled

A college not surrounded by a café, or a coffee shop is a after all not what a students college experience is supposed to be. Every one of us love to have our spot with our friends near our college where we can chill and discuss and laugh and be the happiest we can be, after all they are students and they need some relaxation. There comes PSB café for your rescue, a student friendly café in Mississauga in order to serve the students of Sheridan college. It is one-of-a-kind cafés in Mississauga, it fulfilled the wish of the students of wanting to have a coffee shop or a place that above all offers enticing food and drinks at an affordable price close to their campus.


Why is PSB Café considered student friendly café in Mississauga?


Student friendly café

As we all know being a student and paying college expenses such as tuition fees, and purchasing the books and supplies needed is not easy. The cost included in these is increasing because of which students nowadays have become more economical and think a lot to spend and constrain themselves from even having a decent meal. This is when PSB café comes to the rescue of students by providing a specially curated menu for students at a discounted price and various meal options. This student friendly  café in Mississauga also provides free wi-fi.







What does PSB café offer for students (Menu for students)



  • Cappuccino                                                                     $3.00
  • Latte                                                                                 $2.50
  • Americano                                                                      $2.00
  • Choco/vanilla Latte                                                      $3.00
  • Mocha                                                                             $3.00
  • Milk Tea                                                                          $2.50
  • Matcha/ Brown sugar Milk Tea                                 $3.00
  • Masala Tea                                                                     $2.50
  • Fruit Tea                                                                         $3.00

Quick Bites

  • Fries (peri-peri/ cheesy/ classic)                                $3.00
  • Onion rings                                                                     $3.50
  • Mashed potato                                                               $3.50
  • Poutine                                                                            $4.00
  • Nuggets (Veg/ Cheese/ Chicken)                               $4.00

Wraps and Bowls

  • Classic Veg wrap                                                           $4.00
  • Chicken wrap (crispy/ shawarma)                            $5.00
  • Classic Veg bowl                                                            $4.00
  • Chicken Bowl (crispy/ shawarma)                             $5.00

Meal Kit

  • Any beverage with a quick bite                                   $6.00
  • Any beverage with a wrap or bowl                             $7.50
  • One beverage one quick bite one wrap or bowl       $9.00


student friendly café


NO room for hunger anymore

PSB café offers various options specifically for students where they can eat what they want rather than settling for whatever is there. They provide different kinds of meals where you can get one beverage and a quick bite for just $6.00, any beverage with your wrap or bowl for just $7.50, and lastly for a whole meal, a beverage with a quick bite and a wrap or a bowl for just $9. These meals indeed help students a lot economically. They can order the food or drink they want individually or instead of ordering each item separately which will cost them more, they can also have a little of everything which will be more than enough for one meal in a more cost-efficient way.



Why PSB Café is the ideal café for students?

Traveling is the most common problem faced by students because of the time constrain however PSB café has a solution for that. It is located very close to the college which certainly helps Sheridan students in many ways. They don’t have to travel or catch a public transport just to grab a coffee or a quick bite henceforth. Getting a hot coffee in the cold weather and hoping it would remain hot until you reach college is no longer a dream. Lack of time is the next biggest problem students face when they are busy with their academics, but PSB café has got it covered too, if you are wondering how mobile ordering is the way you save time by ordering food ahead of time and the staff will keep it ready for you when you arrive.


stuent friendly cafe


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Peaceful and Aesthetic café in Mississauga

This peaceful and aesthetic café in Mississauga is every coffee lover’s dream place!

Being purpose-driven in business is currently popular. Companies have a social responsibility to take an interest in the world around them. It doesn’t matter what the issue is—it could be ethical, social, or environmental—whatever they do is important. The strategy for sustainable practices in the café business is the introduction of an artisanal approach. You can get to the city’s best location, a peaceful and aesthetic cafe in Mississauga, to enjoy an undoubtedly amazing experience.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

Our warm neighbourhood café serves a daily selection of the best foods and beverages from our bakers and trained baristas in addition to the delicacies made on-site.

To brighten the mood, the interiors contain mild touches. Consequently, our peaceful and aesthetic cafe in Mississauga presents mild-themed decor and a not-too-bright interior along with a small side patio area on the exterior and many amazing things on the inside.

What’s inside? Read down below


What makes our café peaceful and aesthetic?

  1. Minimalist Design Layout

PSB Cafe offers an open floor, and simple line layout, providing a soothing and comfortable space for customers. With minimal elements in the ambiance, it provides a de-cluttered environment and thus creates a sense of calm and warmth. Additionally, the peaceful and aesthetic environment in the cafe makes the PSB an Instagram-worthy cafe.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Comfortable furnishing

PSB café opted for well-cushioned chairs, armchairs, and couches to provide customers with a homely atmosphere. Spacious tables indeed allow the customers to use their electronic gadgets alongside their meals.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Mini Library at PSB

PSB has a separate section dedicated to all avid book lovers. A mini library subsequently is in one corner of the café, which is also a quiet area of the cafe. Thereafter, anyone who comes to the books section would know from the aura of the place that quiet is to be maintained and to make sure no other readers are disturbed.

PSB has a wide variety of genres of books, for example, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, historical, business, and many more.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Natural lighting is what makes the café peaceful and aesthetic

With the installation of large windows, plenty of natural light comes throughout the day, allowing the customers to keep up with their physical and psychological well-being, and in general boosts focus and productivity. Furthermore, with its peaceful and aesthetic theme, PSB also gives customers a chance to click amazing pictures with their friends and family on social media.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Soothing background music

Our peaceful and aesthetic cafe in Mississauga plays selected music that complements the ambience of the café. Calm and low-fidelity music is played to ensure that no one is disturbed by the noise.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

Product offerings

We, at PSB café, are mindful of where our natural products come from. We ensure to provide purely organic and genetically modified organism-free products, by supporting sustainable farming.

Our café offers a wide range of snacks, beverages, and bakery items. You can visit us at Confederation Parkway, near Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga.

Our product line includes:

Coffee: cappuccino, lattes, espresso, and cold brews.

Other drinks: smoothies, hot chocolates, tea, and iced tea.

Snack and Bakery items: burritos, sandwiches, salad bowls, burgers, etc.

Bakery items: donuts, rolls, puffs, cookies, and muffins.


Recommended Drinks at the peaceful and aesthetic café

These drinks were the most ordered in the past two months, and thus very popular amongst customers.

  • Iced cap coffee
  • Mocha latte, and
  • Strawberry iced crush

Let’s Connect

The PSB Café is a buzzing meeting place where visitors can socialize in a cozy setting that makes them feel at home. People can relax in the welcoming and laid-back setting while sipping on a hot beverage from the soft menu. Visitors can enjoy reading in the café’s library while savouring their smooth, tempting coffee.

Our PSB café also runs a newsletter, that keeps you updated with all the latest offers, new product launches, recommendations for the week, offers and discounts, festive deals, and many more.

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The best naturally sourced premium coffee!

 The best naturally sourced premium coffee – Java Express

Look no further for freshly brewed naturally sourced premium coffee and nutritious baked goodies!

Coffee tastes better when you know where it comes from. We are passionate about how our coffee is grown, so we supply organically sourced premium whole-roasted coffee beans. They are processed and roasted to our specifications to ensure that each freshly brewed cup of coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino is pleasantly satisfying.

We went a step further and offer nutritious organic baked goods, featuring vegan options, that are created fresh daily- croissants, scones, delectable grilled sandwiches, wraps, and much more.

Naturally sourced premium coffee

Some people prefer vibrant colours and cosy sitting, whereas others enjoy delectable coffees, specialties, and tempting pastries.

Our country has a multitude of beverage options and is well-known for its “grab and go” coffee culture. So, what differentiates us? Our attention to detail. From the cosy seating ambience to the product quality, we are firm believers in the well-being, comfort, and experience of our consumers.

Why our coffee?Naturally sourced premium coffeeA month ago on a Monday, Café de Flore was the first thing in mind when we arrived in Paris 🥐☕️ Can every Monday be like thi… | Pretty breakfast, Pretty food, Food

Coffee, the rich golden flavour, the enticing aroma when freshly prepared, the instant caffeine boost to the system, the invigorating start to a new day, a kind of ambrosia to humans. It’s no surprise that coffee is the most popular beverage among Canadians.

Addiction is bad but you don’t have to worry about our coffee, Java Express has the perfect cuppa for you.

Java Express in Mississauga provides an exceptional naturally sourced premium coffee that is antioxidant-rich. Will keep you healthy and stimulated, as well as tingling your nerves to improve your mood.

We provide a wide variety of beverages, including cold brews, dark/medium roast, ice mixes, espresso, and lattes, all customized to order.

To accompany our naturally sourced premium coffee, what can you get to eat at java express?

lunch, food and aesthetic - image #7669171 on

Java Express delivers fresh-from-the-oven meals in addition to the exquisite beverage options available.

We pride ourselves on serving food that is hot, fresh, and crisp, making you want to come back for more! Our in-house bakery distinguishes us from most coffee cafes in that we do never freeze our food and instead prepare them fresh.

The Rise Of Organic Food 

When it comes to culinary trends, veganism has grown dramatically over the last decade, even more so in recent years.

Vegan ideas, vegan food, and vegan restaurants are more popular than ever among health-conscious consumers and animal rights activists worldwide.

Millennials are among the most avid buyers of organic food. Claiming that its greener manufacturing produces not just a safer product but also a more flavorful one. The absence of chemicals or pesticides in organic produce distinguishes it from other mass-produced goods, prompting many consumers to prefer ‘cleaner’ foods.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people all around have been forced to reassess their beliefs and adopt many lifestyle modifications. One important trend we’ve noticed is a shift in eating habits.

The pandemic has emphasized the significance of food choices for our own health as well as the health of our environment. The consequences of these decisions are far-reaching, and the present outbreak has served as a massive wake-up call.

The vegan trend was gaining pace even before the COVID-19 health catastrophe, but demand for plant-based beverages and foods has surged dramatically.

Our Vegan options

Naturally sourced premium coffeeSome of the most popular dishes on the menu are:

Croissants, scones, donuts, muffins, bread, cookies, chicken sandwich, Breakfast Sandwiches. Breakfast Wraps, Sous Vide Egg Bites, and French toast are among the snacks and bakery items available.

Vegan options include a chickpea salad, a vegan burrito, a slaw sandwich. Burrito bowl, and avocado toast and Swiss Chard Soba Noodle Stir Fry.

Where can you find us?

Visit Java Express visit at 725 Confederation Parkway in Mississauga today to enjoy freshly brewed and baked food and beverages from our professional baristas, as we provide a large range of vegan snacks, beverages, bread items, coffee, and tea.

At Java Express, we hope to see you soon!

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  Naturally sourced premium coffee


PSB Café a Multiethnic café brews fresh coffee in Mississauga.

PSB Cafe

A cup that goes around the globe!!!

PSB Café has a wonderful quiet ambience where multiethnic people can relax and enjoy their freshly brewed cups of coffee. You can even order a croissant to go with your coffee. For anyone who wishes to escape the crowd and enjoy a relaxing time, PSB Café is a great choice. Don’t settle for fast food this winter, but treat yourself to an array of delicious, authentic beverages and food options at PSB Café this winter. The most important beverage for everyone in Canada is coffee, However that is what keeps people up, and energized, and improves their capacity to focus more sharply, which will help them make it through the day.

Multiethnic freshly brewed coffee in Mississauga


Multiethnic Mississauga who drinks freshly brewed Coffee every day at PSB Café

There are several ways to interpret Canada’s designation as a “multicultural society,” including politically, prescriptively, or descriptively. Canada welcomes people from all ethnic groups and civilizations. They bring their unique characteristics, tastes, and flavours.

Indigenous, English, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Iranian, Jamaican, Indian, Sri Lankan, and a wide variety of other cultures all have an influence on PSB café. However multicultural menu at PSB also combines locally farmed food with flavours from immigrants, refugees, and indigenous people to provide new, distinctive flavours with a Canadian flair. The fusion of many cuisines is what distinguishes our meal as unique. similar to a buffet!

Multiethnic coffee

Every ethnic group enjoys coffee in a different way. Here, we show you how coffee is consumed differently in different places, as well as some of the notable coffee-producing nations. So the method of brewing determines how each coffee beverage differs from one another. Despite the fact that all coffee is made from coffee beans, the type of coffee produced also depends on the climate and soil quality of the region in which it is grown. In order to produce coffee with the ultimate quality and flavor, a variety of factors must be considered, including the region’s climate, the soil’s quality, and the altitude at which the coffee grows.


Here’s a glimpse of a few coffee brews from other continents that we think you should definitely try for yourself at PSB.

Mexico beans

High up in the Chiapas region of Mexico, amid the fertile volcanic soils, this smooth and full-flavoured, mellow brew thrives. Coffee plants mature slowly in a tropical climate, hence resulting in richly flavoured beans. During the growing of this coffee, Mayan farmers use no pesticides on the coffee estates. Besides being fair trade, the product is so balanced and aromatic, which benefits farmers and communities. There is no aftertaste, and the flavour has a peppery, chocolatey flavour that is not overbearing or unpleasant.

PSB Café an Multiethnic café brews fresh coffee in Mississauga.

Panama beans

This light-medium roast coffee has a distinct scent with a strong earthy flavour, and high acidity, and overtones of sweetness. It emits an energizing aroma immediately.   Rain and sun protection are essential for the growth of Panama Boquete. The coffee beans can grow more slowly as a result, maintaining their flavour. Similar to Altura Tollan coffee, Panama Boquete grows best in higher elevations and on rich, volcanic soil.

Yemen beans

Yemen, a Western Asian country with mountains in the southern part, is one of the oldest places in the world to cultivate coffee. This gourmet brew has a robust body, faint smokiness, deep chocolate overtones, and some lemony essence. It thrives in the fertile soils of mountain terraces. This is well worth your time if you want a change from your usual coffee brewing.

Turkish Coffee

Unlike popular belief, Turkish coffee is not a type of coffee, but a method of brewing it. Due to its widespread occurrence throughout a large region, there is considerable confusion regarding its name. This includes the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. The word was created to differentiate it from instant coffee.

The Turkish method for making coffee involves cooking roasted and finely ground coffee beans in a kettle called a cezve although which generally contains sugar. There is not enough coffee in the cups because the ground is sluggish at the bottom.


Where does multiethnic PSB Café serves fresh brewed coffee in Mississauga?

Stay connected with PSB café for more information just like these. Sign in to our newsletter and get a coupon code in your email to get 20% off on your first 3 purchases. And visit us at 725 Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. Give your taste buds a cozy and warm treat that you will never forget. Follow PSB at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Coffee discount on Red eye at Mississauga

Relying on discount platforms to score a deal has become standard practice. Everyone may escape from their daily routine by taking a break with friends, especially after dreary office jobs. After all, the best conversations are had over Coffee with discount, is like cherry on the top. Nothing compares to stuffing yourself with delicious food, a cup of coffee, and, of course, the nicest company.

Discount on coffee

One of the tried-and-true marketing methods for coffee shops is to provide online promotions that can be redeemed in-store. To register for a discount, the consumer can scan QR codes on the email-delivered discount vouchers.

Social Media Discount on Brewed Coffee

Through social media and other OTT platforms, one can advertise the in-store discounted hot drink in order to increase customer traffic to their café.

The purpose of happy hour is to persuade folks to stop by after a long day, have some snacks, and then remain for coffee. Common happy hour specials include discounted drinks and appetizers. It is a traditional promotion.

OTD Discount for Coffee Lovers

Stress out on Peak day with Coffee discount

Before supper service starts, most restaurants have a slow period. Since the afternoons are usually quiet, off-peak specials can draw more visitors then.

Testing out this method is the only way to find out if it will work for your company.

However, the study did issue a warning that off-peak specials that coincide with peak times could actually result in losses for your café. For instance, if a special runs from 3 to 4 p.m., it can capture afternoon deals, but if it runs from 3-5 p.m., the discount may extend to customers who would have been content to pay full prices at 5:30 p.m.

Basically, take your time while organizing these campaigns; the objective is to draw in customers who might not have otherwise stopped by, not to give them more discounts after they were already on their way.

Happy hour is designed to entice people to drop by after a long day, enjoy some snacks, and then stick around for coffee. Drinks and food are frequently cheap at happy hour. This promotion is customary.

Off for regular consumers

Loyalty Discount for Coffee Lovers

One of the most prevalent Café promotions is the use of loyalty programme. They reward customers who come back to the same Café with discounts or freebies. A strong loyalty programme has the power to convert a one-time customer into a devoted follower who keeps coming back.

Children are wonderful because they are generally easy to please when it comes to eating, as long as it is delicious. Children are unlikely to make adventurous food selections and aren’t looking to be impressed by the food’s appearance. Because of this, most eateries have a kid’s menu with favorites like Muffins and sandwiches.

Providing discounts on coffees to first-time consumers is a terrific approach to draw in new clients and, ideally, turn them into loyal ones. Verifying if the diner is actually a first-time customer is the largest problem in the restaurant industry.

A loyalty programme is one approach to confirm first-time customers. When presenting their loyalty card on their first visit, participants in the programme can receive a discount of different hot drinks. The card can confirm that the user is a new client and forbid them from utilizing the first-time client discount in the future.

Rewarding loyal consumers with  and turning first-time visitors into repeat customers are both possible with loyalty programme. After earning a certain number of points or dining at your restaurant a certain number of times, loyalty programme participants may receive promotional Coffee discount, benefits, or other rewards. Loyalty programme are popular with customers and help firms satisfy their most devoted clients.


Holiday Discount on Decoction

Holidays are the perfect time to introduce discounts. For instance, you may provide unique prices or Coffee discount for

  • Mother’s Day brunch
  • Thanksgiving lunch
  • Father’s Day breakfast
  • Memorial Day lunch



Have a break, Grab a coffee

Happy hour is designed to entice people to drop by after a long day, enjoy some snacks, and then stick around for coffee. Drinks and food are frequently cheap at happy hour. This promotion is customary.

Break to get the coffee


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