Healthy and Premium Tea/Coffee Café in Mississauga

 Healthy Premium Café


The PSB café is not like your typical coffee shops where you expect to find a cheap, just ok, tasting coffee with a donut you know isn’t good for you. At the PSB café in Mississauga we offer premium tea/coffee with healthy snack options so that you never have to sacrifice taste and quality in order to support your healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it will be affordable and the café has an inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy your tea/coffee and healthy snack.


Premium coffee
Healthy and Premium Coffee/ Tea Café


Healthy Snack Options

Our customers are important to us and we want to support healthy lifestyles. Indeed sometimes with a coffee we want to enjoy a snack or have food options. We know it can be hard to stay healthy when all that is offered at a coffee shop are sugary donuts or high-carb items. Therefore, we designed a menu that offers healthy snack options to go along with your coffee. Don’t worry we didn’t forget about the taste and added items that tasted good. Since, we understand that healthy items don’t always taste the best we got you covered. Our café features protein balls, whole-grain sandwiches,  vegan friendly bars, oat cookies, and much more that we want you to come try. Sweet or savoury we got you!


Healthy Snack at Healthy and premium tea/coffee café in Mississauga


Premium and Healthy Tea/Coffee 

Bringing high quality coffee and tea to you is important to us. Therefore, with every cup you drink we want you to enjoy the taste. For many of us having a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or at a certain time in the day is a ritual. The reason you need coffee can change whether it is for a break or energy but you should never have to compromise on the taste. This is why we offer a selection of premium coffees and teas. Hot or cold we got you! Our menu has different types of coffees and teas that are all high quality. Our cafe is health conscious thus to support healthy lifestyles we offer a special line of organic coffees and teas as well.

Benefits of Organic Coffee:

  • Chemical Free
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Sustainable
  • Rich in Taste

Benefits of Organic Teas:

  • Boosts antioxidants
  • Improves immunity
  • Soothing Effects
  • Controls blood sugar levels



At the PSB café you’ll want to sit and enjoy your food and drinks because of how inviting the atmosphere is. Above all we have a space for everyone. The vibe described by customers is chic welcoming, and calming.

Perfect for:
  • Dates
  • Studying
  • Socializing
  • Me time
  • Energy
  • Relaxation



We know the value of money hence we assure you that we do everything in our power to deliver you with the best prices. It is hard to find quality, healthy, premium options at an affordable rate but we deliver. Not only is the menu priced fairly but we bring special offers all year round. We invite you to subscribe to our email newsletter. Upon subscribing you will receive an offer for a free healthy snack with the purchase of a coffee or tea.


Join Us

In conclusion, we invite you to visit us at in Mississauga so that we can offer you premium tea/coffee café with healthy snack options. You will never have to sacrifice taste and quality in order to support your healthy lifestyle.

Finally, to stay connected follow us on all our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here we will able to share the latest details, events, discounts, and offers we have for you.


Coffee and Books in Missisauga | PSB cafe

A well balanced life is cup of coffee in one hand and a book in other. Who wouldn’t prefer a combination of coffee and books for their me-time. PSB cafe has a comforting ambience where you can have your own work space, work meetings, hangout with friends and social gatherings.

Located in Missisauga, our cafe offers affordable freshly brewed coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, healthy snacks, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, muffins, donuts, brownies and cookies along with a wide variety of books for you to come and have an overall mesmerizing experience.


We promote socializing, our workshops and events help people make new friends and network with people who have similar interests. For instance, our weekly events conducted help people to network and also make business out of it. Soon as you enter you will see a room with great interior and the air filled with aroma to enhance your mood.

Coffee and Books

budget friendly café in Mississauga
Girl Studying at café with budget friendly coffee

What can be better than a coffee and a book on a relaxing day. You can bring your own book or choose from the variety of books available in the cafe. You can also exchange the collection of your books with the available ones by being a member of our cafe. This member card has exciting offers and makes the exchange process easier.

Weekly Social events and workshops on newly published books are conducted. For more details visit our cafe in Missisauga. Click here for directions or connect with us on facebook for updates.

Coffee and Work

Its a perfect ambience for you to work by yourself while enjoying your favorite coffee. Its an ideal place to conduct fun out of office meetings with your co workers.

Cafe has wide tables to accommodate laptops too for a hassle free experience. The variety of snacks and beverages fits best for a group of people with different likings.

Coffee and snacks

Freshly Brewed Coffee
Freshly Brewed Coffee at Mississauga, Square One

Our cafe not only offers wide variety of beverages but snacks too. There are lip smacking sandwiches, wraps and burgers and an amazing variety of desserts. There are food items like sandwiches, wraps and salads in healthier options without compromising on the taste.

The muffins, donuts, cookies and brownies are available for your sweet tooth. However, compromising on health is not an option so we have desserts that are made with almond flour and organic sugar substitutes for the health freaks.

You obviously cannot miss out on are Freshly brewed classic coffee for $5, healthy options like sandwiches and wraps are under $20, sugar and gluten free desserts that are for $8 and the crispy chicken burgers are the best for $12.

Coffee and chill

Its the best place to enjoy evening snacks and coffee with friends. We provide options in food and beverages to cater people of different likings. A hangout spot for you and your friends to have a memorable experience. You can play cards and board games like Jenga, Uno and Snake and ladder, etc. that are available at the cafe.

Birthday celebrations are more special at our cafe as we provide a small complimentary birthday cake with an additional 10% discount to make you feel special.

If you pre book a table for a birthday celebration, we can also decorate the table for you.

Connect with us

PSB cafe conducts weekly workshops and events of newly published books and various other events. We also provide offers on such days. Therefore, It’s the best way to socialize and network with people around. Follow us on facebook for updates and more details.

Social handle of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe
Social handle of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe

Best Coffee Lounge Bakery at PSB Cafe

Want to experience the best Cafe experience in Mississauga? Choose PSB Cafe!

PSB Cafe takes pride in meeting your every need. From our extensive range of beverages, smoothies, coffee, and food we will ensure your tastebuds are happy! PSB cafe is known for their specialty coffee and extensive product knowledge, all barista’s are trained and certified by The Specialty Coffee Association. PSB Cafe is a locally owned small business located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Featured in photo: PSB Cafe's homemade banana bread, vanilla lattes and breakfast sandwich. Image Source:

Customer Satisfaction

At PSB Cafe we take our customer satisfaction as our highest priority. We guarantee excellent customer service, high quality products and a beautiful atmosphere for our customers to enjoy. Our Barista's have extensive knowledge on our food and beverages and can help assist you into picking the perfect brew or meal. PSB Cafe is the perfect environment for hanging out with friends, studying or just relaxing. We offer a quiet study and a community space to meet all customer needs. We understand when it's time to have fun with friends but also when it's time to focus and grind your work out. Make us your new favourite fave by visiting us the best cafe lounge bakery at PSB Cafe Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario!

Our Mission to be the Best Cafe - Lounge - Bakery

To provide you with the best cafe lounge bakery experience yet. PSB Cafe values community, connection, innovation and inspiration. As soon as you walk into our Cafe you will be greeted with a smile. We value Corporate Social Responsibility so we take pride in providing customer with the highest quality fair trade coffee. This allows us to support local farmers and ensure we are sourcing our products ethically. PSB Cafe is a safe space for everyone that walks in the door.

Featured in photo: Friends socializing in the PSB Community Lounge. Image Source;

About Us: Meet the Owners

PSB Cafe proudly opened our doors September 2020. The brains behind the operation are Reese and Liz. after years of being left unsatisfied with past cafe experiences Reese and Liz decided to start-up their own coffee shop. They wanted their cafe to be a positive experience for all excelling in customer service, product quality and product knowledge. Reese and Liz value corporate social responsibility and sustability, they wanted to create an impact against other coffee shops. They also wanted to bring the joy and fun into your morning coffee run or studying for exams. PSB Cafe is aesthetically pleasing with its luxurious interior designed warm hospitality. Reese and Liz put the fun back into coffee. We hope you stop by soon to get the PSB experience!

Featured in photo: PSB Cafe Proud Owners Reese and Liz. Support local businesses! Image Source:
Featured in Photo: PSB Cafe's Breakfast, Sandwiches and Dessert. Image Source:

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Discover the most personalized healthy Meal replacement smoothies available in Mississauga

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga
Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Customizable freshly crafted smoothies are now available at PSB Cafe Heartland Town Center

Love customized healthy smoothies and live in Mississauga?

Also, PSB is your best option. In Mississauga, you can now make your own unique, nutritious smoothies. Additionally, you can take pleasure in your nutritious smoothie bowls.

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga
Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

The most welcoming neighborhood to continue living a healthy lifestyle :

Our Smoothies are created using fruit alone or with a variety of vegetables, dairy products, and vitamins.

Also, Despite having more calories than coffee, they may also be packed with nutrients depending on the ingredients,

and since the whole fruit is utilized, much of the fiber is preserved.

Meal Replacement smoothie benefits – Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

They are a vital component of the ideal breakfast since they provide you with a day that is full of energy. Our Young adults and even teenage customers are moving

forward with healthier solutions to support their healthy lifestyles in today’s aesthetically pleasing and fast-paced society.

They consume nutritious, antioxidant-rich smoothies that they may customize to meet their own nutritional needs and

goals in order to maintain their physical and mental fitness.

ABOUT US – Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

PSB Cafe offers customized smoothies and a nutritious substitute for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Fresh smoothie bowls, frozen and fresh fruit smoothies (both seasonal and non-seasonal), seasonal and non-seasonal vegetable smoothies, and flavored smoothies are all available on our menu.

Refuel with us

Refuel with a fresh smoothie like the Matcha Monster Smoothie, Blue Maldives Smoothie, or Frozen Cucumber Refresher Smoothie!

Also, Mississauga is a melting pot of individuals from all over the world.

With the goal of providing the most wholesome meal possible while also simplifying people’s lives, we are now offering freshly prepared smoothies and smoothie bowls in Mississauga.

More than just your average Smoothies!!

Also, PSB Café only serves fresh fruits and vegetables grown and raised in Canada.

Making them the most wholesome, natural, plant-based meals, drinks, and cleanses. Our smoothies were created after extensive study to nourish and make you feel amazing.

No unsavory substances or artificial preservatives are ever used in anything we put together; we are always fresh.

Also, The nutritional boost that smoothies provide is almost as popular as their fresh tastes. In their hectic schedules, most individuals struggle to find time to prepare their favorite meals.

Our Best- selling smoothies!!!

  1. Oz of Berries

(mixed berries, apple, banana, greek vanilla yogurt, and honey)

  1. Slim Fast 

(baby spinach leaves, kale leaves, banana, pineapple, apple, and ice)

  1. Slushy Bizness

(brewed cacao, bananas, cocoa powder, cashews, frozen cauliflower, milk, and ice)

  1. Sun Blendz

(ginger, goji berries, hemp seeds, oranges, and ice)


Smoothie for you, freshly made and healthful!!!

Also, by changing the kind of ingredients each consumer requests for their smoothie, we ensure that they receive a unique creation. We take care to tailor the smoothies to the demands of the client.

As the consumer has power and liberty of choice over their nutritious smoothies, this creates a great customer experience, which is crucial to both us and the customer.


Our highly experienced baristas at PSB receive their own in-house training, and smoothies are.

We provide a selection of smoothies to pick from in order to fulfill your taste buds and give you a memorable experience. For the greatest customer experience, we also continuously launch new smoothies.

Do you enjoy smoothies and want to learn about our newest flavors?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to check out all the new recipes we try out to provide new and more smoothie options for you. It also keeps you updated with all the latest offers, new product launches, recommendations for the week, discounts, festive deals, and many more.

Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga
Meal Replacement Smoothies Mississauga

Minimalistic brunch cafe in Mississauga

Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga.

This minimalistic brunch cafe in Mississauga will make you re-invent your love for a minimalistic lifestyle.

A special emphasis on a wide selection of beverages and lip-smacking food combos, brunch, and meal combos providing the best value for your money’s worth.

Front of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe
Front of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe

This is a minimalistic but modern setting located in the busy town of Mississauga.

Located near the ever-busy Square One Shopping Centre at the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus.

Food offerings

Offering a selection of beverages from coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, and a few proteins shakes.

The food on offer also offers amazing value for money.

Also, there’s extensive availability in terms of healthy meals, salad bowls, and traditional cafe delights.

The available cuisine here is a mix of American, Thai, and Continental.

Also serves decadent desserts and artisan products like Croissant and Breakfast Bagels.

The ambiance at Minimalistic brunch cafe in Mississauga

Appearance is minimalistic but “Insta-worthy.”

The vibe of the place is super laid back and one can relax or rewind from the day-to-day hustle for a brief moment.

This cafe has an amazing music selection which makes the experience worth the visit.

Social media plays a vital role in the life of a cafe.

PSB cafe has been popular amongst the Instagram community and the strong social presence certainly attracts the crowd here.

The products, services, and ambiance cater to a wide demographic.

Healthy options

Health combo at Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga
Health combo at PSB cafe

If you’re looking for a healthier but also tasty alternative to your favorite food, PSB Cafe is here for you.

Too often traditional cafe food is greasy, deep-fried fare but PSB Cafe reintroduces your favorite cuisine.

With ingredients free of preservatives, additives, and MSG, PSB Cafe offers both your cravings and your conscience satisfaction with every bite.


Brunch Spread at PSB Cafe
Brunch Spread at PSB Cafe

People all around the country enjoy a late-morning brunch meal, which is normally had between 10 a.m. and noon.

So many eateries provide breakfast meals in the morning and then move to their lunch menus between 10 and 11 a.m.

This being “the minimalistic brunch cafe in Mississauga”, there’s no place you’d rather be than Sheridan College.

The brunch at PSB Cafe starts at 11 a.m. and continues until 2 p.m.

Brunch slots tend to book up fast so reserve your tables accordingly via the link at the end of this post.

There’s a limited menu for brunch but the choices will never let you off.



Eco friendly packaging at PSB Cafe
Eco-friendly packaging at PSB Cafe

Their grab-and-go box is ready in minutes, knowing that you’re doing right by your mind and body.

Also, the staff here is well-trained to handle a high volume of orders both in-house and for takeaway.

The minimalistic approach continues throughout the packaging experience with the use of completely recyclable materials.


Items to try at this Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga: 

  • Healthy combo: (Americano/juice/protein drink + choice of 1 protein sandwich)

It is an amazing choice for the health-conscious or for someone looking to cut back on calories.

A balanced ratio of Proteins, carbs, and fats, nutrition-packed and yet equally enjoyable.

  • Brunch combo: (Choice of 1 appetizer + Choice of a beverage + Dessert of choice)

This combo is a mix of sweet and savory delicacies, a great way to recharge for the big day ahead. This meal is a crowd favorite and is available every day between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Grab-and-go bowls: (Rice + protein + salad)

These bowls are perfect for a person with a busy lifestyle and are a favorite among college students. Available all day every day.


Let’s Connect

The PSB Cafe is an amazing place to relax and rewind, where everyone can socialize in a minimalist setting that helps one declutter.
Our cafe also has a newsletter, that will update you with all the exciting offers, new product launches, festive deals, offers, and discounts.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up and subscribe now.

Social handle of Minimalistic Brunch Cafe in Mississauga, PSB Cafe

Don’t forget to follow us on our socials and leave your valuable feedback.

Organic Veggie Omellete In Mississauga

Organic Veggie Omelette with Coffee at PSB Cafe

Mississauga’s first Organic Veggie Omellete

Organic Veggie Omellete with Barista Coffee at PSB Café

PSB Cafe is offering its customers a new product line which is more focused
on having a healthy lifestyle. Organic veggie omellete in Mississauga @PSB Café.

  • All of our meals are free of red meat, processed sugars, preservatives, and vegetable oils as well as dairy products from cows.
  • We provide just a little bit of white seafood and meat. At the same time we assemble the freshest ingredients and high-quality, organic products to create delectable meals that we like to refer to as “Healthy & Customized Offerings.”

PSB Café is offering Mississauga’s first Organic Veggie Omellete with our signature Barista Coffee.
Coffee and Organic Veggie Omellete
Veggie Organic Omellete with Barista Coffee

We are the first café in Mississauga who are offering this unique dish which is known as Organic Veggie Omellete. Customers are now more focused on healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet.

We at PSB Café , have an exclusive new range of menu which is specially designed for people who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We have customized offerings for our walk in customers and also for the ones who order online through our website.


Healthy Organic Options:

Organic Platter
Organic Veggie Platter

Following items are all available on our menu.

      • Organic Veggie Omellete
  • Protein Burger
  • Numerous plant-based meals
  • Barista Coffee and more
  • Pizzas
  • Freshly squeezed juices and Smoothies
  • Homemade cakes

Additionally, our café is available for private events and you’re seeking for a distinctive location to organize a memorable occasion. Also , we provide food for small to big gatherings and create meals that are tailored to your particular requirements.

Book Now!
Book now!

Healthy Lifestyle @PSB Café

  • Firstly , encouraging you to eat better
  • Feel better
  • Become healthier
  • Be happier while also passing this inspiration on to your children, family, friends, as well as to community in order to build a more understanding, caring, and kind world that we can all share and ardently appreciate.
  • Eating and drinking better
  • Another key point, someone is vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, or nut-free, also we can accommodate their needs.
  • At the same time ,besides you may be confident that you know exactly what’s in your cuisine because every one of our dishes is clearly listed on the menu.
  • To give the most nutritional value, as a result we take pride in freshly preparing every item on our menu at the time it is ordered.

Fresh Juices & Smoothies

Fresh Fruit Juices @PSB Cafe
  • As shown above ,not occasionally and not every now and then, however always 100% juice is what you will expect from us.
  • First thing to know, we always serve you the best of the best products
  • We are also aware that, like ourselves, our audience is at various stages of their path but toward better health.
  • Following that significantly the weapons and allies you enlist to assist your vision should be dependable and constant, therefore ensuring that you always receive 100% juice.

We have a wide variety of options to choose from:

  • Strawberry

  • Pineapple

  • Blueberries

  • Orange

  • Spinach

Additionally our enlarged menu, take advantage of a comprehensive selection of smoothies, bubble teas, and Matcha teas.

Experienced staff will serve you the best and a refreshing healthy veggie fresh juice. Thus,  You’re definitely going to love it!

Make your own Salad!

Also, our owners and operators a successful business model and a brand they can be proud of. Thus  our objective as a result  is to offer our customers a fresh and nutritious alternative than to traditionally unhealthy fast food.

Because you’re a consumer searching for a tasty, wholesome meal or a businessperson looking for a wholesome business opportunity, we can help.

The days of measuring vegetables, preparing chicken, and counting each solitary pea on a plate have long since passed.

From time to time, PSB Cafe has all the options to make your own salad!

Lastly you can enjoy your cake (or cookie) both ways besides if you make it!

We hope to see you soon at our PSB Cafe – Mississauga 

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