Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga

Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga

Looking for a Café with Stevia sweeteners in Mississauga?

There you go, Welcome to PSB Café a Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga, where you may have an healthy meal and drinks without adding extra calories. Thanks to Stevia a plant based natural sweetener. To start with, we are very happy to provide a natural substitute for refined sugars. Join us for a healthy drink or a healthy meal at one of the Mississauga cafes that uses Stevia .

It’s crucial to know which choice is best for your health given the ongoing controversy over whether to ingest natural sweeteners or refined sugars. As we balance work and exercise, this subject becomes much more crucial! Third, before going farther, let’s review the basics of this problem.

Why choose Stevia Sweeteners over Refined sugar?

What is Stevia sweeteners?

Stevia sweeteners are calorie-free sweeteners that can be used to reduce added sugar consumption while yet satisfying the desire for something sweet. While some of the sweeteners in this group are calorie-free (such as sucralose, stevia, and monk fruit sweeteners), others are low-calorie (like aspartame), they are all generally referred to as sugar alternatives, high-intensity sweeteners, non-nutritive sweeteners, or low-calorie sweeteners.

Café with Stevia sweeteners in Mississauga

Stevia sweeteners are quite sweet, just as other calorie-free sweeteners. Because stevia sweeteners can be 200–350 times sweeter than sugar, very little of them are required to provide the same sweetness as sugar. Manufacturers of food and drink items can utilize stevia sweeteners as an ingredient in syrups, canned fruits, condiments, dairy products (including ice cream, flavored milk, and yoghurt), and other foods (such baked goods, cereals, chocolate, and other confections). Stevia sweeteners can be used in baked goods because they maintain their stability at high temperatures. A recipe that substitutes stevia sweeteners for sugar, however, might come out a little bit differently because, in addition to sweetness, sugar also affects volume and texture in recipes differently depending on the type of recipe.

A recipe that substitutes stevia sweeteners for sugar, however, might come out a little bit differently because, in addition to sweetness, sugar also affects volume and texture in recipes differently depending on the type of recipe.



Are Stevia Sweeteners safe to consume?

YES. The United States Food and Drug Administration uses the regulatory review procedure category known as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) for high-purity steviol glycosides (FDA). GRAS demands professional agreement that a food ingredient is secure for usage as intended. Rebaudioside A, a stevia sweetener refined from Stevia rebaudiana, received its first GRAS designation from the FDA in 2008. (Bertoni). Because there is insufficient toxicological data, the FDA has not approved the use of whole stevia leaves or crude stevia leaf extracts as food additives. 3 However, the FDA does not have any restrictions on the use of stevia leaves and unprocessed stevia leaf extracts in dietary supplements.

Can people with diabetes consume Stevia Sweeteners?

YES. People with diabetes are frequently advised to substitute stevia-sweetened foods and beverages for those that are sweetened with sugar in order to satisfy their sweet tooth while controlling their carbohydrate intake. Several studies have demonstrated that stevia sweeteners have no effect on human blood glucose control or levels. 19–23 The use of low-calorie sweeteners in diabetes self-care may help with better glycemic control, according to recent consensus statements by experts in nutrition, medicine, physical activity, and public health. These statements point to the neutral effects of low-calorie sweeteners on hemoglobin A1C, fasting and post-prandial glucose, and insulin levels.

Are Refined sugar bad for your health?

Sugar and its harmful effects on health have received a lot of attention in the last ten years. Consuming refined sugar is associated with diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. But because it’s present in so many meals, it might be difficult to stay away from.

Table sugar and HFCS are two types of sugars that are frequently added to meals, including several that you might not expect to include sugar. As a result, they could find their way into your diet and promote a number of harmful health impacts. For example, excessive use of refined sugar, particularly in the form of sweetened beverages, has repeatedly been linked to obesity and extra belly fat, a risk factor for illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.

Why Choose A Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga?

First of all, PSB Café thinks eating well should never be monotonous. As a result, we provide three main products of our Café with Stevia sweeteners that enhances the flavour. If you require a quick energy boost, an early morning pick-me-up, or a sugar-free choice, we have you covered. Second, we offer customizable choices because we understand that every person has different taste preferences. So visit our Café with Stevia Sweeteners that is in Mississauga for delicious healthy life pleasures made with natural sweeteners!

Are you trying to find a location where you may drink your favourite beverages with natural sweeteners? The ideal location is PSB Café. Why not visit us and test some of our Stevia sweeteners Meals and beverages right now? Your body will appreciate it as much as your taste senses.


Come and Join us at our loaction near Sheridan college, Hazel McCallion Campus.

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Cafe with Stevia sweeteners in Mississauga   

A tempting roastery café in Mississauga: PSB

Looking for a tempting roastery café in Mississauga, well you are at the right place. Located in the heart of the city, PSB offers the most tempting roasted coffee to all coffee lovers.

Tempting roastery café in mississauga
Visit us for live roastery experience

The newest PSB café located at confederation parkway, Mississauga is getting all the limelight for its tempting roastery café vibes. PSB offers freshly roasted brewed coffee, pressed juice, and many other freshly prepared food items.

Bringing all the coffee vibes to the city, PSB has a lot to offer to all coffee nerds. This tempting roastery café in Mississauga not just offers freshly roasted coffee but also helps the local community by sourcing all their kitchen supplies from the neighborhood.

PSB Café: Everyone’s tempting roastery café in Mississauga

The new local café offers the best coffee experience with the coziest atmosphere in the city. Not just the ambiance, the café believes in supporting all the local vendors. Sourcing all the ingredients locally and customizing menu items based on season gives the homely vibes to us. If you are still thinking about why you should visit PSB café (a tempting roastery café in Mississauga), let us make it easy for you:

Live the roastery experience at a tempting roastery café in Mississauga

Coffee enthusiasts can now see the magic behind the counter. Unlike any other coffee shop in the city, PSB will give you a glimpse of what is going to be in your coffee cup. Starting from roasting the beans in front of your eyes, you can see almost every step of how they prepare the magical blend of your coffee.

Tempting roastery café in mississauga
Experience the freshly roasted Coffee beans

There’s something for everyone at this tempting roastery café in Mississauga

PSB offers a wide range of blends and roasts for all the coffee nerds out there. Not only just coffee, but PSB cafe has something or the other for everyone out there. Starting from a freshly roasted expresso shot to freshly pressed juice, you will get everything right from the farm, giving you a complete Farm-to-Table experience.

Nutritious and delicious food options: All the food ingredients being sourced freshly make PSB café’s menu the most nutritious as well as delicious menu. One can pair their drinks with the handpicked seasonal food items making it a cool as well as a healthy meal option.

Variety of Roasted Coffee Blends: PSB tops the list of all the coffee café in Mississauga. Offering a variety of coffee blends to its customers PSB café takes pride in listing most of the coffee blends on its menu. Whether it’s arabica, latte, cappuccino, or a doppie, one will get everything on their menu. So don’t dare to miss out on PSB café this weekend with all your coffee mates.

Mission Local at tempting roastery café in Mississauga

Not only with coffee PSB café is also winning our hearts with its mission to support all local vendors. Maintaining every possible sustainable practice PSB café aim to reduce waste, and adopt best practice to support the environment. The café adapts the no plastic policy, so while taking away your order you might see the cute compostable cups and packaging.

Place as warm as Coffee at tempting roastery café in Mississauga

PSB cafe offers a warm atmosphere just like how we all like our coffee. With the fresh aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and baked cookies, the place feels like heaven. Cozy furniture and fireplace lighting will surely make you feel at home at the café. Trust us you will surely end up spending more time than you thought and will not be able to resist revisiting the café.

Overall if you want us to list more reasons to visit PSB cafe we can carry on. But we must say it’s one of the best experiences to have for all coffee lovers out there. For the latest update on the café menu, you can check out their Instagram page, and don’t forget to follow.

To read more about us visit us at PSB Cafe

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PSB’s aromatic Robusta green coffee

Robusta Green coffee beans

PSB’s Robusta Green coffee

Have you ever heard about a coffee with a good source of antioxidants and numerous health benefits. PSB cafe in Confederation parkway in Mississauga is excited to launch our newest blend of Robusta green coffee. Robusta green coffee with its woody and earthy aroma is considered as the coffee with highest antioxidant content. (Also known as chlorogenic acids).

Here are some of the wholesome benefits of the beans:

  1. Improves metabolism: Chlorogenic acid in Robusta green coffee beans helps to improve metabolism and support weight reduction.
  2. Rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants aids in the elimination of free radicals and the body’s defense against reactive stress. It’s found in abundance in Robusta green coffee beans.
  3. Protects the liver: The acid content in the coffee shields the liver from harm produced by free radicals. It reduces the risk of liver disease.
  4. Reduces blood sugar levels: It also lowers the blood sugar levels which strengthens insulin sensitivity which is helpful for individuals with Type 2 diabetes.
  5. Enhances Brain function: Robusta green coffee’s caffeine content also aid to improve memory, mood and cognitive performance.
  6. Reduces inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of the antioxidants in Robusta green coffee helps to lower inflammation in the body. And it also fends off chronic illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

In general, Robusta green coffee beans have a variety of healthy elements that could advance wellness and fend off persistent illnesses.

Freshly Roasted Handcrafted coffee in a saucer with a spoon
Freshly Roasted handcrafted coffee

Our cafe has a number of suppliers who’re able to meet our demands of delivering coffee beans from different corners of the world. This in turn helps us to providing a wide range of options to our visitors. We have many types of Robusta green coffee procured from all over the world to cater to different taste preferences of our customers. Below are some of the types:

  • Vietnamese Robusta – One of the biggest producers of Robusta coffee, they are renowned for its robust, earthy taste. To produce a flavor profile with a balanced aroma, it is frequently blended with arabica coffee.
  • Indian Robusta – Robusta coffee in India is produced in Tamil Nadu and Kerala’s southern regions. It is a popular ingredient in espresso blends because of its robust, full-bodied taste.
  • Indonesian Robusta is cultivated in places like Sumatra and Java and is prized for its nuty and spicy taste notes.
  • Brazilian Robusta –  Although Arabica coffee is the main variety grown there, Robusta coffee is also produced in small amounts. Brazilian Robusta is a popular ingredient in espresso blends because of its potent and robust taste.
  • African Robusta – African Robusta is popular for adding complexity and depth to blends of Arabica coffee because of its earthy, chocolatey taste. A number of nations in Africa including Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Cameroon cultivate Robusta coffee.

Start your day with a fresh and Healthy cup of Coffee

You may find many coffee chains around your city who provides a number of flavorful selection of coffee. But we’re indeed very proud to bring forward our wide range of Robusta green coffee which is not just enjoyable but also a healthier alternative than others.

Coffee quote
No better way to start your day without a cup of hot coffee

Whether you’re suffering from any illness or condition, you don’t have to worry about whether you can have a cup of coffee or not. Our cafe has a number of options like decaf, hot/cold brew, espressos, medium roast black coffee, Blonde Robusta coffee, etc.

We’re open all day all year from 6am in the morning till 8pm. Our prime motive is to let all coffee lovers taste our amazing and unique offering without worrying about their health.

We have also started referral bonuses in our cafe as well as in our social media channels. Remember to collect your receipt and scan the QR code behind in order to be eligible for the discount. You can avail flat 20% off on your next purchase from our store. This referral bonus is also available in our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook). Check out the recent posts to unlock the big surprise.

Looking forward for a warm welcome and providing you the opportunity to taste our healthy and aromatic coffee.

Sources and references:,lower%20amounts%20than%20regular%20coffee.,Robusta%20and%20Arabica%20coffees%2C%20respectively.

Finest Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

The sun is out in Canada(finally)! It is hence safe to say the best time of the year calls for the best drinks in town! If you are a fan of coffee like us, then you know the best way to beat the heat (apart from wearing LOTS of sunblock) is by sipping on a refreshing fruit-infused iced coffee. To get you started, we have curated a list of the finest fruit-infused specialty coffee in Confederation Parkway to grab on the go.

We do understand your love for your classic iced cappuccinos and lattes, however, we are here to get you experimenting. For starters, why choose the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary?

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Cold Coffee

Best Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

Added Hydration

It is crucial to spike up those fluid intakes during the summer and fruits are loaded with electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Hence, making them the perfect addition to your summer drink.

Double Down on Energy

Another great reason is the presence of natural sugars in fruits. These natural sugars combined with the caffeine in your drink can rapidly boost energy levels and improve alertness and mental performance.

Bag in Those Nutrients

Fruit-infused coffee may offer extra vitamins and minerals that can improve general health, depending on the fruit used. For instance, berries are high in fibre and antioxidants, while oranges are strong in vitamin C.

Protect Your Cells

When it comes to summer, an addition of fruits to your coffee will help keep the doctor away. The reason is, fruit-infused coffee can provide additional antioxidants from the fruit, which can help protect against cell damage and inflammation.

Spike Your Taste Pallet

Lastly, adding fruits like berries, citrus, or tropical fruits to cold coffee will add a unique and delicious flavour profile, making your morning cup of coffee all the more exciting.

Best Fruit-Infused Specialty Coffee in Confederation Parkway

best fruit-infused specialty coffee

Cranberry Cold Brew

Being the crowd’s favourite, it is no doubt an interesting blend of espresso and cranberry juice leaves everyone with an “aha” moment. One of the healthiest fruits, cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Basically, this cold brew makes an ideal combination with a bowl of pasta or spaghetti due to its rich and vibrant flavours.

For this reason, treat yourself or your partner with this breathtaking combo at our cafe built using stress relieving plants to encompass you with serenity amidst your busy schedule.

Peach Cold Brew

We all have heard of peach iced tea, but have you gotten your hands on our peach cold brew coffee yet? We guarantee it tastes better. Brimming with a variety of nutrients, minerals, and health-promoting substances, this peach cold brew will do wonders for your skin! Talk about the cherry on top? or it is peaches?

Apricot Cold Brew

Similar to peaches, apricots frequently have a high fibre content and are quite advantageous for enhancing digestive health. They also promote bone growth, safeguard eye health, maintain the health of your muscles, and aid in immune system development. What’s better? They blend magnificently with Tanzanian coffee and Haitian coffee!

Strawberry Cold Brew

Strawberries contain flavonoids that can help to increase blood flow in the skin, and decrease its sensitivity to sunlight making it a gem for a refreshing cold brew. Evidently, this iced coffee will leave you hydrated with its high water content along with lowering your body temperature.

Mango Iced Latte

A fantastic alternative to your typical cup of coffee is to pair it with the mango, the king of fruits. Mangoes can strengthen your immune system and control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition to serving as a natural sweetener, mango adds a whole new level of exotic flavour to your iced coffee pallet.

Still not sure about mixing fruits with coffee? PSB Cafe is offering a free beverage on sign-up for its loyalty program. Grab the finest fruit-infused specialty coffee in Confederation Parkway today! To make sure you get that perfect cup of morning brew, our beverages are brewed by certified baristas.

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Gourmet Seasonal Menu Cafe-PSB CAFE

Welcome to PSB Cafe – Your Destination for Gourmet Seasonal Menu

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Practices-

At PSB Cafe, we prioritize using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and we create exceptional dishes with unique flavor combinations by using only the freshest locally sourced produce. Our gourmet seasonal menu cafe changes seasonally, offering fresh and flavorful ingredients, including Peppermint Mochas (HOT) for winter, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for fall, and Seasonal Salads for any season. We also offer weekend sales every weekend, providing a budget-friendly option for everyone. Don’t miss our exceptional dining experience, whether you choose to dine in or have it delivered.

Why the best Gourmet Seasonal Menu Cafe?

Our special menu is the only one in the market that changes seasonally, providing unique and exciting dining experiences every time with fresh and flavorful ingredients. We use only the freshest and locally sourced produce to create delectable dishes that are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Our Peppermint Mochas (HOT), Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and Seasonal Salads are a few of our standout offerings that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Perfect fit for winters in our Gourmet Seasonal Menu-Peppermint Coffee
The Perfect fit for winters!

Gourmet Peppermint Mochas (HOT) for Winters-

Our Peppermint Mochas (HOT) are an ideal winter beverage, providing a warming and comforting sensation. This antioxidant-rich drink is perfect for the winter season, and customers can enjoy the rich aroma of peppermint combined with the comforting warmth of hot cocoa. Additionally, it’s the perfect beverage to enjoy during the colder months due to its soothing properties.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Fall-

For fall, our Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a must-try. Made with healthy cheese, it is a budget-friendly sandwich that is perfect for a quick bite on the go.

This Gourmet Seasonal Menu Cafe Provides Salads for Any Season-

Our Seasonal Salads are a great way to incorporate fresh, in-season produce into your diet. They are nutrient-dense and low in calories, which makes them an ideal option for health-conscious individuals. Plus, They are also delicious, making them a perfect choice for those who want a healthy and tasty meal.
The ingredients of our salads vary depending on the season, ensuring that we only use the freshest and most flavorful produce available.

To know more about the benefits of seasonal salads, VISIT HERE!

Weekend Sales Every Weekend!!

At PSB Cafe, we offer weekend sales every weekend! Come in and enjoy our seasonal menu offerings at discounted prices. From Peppermint Mochas (HOT) to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Seasonal Salads, we have something for everyone. Don’t miss out on our weekend sales, and make sure to stop by for a delicious meal that won’t break the bank!

RESERVE A TABLE OR ORDER NOW FROM PSB Cafe and indulge in our delectable menu offerings.

We guarantee an exceptional dining experience that will leave you wanting more!


Testimonial for Delivery @The best Gourmet Seasonal Menu Cafe:

“When I recently ordered from them, PSB Cafe served me a hot and fresh meal that tasted amazing, even though it was delivered. I tried their Grilled Cheese Sandwich and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. Additionally, I appreciated their implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It’s great to see a restaurant that cares about both the food they serve and the planet we live on. I highly recommend PSB Cafe for anyone looking for a delicious and sustainable meal, whether dining in or getting it delivered.”

Customer Review
Customer Review- Loved the cozy gourmet ambience at the first ever environment friendly cafe!

Testimonial for Dine-In:

“I had the pleasure of dining at PSB Cafe and I have to say, it was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a long time. The ambiance was warm and inviting, and the staff was friendly and attentive. The seasonal menu was impressive and the food was amazing. I tried the Peppermint Mocha and it was the perfect way to warm up on a chilly day. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich was delicious and I loved that it was made with sustainable ingredients. Overall, I highly recommend PSB Cafe for anyone looking for a unique and exceptional dining experience. You won’t be disappointed!”


Worldly Fusion Coffee in Mississauga

 “Experience The Fusion at PSB Café”

Looking for a taste of home and a unique coffee experience? Look no further than our Worldly Fusion Coffee in Mississauga! Where We blend authentic world flavours to create unique fusion coffee. Whether you’re homesick or simply looking to broaden your coffee horizons, PSB Cafe is your one-stop destination.

Worldly Fusion Coffee

We passionately craft our blends from premium global ingredients, offering more than just a cup of coffee. Our expertly crafted blends result in a truly tantalizing taste that will leave you craving for more. Our menu showcases a variety of blended coffees inspired by international flavours, such as Italian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern. As, we infuse modern twists into traditional tastes, allowing you to experience cultural heritage in every sip.

We use only the finest ingredients and authentic spices to create our delicious beverages.  In order to achieve our ultimate goal, we create a cozy and welcoming Unique Environment. So, that it evokes fond memories of home for you. Additionally, Indulge in your love of cultural fusion coffee with us because we offer exceptional customer service at affordable prices.

Embark on a culinary journey with our worldly fusion coffee in Mississauga, creatively blended with a variety of ethnic and cultural ingredients to create a unique amalgamation of flavors in every sip. Indeed, each cup has its own story to tell, guaranteed to surprise and delight you. Consequently, you won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Our Revamp Worldly Fusion Coffee Menu

  1. Tiramisu Cappuccino – By fusing the flavours of classic Italian dessert with the richness of coffee. Additionally, combining espresso, cream, cocoa, and milk, resulting in a decadent and satisfying drink.
  2. Coconut Caramel Latte – Blending the tropical flavours of coconut and rich notes of caramel, blended perfectly with espresso and milk for a deliciously indulgent treat.
  3. Honey Lavender Latte – Combining floral lavender and sweet honey with espresso and steamed milk to create a unique and indulgent beverage.
  4. Thai Tea Latte – This beverage combines Thai tea and espresso with a touch of spice and creamy milk to create the perfect blend of flavours for a deliciously indulgent taste.
  5. Masala Chai Latte – By infusing classic Indian tea with a fusion twist of chai spices and combining it with espresso and steamed milk, we’ve created a unique and flavourful beverage.
  6. Cardamom Coffee – Our beverage is a fusion of classic South Indian filter coffee and the aromatic spice of cardamom. Further, combined with steamed milk for a rich and creamy finish.
  7. Rose Latte –In this delightful fusion, we combine the rich flavour of coffee with the delicate floral notes of rose, resulting in a truly unique taste experience.
  8. Cranberry Coffee –  Combination of rich, bold coffee flavour and the tartness of cranberries, which creates a truly unique and refreshing beverage that you can enjoy any time of day.
  9. Irish Cream Latte – Irish Cream and coffee blend to create a delightful combination of complementary flavours. We make this drink complete with the addition of espresso and steamed milk.

    Sounds fascinating? So, Want to join the Trend?
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     Worldly Fusion Coffee By Our Certified Baristas

Certified BARISTAS

Our Certified baristas use high-quality beans to craft exceptional cups of coffee. Whether you prefer a classic latte or want to try something adventurous especially, our Thai Iced Coffee, Cranberry Coffee, or Indian Masala Coffee, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, our baristas are committed to perfection and are always happy to customize your order to your exact specifications.

We focus on healthy living, our baristas are well-versed in managing sugar intake. They understand that it can be difficult to cut back on sugar, which is why we offer our Special Sweeteners. Moreover, these sweeteners are offered in a range of options to suit your dietary needs and preferences. So, that you can enjoy your coffee Guilt-free. Therefore, We are committed to helping you maintain a balanced diet with the help of our baristas.

Looking for ReFresh to kick-start your day? No worry we got you as well with our special “Fruit Infused Coffee”  for fitness enthusiasts. Hence, We believe that great taste and healthy living should go hand in hand.

And the best part is? we take environmental responsibility seriously. Our commitment is to reduce our impact on the environment and understand the importance of sustainability. Therefore, That’s why we use environmentally friendly packaging and utensils to minimize waste. By prioritizing locally sourced food, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and support local communities. All in all, Every step towards sustainability counts towards a brighter future for our planet, and we’re proud to contribute.

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Soul Food and Fruitarian in Mississauga


Soul food and fruitarian café in Mississauga serve people who are looking for variation in their food with multiple choices. Which gives options from a vegan menu. Café provides the values and principles to their customers.

Fruitarian/Vegan options are available!

Fruitarian Food at Soul Food and Fruitarian Food in Mississauga

Serving delicious breakfast, the brunch options with a savory baked menu such as pastries, doughnuts, cakes and some coffee so you like it. We take great pride in cooking delicious food options. All these include breakfast and lunch for all our customers and serving hot and refreshing coffee. Thus add up the tastebuds.

In Mississauga for instance, if you’re looking for soul good feel food with fruitarian/vegan options with a dairy-free café we are the one-stop solutions to satisfy your needs.

The food is made by our team of skilled employees, and diners can watch through the sealed glass kitchen. And can see how efficiently and hygienically the food is being cooked and served. We believe and take into consideration the step towards a vegan and dairy-free diet and our openness to personalization in the ingredients to the customer’s needs.

For all the hot coffee, iced coffee or matcha latte, people looking for dairy-free substitutes have it covered. From the frothiest foam to the creamiest cream not only will it taste the best but it will serve the vegan purpose. Therefore, if you want to mask your coffee, enhance it, or let it shine, visit us.

When you come to visit our café, you will see a vast array of products like vegan food and other unique items

The Five Barista Café is all about creating food and beverages that taste great. We want our customers to have a good and carefree time while at the café. Being considerate and living to the current trend and scenario by having a vast variety in our menu, we have also accelerated our menu with fruitarian and dairy-free options to cater for the major audience. We say it proud that The Five Barista Café has its own uniqueness and is well-known for its diversity in Mississauga.

Why The Five Barista Café does what it does and serves the purpose of soul food and fruitarian in Mississauga

The purpose cafe representationof including a vegan menu in our café is to provide value to all the customers entering the café. It also depends on where your café is based. Mississauga has been a multi-diverse city and considers all the people needs and wants. Therefore, The Five Barista Café stands out with a menu which caters to all.

We are not 100% vegan, but we have a heap of options to choose from on our fruitarian menu!

Come and experience various categories of soul food and fruitarian in Mississauga

Our categories consist of breakfast and all-time snack options to a variety of coffee lists.

Our fruitarian food menu include soya burgers, chickpea hummus with pita, crispy baked sweet potato, and scrambled tofu with pita.

Wraps such as cabbage and lettuce, spinach and lettuce and split peas with lettuce and many more.

Our dairy-free coffee menu consists of Espresso, Americano, Latte, Matcha Tea Latte, Cacao Latte, Hot Chocolate and many more. All the listed coffee substituted with Almond or Oat milk as per your preference.

Who doesn’t like sweet stuff but also is vegan? We’ve got your back. Order now!

The baked items at the café are freshly baked, and some of the available options are vanilla and chocolate cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, sweet bread, and doughnuts.

Order now and explore the culture of soul food and fruitarian in Mississauga

Coffee from the vegan menu

The mantra to have a relaxed time at a café is to have a good mood which will be taken care of with our delicious soul-good food with some delicious lip-smacking vegan food and many other options to choose from.

Don’t just look more, come and relish and enjoy some fruitarian food with The Five Barista café, for instance.



Join, sign up and be a part of The Five Barista Café Soul Food and Fruitarian in Mississauga

Because our café provides amazing vouchers and to get regular updates on new launches, Sign up! Get our weekly mail

To enjoy the soul food and fruitarian food in Mississauga check our outlet location near Sheridan college

Cafes with Unique Ambiance in Mississauga

Escape your everyday stress with the unique stress-relieving ambiance at PSB cafe!

Are you looking for cafes with a unique ambiance in Mississauga? PSB Cafe is the place to be!
Located in the center of Mississauga, it is the ideal place to eat and unwind.

Cafes which has a unique ambiance are something that people are actively seeking in Mississauga. Firstly, we believe in customer experience which is beyond just serving the best food and beverages, everybody is in search of something more. Secondly, the current reality is a world that is filled with stress and everybody is looking for an escape, we identified there is a need for more options that offer relaxation and hence we carefully curated a unique ambiance that will help people feel calmer. Therefore, PSB has done integration of aromatherapy by using stress-relieving plants and natural scents. Hence, we took a conscious step to ensure an overall great experience. Thus, for everyone who visits, we have created a relaxing, cozy, and welcoming environment.

Cafes with unique ambiance in Mississauga


PSB cafe’s unique ambiance: exploring aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Additionally, it focuses on using essential oils medically to enhance both physical and mental health.

PSB believes in offering a memorable experience and becoming the top among Cafes with a unique ambiance in Mississauga, so here are a few of the aromas you can enjoy at our cafe and their benefits:

Lavender – Best for relaxation

Cafes with unique ambiance in Mississauga,Lavender

It is the most popular scent of all time – lavender is proven to promote relaxation. Research showed that it is useful for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, and restlessness. Additionally, it is also noted that lavender has a calming effect which helps soothe headaches.

Lemon – Best mood lifter

Cafes with unique ambiance in Mississauga,lemon

This scent has a powerful calming effect, which helps one feel relaxed and helps to lift the mood. The lemon scent is also really effective at relieving symptoms of anxiety and stress. In addition to that, It makes you feel energized, helps with mental clarity and leave an overall positive impact.

Sandalwood – Best for Anxiety


Sandalwood essential oil has a wide range of aromatherapeutic uses, including treating digestive issues, boosting immunity, and skin care. Moreover, it has the powerful ability to support mind-body well-being by reducing anxiety and inducing the relaxation response in our nervous system. It affects the body’s regulatory systems to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation when inhaled or applied topically.

Ylang Ylang – Best for rest

Cafes with unique ambiance in Mississauga,Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil has a main active ingredient linalool and it can relieve tension. As a result, it is known that Ylang Ylang essential oil will help you manage your emotions when apply or inhale it. The heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, respiration, and immunological function are all regulated by ylang-ylang. Moreover, ylang-ylang is used to treat a wide range of medical issues, primarily by enhancing mood and promoting mental relaxation.

Jasmine – Best for depression


It is popular for its calming properties. Inhalation of this fragrance has many benefits like decreasing negative emotions and improving overall mood. Further, jasmine increases blood oxygen saturation and breathing rate. Overall, it is a great scent to relieve anxiety and improve mood. It also has benefits like boosting concentration, inducing confidence and optimism, and boosting energy.


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PSB Café is a healthy cozy café in confederation parkway Mississauga Ontario Canada, founded in 2021. It is a friendly and family oriented café where you can choose to come with family, friends, and colleagues for a nice meet up, hang out, chat etc. Our Café has always and will always strive in putting its customers first. In addition, all PSB Café products are Prepared with love, softness, and premium quality ingredients, therefore, you will no longer feel monotonous and bored again because this café is here to provide you with variety of options.


PSB café is known for its specialty coffee, called, The barista, which was certified by the Specialty Coffee Association.
We provide a variety of espresso based drinks, each with its own distinctive flavor that is guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate. Pastries from our café are made with care using only high-quality ingredients and fresh produce sourced locally. Moreover, products also come in different prices and sizes just for every pocket.



cozy healthy coffee-shop

healthy smoothie







(Vegan alternatives available – e.g. Coconut, soy and almond milk)
• Black coffee
• Latte
• Cappuccino
• Americano
• Espresso
• Mocha
• Cold brew
• Frappuccino
• Iced Latte
• Ginger tea
• Cocoa Tea
• Smoothies
• Shakes



healthy cozy cafe meal cozy healthy coffee-shop







All snacks/breakfast have a vegan substitute.

• Croissants
• Eclairs
• Muffins
• Cupcakes
• Donuts
• Sandwich
• Pancakes
• Cookies
• Cinnamon rolls
• Salad
• Oats

Cakes (all kinds of flavors)



happy people in cozy healthy coffee-shop







  • Our healthy cozy café is a serene and peaceful environment to relax and enjoy a cup of goodness. What’s more, it has a great ambiance.
  •  The only café in the area that offers an option for ginger tea. Evidently, our special product; ginger tea is the only one in the market that is scientifically proven to relieve, cold, pain and inflammation.
  • Our café is the only one in the market that provides a lot of vegan options. PSB café has oat, soy, almond, cashew, dairy, including lactose-free milk for coffee and bakery products.
  •  Without a doubt, the coffee shop has a smooth order and an easy pick-up process.
  • Another key point, our coffee shop offer meal plans that are suitable for you.
  • We provide gift cards so as to ensure easy purchase of any of our products.



Confused or looking for what to eat or how to plan your meals for a healthier lifestyle? In that case, look no further, PSB Café has got you covered.

Our Healthy meal plans by PSB café are ideal for those who want a simple and economical method to eat healthy so as to remain on track. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of our healthy meal plans and how they may also help you accomplish your objectives.

Healthy meal plans offer several benefits for individuals. Most important, they provide essential nutrients and energy to fuel your body throughout the day, reduce hunger pangs and cravings, and then, boost metabolism. In addition, a well-balanced meal plan also helps in maintaining a fit and healthy weight while reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis as well as cancer.



healthy cup of ginger tea








Indeed a person can drink ginger tea as a complementary remedy for nausea, digestive issues, and symptoms of the common cold. Some research suggests that it may help regulate blood and may also help people with arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, our cup of ginger tea: 

Helps boost the immune system.
Aids with indigestion.
May alleviate nausea from morning sickness or chemotherapy.
Help manage blood pressure and support heart health.
Assists to manage weight and blood sugar levels.
Relieve pain and inflammation.
Have cancer-fighting properties.

Our ginger tea comes with different blends, therefore, making it enjoyable and according to your preference.


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