Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe

Mississauga’s best Mocha Latte Café

In the city of Mississauga, where everyone is hustling with their jobs, work, studies. There is a spot where everyone is welcomed to our café which provides the best Mocha Latte Coffee. As a result, we believe that coffee helps us to make our senses better which let to happy day. Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe.

Why Mississauga’s best Mocha Latte Café is unique

Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe
http://Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe

Our café is not just about the beverages. But it is also about the moments that you make in our café. Additionally, we believe in serving the best coffee and creamy lattes. It helps to swing your mood and make you feel better and out of the world.
Our café is located in the heart of Mississauga, thus, it is conveniently situated near your offices, schools, colleges. Moreover, it is a place where you get refreshment, and you can also refuel yourself. If you are struggling with your daily office work, and studies. Then our café helps you to make content and make you feel better. With our special premium quality coffees, and the cozy atmosphere of our café makes you mesmerized.
Nowadays, where every coffee café has the same theme. There is a uniqueness in our café which makes us different from the other cafés. And that is our unique selling point.
Apart from the taste of our coffee and lattes, there are also some benefits which are valuable for our consumers. Firstly, excellent coffee in a cozy and restful ambience. Secondly, the café is not just about to grab your coffee and go back to your responsibilities, our café is like your home where you feel familiar.

Café Insights

In our café we have all kinds of beverages related to your mood or need which help to boost your emotions. For

Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe
http://Mississauga’s best Mocha latte cafe

instance, Everyone recommend the most famous Mocha Latte Coffee, and it helps us to release our stress and as well make us refresh. Furthermore, if you are tired, then we have espressos, and we have Cappuccinos for the cold weather. Not only Coffees but also several types of pastries, mouthwatering muffins (Chocolate, Vanilla, Almonds), cheesecakes, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, waffles and many more. Our café looks very attractive owing to the wooden floor. And, paintings, wooden patios, and the warm lightning creates a good aroma.


In conclusion, Mocha Latte Coffee is the best coffee in Mississauga, it is preferable by everyone either it is a student or a businessman. Each and every sip of Mocha Latte Coffee boosts your mood and fills you with an energy and increases your productivity, and also helps you to prepare for the daily challenges. Hence, the good fragrance of our beverages and warm lights our café creates good moments. Our café is a place where businessman can do their business meetings, and the students can discuss their school projects, friends and families can create their memories and do their discussions. Our café is easy to find, it is near to your daily destination, but it does not look similar to other cafés due to its menu, theme, offers, deals, ambience and the services.

Connect with us

At our café, we take pride in crafting moments more than just bringing coffee. So, join us today where each sip of coffee brings joy and satisfaction to your life. For getting information regarding our upcoming new beverages or offers, please subscribe our daily newsletters, and get an advantage of better deals and discounts. On special occasions and festivals, we provide special discounts on our beverages and on cakes, pastries, etc. In addition, follow our Instagram page where we post updates and whenever you visit our café do not forget to tag us on Instagram which helps us grow bigger. Furthermore, to treat yourself extraordinarily, visit our café.

The Strongest Colombian coffee in Mississauga

PSB:The Cafe that is here to stay

The strongest  Colombian coffee in Mississauga is back but please do  not call it a comeback because we have been here for a year. 

 Let us reintroduce you to the new and improved PSB Cafe. Our cafe is the ultimate destination where you can get work done while sipping on one of our signature coffee throughout the day, then check your profession at the door after 6 pm and enjoy one of our highly touted Espresso martini’s for social hours. 

We have rebranded the menu and curated a select number of high quality items that guarantee the strongest Colombian coffee in Mississauga offering consistent flavours 10/10 times.

We look forward to seeing you soon so you can enjoy our specialized products made by our specialized baristas.

Social Coffee lovers adore our strong Colombian blend

Socializers enjoying the famous Iced lattes infused with the strongest Colombians blends in Mississauga

In the overly saturated  and fad driven coffee business we live in today,PSB has positioned itself by simultaneously offering strong Colombian coffee blends that guarantee high quality in our products while also creating a setting where social customers can come after work and take load off with our coffee infused cocktail drinks.

The strongest Colombian coffee in Missisauga

Our PSB cafe located in Mississauga by Confederation Parkway guarantees its customers,  The strongest Colombian coffee in Mississauga  By using the unique Colombian Arabica coffee beans, PSB ensures the quality and kick our customers needs from any of our signature coffee options.

Real Quality is Priceless

Our customers value quality and authentic ingredients. There is nothing worse than ordering a coffee and it tastes bland. Here at PSB Cafe we are committed to guaranteeing high quality and consistent coffee drinks 

One of a kind Colombian sourced Coffee Drinks at PSB Cafe

PSB offers signature coffee beverages that are made using authentically sourced Colombian Arabica coffee beans. Our high trained baristas use these blends to create and guarantee a very high level of quality for our coffee drinks, that will give you the boost you need. Check out our drinks menu below!

PSB Coffee Drinks Menu

Strongest Colomobian coffee making process

Colombia benefits from producing quality coffee year round. The harvest benefits from being surrounded by a diverse land and bio range. The quality of the coffee bean PSB uses for its products is superior to its competitors due to its advantage of hands on care in Colombia ensuring top quality control for the coffee blends.

These coffee beans combined with our highly trained and knowledgable baristas, create a very strong and smooth tasting coffee that will have you coming back multiple times a day for. 

High quality Colombian coffee bean harvest


We at PSB Cafe absolutely love and encourage any feedback our customers have.

Check out some recent reviews from our soft opening last week.

Recent Customer Reviews

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have on hours of operation , products, events and anything else using the links below.

One of our enthusiastic employees would be glad to assist you.

Email: PSB@Gmail.com

Soul Food and Fruitarian in Mississauga


Soul food and fruitarian café in Mississauga serve people who are looking for variation in their food with multiple choices. Which gives options from a vegan menu. Café provides the values and principles to their customers.

Fruitarian/Vegan options are available!

Fruitarian Food at Soul Food and Fruitarian Food in Mississauga

Serving delicious breakfast, the brunch options with a savory baked menu such as pastries, doughnuts, cakes and some coffee so you like it. We take great pride in cooking delicious food options. All these include breakfast and lunch for all our customers and serving hot and refreshing coffee. Thus add up the tastebuds.

In Mississauga for instance, if you’re looking for soul good feel food with fruitarian/vegan options with a dairy-free café we are the one-stop solutions to satisfy your needs.

The food is made by our team of skilled employees, and diners can watch through the sealed glass kitchen. And can see how efficiently and hygienically the food is being cooked and served. We believe and take into consideration the step towards a vegan and dairy-free diet and our openness to personalization in the ingredients to the customer’s needs.

For all the hot coffee, iced coffee or matcha latte, people looking for dairy-free substitutes have it covered. From the frothiest foam to the creamiest cream not only will it taste the best but it will serve the vegan purpose. Therefore, if you want to mask your coffee, enhance it, or let it shine, visit us.

When you come to visit our café, you will see a vast array of products like vegan food and other unique items

The Five Barista Café is all about creating food and beverages that taste great. We want our customers to have a good and carefree time while at the café. Being considerate and living to the current trend and scenario by having a vast variety in our menu, we have also accelerated our menu with fruitarian and dairy-free options to cater for the major audience. We say it proud that The Five Barista Café has its own uniqueness and is well-known for its diversity in Mississauga.

Why The Five Barista Café does what it does and serves the purpose of soul food and fruitarian in Mississauga

The purpose cafe representationof including a vegan menu in our café is to provide value to all the customers entering the café. It also depends on where your café is based. Mississauga has been a multi-diverse city and considers all the people needs and wants. Therefore, The Five Barista Café stands out with a menu which caters to all.

We are not 100% vegan, but we have a heap of options to choose from on our fruitarian menu!

Come and experience various categories of soul food and fruitarian in Mississauga

Our categories consist of breakfast and all-time snack options to a variety of coffee lists.

Our fruitarian food menu include soya burgers, chickpea hummus with pita, crispy baked sweet potato, and scrambled tofu with pita.

Wraps such as cabbage and lettuce, spinach and lettuce and split peas with lettuce and many more.

Our dairy-free coffee menu consists of Espresso, Americano, Latte, Matcha Tea Latte, Cacao Latte, Hot Chocolate and many more. All the listed coffee substituted with Almond or Oat milk as per your preference.

Who doesn’t like sweet stuff but also is vegan? We’ve got your back. Order now!

The baked items at the café are freshly baked, and some of the available options are vanilla and chocolate cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, sweet bread, and doughnuts.

Order now and explore the culture of soul food and fruitarian in Mississauga

Coffee from the vegan menu

The mantra to have a relaxed time at a café is to have a good mood which will be taken care of with our delicious soul-good food with some delicious lip-smacking vegan food and many other options to choose from.

Don’t just look more, come and relish and enjoy some fruitarian food with The Five Barista café, for instance.



Join, sign up and be a part of The Five Barista Café Soul Food and Fruitarian in Mississauga

Because our café provides amazing vouchers and to get regular updates on new launches, Sign up! Get our weekly mail

To enjoy the soul food and fruitarian food in Mississauga check our outlet location near Sheridan college

PSB Café: New Mississauga Coffeehouse

PSB Café is Coming Your Way

PSB Café: New Mississauga Coffeehouse is going to your perfect spot for coffee and food. The café will be the perfect place for students, working professionals, and anyone who loves coffee! Keep reading more to know about your soon to be favorite coffeehouse!

About Us!

PSB Cafe’s newest coffee house in Mississauga is a must-visit coffeehouse for all coffee aficionados! Cozy ambiance, diverse customers, and customizable food/coffee options make PSB Café ideal for work or study meetings. In addition to the certified barista coffee the café offers equally delicious sandwiches, bagels, and baked goods.

The café is best known for the coffee it serves. Customers can choose items from the cafe’s preset menu or customize it to meet their taste and/or dietary preferences.

Why Choose PSB Café?

There are a number of reasons why you should visit PSB Café for your next coffee run such as:

  • Great Atmosphere and Staff: Besides the inviting atmosphere, there are more reasons to love PSB Café. The café has an attentive and experienced staff who have mastered the art of customizing coffee to meet your standards. In addition, the staff create a great atmosphere that makes you feel at home.
  • High-Quality Coffee and Food: We pick and choose the best coffee beans available in the market to ensure all beverages on our menu are of the highest quality, and can be perfectly paired with a side of your choice. We leave it up to you to decide whether you wish to sit and enjoy your meal or grab-and-go.
  • Convenience: We placed a lot of emphasis on selecting a location that is accessible for both current and potential consumers. As a result, we have chosen a location that is convenient and handy for all working adults, college students, and coffee enthusiasts. In addition, you can stop by whenever you like for a lunch or a rest.
  • In-store offers: We run discounts and promotions all year round to ensure our loyal customers feel appreciated and valued.

Menu at PSB Café

PSB Café: New Mississauga Coffeehouse offerings:


PSB Café is popularly known for its famous White Chocolate Mocha, Hazelnut Latte, and the Turkey, Ham and Cheese Gourmet Sandwich.

The menu at PSB Café keeps changing with limited-edition menu items and other seasonal drinks and food menu items during holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving and many more!

Mind, Body, and Soul at PSB Café

Mind: PSB Café offers a calming environment to enjoy a preferred beverage and ambient music. For some peace of mind is engaging in conversations and catching up with family and friends while, others feel motivated and focused to complete their work in a calm environment.

Body: We aim to ensure your body feels as relaxed as your mind by providing customers who are sitting in the café for a couple hours with comfortable seating options. This is proven to help them reduce the strain on their body. Many customers at the café tend to take a walk around and/or stretch to eliminate stiffness and improve blood circulation.

Soul: The relaxing and calming environment at PSB Café allows customers enough and more time for reflection and contemplation. Many customers observe that reflecting on their thoughts and emotions at PSB Café is extremely beneficial for the soul.

PSB Cafe Environment

Now the wait to find the perfect spot for coffee is over! Head over to PSB Café today and tag us at @PSBCafeMississauga and let us know about your experience. Follow us on our social channels mentioned below for more details about limited-edition menu items, in-store promotions and stay tuned for other details.

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