Affordable Fitness Clubs in Mississauga Near Sheridan college

Affordable Fitness Clubs in Mississauga near Sheridan College. We are the most affordable fitness club in Mississauga, We are Located at Sheridan college. Are you Looking for an affordable way to exercise? Look no further PSB fitness has amazing deals that you can’t resist. We have many services and products that we know you’ll love. We offer a monthly member ship as well as some amazing fitness classes. Once you Join Our Gym you will leave feeling great and confident after every session.

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About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is an affordable gym located on Sheridan campus in Mississauga. At PSB fitness we understand with the stress and busyness of school it’s not always easy to find the time for the gym. We as a company have made it our mission to make this gym such a positive and motivational place to work out. For Sheridan staff and students, we have discounted the price of there memberships. Our Regular Memberships are still at an affordable price. PSB offers many features and amenities such as Personal Training, an onsite nutritionist, and many fitness classes. We have a classes for everyone, there are classes such as yoga, Zumba, kick boxing, spin classes, and cross fit.


Co-op Opportunities

Since we are located on Sheridan campus, we have created a coop program for students. This program has allowed students to learn more about there future careers and develop the necessary skills. We encourage students to take the initiative and gain that work experience. Students from a variety of programs have joined our Co-op, we have had students in Marketing, Finance, Human resources, and many other programs.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes run on a set schedule from Monday to Friday. Most of the classes start at 11am and run till 7pm. Each class has a minimum of 10 people and a Maximum of 40. Our instructors give a detailed outline of that will take place in each of the classes. The instructors are trained professionals and can move at the pace of each group and motivate each person to work there hardest. We Have separate rooms for each class with different capacity depending on the class and what the member is comfortable with. We have made it one of goals to make these classes every enjoyable and motivational for the members. With this goal in mind we have installed different lights that also go along with the music to make the experience that much better.

Personal Training 

PSB Fitness offers a free consolation where the member gets to meet the trainer, go over their goals, and ask any questions before moving forward. We offer 1 hour sessions. Our personal trainers are trained professional and are prepared to help you work towards your goals. Our professionals are here to help you see results and that is exactly what they will do. We are dedicated to making these sessions easy and enjoyable so we have invested in the best quality equipment.


Services and products Available!

  • Monthly Membership
  • PSB Merch
  • Fitness classes (Zumba, Kick Boxing, Yoga, and Many more!)
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritionist


Affordable classes and Personal training in Missisauga

Affordable Prices 

Monthly Membership for students and staff $9.99

Regular monthly membership $19.99

Fitness classes

  • 2-week trial $39.99
  • Monthly unlimited use pass $59.99
  • 10 visit pass $29.99

PSB Merch

  • Gym bag $9.99
  • T-shirt $5.99

Personal Training

  • $40 Per hour session


Come Join Us!

Affordable Fitness Clubs in Mississauga near Sheridan College

Hours of Operation


Monday to Friday 6am-11pm

Saturday and Sunday 6am-8pm


We are located at the Mississauga Sheridan campus 4180 Duke of York Blvd




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Intense Kickboxing Class with Free Trial in Brampton

What is Kickboxing

Kickboxing has become a popular activity in the past decade. It’s no longer a sport only for professionals or those looking to train competitively. This sport has become a favourite for those looking for some upbeat cardio mixed with strength training. This sport will keep you on your toes while also teaching your self-defense methods that will keep you safe. PSB Fitness offers an intense kickboxing class with a free trial in Brampton. If you’ve never done kickboxing before and want to know if kickboxing is right for you, be sure to read on. 

Woman Intense Kickboxing

Benefits of Kickboxing

There are many benefits to Kickboxing classes. The kickboxing classes at PSB get you moving! These classes are intense cardio, strength training, with lots of movement and self-defense all together in one really great class. There are a lot of great benefits to kickboxing. The movement required during our classes will get your heartbeat up and get your sweat going! If you’re looking for some exercise in a fun environment, you’ll find it at our intense kickboxing classes. You’ll have your arms up and your feet moving while learning the skills to throw a punch or make a kick. These classes are great for getting in your weekly exercise. Kickboxing isn’t just great for building muscles or getting a sweat going. These classes will work on your coordination, flexibility and balance.

Finding the Right Kickboxing Class

You’ve decided you’re up for the challenge of an intense kickboxing class, that’s great! But just where do you find a kickboxing class? And, which class is best suited for you? These are really great questions to ask prior to suiting up for a class. It’s important to keep in mind your abilities when choosing a kickboxing class. If you’ve never done a kickboxing class, it’s best to find a class that is geared towards beginners. Even with your gear on, there is a possibility of getting hurt. This is especially the case if you were to partake in a class that was beyond your skill level.

It would be a good idea to talk to the trainer at the beginning of the class to find out what level the particular class will be for, and to let them know that this is brand new for you. If you’re a kickboxing pro, find a class that’s upbeat and intense! You’re ready for a challenge and the class you take should give you just that! At PSB fitness we offer two levels of Kickboxing Classes. We have a kickboxing class for beginners, as well as an intense kickboxing class for those who are up for a challenge. Our classes are offered at the Brampton location, which is located in the Sheridan College Campus. Be sure to ask about our free trail class and take advantage of one free trial class before committing to more classes.

Kickboxing Gear

Now that you’ve found a class to join, you need to ensure you have the right gear. Most kickboxing classes will require you to wear ankle supports, boxing gloves, and headgear. You’re always welcome to purchase your own gear to ensure you have the right sizes and personal style, however most facilities will supply some of the gear for their classes. It’s recommended to check with the gym when registering to ensure you have what you need for the class.

Kickboxing Glove and Shorts

Time to Kick Butt

You’re now ready to kick some butt! You’ve thought about the benefits of an intense kickboxing class, you’ve evaluated your skill level and you know how to find the right class for you. You’ve also checked out what gear is required for the class. It’s time to register! PSB Fitness intense kickboxing classes with a free trial in Brampton offered weekly for both levels: beginner and intense. These classes are offered at our Brampton location, located on the Sheridan College Brampton campus.We also offer a free trial class for new members so be sure to let us know when you register. You can always check our class schedule on our website or download our app from the App Store. You’re going to love our intense kickboxing classes!

Budget Friendly Fitness Training

How PSB Fitness training can help you

Not seeing results you want from your workouts? Need help mastering proper exercise form? Do you have a small budget but need affordable personalized training? Then come join us at PSB Fitness. PSB Fitness is an affordable option that offers expert fitness trainers. They will help to educate and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Fitness trainers at Psb Fitness


Our trainers Jessie and Matt, are former Sheridan Alumni. They understand the busy life of a professional and a college student. Jessie and Matt have extensive fitness training experience. Matt has five years of experience and is a certified personal trainer. Jessie is a former fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. He also has five years of experience.

At PSB fitness, you do not have to break your budget to get expert fitness training. Our trainers will help you to create fitness plans that can target your fitness goals. Whether it is to relieve stress from upcoming exams or gaining strength to keep up at work. Or if your goal to train for your next team event or to maintain your health.

The benefits of  PSB Fitness’ affordable fitness trainers:


Our fitness trainers are budget-friendly at $45 an hour 2 hourly sessions a week. They also offer the option of four 30-minute sessions.

Learn the correct exercise form from personal trainers

Executing exercises with proper form reduces the risk of injuries. It applies to both beginners or someone who exercises routinely. They will show you the correct technique, to use exercise equipment and lift weights.


If you feel stuck in your fitness journey, our fitness trainers are here to help. They will be with you every step of the way. They streamline your fitness routine until it is natural for you. The fitness goals that you strive to achieve will be that much more reachable.

Supportive personal trainers

Our fitness trainers do not just tell you what to do. They walk you through the workouts and even join you. It will give you an extra push of moral support or a sense of competition. If you have questions, our trainers are also available for consultations and advice.

Help create stress-free personalized workouts

Fitness routines are never one size fits all. Everyone has individual goals and time to work out. Our fitness trainers make sure to create simple routines. These routines can take all the stress from your workouts.

Create a simple personal training schedule

If you have problems setting a solid routine, PSB fitness trainers have your back. They can help you create the perfect schedule that fits a busy lifestyle and meets your goals.

Why Join PSB?

We offer a variety of affordable stress-busting exercise programs that include:

  • Boxing equipment and classes for stress relief
  • Relaxing yoga classes
  • Weight training equipment
  • Cardio equipment
  • Instructional quick work out pamphlets (also available on the website)


PSB fitness offers two tiers of fitness memberships

  • Classic fitness —  $20
  • Premium fitness  — $45

How to join PSB Fitness

Register in person at one of our two Sheridan campus locations!


Sign up directly through our website.

After you sign up, your membership card will be there for you to collect on the way to your first workout.


PSB fitness locations:

PSB FItness Gym Sheridan Brampton Mississauga Campus
Picture of the Sheridan campus

Hazel McCallion Campus

4180 Duke of York Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
Telephone: 437-550-2931

Sheridan Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Road
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
Telephone: 905-459-7533

Exercise your stress away with our fitness trainers by signing up for PSB fitness today!

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