PSB Fitness Offers A Comfortable and Safe Environment

Welcome To PSB Fitness!

Inspired by former Sheridan College Alumni here to offer a safe and comfortable environment at our two convenient Sheridan locations. Our fitness centers are conveniently located at the Brampton Campus and the Mississauga Campus for not only students but its surrounding communities. An alumni inspired gym that takes into consideration the welfare of the student body regardless of gender, race, social and economic background. We hope that you choose to help support you on your fitness journey!

How PSB Can Offer a Unique Workout Space for You!

When embarking on your very own personal fitness journey, at first gyms can be extremely intimidating. You walk in, take a look around and see endless rows of machines and weights seemingly occupied by one giant community. Our goal is to remove the intimidation factor when you join our fitness center. We want you to feel the same level of comfort when you work out in your home when you step into our gym. We promise to provide everything you would ever need to reach your fitness goals. At PSB Fitness our goal is to promote a safe space for not only college students but people with all different fitness journeys. A gym curated by the Sheridan community that offers a comfortable space promoting a real community of fitness enthusiasts.

The other component that makes us unique is our community. Our collaborative school includes not only international students and local students but our mature students and young students all work together in the classroom encourages a collaborative mindset to make our environment welcoming for all. We encourage support not only from our staff but our clients to truly make this a safe haven for all.

Our PSG Fitness center while smaller, offers a convenience for its student body and its surrounding community!

Services We Offer

At PSB Fitness we do not only want to offer an area just to workout but a fitness center that offers personal attention.
Our team of personal trainers work to improve your comfortability and knowledge at our fitness center. Inspired by Sheridan students we hope to encourage learning in all subjects.

Weightlifting and Cardio are not the only way to achieve your fitness goals. That is why at PSB Fitness we ensure a wide range of fitness classes that targets specific types of strengths and movements. These classes are led by passionate professionals who simply want to spread their passion through our platform! Our classes include but not exclusive to yoga, kickboxing, circuit workouts, and even zumba. We want to ensure all your fitness desires are met at our locations.

At PSB Fitness we offer different options for our clients that encourage participation:

  • Our classic membership ($20) includes access to our fitness center as well as free wi-fi.
  • Our premium membership ($45) includes access to our fitness center, free wi-fi, towel service and a reserved locker.

    Where you can find us

    Brampton Location – 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
    Mississauga Location – 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5


  • PSB Fitness – Fitness for all

    Benefits of Exercising

    Exercise is a miraculous treatment that we’ve all had, but we avoided taking our prescribed dosage for too long. As a result, our welfare is suffering today.
    It’s not serpentine oil. Regardless of age, solid empirical evidence exists that your physical exercise will help you lead a better, happier life.
    People who practice frequently are less likely to experience certain (chronic) long-term illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancer.Studies demonstrate that physical exercise can also increase self-confidence, mood, sleep quality and endurance, and reduce the susceptibility of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


    Locations of gym

    The PSB fitness app allows you to incorporate your training and outcomes into your smartphone app, gives the user specific details and helps them to schedule their training based on their objectives and success. If you prefer to do your own exercises, the user will check the code on the computer. Check the code on the computer, and enter the quantity of burnt calories and muscle category exercised during the 30-second gap between representatives. It makes it time effective. The app will also create a custom training regimen depending on the type of body, fitness and fitness objectives of the individual. If the goal is to lose.

    About us:

    Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
    Yoga Class at PSB Fitness

    Initiated an on-campus gym service by the Pilon School of Business (PSB). This gym offers Zumba and yoga lessons and several more workouts to students and staff members 24/7. Through doing this, you can calm your mind and groove by doing Zumba in various other ways such as Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga and Crossfit. Their focus is on exercises such as Zumba and Yoga, since they are all aerobic activities appropriately mixed.

    How will PSB FITNESS be chosen?

    PSB Health Focus urges you to do an unbelievable, high quality curriculum that fits together. We allow students to take advantage of productive training at fitness sites, either online from home or anywhere they choose. We support them here at PSB Fitness to reach the results and prescribe meals, exercise schedules, personal assistance, and more through our cloud system. Our online workouts enable participants to log their workouts so they are able to monitor their shape and posture and ensure that there are no injuries and optimum performance. We are still a small group of students.

    Per day calories intake

    Calories Requirement
    Diet chart

    Our last quarter focuses on the understanding that health and fitness are important. Gym workouts are currently being conducted that draw our young generation to a healthier life. We will now address one of the important elements in the development of a safe and fit body. You do hear the words ‘correct diet’ but most people do not know what these sentences really mean and take them in a different way. We believe that an adequate diet should be such that the body gets all the nutrients it needs. We recommend mango almond milk for protein, which is healthy for your wellbeing and has no side effect.

    PSB Fitness

    importance of a healthy body

    Health habits have declined in today’s century. This means that outdoor sports and workouts are not available. The problem can have negative consequences for the body of our young generation. Their development would be performed negatively without exercise. PSB Gym encourages young people to work out for a minimum of 15 minutes every day. Fitness is available 24 hours a day. We give a one-month Gym monthly free membership. This helps clients to resume their work after a routine of one month. Training is the best way to make a safe life for a young age. We expect this to draw and encourage people to get fitness and balanced workouts.

    Services and benefits offered by PSB Fitness

    The wellness emphasis of PSB urges you to carry out a realistic program that combines unbelievable and quality work. We help our students integrate effective programming at our workout sites, either online from home or whenever the member wants. Here at PSB Fitness, we help you attain success and prescribe food, training sessions, personal assistance, and more across our cloud system. Our online workouts encourage participants to register for their training sessions, as they monitor their shape and posture to ensure there are no injuries and full performance. We are still a small group of students and trainers looking for a long time to develop.

    yoga sessions

    Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
    Yoga Class at PSB Fitness

    Yoga is a great instrument for enhancing body flexibility and body and mind synchronization. Allows your life to stabilize as well. With no great pressure on your body, it boosts your physical health.
    No vigorous workouts are essential. We experience Yoga instruction and support participants in daily observation and therapy to achieve the required fitness.

    Zumba and aerobics

    Fit Life

    Zumba is one of the longest periods of fun and flexible exercise craze. Classes can be designed for almost any degree of fitness. While most Zumba moves like bouncing and skipping entail high impacts, they can be changed to suit the requirements. If you want a full-force fitness program, search for a Zumba class for some light body weights. If you need to begin slowly, or if you are in perfect shape, you can dance your heart. If you enjoy simply moving your body into music, Zumba is for you.


    With COVID19 protocol on in view, we’ve been trying by our official channels to switch our workout workouts to ZOOM, INSTA LIVE online. You can access our online modes on the links given from time to time until you subscribe to our services. Get a 40 percent discount from entering via online platforms now and take advantage of it. You will use our digital archives after you use them. It enables you to fusion many routines into one routine that is ideal for your needs. We also made arrangements briefly to meet the online standards that will no longer matter when you begin our offline programs.

    What separates PSB from others?

    Meditation at PSB Fitness
    Meditation at PSB Fitness

    The fitness center has a fixed planning schema that distinguishes them. The routine they are performing to train the bodies for exercises is that they are doing a basic exercise. After that, clients join in an aerobic exercise scheme with a Zumba session lasting 1 hour. Following this mission, guests will be able to relax for 5 to 10 minutes. For the body to keep on moving, the break time is limited. The last session would have a right one-hour yoga session. This is the program for people who have free time who are willing to complete the whole process.

    Weight training and yoga classes at Sheridan college

    If you want to achieve your goal in less time and want a fit and good physic, then join the PSB fitness gym. It has special classes for weight training, CrossFit, yoga, dance. Weight training helps to improve posture, better sleep, increase strength and help to lose weight. All training will be performed under the surveillance of gym trainers who are fully experienced and certified. We have the latest technology machines and equipment like dumbbells to perform weight training exercises.
    girls doing yoga at psb fitness

    There are also separate classes for yoga that helps to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga benefits heart health and relief back pain.


    Jessie and Matt, both Sheridan College alumni, formed PSB Fitness. Jessie has seven years of experience as a fitness coach. Matt has 5 years of experience as a professional personal trainer. PSB Fitness will run two fitness centres on-site, one at Sheridan College’s HMC campus in Mississauga and the other at Sheridan College’s Davis campus in Brampton. Students will be eligible to enrol in community workout courses at PSB Fitness. HIIT, Zumba, Strength training, CrossFit, yoga, and a variety of other courses are among them.


    At PSB Fitness, we realize that most students do not have enough financial resources to enrol in gym memberships or fitness courses. As a result, students are allowed to pay for each class they take. They will also have the option of buying a monthly pass that allows them free access. The pay-per-class option would cost $12 and will allow students to take as many classes as they want. The $55 monthly access pass allows students to take all the available courses while also providing extra benefits to the pass holder.
    students motivate each other at psb fitness gym


    Students can simply buy their membership by walking in the gym on campus and you can also register by showing your ID cards knowns as one card. You also have the option to buy it online on the PSB website.
    student performing exercise with dumbbells'


    We know that nowadays whereas education is important, but without good health, we can do nothing. So that’s why PSB fitness is here to fulfil your dreams of good physic and healthy life. PSB fitness is available in both colleges’ campus HMC campus, Mississauga and Davis campus, Brampton. Student life is very hard because we must do a lot of things together like assignment, classes, studying, researching etc. so somehow, we fail to take care of our body which leads to several problems like headache, stress, back pain etc. But now students can go to the gym after their classes or during their free time. They can enjoy the facilities of the gym on their campus. you just must enter the gym by showing one card provided by the college after that you enjoy the latest gym machines and equipment with a positive and fresh environment along with fabulous and mesmerizing music, which will motivate you to push hard. The gym is open 24/7 so you can come at any time to do workouts. Staff is always there to assist you in the gym. We also have professional trainers who will help you to achieve your goal. It is also the best place to make friends.
    So, what are you waiting for?

    Join the PSB fitness to enjoy the best weight, CrossFit training and yoga at the Sheridan campus.

    Hurry up! The offer is still going on, 20% discount on 1-year membership and many other offers for Sheridan’s student only.

    For more information check our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for daily updates and do not forget to like and follow PSB fitness.



    About us

    PSB fitness Gym has founded by two graduates Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years of experience as fitness instructor and Matt has 5 years of experience as a certified personal trainer. We are a well-known name to provide excellent fitness training and other facilities. Our Gym remains open 24 hours with trainers available all times. As our founders are well trained and experienced, so they always choose best trainers for our customers as well.


    Membership and fee

    • Monthly- $40
    • Quarterly (3 months)-$110
    • Half yearly (6 months) -$225
    • Yearly memberships (1 year)-$400

    We value your money so our membership fee is quite affordable and the facilities you will be provided are worth of this fee and we are confident that you will love the experience and training with us.


    If you want to be trained by highly skilled professional trainers and want desired results for your hard work whether it’s about gaining or losing weight or building muscles, then PSB fitness is the right place for you.

    Doing exercise is not enough to get the results but doing exercise in right way is. Some of you are not getting desired results even after doing lot of hard work, so u need special training and right place to do so and we are best in that.


    Latest Gym equipment is provided to train you well with the help of technology. We always put your safety first but, in any case, if anyone needs help one of our sports therapists is always available in gym to take care of you. We provide happy and healthy environment inside the Gym to make you feel comfortable. Good music plays a significant role in Gym as it motivates you to keep going. While doing intense exercises or running on treadmill needs little high tempo music while doing meditation and aerobics the music should be soothing. We also keep the performance record of every customer to help them to achieve their goal. Every person has different expectations from gym and so their metabolism, so we make diet plan according to their requirement. Free car parking, bathroom shower usage are also included in the membership.


    Aerobics is a type of exercise that involves rhythmic aerobic exercise to improve flexibility, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness. We provide gym with aerobics in Mississauga and Brampton location included the membership with no extra fee. Aerobics is a fun exercise to enjoy with music and dance as it includes dance like steps. . Yoga is good for physical and mental health it has many benefits such as reducing mental stress and helps to sleep well, so we provide yoga sessions for every day.


    Every sport needs some special exercise for particular body part to focus on such as football needs more stamina and tennis need body balance and more focus as well. So, we provide special sessions for the exercises that you need to improve your sports performance Such as: balancing board , meditation session , rope exercise etc.


    Due to Covid -19 we are taking extra care for our customers by setting up few mandatory rules to follow in the gym:
    • 6 feet distance in the gym
    • Not more than 15 persons at a time in the gym.
    • Sanitize the equipment after every use.
    • Fill up Health sheet before entering the gym.
    • Use sanitizer before entering the gym.


    PSB fitness is going to open 2 new gym:
    • Sheridan college Davis campus
    7899 McLaughlin Road
    Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9

    • Sheridan college HMC campus
    Hazel McCallion Campus
    4180 Duke of York Blvd
    Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5

    Quality services/amenities aid to brand development.

    Fitness Services

    PSB provides a variety of Fitness services. The location of the gym facilities includes Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton. The club and Sheridan College have collaborated together.
    Consequently, they provide students with quality fitness services including training.
    Some of the fitness services offered by the gym club include;
    Gymnastics It is a sport that involves physical workouts requiring strength, balance and flexibility.
    Aerobics is a form of workout that employs rhythm. Accordingly, the purpose is to enhance flexibility, cardio and muscle fitness.

    Girls taking yoga lessons

    It involves a discipline of controlling breath and body postures to improve health and relaxation.
    mindfulness fitness
    An activity that requires one to focus on thought, an abject or activity and mindfulness. consequently, they gain concentration and attention hence become aware.
    Fitness and relaxation in swimming
    These are activities in water that employs both hand and legs to move. It is equally important for fitness and recreation.

    Benefits attributed to fitness activities

    People who workout tend to be much freer in movements as compared to those who do not. Flexibility is important especially in cases where self-defense is necessary. one has to invest in fitness activities which also, has the advantage of being flexible in body movement hence reduce muscle pains
    Fitness activities are good for the body. They increase metabolism activities and builds the immune system. Exercise also leads to proper sleep which is necessary for psychological stability. Healthy people are happy people, this happiness can be attributed to some of the services provided at the PSB.
    When people engage in workouts activities such as mediation and mindfulness they further feel relaxed. Additionally, this leads to more confidence in fitting in any social circle due to the peace attributed. Also, engaging in body fitness activities ensures one body shape is socially acceptable this elevate confidence.
    Increased performance
    It is simply biology that working out muscles adapt them for better performance. Therefore, body weights lifting, dancing and mediation adapt the brain, and body muscles to hardships. Consequently, a person is able to perform better. In a fitness environment, it is common to hear a trainer say “Train hard, fight easy
    Fun with benefits
    All services provided by PSB are meant to be recreation and fun. However, the fun is about stretching body muscles and relaxation. Consequently, benefits reaped are health, confidence, flexibility and increased class activities.

    Offers for students

    Students who are willing to lead a lifestyle of fitness have a home at PCB. Further, the services offered are designed to fit the performance need of the students.
    Fitness activities enhance the performance of the brain hence productivity. Students are encouraged to join for a free 1-month trial. This is not in commitment to continue the training. Additionally, students willing to continue with the training are then charged a fee of $10 per month.

    Facilities at the PSB gym

    PSB has invested in several facilities. Consequently, this has ensured fitness services are optimally offered. There is a free locker room for securing personal items during the gym sessions. Also, changing rooms are available and accessible to members for free.
    Furthermore, PSB opens gym activities 24 hours 7 days a week. this fact ensures there is accessibility. Students can go to the gym and workout at any time of the day.

    Another benefit is that clients can access information and follow up queries online. Additionally, a wide network of trainers including experts of psychological issues is in place. This further ensures that the correct combination of fitness activity is administered to each client. It maximizes the benefits one would be willing to achieve as a result of exercising.

    Lastly, a soccer ground, swimming pool, tennis and volleyball pitches are in place. This further ensures a variety of activities for members. Every student is welcome to visit PCB fitness services and enjoy maximum benefits.

    Maximum Gym Equipment On Campus

    Maximum Gym Equipment Right Here On Campus !
    Welcome to PSB Fitness Centre

    Are you looking to get in shape but can not find a gym with every single equipment for your workout exercises?
    We have you covered with our maximum gym equipment On Campus.

    Our gym caters for everyone on campus, we have introduce a new area in our facility for massage purposes.

    Many gym goers enjoy our water cooler station where you can get both water and energy drinks to boost your energy.

    On-Site Instructor

    While most of our students are unfamiliar with most gym equipment, we have assign on-site instructor for guides and safety for our equipment users. They would love you to guide in steps in using the equipment so we can avoid unnecessary injuries.

    Water Station

    Instead of always bringing your own water or always buying a water in vending machine, we have provide water stations for bottle refill and drinking water from the cooler. With this new install water stations.
    Massage Chair Station

    After a long day in class then going to gym, wouldn’t anyone appreciate a place where to just feel relax and stress free but PSB Fitness as create an Massage Area for students who need to relax their mind and body with first 15 membership signup !

    Balanced Meal Caterings

    Here in our gym we provide meal programs and also cater to our gym goers!
    We hold our clients’ best interests at heart by supplying them with a well balanced meal to get them through their day. Eating healthy is great for the brain of students who are constantly studying and using their brains.

    Hope to see you soon !
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    Fitness and Meditation classes Mississauga
    Celebrity Fitness Trainer in Your City Mississauga!

    Self-defense classes for girls at PSB Fitness

    Exercise affects physical and mental success that is the essential inspiration driving why a steadily expanding number of youths and school-going understudies are joining gyms more than ever.
    Benefits of PSB fitness
    There are various benefits of joining PSB Fitness, for instance, decline pressure, decrease horrendous cholesterol, and increment processing. There are incalculable focal points in joining an activity community. This is the inspiration driving why each understudy needs to join Gyms and that is the explanation PSB has taken care of business and open exercise centers inside the school so understudies can do rehearse close by getting their understanding.

    1. Muscle improvement
    2. Expansion in energy level
    3. Improve balance and versatility
    4. Will make a positive penchant.
    5. Improved prosperity

    Advantage of having fitness in college

    PSB wellness is one of the best amusing centers for nearby students. These gyms have been opened in three locations of Sheridan college in Brampton, Mississauga and are 24 hours opened for students and for close-by residents. This exercise center has new sorts of machine arrangements and certified personal trainers. The specialty of PSB is that they provide self defense classes to the girls on there locations.

    There are several students in the school who gain weight feel stress and even they don’t have enough time to go specially to the gym after their classes so it become easy to assess to the gym as students can maintain their health and wellbeing even in the breaks or after classes.
    Special Offers PSB have for Students
    There are several offers that PSB fitness give to the student first of all, there is no membership fee for the staff and a very low and reasonable price on membership for the students starting from $25 and additional $5 for the self defense classes for girls.
    Personal trainers
    Self defense classes
    Zumba class
    PBS Fitness give all offices to its individuals for the comfort of their utilization. We are offering following offices to our individuals.

    Free storage space
    Free changing room with shower and washing offices
    24 x 7 accessibility
    Online entryway for affirmation and questions
    Premium enrollment choices for faithful clients
    Jungle gyms for soccer, volleyball, and tennis
    Accessibility of pool
    Secure verification of approved individuals with bio-metric
    Limits for part references
    Workshops from outer mentors on emotional wellness
    PSB wellness plans different rivalries and testaments are granted to the victors.
    Protection offices to its representatives to cover them from all sort of unintentional danger engaged with their work.
    PSB wellness additionally gives preparing programs in medical aid and CPR to prepare its individuals in emergency treatment.
    Why PSB?
    PSB wellbeing center impulses you to do a sensible program that joins both mind blowing and value preparing works out. These create heart flourishing and weight decline, help to prevent, and advance muscle quality, steadiness, and adaptableness.

    Budget Friendly Fitness Training

    How PSB Fitness training can help you

    Not seeing results you want from your workouts? Need help mastering proper exercise form? Do you have a small budget but need affordable personalized training? Then come join us at PSB Fitness. PSB Fitness is an affordable option that offers expert fitness trainers. They will help to educate and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

    Fitness trainers at Psb Fitness


    Our trainers Jessie and Matt, are former Sheridan Alumni. They understand the busy life of a professional and a college student. Jessie and Matt have extensive fitness training experience. Matt has five years of experience and is a certified personal trainer. Jessie is a former fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. He also has five years of experience.

    At PSB fitness, you do not have to break your budget to get expert fitness training. Our trainers will help you to create fitness plans that can target your fitness goals. Whether it is to relieve stress from upcoming exams or gaining strength to keep up at work. Or if your goal to train for your next team event or to maintain your health.

    The benefits of  PSB Fitness’ affordable fitness trainers:


    Our fitness trainers are budget-friendly at $45 an hour 2 hourly sessions a week. They also offer the option of four 30-minute sessions.

    Learn the correct exercise form from personal trainers

    Executing exercises with proper form reduces the risk of injuries. It applies to both beginners or someone who exercises routinely. They will show you the correct technique, to use exercise equipment and lift weights.


    If you feel stuck in your fitness journey, our fitness trainers are here to help. They will be with you every step of the way. They streamline your fitness routine until it is natural for you. The fitness goals that you strive to achieve will be that much more reachable.

    Supportive personal trainers

    Our fitness trainers do not just tell you what to do. They walk you through the workouts and even join you. It will give you an extra push of moral support or a sense of competition. If you have questions, our trainers are also available for consultations and advice.

    Help create stress-free personalized workouts

    Fitness routines are never one size fits all. Everyone has individual goals and time to work out. Our fitness trainers make sure to create simple routines. These routines can take all the stress from your workouts.

    Create a simple personal training schedule

    If you have problems setting a solid routine, PSB fitness trainers have your back. They can help you create the perfect schedule that fits a busy lifestyle and meets your goals.

    Why Join PSB?

    We offer a variety of affordable stress-busting exercise programs that include:

    • Boxing equipment and classes for stress relief
    • Relaxing yoga classes
    • Weight training equipment
    • Cardio equipment
    • Instructional quick work out pamphlets (also available on the website)


    PSB fitness offers two tiers of fitness memberships

    • Classic fitness —  $20
    • Premium fitness  — $45

    How to join PSB Fitness

    Register in person at one of our two Sheridan campus locations!


    Sign up directly through our website.

    After you sign up, your membership card will be there for you to collect on the way to your first workout.


    PSB fitness locations:

    PSB FItness Gym Sheridan Brampton Mississauga Campus
    Picture of the Sheridan campus

    Hazel McCallion Campus

    4180 Duke of York Blvd
    Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
    Telephone: 437-550-2931

    Sheridan Davis Campus

    7899 McLaughlin Road
    Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
    Telephone: 905-459-7533

    Exercise your stress away with our fitness trainers by signing up for PSB fitness today!

    For more exciting updates, follow us on our social media:


    PSB Fitness- Place to Relax

    What you eat in private you Wear in Public

    Why Gym is Important?
    A gym is a place where people go to become physically and mentally fit. This place has special equipment and all other facilities needed by the people during their workout sessions. You can go to the gym to lose weight or gain weight, so the motive of the gym is to make you fit and to make you feel relax. Gyms have trained coaches who can help you in all ways, like, with the type of workout your body needs, appropriate diet plan, etcetera. In today’s world, almost every place has a gym, some people have gyms at their homes too.

    Want to Stay Healthy?
    In this 21st Century, Everyone is Following a 24/7 Pattern of work. So, mostly because of the Hectic lifestyle everyone goes for Fast food that is easy to cook as well as Quick to make. To Stay Healthy it is important that with regular Exercise intake of balanced diet food is also important.

    About PSB Fitness

    • What makes it Special?

    PSB fitness is Special because it is Providing membership at an affordable price as well as many options. For example, A proper diet plan, A Cloud system through which one can check his or her performance. Especially, PSB Fitness is here not to make a profit, but to make you feel confident, healthy and achievers.

    • Suitable For?

    PSB Fitness is a Perfect Place for one who is Fitness Freak as well as the person who wants to run his or her life smoothly, especially College Going Students as being adult he has to face many problems at once. For example, Along with studies they have to do Work to Fulfill their basic amenities, especially International students they have to face a lot as they have to Pay their fesses, Rents, and have to look back at their home along with Studies. So, this place is perfect for them as by visiting here they can relax is through exercise, and with the proper diet, they can be Wealthy as well as Physically.

    Doing exercise

    Access to Gym

    • Location

    PSB Fitness is situated in the Center of the city at Mississauga. The Branch is located inside the college building of the HMC campus.

    • Access for students

    Access to this is very easy, especially for Sheridan students as well as for Non- students. The only difference is that college students do not have to buy Membership as the price of Membership is already paid in their Fees and Non-Students have to buy the Membership.


    • For Sheridan Student

    The price of membership is very affordable for students as for Sheridan Students the price is $40 Per Month. which is included in their tuition fees including access to Cloud System, and to all Equipment.

    • For Non-Sheridan

    Non- Sheridan is not the people who are part of the Sheridan Campus. So, For the membership of PSB fitness, the Amount is $50 per month which includes the access same as Sheridan Students have.

    Type of Service Available

    • Proper Diet

    A proper Balance diet Chart is provided to all with the help of a Proper guideline dietitian. As proper diet is also a part to Stay Healthy.

    Equipment’s Available

    There are various types of equipment at the gym, for instance, treadmills, cross trainers, indoor cycles, exercise bikes, etcetera.


    Due to the ongoing pandemic, everything has changed including the gym, Only a limited number of people can use the gym, All the equipment has to sanitized after each use., Everyone entering the gym have to wear a mask including coaches, Social distancing is also mandatory.

    Feel free to join and Enjoy your life

    If you have any Queries, Please free to contact us at: