Student friendly Cafe in Mississauaga

 PSB Café in Mississauga AKA Student friendly café


Students wish fulfilled

A college not surrounded by a café, or a coffee shop is a after all not what a students college experience is supposed to be. Every one of us love to have our spot with our friends near our college where we can chill and discuss and laugh and be the happiest we can be, after all they are students and they need some relaxation. There comes PSB café for your rescue, a student friendly café in Mississauga in order to serve the students of Sheridan college. It is one-of-a-kind cafés in Mississauga, it fulfilled the wish of the students of wanting to have a coffee shop or a place that above all offers enticing food and drinks at an affordable price close to their campus.


Why is PSB Café considered student friendly café in Mississauga?


Student friendly café

As we all know being a student and paying college expenses such as tuition fees, and purchasing the books and supplies needed is not easy. The cost included in these is increasing because of which students nowadays have become more economical and think a lot to spend and constrain themselves from even having a decent meal. This is when PSB café comes to the rescue of students by providing a specially curated menu for students at a discounted price and various meal options. This student friendly  café in Mississauga also provides free wi-fi.







What does PSB café offer for students (Menu for students)



  • Cappuccino                                                                     $3.00
  • Latte                                                                                 $2.50
  • Americano                                                                      $2.00
  • Choco/vanilla Latte                                                      $3.00
  • Mocha                                                                             $3.00
  • Milk Tea                                                                          $2.50
  • Matcha/ Brown sugar Milk Tea                                 $3.00
  • Masala Tea                                                                     $2.50
  • Fruit Tea                                                                         $3.00

Quick Bites

  • Fries (peri-peri/ cheesy/ classic)                                $3.00
  • Onion rings                                                                     $3.50
  • Mashed potato                                                               $3.50
  • Poutine                                                                            $4.00
  • Nuggets (Veg/ Cheese/ Chicken)                               $4.00

Wraps and Bowls

  • Classic Veg wrap                                                           $4.00
  • Chicken wrap (crispy/ shawarma)                            $5.00
  • Classic Veg bowl                                                            $4.00
  • Chicken Bowl (crispy/ shawarma)                             $5.00

Meal Kit

  • Any beverage with a quick bite                                   $6.00
  • Any beverage with a wrap or bowl                             $7.50
  • One beverage one quick bite one wrap or bowl       $9.00


student friendly café


NO room for hunger anymore

PSB café offers various options specifically for students where they can eat what they want rather than settling for whatever is there. They provide different kinds of meals where you can get one beverage and a quick bite for just $6.00, any beverage with your wrap or bowl for just $7.50, and lastly for a whole meal, a beverage with a quick bite and a wrap or a bowl for just $9. These meals indeed help students a lot economically. They can order the food or drink they want individually or instead of ordering each item separately which will cost them more, they can also have a little of everything which will be more than enough for one meal in a more cost-efficient way.



Why PSB Café is the ideal café for students?

Traveling is the most common problem faced by students because of the time constrain however PSB café has a solution for that. It is located very close to the college which certainly helps Sheridan students in many ways. They don’t have to travel or catch a public transport just to grab a coffee or a quick bite henceforth. Getting a hot coffee in the cold weather and hoping it would remain hot until you reach college is no longer a dream. Lack of time is the next biggest problem students face when they are busy with their academics, but PSB café has got it covered too, if you are wondering how mobile ordering is the way you save time by ordering food ahead of time and the staff will keep it ready for you when you arrive.


stuent friendly cafe


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Budget Friendly Café in Mississauga


PSB Café is the best Budget Friendly Café in Mississauga. Born out of the diverse city of Mississauga and inspired by our community. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers specialty, quality coffee, at an affordable price. We believe in people and our product, and in addition want to help you get through your day or find a nice place to relax after a long day.

Visit For The Taste Stay For The Experience

budget friendly café in Mississauga
Girl Studying at café with budget friendly coffee

PSB café offers rich roasted coffee beans and personally blend and roast them to make certain each customer gets a warm fresh cup of coffee, latte, cappuccino or espresso, along with this , we also offer baked goods and breakfast items which are freshly made to satiate all your desires.

PSB café is your perfect spot to grab a  budget friendly coffee. Whether you are on the go, or just want to relax. Whether you want to meet with friends or study alone. We offer free wireless internet connection along with an enjoyable atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Along with all this our highly trained customer oriented staff paired with experienced baristas will ensure that you have the best experience possible, along with this, they posses years of experience and skills. Because of these reasons we are confident that we can provide you with the best service possible, anytime and all the time.

A Cup of Budget Friendly Coffee a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Health effects of coffee
Young man laughing at coffee shop

We all know coffee can get us through that hard work shift ,or that assignment that is due tonight, but coffee can do even more than that! Coffee heals and restores your body, and according to research it coffee drinkers are as follows:

  • Less likely to get diabetes
  • Less likely to develop heart failure
  • Less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.
  • Enjoy protective effects that coffee provides your liver
  • Dark roast coffee decreases breakage in DNA strands
  • Your odds of colon cancer are decreased
  • Decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

For more information 


“Coffee intake is linked to a lower likelihood of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver and endometrial cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and depression”.  Frank Hu, chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard



Our Budget Friendly Café Options

At PSB café we know that what we want one day might be different than the next, that’s why we offer a wide variety of products and drinks to make sure you can get what you want no matter what mood you are in.

PSB café's products
Cup of Latte with art


  • Coffee 
    • Our staple coffee, a hot-brew black coffee from dark roast beans packed with super antioxidants  to prevent cell damage and boost your brain function to start your day effectively.
  • French vanilla
    • Sweet and creamy, packed with rich flavors
  • Lattes and Mocha
    • Our customer favorite, a shot of espresso, steamed milk and a custom made design by our talented baristas with frothed milk on top.
  • Tea (Black, Green, Orange Pekoe, Chamomile)
    • For our tea lovers
  • Breakfast Options

Baked goods

  • Donuts
    • (Glazed, Sprinkled and Powdered)
  • Muffins
    • (Chocolate Chip, Blueberry,Pumpkin)
  • Pastries
    • (Croissant, Danish)
  • Cookies
    • (Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal)
  • Bagels
    • (Sesame, plain and cheese)


 Budget Friendly Student Benefits

PSB café really appreciates all students and knows it’s not easy. For our students through the SPC  program and in addition to showing us an ID Card you can enjoy a variety of drinks and food while not breaking the bank. We also love our art school students who visit every day after class. For all community members every Sunday evening the café will be hosting a poetry night for writers and poetry enthusiasts to enjoy, with many very memorable memories, and we would love to see you at the next one! Make sure you come to our budget friendly café in Mississauga.

budget friendly café in Mississauga
PSB Café Discount Flyer

quiet coffee shops to study in Mississauga

Modern coffee shops

Coffee shops are no longer just visited to drink coffee, but also to do work and have a cup of coffee. The PSB coffee shop is the right place for you if you’re looking for a quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga  and enjoy your coffee.


quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga
quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga

Benefits of studying in a quiet coffee shop:

1-Quite environment 

Studies have shown that studying outside your house in a quiet environment will increase your motivation to finish the study and make you more concentrated and focused hence, having high grades.

2-Relaxing soft music 

The main theme of most of the coffee shops is soft music and relaxation vibes. As it is known, studying and tests are very stressful and can lead to anxiety. Listening to soft music can reduce the anxiety; apart from this, watching other students’ study helps to relax.


The comfort level in any coffee shop is essential. For example, make sure to have comfortable chairs and sofas, good lighting, and a good temperature. Some coffee shops focus on designing every detail in the shop to make it convenient and comfortable for the customer .As a result, it will make studying easier.


4-Provides all kinds of amenities

You can use your laptop and devices easily anywhere and not suffer from the internet while studying.

tasty coffee in a quiet coffee shop

quiet coffee shop to study in Mississauga

Next time you see a quiet coffee shop, why not stop in and taste their coffee.Studies show that you’re more likely to enjoy your coffee  in a quiet environment.


Where can I find a quiet coffee shop in Mississauga?

The PSB coffee shop offers everything needed to create a quiet and relaxing environment so the customer can study and do their tasks easily while drinking the best coffee or eating one of the snacks from a multi-option menu.

quiet coffee shop to study in Mississauga
quiet coffee shop in Mississauga


The product line of the PSB café includes:

All kinds of coffee, tea, and snacks are available. In addition to that, there is a  new combo line option.


Here are some of the coffee drinks that are served on the PSB  cafe’s menu :


1-Americano:  1 shot of espresso and 3 oz. of hot water

2-Espresso :1 shot of espresso

3- Macchiato1 shot of espresso and  1 to 2 teaspoons of steamed milk

4-Cappuccino: 1-2 shots of espresso . In addition of 2 oz. of steamed milk + 2 oz. of foamed milk + sprinkling of chocolate powder

5-Mocha: 1 shot of espresso .In addition of 1-2 oz. of chocolate syrup/powder + 1-3 oz. of steamed milk + 2-3 cm of foam or whipped cream

6-Iced Coffee:2 oz. drip coffee or espresso . In addition of 4 oz. of ice + 4-6 oz of milk or water + flavouring syrup to taste.

quiet coffee shop in Mississauga
a cup of tasty coffee

Why should students drink coffee?

While having a quiet environment in the PSB cafe , having   a cup of coffee is a must because it has many benefits .
This is why students drink coffee :
In moderate amounts, caffeine can boost mood, energy, and concentration .Therefore,research has shown that drinking coffee increases mental alertness and reduces tiredness – a huge help to those trying to study.

Also, choosing what meal and drink you will have as a combo line  from the PSB cafe’s menu will save you time and money and help you to focus on the studying.




In conclusion, our main goal is to provide you with a quiet environment,so you can accomplish your tasks while enjoying the view and our tasty drinks and delicious snacks.

You may visit us at Confederation Parkway and City Centre Drive, near Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus.

For more details about the café and the events, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, by subscribing to our email, you will get the latest discounts and offers.


Affordable gym to train and workout.

About PSB Fitness.                     PSB description

PSB fitness is an affordable gym in the vicinity of Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC). Students who are in the athletic program at the college or for attendees on campus that are looking to better their health lifestyle, both mentally and physically on a everyday basis at an affordable gym price.

On a budget? looking for an affordable gym?

Are you looking for an affordable gym that provides the knowledge and personalized training that will benefit you?

Firstly, you should come on down to PSB fitness. An affordable option that won’t hurt your pocket or make you cry but improve your lifestyle and put a smile on your face. Secondly you will see, our trainers are experts that will teach, train and push you towards and beyond your limits to attain your goals for a better physique.

PSB fitness founders and trainers such as Jesse and Matt, former Sheridan alumni experienced in personal training with years of experience under their belt.

The affordable gym, PSB fitness offers in person training, personal meal diet plans that’s targeted to erase weight loss while eating healthy. Excerises for stress relief or to improve strength both mentally and physically are also available.

Benefits the affordable gym, PSB fitness provides:

Affordable gym friendly prices such as:           

  • $2o for daily classes.
  • $50 for three classes.
  • $80 for five classes.
  • $150 for unlimited month (1 Month)

Keeps customers motivated. 

Trainers are there to encourage you every step of the way. They will be by your side like when you’re feeling down but also will create routines that’s easy for you and then gradually increase the intensity while also building confidence.

Beginner Friendly Environment.

PSB fitness is located near Sheridan College on the Mississauga campus (HMC). The gym can be easily accessed to students, with well-educated and experienced personal trainers who are aware of various methods and excerises that can be safely and effectively used by beginners or new gym goers.

Personal Scheduling options:

If you  have a issue scheduling to exercise and create a routine, PSB fitness trainers can help you to schedule around busy days such as classes, exams and even work.

Meet like-minded people:

Joining a gym can be very social. Meeting new persons with either similar lifestyles can be beneficial as a result you get to meet persons who can become lifelong friends.

No Judgement: 

PSB fitness wants to ensure that you feel at home where no one is judged whether it may be that you are looking to get fit, make friends or relax, PSB fitness has something for anyone and everyone.

Woman working out    students motivate each other at psb fitness gym  student performing exercise with dumbbells'

Why join PSB fitness?

PSB fitness offers a variety of affordable and budget friendly exercise programs and utilities that include resources such as:

  • Locker, showers and changing rooms
  • Weight lifting workouts
  • Cardio workout
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Aerobics rooms
  • Stress relief exercises such as yoga
  • Steam Room (Sauna)
  • Masseuse chair
  • Well build diet and nutrient plans for your body weight.
  • Snack bars
  • Olympic size pool -swimming workouts
  •  Regulated size Basket Ball court.

More information on some resources provided:

Resouces such as showers, Steam room, lockers and changing rooms are always sanitized and gyms access are Covid regulated and cleaned every day . Customers can either purchase a locker for a fee of $7, or rent monthly, a locker for $3 a week. However resourses such as; Changing rooms and showers are for free members use. Nevertheless, the customer has options to choose from.

A security deposit to protect items left in the gym will come at a cost at of $6 yearly. However, you have the option to deny this form of insurance.

PSB Fitness continues to increase its occupancy by concentrating  on the one lifetime benefit valued by everyone: good health.

Be-fit gym  girls-workout-together-fitness  gym equipment

Promotion where price point is concerned.

  • Free trials (Free trial/class for new gym attendees, Free class for following our social media or signing up to our email list.)
  • Bonus (Free class for every five-class pass purchase and free month for 6-month gym membership purchase)
  • Instagram: PSB fitness
  • Facebook: PSB fitness

Cancellation fee: 

  • The cancellation fee is $7.
  • 15-day notice before cancelling membership.
  • For instance, a student is moving away and won’t be able to attend the gym anymore.


  • Location: HMC – 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5
  • Gym open hours: 7:00am to 12:00am
  • Holiday hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm
  • Contact us at: (905) 845- 9430 for more information.

    Sheridan logo

Sign up today!



Budget Friendly Fitness Training

How PSB Fitness training can help you

Not seeing results you want from your workouts? Need help mastering proper exercise form? Do you have a small budget but need affordable personalized training? Then come join us at PSB Fitness. PSB Fitness is an affordable option that offers expert fitness trainers. They will help to educate and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Fitness trainers at Psb Fitness


Our trainers Jessie and Matt, are former Sheridan Alumni. They understand the busy life of a professional and a college student. Jessie and Matt have extensive fitness training experience. Matt has five years of experience and is a certified personal trainer. Jessie is a former fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. He also has five years of experience.

At PSB fitness, you do not have to break your budget to get expert fitness training. Our trainers will help you to create fitness plans that can target your fitness goals. Whether it is to relieve stress from upcoming exams or gaining strength to keep up at work. Or if your goal to train for your next team event or to maintain your health.

The benefits of  PSB Fitness’ affordable fitness trainers:


Our fitness trainers are budget-friendly at $45 an hour 2 hourly sessions a week. They also offer the option of four 30-minute sessions.

Learn the correct exercise form from personal trainers

Executing exercises with proper form reduces the risk of injuries. It applies to both beginners or someone who exercises routinely. They will show you the correct technique, to use exercise equipment and lift weights.


If you feel stuck in your fitness journey, our fitness trainers are here to help. They will be with you every step of the way. They streamline your fitness routine until it is natural for you. The fitness goals that you strive to achieve will be that much more reachable.

Supportive personal trainers

Our fitness trainers do not just tell you what to do. They walk you through the workouts and even join you. It will give you an extra push of moral support or a sense of competition. If you have questions, our trainers are also available for consultations and advice.

Help create stress-free personalized workouts

Fitness routines are never one size fits all. Everyone has individual goals and time to work out. Our fitness trainers make sure to create simple routines. These routines can take all the stress from your workouts.

Create a simple personal training schedule

If you have problems setting a solid routine, PSB fitness trainers have your back. They can help you create the perfect schedule that fits a busy lifestyle and meets your goals.

Why Join PSB?

We offer a variety of affordable stress-busting exercise programs that include:

  • Boxing equipment and classes for stress relief
  • Relaxing yoga classes
  • Weight training equipment
  • Cardio equipment
  • Instructional quick work out pamphlets (also available on the website)


PSB fitness offers two tiers of fitness memberships

  • Classic fitness —  $20
  • Premium fitness  — $45

How to join PSB Fitness

Register in person at one of our two Sheridan campus locations!


Sign up directly through our website.

After you sign up, your membership card will be there for you to collect on the way to your first workout.


PSB fitness locations:

PSB FItness Gym Sheridan Brampton Mississauga Campus
Picture of the Sheridan campus

Hazel McCallion Campus

4180 Duke of York Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
Telephone: 437-550-2931

Sheridan Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Road
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
Telephone: 905-459-7533

Exercise your stress away with our fitness trainers by signing up for PSB fitness today!

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