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About us
PSB fitness is one of the best recreational center opened in the various campuses of Sheridan college that provide the proper guidance to the students to maintain their proper health The very first move is to schedule a trial version session with gym in Mississauga. The  personal trainers will provide you with free advice so that you can decide what the next moves should be. Your wellness experience has finally begun after you’ve finished the application process and become a part of our personal training programmed. We’ll be there for you every step of the way if you need it.

Various reasons to select PSB fitness: Personal trainers are experts in a variety of fitness program me. Which enables them to personalize a workout routine by selecting from a range of exercises. Making use of the exercise software. You can communicate with your teacher at any time and choose if you want to finish your program me.

Weight loss program me at the PSB: PSB Fitness is a recently opened gym on the Davis and HMC campuses of Sheridan College. Our mission is to provide you with a one-on-one personal workout session to assist you in achieving your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

At PSB Fitness, we have one-on-one weight-loss workout program me that are tailored to help you burn fat and build muscle. We do this by first determining your body shape and then designing a fitness regimen specifically for you.

Another covid19 Precautions and regulations at PSB Fitness.
1. Social Distancing is mandatory at all the destinations.
2. Masks are compulsory.
3. Proper use of sanitizer while entering in the GYM.
4. Covid19 questions sheet is mandatory to fill while entering in the GYM.

Various locations of PSB fitness:
1. Sheridan college Davis campus Brampton#
2. Sheridan college HMC campus Mississauga

Benefits of a PSB Cross-Fit Workout: The first cross fit trial is free if anyone wants to try for first time it is completely free. there is no charges for it
1. Extraordinary benefits: The GYM have extraordinary benefits for the full time and part time students of Sheridan college.
One of the most important aspects of being able to perform a cross-fit routine is agility. Certain movements in the PSB cross-fit schedule ensure that you can develop your agility by the end of the workout.#

2. Facility in the gym: The Hazel McCall ion Campus is situated in the center of downtown Mississauga (HMC). Members may use a range of computers and facilities in the gym, as well as various courts for different activities.

3. PSB Fitness takes every precaution to ensure the welfare of its members and employees. The secret to an enjoyable and relaxing session at the facility is safety. PSB Fitness has put in place protocols to ensure that each member is well cared for and has adequate space for their workout

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Beginners’ Volleyball
1. PSB Fitness gives volleyball classes to participants who wish to practise the fundamentals and basics. Members should expect high-intensity drills to help them develop their skills on the court during the classes. Any exercises can necessitate repetitive rapid arm and leg movements. A field-based certified teacher can assist the class in navigating various scenarios.

2. Members will begin by learning the fundamentals of volleyball, including correct forms and positions. Members would be able to participate in scrimmages between classes in the class. With high-intensity rounds and nonstop action, these scrimmages can challenge and drive participants to their limits.

IN last:
PSB fitness is one of the best fitness school that provide the proper guidance to the students to maintain their proper body health and fitness.

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