Diverse workout programs in Mississauga

Diverse workout programs in Mississauga at PBS fitness?

PSB fitness is unique, one must even say “user friendly” as we offer free trial classes to newcomers. we offer Diverse workout programs in Mississauga.

This allows the newly joining clients to try each of our many classes that are offered here.  This gives our customers an opportunity to try and experience for themselves which class suits their fitness style, needs, and goals the best. Since our target market consists of people who have lower disposable income, this opportunity benefits them as they can experience the classes before they commit to it, which if in case they end up not liking the class they would have not wasted their money and can instead find something that can aid them in reaching their fitness goals.

PBS fitness is a great place with exceptional customer service. Our main goal of creating a one-stop fitness center for all your needs. both of our prime locations are ready to cater to all their client’s fitness needs.

Our diverse program can help you learn so much and become healthy in different and fun ways. Mentioned below are some of our diverse workout programs and their benefits:

Diverse Cardio workout programs in Mississauga:

  • Spin Cycle Class: spin cycling is a form of indoor cycling. It is also a well-known method of exercising for losing fat. In the class, each participant will be given their own bike, which can be fully customized according to their needs. Some of the top benefits of spin cycling are improving heart health and core strength
  • Boxing, HIIT (high-intensity interval training): boxing is a fighting sport that consists of upper body movement and reflexes and footwork. This sport has these days become a really popular way of exercising as it not only improves overall balance, cardiovascular health, releases stress, creates stamina, builds arm and leg strength, and also helps lose weight.
  • Aerobics: aerobics is one of the most fun ways of working out as it literally consists of choreographed exercises performed off the music. The combination of such rhythmic and structured- movement exercise raises your heart rate resulting in oxygen and blood flowing more quickly in the body. Benefits of this kind of cardio include endurance, flexibility, stamina, agility, lowers blood pressure, and reducing stress.

Dance :

  • Zumba: Zumba was founded in 1999 and ever since then it has been popular all over the world. It includes steps from Latin dance forms such as salsa, reggaeton, cha-cha, flamenco, and merengue, that are performed on Latin influences music. Benefits of Zumba include better coordination, a fun way of losing weight, boosting healthy heart health, and reduced stress.
  • Jazzercise: jazzercise as its name suggests derives its moves from jazz dance, Pilates, kickboxing, and resistance training. benefits of jazzercise include better heart health, reduced stress levels, weight loss, boosted metabolism, and increased bone density.

Mindful Training:

  • Yoga: Yoga is a spiritual, physical, and mental discipline that came from India in around 400 C.E. the word yoga itself means “ yuj” in Sanskrit or “to unite”. The goal of practicing yoga is to finally reach a sense of spiritual awakening, which is all a result of creating a union between mind, body, and spirit. While the modern and most widely performed form of yoga only focuses on the ASANS, the physical exercise the traditional form of yoga focuses on eight kinds of self-disciplines known as the “eight limbs of yoga” these eight limbs include:

Eight limbs of Yoga workout program in Mississauga

  • Pilates: Pilates is a form of low-impact training. It is designed in a way that strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and overall body posture. These exercises consist of specific detailed bodily movements and good breathwork. Along with benefits such as improved posture, flexibility, and stronger core it also improves balance and mobility.

We offer in-person studio classes as well as online sessions for indoor lovers for Pilates and yoga.

Women only workout programs in Mississauga:

Eight limbs of Yoga workout program in Mississauga

The special class for females only is a wonderful feature as sometimes females feel more comfortable and might also have a busy schedule due to household work, because of their children or due to their jobs, so for them, some specific times are fetched which is only and only allocated for the eves. With the help of these classes, they can also bring themselves to the path of health.

Zumba, aerobics classes are fun in these sessions for females. Without lifting heavyweight, they can maintain their shape and body.

Our online sessions help people to download and record the session for their further help. It can help them to learn the correct posture and everything.

Above all, the environment in which students or individuals get here is no match. We are trying to create a healthy and friendly relationship with our customers.

Conducting challenges:

In our gym, our motto is to make people healthy and fit, so for keeping them on track and focused on their work, we conduct some weekly challenges for them. Even, we offer some goodies as a reward for the weekly challenges to boost up their confidence and keep them alert for their one motive of losing some extra pounds of theirs.

Free nutritional and meal planning:

Everyone claims that they are offering the best of the services to people, but the main part of it is not only the exercising or heavy lifting but the meal balance. Many gyms do not offer what they proclaim, but here at PBS, we pay attention to this strictly. We make proper diet charts for every individual so that the result would speak itself.

Covid 19 free zone:

  • Masks are mandatory while moving on the premises
  • Maintain the 6ft distance with other members
  • Bring your own water bottle and towel
  • Wash or sanitize hands before entering or leaving premises
  • Clean the station with wet wipes, for others to use

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Yoga and Beginner to Advanced Fitness Classes at Sheridan!

Beginner PSB fitness yoga classes are currently being offering to Sheridan students at varying levels. Whether you’re a sedentary person or a very active athlete, we have a yoga class for you. Our yoga classes range from beginner to advanced. Yoga is a versatile practice and there are multiple modifications for almost every pose. Yoga is not about stretching your body into doughy, freshly baked pretzel. It is about discovering your limits and getting in tune with your body and mind. If you are interested in trying out a yoga class or are still hesitant, make sure to keep reading to learn about the ancient practice and its many benefits.

All About Yoga: Poses, Types, Benefits, and More | Everyday Health

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. Texts for yoga are also found in the Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain traditions. The word yoga originated from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means “to yoke” or “to unite”. This makes sense since yoga attempts to unite the body, mind and spirt, while also connecting oneself to the universal consciousness. Many different styles of Yoga have been developed over the years, but most still focus on the sole goal of bringing the mind and body together.

Today yoga is focused on weaving together a series of poses and postures, this is called asana. Historical texts speak about varies forms of asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and tantra exercises, which mean to liberate one’s spirit (moksha). In Indian traditions yoga is mostly focused on more than just a physical exercise but to mediate and focus on the spiritual core. Outside of India the word “yoga” is associated with fitness, relaxation, and stress-relief. This modern-day yoga is meant to help improve strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, and balance. As a whole this new yoga practice focuses on a rather small part of practice.

Yoga for Kids: 10 Easy Poses and Benefits

The Benefits of Yoga

Exercise can help us improve our bodies inside and out and help us feel healthy. Yoga has many physical benefits such as reducing chronic pain, lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased muscle strength, increased muscle tone, improved energy, improved metabolism, better circulatory health, improved athletic performance, reduction in weight and injury protection.

When stress and other grievances take over our lives, yoga provides a great outlet for relief. Stress can have any detrimental effect on the body, so it is important to relieve it when possible. The practice of yoga has many proven mental benefits such as stress relief, increased calmness, and relaxation. Meditation, which is heavily incorporated in yoga, can help improve a person’s overall well-being. Practicing yoga regularly can increase mental clarity, calmness, center attention, concentration, and body awareness. Being aware of one’s body and self are important due to the fact that they can help people detect physical complications earlier and allow for the proper treatment to take place.

Yoga for beginners: the ultimate guide | British GQ

Why Choose PSB?

Yoga is a very diverse practice, there are over 100 different schools of yoga, with over 8.4 million different asanas (postures). At PSB we will only be focusing on a very small number of them. Our sessions will focus on breathing exercises, mediation, and asanas. These asanas will stretch, flex, and work various muscle groups. The goal for our yoga sessions at PSB fitness is for everyone to leave feeling relaxed and destressed. But we also want attendants to feel that they had a good and challenging workout.

At PSB we leave no spirit behind, you can rest easy knowing that our instructors will be there to help if you are having trouble. Remember there are modifications available for most of them. PSB yoga class is a great chance to relieve some of that college stress and meet new people. You don’t even need to bring any equipment; we will provide what is needed. If you are interested visit our class schedule on our website for more information or download the PSB app. There are free trial class for new PSB members. We are located on the Mississauga campus and offer yoga classes weekly, be sure to tell your friends. We hope to see you there!