Benefits of PSB fitness center

Benefits Of PSB

Exercise plays a huge part of physical and mental wellbeing that is the main reason why more and more youngsters and college going students are joining gyms more than ever. A recent study done by students of oxford university also shows that how exercise help to increase both health and physical behavior in younger generation. There are various benefits of joining PSB fitness center such as, reduce stress, reduce bad cholesterol and increase metabolism.

  1. Improved health
  2. High metabolism after weight session
  3. Muscle regeneration
  4. Once you have more muscles you use more calories to feed them.
  5. Equipment and expert knowledge
  6. You will meet different classes and community in the gym
  7. Increase in energy level
  8. Gym will also help you to reduce hip and back pain
  9. Improve balance and flexibility
  10. Will create a positive habit.

There are countless advantages of joining a gym. This is the reason why every student wants to join gym and that’s why PSB has took initiative to open gym inside college so that students can do exercise along with gaining their knowledge.

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Joining PSB in college.

Many students are in teenage when they start their college. The pressure of study, projects, assignment increase stress on their brain which affect their liver in long term. This is the why college start opening their own inbuilt gyms so that students can look on their health while doing study. Moreover, this is the reason why college is offering various health related programs in their course and this is why Sheridan has also opened PSB gym and fitness center in college.

About PSB fitness center

PSB fitness is one the best gym for on campus students. This gym has been opened in three branches of Sheridan college i.e. in Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville and is 24 hours opened for students and for nearby residents only. This gym has new types of machines setups and other features like steam bath, spa, swimming pool and many more.

Best gym for college ongoing students

PSB is one of the best gyms as they have all new setups of machines and smart fitness machines. Basically, these gyms also attract those who thinks doing workout from home is the best option. This gym is also called smart gym because there are smart screens and robots who will help student to do exercise and reps correctly. However, they also do have real trainers and students can also book the trainer from online app. Not only this, students can also book their time slot in advance to visit the gym.


Advise by trainers

Trainer will also advise students regarding their health condition. They will also provide them proper diet charts and nutrition advice in order to get best health benefits, online training, fitness testing, and personalized diet plan for every level of athlete.

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Students Benefits.

The most major thing is that there will be no membership fee for college students as well as staff. However, they had had to pay monthly subscription of $20 if they are under 18 and $25 if above. They will get free bag when they join including some more stuff. Moreover,Benefits of PSB fitness center is that they  plan a fitness camp every year students who join PSB will get chance to join that fitness camp in free of cost and they can also win some money or prizes if they join PSB fitness.


How to join PSB fitness center

If you want to join our community, you simply have to perform following things

  1. Fill the form available online or call us at the given number or you can directly visit gym.
  2. If your friend is already gym member and if he refers you, you will get referral discount of 10$ for 6 months and he will get referral bonus too.
  3. You can set your schedule online or through our application.


Contact Details

For more information reach us at


Sheridan college (Davis Campus)

7899 McLaughlin Rd,

Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9


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