Vegan Protein Shake

Vegan Protein Drink

Available in multiple delicious flavors.

No matter what the goals are, WAY Shake always supports you with the growth and building of muscle. Moreover, shake helps to boost stamina during a workout

Target Indian community as there are so many Indians in Brampton with Indian food flavor, for example, Cardamom Almond, Saffron Almond.

Discounted coupons are also provided to a customer who is recently buying a subscription for joining the PSB gym. PSB fitness gym is going open in Sheridan college which very famous college and has more than 140 courses. PSB fitness is going to open soon on three different campuses Davis campus, Trafalgar, Hazel.



  1. No more chalky after taste of your protein shake with WAY Protein drinks.

Let us think of a scenario, which most of us have been through. Let’s say you have ordered a huge bucket of protein powder. For which the advertisement promised to be the yummiest protein shake ever. It has been delivered and you are super excited to open it up and fix your eating habits so that you are right on point for your health and fitness journey. You’ve just finished working out and you open your big favorite flavored protein powder bucket. Pull out a scoop or two of the powder, drop it into your shaker filled with cold water, and shake it until satisfied. You start to drink it and as you go you think “Oh! This is good, not bad at all” and once you have taken a sip and you swallow you discover your mouth is left with a gritty texture.


Some of us are just really bad with textures, for example, the texture of a bleary peach, a soggy shawarma wrap, or even a tomato, just can’t tolerate a texture.


If this is something you have been through, don’t be discouraged.


  1. WAY protein bottles are the way to go.

WAY protein doesn’t only eradicate the grittiness from your health & fitness journey, you don’t have to blend another dose of your protein ever again. In addition, why just compromise for one flavor, when you can treat yourself to so many delicious flavors.


  • Do you think you will end up spending more? No way.

WAY protein drinks are as affordable as a high-grade plant-based vegan protein shake and are not processed. WAY protein drinks are all organic.


  • Thinking about too much environmental pollution? We’ve got that covered for you as well.

We provide all of our customers with recyclable glass bottles that you bring back once you re-stock your groceries for the week.


  1. Why plant-based proteins are grittier?

The reason why this plant-based protein powder leaves a chalkier after taste is being derived from just plants. As they have no milk in them and are generally less refined and process and are mostly very natural. This, as a result, makes them very genuine to the taste of what is put in your protein powder.


But we at WAY drinks have taken care of this issue once and for all by providing you pre-blended flavorful protein drinks with real fruits and vegetables.


However, to help you finish the current bucket that you’ve ordered for yourself and get the most value for your buck

  1. some tips for you to help the gritty after taste.


  1. Add a creamier milk base instead of water

Your protein shake’s texture becomes way smoother when you add any plant-based milk instead of water to it. Unsweetened almond milk and coconut milk are my favorites! They make it smoother without a ton of extra calories or when I don’t want to add any extra fruit or veggies to it.

  1. Banana-cado

Adding fresh fruit and veggies not only provides extra nutrition to your smoothie but doing so will also improve the texture. Try a banana or ½ an avocado for an extra smooth shake!

  1. Blender is the way to go!

Try to blend your protein shakes in a blender instead of a regular shaker bottle when you have an extra minute. Blending gives it that extra smoothness that makes it easier to drink.

  1. Don’t leave it to sit or Order WAY protein drinks.

It is always a relief when you have your meals prepped ahead of time. But when it comes to smoothies and shakes. I personally think they any way take literally two minutes to make. Therefore have them fresh and they would taste much better. To avoid all of this hassle, order yourself the pre-made all-natural & organic plant-based WAY protein drinks in all delicious flavors today.

Click here to order now or go to your nearest Sheridan college campuses’ PSB fitness to get your stock. I hope all these tips help you make your smoothies tastier. But I really feel WAY drinks are the way to go. Just pop the bottle and voila!