Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga

Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga

Looking for a Café with Stevia sweeteners in Mississauga?

There you go, Welcome to PSB Café a Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga, where you may have an healthy meal and drinks without adding extra calories. Thanks to Stevia a plant based natural sweetener. To start with, we are very happy to provide a natural substitute for refined sugars. Join us for a healthy drink or a healthy meal at one of the Mississauga cafes that uses Stevia .

It’s crucial to know which choice is best for your health given the ongoing controversy over whether to ingest natural sweeteners or refined sugars. As we balance work and exercise, this subject becomes much more crucial! Third, before going farther, let’s review the basics of this problem.

Why choose Stevia Sweeteners over Refined sugar?

What is Stevia sweeteners?

Stevia sweeteners are calorie-free sweeteners that can be used to reduce added sugar consumption while yet satisfying the desire for something sweet. While some of the sweeteners in this group are calorie-free (such as sucralose, stevia, and monk fruit sweeteners), others are low-calorie (like aspartame), they are all generally referred to as sugar alternatives, high-intensity sweeteners, non-nutritive sweeteners, or low-calorie sweeteners.

Café with Stevia sweeteners in Mississauga

Stevia sweeteners are quite sweet, just as other calorie-free sweeteners. Because stevia sweeteners can be 200–350 times sweeter than sugar, very little of them are required to provide the same sweetness as sugar. Manufacturers of food and drink items can utilize stevia sweeteners as an ingredient in syrups, canned fruits, condiments, dairy products (including ice cream, flavored milk, and yoghurt), and other foods (such baked goods, cereals, chocolate, and other confections). Stevia sweeteners can be used in baked goods because they maintain their stability at high temperatures. A recipe that substitutes stevia sweeteners for sugar, however, might come out a little bit differently because, in addition to sweetness, sugar also affects volume and texture in recipes differently depending on the type of recipe.

A recipe that substitutes stevia sweeteners for sugar, however, might come out a little bit differently because, in addition to sweetness, sugar also affects volume and texture in recipes differently depending on the type of recipe.



Are Stevia Sweeteners safe to consume?

YES. The United States Food and Drug Administration uses the regulatory review procedure category known as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) for high-purity steviol glycosides (FDA). GRAS demands professional agreement that a food ingredient is secure for usage as intended. Rebaudioside A, a stevia sweetener refined from Stevia rebaudiana, received its first GRAS designation from the FDA in 2008. (Bertoni). Because there is insufficient toxicological data, the FDA has not approved the use of whole stevia leaves or crude stevia leaf extracts as food additives. 3 However, the FDA does not have any restrictions on the use of stevia leaves and unprocessed stevia leaf extracts in dietary supplements.

Can people with diabetes consume Stevia Sweeteners?

YES. People with diabetes are frequently advised to substitute stevia-sweetened foods and beverages for those that are sweetened with sugar in order to satisfy their sweet tooth while controlling their carbohydrate intake. Several studies have demonstrated that stevia sweeteners have no effect on human blood glucose control or levels. 19–23 The use of low-calorie sweeteners in diabetes self-care may help with better glycemic control, according to recent consensus statements by experts in nutrition, medicine, physical activity, and public health. These statements point to the neutral effects of low-calorie sweeteners on hemoglobin A1C, fasting and post-prandial glucose, and insulin levels.

Are Refined sugar bad for your health?

Sugar and its harmful effects on health have received a lot of attention in the last ten years. Consuming refined sugar is associated with diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. But because it’s present in so many meals, it might be difficult to stay away from.

Table sugar and HFCS are two types of sugars that are frequently added to meals, including several that you might not expect to include sugar. As a result, they could find their way into your diet and promote a number of harmful health impacts. For example, excessive use of refined sugar, particularly in the form of sweetened beverages, has repeatedly been linked to obesity and extra belly fat, a risk factor for illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.

Why Choose A Café with Stevia Sweeteners in Mississauga?

First of all, PSB Café thinks eating well should never be monotonous. As a result, we provide three main products of our Café with Stevia sweeteners that enhances the flavour. If you require a quick energy boost, an early morning pick-me-up, or a sugar-free choice, we have you covered. Second, we offer customizable choices because we understand that every person has different taste preferences. So visit our Café with Stevia Sweeteners that is in Mississauga for delicious healthy life pleasures made with natural sweeteners!

Are you trying to find a location where you may drink your favourite beverages with natural sweeteners? The ideal location is PSB Café. Why not visit us and test some of our Stevia sweeteners Meals and beverages right now? Your body will appreciate it as much as your taste senses.


Come and Join us at our loaction near Sheridan college, Hazel McCallion Campus.

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Cafe with Stevia sweeteners in Mississauga   

Great Ambience Cafés in Mississauga

PSB Cafe
Located at Confederation Park in Mississauga offers great ambience which makes for an ideal setting to unwind and relax after a hectic day at work. The ambience of PSB Café is calming and is the perfect place to spend some quiet time or catch up with a loved one.

Quality, Health and Excellence!

PSB Coffee Cafe
PSB Calming Ambience

At PSB Cafe we place utmost value on your time and health by delivering healthy food quickest.
In the midst of never ending to-do lists, health often takes a backseat. Leave your cares of well being in our safe hands – as we deliver quality nutrition at your convenience so that you can stay healthy, stay ahead.

Quiet, calm and relaxing atmosphere





Visit us for the Taste, Stay for the Vibe!
Some appreciate the ambience, some the rich green colors and relaxing seating, others enjoy the delicious coffees, specialties and tasty treats. Situated amidst the hustle bustle of the city, PSB Café has a vibe of its own.
We also accept online orders and have a robust value chain in place to fulfill your orders efficiently. You can also reach us on our PSB app to avail some mind blowing offers. Download now

What we serve..

What we serve
Baked goods and coffee

Our product mix is very popular. We are renowned for our PSB Specialty Coffee provided with high quality whole coffee beans and have them blended and roasted to your specifications to ensure each freshly brewed cup of coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino  is deliciously satisfying! Our barista was certified by Specialty Coffee Association.

We took it another step and offer baked goods which are made fresh daily, cakes, and appetizing grilled sandwiches and wraps. Grab your tasty bites in our cozy ambience by clicking our exciting menu – Culture – Coffee Culture Café & Eatery (


We have some Exciting Offers for you..

a. Thrilling Tuesdays (Offer Buy-One-Get-One-Free Deals) : On Tuesdays, when you buy an item you receive a voucher which can be redeemed later for a freebie.

b. Loyalty Rewards : You are our valuable customer. Gain points on our app for every purchase you make, which is redeemable on your next visit.

c. Your Birthday Our Treat : Buy any drink and scan your PSB app to collect your free refills on your special day.

Customer Verdict

We have been rated highly by TripAdvisor with 4.5 star, also featuring in their Traveller’s Choice 2022 for Mississauga. We rate highest on ambience and service parameters

“This place has absolutely amazing ambience. Any food you buy at PSB Café is tasty and fresh. I visit this place regularly every Saturday since I am not from Mississauga. Veal parmesan sandwich’s, chocolate dip delicious donuts, small vegetable pizza and black coffee. Everything was excellent with minimal waiting time thanks to their excellent service.” – Helen Jerome (insta id : i_am_helenj)

“Our first experience coming to this lovely bright and comfy Café. The service was top notch. I happened to visit them on their 1 year anniversary and I can see they are here for a long haul. A nice variety of options available on the menu. Portions are reasonable and the prices (especially their anniversary menu) make an exquisite meal very affordable. We started with a wonderful hearty coffee that arrived piping hot and ever so tasty. The meat wrap was filling as was the Caeser salad. YUM! Decided to take home the delicious dessert. We will definitely come again. Fantastic Ambience.” – Austin Blanch (insta id : blanchfillaust_80)

Mississauga is filled with coffee options and is famous for “grab and go” coffee. So what makes us different? It is our constant strive for excellence and passion to serve you better each day with attention to detail – from ambience to quality of products, we’re strong believers in Quality, Health & Excellence!