gym with cloud app in mississauga

  gym with cloud app in Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton: a revolution

  • still a regular gym? think again!

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A traditional gym used to be just for exercise and some consulting. But in this modern era of today, digitalization is on the rise and people have become technology geeks. From mobile devices to car’s infotainment system and wrist watches everything is connected with internet.  In response to this, PSB Fitness is proud to partner with Sheridan college and introduce cloud app for its gym members. features including, work-out form home, getting feedback about their performance and many others.  Sounds great right! Now, you might be thinking of how this thing works? Do not worry. PSB Fitness will be guiding you thoroughly during your adventurous journey with us. You will be getting gym with cloud app in Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton campus of Sheridan college.

  • A revolutionary explanation of cloud gym app 

PSB Fitness cloud app is based on monitoring performance through completing online assigned courses. Other than that, it also provides users with personal online sessions. Moreover, members will be able to get feedbacks from other members and through a virtual community*. 

  • Privacy

PSB fitness is fully aware of privacy of its members and PSB cloud fitness app is fully private and is prevented through strong security software.

  • How ??

Step by step tutorial is following:

  1.  All students will be signing privacy policy before becoming part of cloud app.
  2.  Then you will have to download the app
  3.  After that, you will be creating a profile
  4.  Once you fill out information and create a profile, then you choose your body type
  5.  The next step will ask you about your fitness goals
  6.  Finally, you will be able to see assigned weekly courses(work-out plans, exercises) for your chosen fitness goal
  7.  This cloud app will track you via webcam, that will be of assurance that you complete the exercise appropriately (as expected to be done). Trainers review your performance every weekend.
Light on benefits 


gym with cloud app
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  • workout plans

Our dedicated team of trainers will send out regular workout tips and routine updates to you and will be able to track your performance through this app. You can also check out our focus on diet plans and fitness tracker watch


  • Pick any trainer, you like !

Moreover, you will be able to select desired trainers, who are available 24/7 for your home workout sessions through appointments a week before so, you can work out on your terms.

  • Virtual community

The other advantage is engaging with others through virtual community program in the app, under which you will be posting up questions and answering to other members so that you will get to know about what you are missing share the benefits that you are gaining from tips or any new exercises that you are trying like yoga and other practices like loud laughing.


  • Costs, platforms and career opportunities

   how much is it going to cost me?

We are aware that tuition fee is not an easy thing to get rid of, especially in this pandemic. Keeping this in mind, PSB Fitness partnered with Sheridan college, As a result, we made this app with the help of amazing graduates of IT department of the Sheridan institute.

  • Where can you find this cloud app?

PSB Fitness cloud app can be found easily on Google play store, Microsoft store and app store

  • Be a part of our team

PSB fitness believes in success of everyone. Your performance will be tracked as per tracking monitor in this cloud app which tracks as you do assigned workout plans each week, if you get your desired fitness results, you will be eligible for applying for trainer’s position* in PSB Fitness by visiting Sheridan College’s website.


PSB Fitness is eager to invite you to become part of our team. So that you can achieve your best from the comfort of your home !

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