Mobile Phone Technology Used In Present Era

Mobile phone technology is growing day by day; it the essential way to communicate all over the world in a few moments. Every day we can see that new mobile phones are launch in the market with latest features and accessories which can facilitate and interact with the users. Modern mobile phones are doing almost everything that you can do with a laptop and desktop computer; modern mobile phones are handheld devices that can use to scheduling the daily activities like saving a lot of document’s, audio, video, for using the internet and video conferences. The most critical and primary reason behind the smartphone is carrying the most necessary and required information without any problem. Still, it is not required to store all the information in the mobile phone; you can save the data to the internet and directly access the data from the internet using any device like a smartphone, laptop, tab and desktop computers.

Most Important accessories

The mobile phone has many kinds of accessories to perform the practical functions that make the use of a mobile phone more accessible and straightforward. Most common and essential mobile phone accessories are phone charging cables and a portable charger.

Charging Cables :

Charging cables help you to set your smartphones and then you can use it for multiple purposes. There are different type of wires that is used to charge your mobile phone as well as transfer data and information from one device to the anther device. Transfer rate of each line has different; it will depend on the model of the wires.


  • CAT5
  • CAT5e
  • CAT6



Mobile Charger:

Mobile accessories are an essential part of our daily life; the portable phone charger is one of them. When the battery is low, you can plugin into your phone to recharge again. A device that is rechargeable need a charger to keep the device in a working condition without the use of a charger we cannot be able to restore our mobile phones. If you are always in a hurry, then you must need a fast charger that can charge your phone as soon as possible.



Hand Frees:

Hand-free technology helps us to talk with people without having to touch a button from our mobile phones, with the help of hand free we can listen to songs, watching videos and the most important things is to attend the video conference without any external disturbance. If our hand free is wireless than only on Bluetooth from a mobile phone and it will automatically connect with your mobile phone.

Wireless speaker with Bluetooth

Many mini speakers give no improvement over the speakers on your computer. The A2 Lenrue Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, though is a different matter, featuring incredible battery power, HD sound bass, and a built-in hands-free call microphone. It comes in a range of colours and sits in your hand’s palm, but most of all, this portable speaker plays before recharging for up to five hours. Tip: When you love your headphones, instead of downloading your albums, try sticking to downloadable tracks. You’re going to conserve a lot of battery life and get fewer of the irritating “buffering” breaks. This is precisely how Bluetooth technology operates, just in case you were curious.

Mobile Phone Grip LoveHandle

With the Love Handle Mobile Phone Grip, never lose your phone again. Without the possibility of it falling to the ground, this accessory makes it easy to carry your phone in one hand. It is compatible and also fits with waterproof cases with most smartphones and tablets. And the finger brace ensures that even though you are unsteady, your phone will be secure.

Importance Of Mobile Accessories 

Now a day, it is tough to find a person who does not have a mobile phone. The mobile phone is essential for everyone’s life, mostly the young generation peoples, and the number of mobile users increasing day by day so that’s why no one can ignore the importance of mobile phones. Suppose we have a mobile phone than we must need mobile accessories. In that case, mobile phone technology have different functionalities; some of them are designed for security, some for the safety and some for a look.

Accessories they offer

In our website, we can provide a wide range of mobile accessories to our customers. Some of them are mentioned here like phone charging cablesportable phone chargershand frees and much more. Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you buy something from our website, you must like it because we will provide a high-quality product to our customer without any fault.


Personal Trainer course Abbotsford

Personal Trainer Course Abbotsford


In the “personal trainer course Abbotsford” you will review in more detail:

·         Client assessment, goals and expectations

·         Program design

·         Sport-specific training

·         Instructing clients on incorrect exercise technique and avoiding injuries

·         Exercise motivation

·         Injury rehabilitation

·         Diet and nutrition management

·         Marketing, business planning, and legal expectations



There are some things which are pre-required for this course:

ü  Fitness Knowledge course

ü  Weight Training Level 1 or their equivalent

ü  Including the Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

ü  20 basic weight training programs

ü  Current CPR and First Aid

Personal trainer course Abbotsford
Courses Dates and Times


The personal training course is divided into certain parts:

1.       Level 1 Weight Trainer Course

2.       Level 2 Weight Trainer Course

3.       Fitness to Music Course

4.       Fitness Knowledge Course

5.       Nutritional Coaching Course


Level 1 PersonalWeight Trainer Course

If you are interested in improving your knowledge of weight training for your own fitness program or to train others in the weight room, this is the course for you, the course includes:

  • ·         Review of basic anatomy
  • ·         What exercises work each muscle group
  • ·         Setting up basic weight training programs from start to finish
  • ·         Working with adolescents, adults, and older populations
  • ·         Flexibility and stretching techniques and how to include them into a workout program


To pass this course you will need:

  • ·         80% passing mark on the final exam
  • ·         CPR – Valid within 120 days
  • ·         Fitness First Aid – Valid within 120 days


Level 2 Weight Trainer Course

This is the second level of the weight trainer course. In this course you will learn in more detail about:

  • ·         Safety and weight training program
  • ·         Advanced techniques and program designs
  • ·         Periodization for fitness and athlete
  • ·         Bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • ·         Nutrition for fitness and athletes
  • ·         Exercise motivation


To pass this course you will need:

  • ·         Level 1 Weight Training or equivalent
  • ·         Fitness First Aid
  • ·         exams passed with 80% marks
  • ·         Level A CPR

Fitness to music Course

It is also known as the Aqua-fit course. In this course you will learn:

  • ·         How exercising in the water is different from training on land
  • ·         The physical properties of water
  • ·         The components of an aqua-fit and deep water classes
  • ·         Classes design and how to choreograph exercises using the properties of water
  • ·         Monitoring intensity in water and other important safety information
  • ·         About working with special needs and special populations in the water

To pass this course you will need:

  • ·         CPR Level A
  • ·         Fitness First Aid
  • ·         80% passing mark on the final exam

Fitness Knowledge Course

Anyone who loves fitness and cares about their body will enjoy learning more about both these areas from this informative course. There is no pre-requisite to taking this course. This course acts as a pre-requisite to the Fitness to music and Level 1 Weight training Courses. Expect an enjoyable, practical course designed to teach you:

·         All about your bones and muscles and how they function in basic moves, and during exercises

  1. ·         The function of the heart and lungs
  2. ·         How to burn fat, shape and tone muscle, gain strength, endurance, and flexibility
  3. ·         A variety of exercise ideas
  4. ·         All about Principles of safety in exercise
  5. ·         Designing personal exercise programs
  6. ·         Basic nutrition and weight management principles


To pass this course you will need:

  •          A Level CPR
  •          First Aid Fitness
  •          Exams passed with 80% marks


Nutritional Coaching Course

In this course, you will learn several important lessons to help you become a better fitness professional by being able to complete the mission piece of the training puzzle – nutrition


  •          Why nutrition is such an important part of the training/coaching process
  •          Becoming more confident with the science of exercise nutrition with included topics like cellular function, digestion. And absorption, energy transfer, and macronutrient biochemistry.
  •          How the system can be broken down into 4 simple steps of Assessing, Advising, Measuring, and Adjusting.
  •          Putting it all into practice.


Facilities where courses are taught:

ARC – Abbotsford Recreation Center

34690 Old Yale Road

Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 7S6



Personal trainer course Abbotsford
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