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Fitness Services

PSB provides a variety of Fitness services. The location of the gym facilities includes Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton. The club and Sheridan College have collaborated together.
Consequently, they provide students with quality fitness services including training.
Some of the fitness services offered by the gym club include;
Gymnastics It is a sport that involves physical workouts requiring strength, balance and flexibility.
Aerobics is a form of workout that employs rhythm. Accordingly, the purpose is to enhance flexibility, cardio and muscle fitness.

Girls taking yoga lessons

It involves a discipline of controlling breath and body postures to improve health and relaxation.
mindfulness fitness
An activity that requires one to focus on thought, an abject or activity and mindfulness. consequently, they gain concentration and attention hence become aware.
Fitness and relaxation in swimming
These are activities in water that employs both hand and legs to move. It is equally important for fitness and recreation.

Benefits attributed to fitness activities

People who workout tend to be much freer in movements as compared to those who do not. Flexibility is important especially in cases where self-defense is necessary. one has to invest in fitness activities which also, has the advantage of being flexible in body movement hence reduce muscle pains
Fitness activities are good for the body. They increase metabolism activities and builds the immune system. Exercise also leads to proper sleep which is necessary for psychological stability. Healthy people are happy people, this happiness can be attributed to some of the services provided at the PSB.
When people engage in workouts activities such as mediation and mindfulness they further feel relaxed. Additionally, this leads to more confidence in fitting in any social circle due to the peace attributed. Also, engaging in body fitness activities ensures one body shape is socially acceptable this elevate confidence.
Increased performance
It is simply biology that working out muscles adapt them for better performance. Therefore, body weights lifting, dancing and mediation adapt the brain, and body muscles to hardships. Consequently, a person is able to perform better. In a fitness environment, it is common to hear a trainer say “Train hard, fight easy
Fun with benefits
All services provided by PSB are meant to be recreation and fun. However, the fun is about stretching body muscles and relaxation. Consequently, benefits reaped are health, confidence, flexibility and increased class activities.

Offers for students

Students who are willing to lead a lifestyle of fitness have a home at PCB. Further, the services offered are designed to fit the performance need of the students.
Fitness activities enhance the performance of the brain hence productivity. Students are encouraged to join for a free 1-month trial. This is not in commitment to continue the training. Additionally, students willing to continue with the training are then charged a fee of $10 per month.

Facilities at the PSB gym

PSB has invested in several facilities. Consequently, this has ensured fitness services are optimally offered. There is a free locker room for securing personal items during the gym sessions. Also, changing rooms are available and accessible to members for free.
Furthermore, PSB opens gym activities 24 hours 7 days a week. this fact ensures there is accessibility. Students can go to the gym and workout at any time of the day.

Another benefit is that clients can access information and follow up queries online. Additionally, a wide network of trainers including experts of psychological issues is in place. This further ensures that the correct combination of fitness activity is administered to each client. It maximizes the benefits one would be willing to achieve as a result of exercising.

Lastly, a soccer ground, swimming pool, tennis and volleyball pitches are in place. This further ensures a variety of activities for members. Every student is welcome to visit PCB fitness services and enjoy maximum benefits.

PSB Fitness & Gym Centre


“Since the last decade, PSB-Fitness and Gym Centre is one of the leading fitness clubs for people from different communities and regions in the Greater Toronto Area. PSB Fitness offers fitness training and membership programs in three branches in Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville, as required by the staff. We are pleased to announce that we have launched fitness programs for fitness students at PSB in collaboration with Sheridan College click here. As Sheridan is great in studies and sports we like to collaborate with them. Services of sauna & free spa, that are not just a fitness center. in any other fitness Centre these services charged a lot but we are providing it with our membership programs for free, the motive is just to keep you healthy with exercises not with supplementsPSB Fitness & Gym Centre.

Programs for Students:
PSB fitness provides students with a variety of fitness programs. Weight-training, aerobics, yoga, meditation, cardiovascular are also being provided. We also have swimming pool and sauna baths and spa Centre. For their first 3 months of joining, we offer new students as a supplement. All training facilities and well-qualified trainers and dietitians are available to us who are always ready to learn all their experiences from new members. A special diet plan will be developed by dietitians to make every member healthy and safe according to their body weight and requirements without the use of any kind of supplements however, as we believe in hard-work not in short-cut. We are also planning to install some self service gaming consoles which will be used to play games that will result in mental enhancement of our clients so, we will also arrange small competitions within our clients to keep their interest in the gym, also where the winners will get awarded. the last but not least to refresh the mind there will be Yoga and meditation lessons at the every end of the session.

Membership Programs:
For Sheridan College students PSB Fitness offers one-month free trials with no commitment to continue, after 12$ a month for the next six months. Students can enjoy the following features at our All-in-one PSB Fitness Centre:

• PSB Personal Instructors help you to stay motivated, inspire and help you in achieving results.

• Team Practice: Team guide gives training in a limited group and make the exercise fun and difficult.

• Spa

• Sauna Bath

• Meditation Sessions

• All and every gym equipment

• Swimming pool


• Free locker room

• Free walk-in closet with washer and shower

• Car park

• Display 24 x 7

• Admission and query online portal.

• Loyal Customers Premium Membership Options

• Football, volleyball and tennis playgrounds

• Swimming pool accessibility

• Secure authentication of bio-metric authorized members

• Member referrals discounts

• External mental health training seminars

• The PSB fitness plans are awarded to the winners of several competitions and certificates.

• Insurance facilities to cover its employees against all accidental risks involved.

• PSB fitness offers training programs as well.

How to join our PSB Fitness GYM center :

It’s very simple to admit. Both offline and online are accepted. You only have to complete your entrance form with your age, height, weight, etc. We use this information to categories the right type of training for you. Also, you can use your Sheridan College ID for a one-month free trial. At the time of admission, you should have a valid proof of college ID.

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