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What you eat in private you Wear in Public

Why Gym is Important?
A gym is a place where people go to become physically and mentally fit. This place has special equipment and all other facilities needed by the people during their workout sessions. You can go to the gym to lose weight or gain weight, so the motive of the gym is to make you fit and to make you feel relax. Gyms have trained coaches who can help you in all ways, like, with the type of workout your body needs, appropriate diet plan, etcetera. In today’s world, almost every place has a gym, some people have gyms at their homes too.

Want to Stay Healthy?
In this 21st Century, Everyone is Following a 24/7 Pattern of work. So, mostly because of the Hectic lifestyle everyone goes for Fast food that is easy to cook as well as Quick to make. To Stay Healthy it is important that with regular Exercise intake of balanced diet food is also important.

About PSB Fitness

• What makes it Special?

PSB fitness is Special because it is Providing membership at an affordable price as well as many options. For example, A proper diet plan, A Cloud system through which one can check his or her performance. Especially, PSB Fitness is here not to make a profit, but to make you feel confident, healthy and achievers.

• Suitable For?

PSB Fitness is a Perfect Place for one who is Fitness Freak as well as the person who wants to run his or her life smoothly, especially College Going Students as being adult he has to face many problems at once. For example, Along with studies they have to do Work to Fulfill their basic amenities, especially International students they have to face a lot as they have to Pay their fesses, Rents, and have to look back at their home along with Studies. So, this place is perfect for them as by visiting here they can relax is through exercise, and with the proper diet, they can be Wealthy as well as Physically.

Doing exercise

Access to Gym

• Location

PSB Fitness is situated in the Center of the city at Mississauga. The Branch is located inside the college building of the HMC campus.

• Access for students

Access to this is very easy, especially for Sheridan students as well as for Non- students. The only difference is that college students do not have to buy Membership as the price of Membership is already paid in their Fees and Non-Students have to buy the Membership.


• For Sheridan Student

The price of membership is very affordable for students as for Sheridan Students the price is $40 Per Month. which is included in their tuition fees including access to Cloud System, and to all Equipment.

• For Non-Sheridan

Non- Sheridan is not the people who are part of the Sheridan Campus. So, For the membership of PSB fitness, the Amount is $50 per month which includes the access same as Sheridan Students have.

Type of Service Available

• Proper Diet

A proper Balance diet Chart is provided to all with the help of a Proper guideline dietitian. As proper diet is also a part to Stay Healthy.

Equipment’s Available

There are various types of equipment at the gym, for instance, treadmills, cross trainers, indoor cycles, exercise bikes, etcetera.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, everything has changed including the gym, Only a limited number of people can use the gym, All the equipment has to sanitized after each use., Everyone entering the gym have to wear a mask including coaches, Social distancing is also mandatory.

Feel free to join and Enjoy your life

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