Maximum Gym Equipment On Campus

Maximum Gym Equipment Right Here On Campus !
Welcome to PSB Fitness Centre

Are you looking to get in shape but can not find a gym with every single equipment for your workout exercises?
We have you covered with our maximum gym equipment On Campus.

Our gym caters for everyone on campus, we have introduce a new area in our facility for massage purposes.

Many gym goers enjoy our water cooler station where you can get both water and energy drinks to boost your energy.

On-Site Instructor

While most of our students are unfamiliar with most gym equipment, we have assign on-site instructor for guides and safety for our equipment users. They would love you to guide in steps in using the equipment so we can avoid unnecessary injuries.

Water Station

Instead of always bringing your own water or always buying a water in vending machine, we have provide water stations for bottle refill and drinking water from the cooler. With this new install water stations.
Massage Chair Station

After a long day in class then going to gym, wouldn’t anyone appreciate a place where to just feel relax and stress free but PSB Fitness as create an Massage Area for students who need to relax their mind and body with first 15 membership signup !

Balanced Meal Caterings

Here in our gym we provide meal programs and also cater to our gym goers!
We hold our clients’ best interests at heart by supplying them with a well balanced meal to get them through their day. Eating healthy is great for the brain of students who are constantly studying and using their brains.

Hope to see you soon !
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