Weight training and yoga classes at Sheridan college

If you want to achieve your goal in less time and want a fit and good physic, then join the PSB fitness gym. It has special classes for weight training, CrossFit, yoga, dance. Weight training helps to improve posture, better sleep, increase strength and help to lose weight. All training will be performed under the surveillance of gym trainers who are fully experienced and certified. We have the latest technology machines and equipment like dumbbells to perform weight training exercises.
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There are also separate classes for yoga that helps to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga benefits heart health and relief back pain.


Jessie and Matt, both Sheridan College alumni, formed PSB Fitness. Jessie has seven years of experience as a fitness coach. Matt has 5 years of experience as a professional personal trainer. PSB Fitness will run two fitness centres on-site, one at Sheridan College’s HMC campus in Mississauga and the other at Sheridan College’s Davis campus in Brampton. Students will be eligible to enrol in community workout courses at PSB Fitness. HIIT, Zumba, Strength training, CrossFit, yoga, and a variety of other courses are among them.


At PSB Fitness, we realize that most students do not have enough financial resources to enrol in gym memberships or fitness courses. As a result, students are allowed to pay for each class they take. They will also have the option of buying a monthly pass that allows them free access. The pay-per-class option would cost $12 and will allow students to take as many classes as they want. The $55 monthly access pass allows students to take all the available courses while also providing extra benefits to the pass holder.
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Students can simply buy their membership by walking in the gym on campus and you can also register by showing your ID cards knowns as one card. You also have the option to buy it online on the PSB website.
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We know that nowadays whereas education is important, but without good health, we can do nothing. So that’s why PSB fitness is here to fulfil your dreams of good physic and healthy life. PSB fitness is available in both colleges’ campus HMC campus, Mississauga and Davis campus, Brampton. Student life is very hard because we must do a lot of things together like assignment, classes, studying, researching etc. so somehow, we fail to take care of our body which leads to several problems like headache, stress, back pain etc. But now students can go to the gym after their classes or during their free time. They can enjoy the facilities of the gym on their campus. you just must enter the gym by showing one card provided by the college after that you enjoy the latest gym machines and equipment with a positive and fresh environment along with fabulous and mesmerizing music, which will motivate you to push hard. The gym is open 24/7 so you can come at any time to do workouts. Staff is always there to assist you in the gym. We also have professional trainers who will help you to achieve your goal. It is also the best place to make friends.
So, what are you waiting for?

Join the PSB fitness to enjoy the best weight, CrossFit training and yoga at the Sheridan campus.

Hurry up! The offer is still going on, 20% discount on 1-year membership and many other offers for Sheridan’s student only.

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