Nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga

Mississauga’s Exciting Vegan Plant based delicacies are here!

nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga

The Nutritious plant based vegan delicacies that we offer at PSB café in Mississauga ,will make you fall in love with our  Café.

We believe that healthy eating is not just about what you eat, but also how you feel. Our mission is to make eating vegan delicacies easy delicious and affordable for everyone at PSB café in Mississauga.

At PSB Café, we offer a wide range of vegan delicacies and are located in the heart of the city. We serve outstanding, delicious meal replacements made fresh each day for eat-in or ‘on-the-go’. In addition to showcasing how versatile, wholesome and nutritious vegan food  really is, our deeper aim is to motivate people to eat healthy. All of our our products are free from preservatives, dairy products and sugar

We work hard to provide you with a great selection of healthy vegan food and beverages at competitive prices.

We can’t wait to have you at our table.

Our healthy combo at PSB cafe


Some Insides

Vegans have a lot of options when it comes to getting their nutrition. From fruits and vegetables, to beans and nuts, there are so many ways to get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy on a vegan diet..

These meal replacements are made with ingredients like protein powder, vitamins, and minerals so that you can get what your body needs when you don’t have time or energy to eat a full meal.

Vegan shakes are an easy way to get your daily calories, protein, and nutrients without having to worry about what you’re eating. They are also great for people who have difficulty eating more than one meal a day due to their busy schedules or other reasons.  





Our café is a great place for people who wants a short break from their busy and stressful lifestyle. The ambience we provide here includes soothing ambient music which provides a necessary calm in our fast paced lifestyle for people who want to try healthy vegan delicacies in Mississauga.


Benefits of  eating  vegan delicacies

1 -Weight loss.

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s important to make sure you don’t consume too many calories at your meals, one way to do this is by starting with a salad before your meal, which will help you full faster and eat less. The rawer vegetables you can incorporate into your salad, the greater the potential positive effects will be. Salad veggies are a great source of water, which is a vital part of keeping our bodies hydrated. It helps keep skin looking youthful and is necessary for many basic bodily functions.

2-Healthy Heart

Heart health is important. We all know that. But did you know that a diet rich in folate and fiber can help keep your heart healthy?

Folate and fiber are two key nutrients that help to protect your heart muscle from damage, with folate also assisting in the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease. These two nutrients work together to provide you with the protection you need for a healthy heart.

3-Helps Fight Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, it is important to eat a healthy vegan-friendly diet. Consuming plant-based foods can help in boosting the production of good bacteria in the large intestine. It helps to decrease the inflammation in the joints of your hands and knees, etc. By consuming a healthy diet, you can also improve your overall health and well-being by reducing your risk of developing other diseases

Most selling offerings

Peanut Butter Vanilla Green Shake

Nutritious vegan delicacies in Mississauga


Our  classic combo Peanut butter and banana provides potassium, fiber, protein and vitamin C. The spinach adds an extra dose of vitamins A and C, plus folate and other minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium.

Chocolate Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie

 We’ve packed all the goodness of oats, almond butter, plant-based protein powder, and banana into one bar. We’ve also added cocoa to take it up a notch


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Custom Coffee and Sandwich in Mississauga

Coffee is loved for its caffeinated boost almost as much as for its deep, strong flavor. Most of the people find it hard to find time to make their favorite coffee or sandwich. Even if they could find some café it’s hard to match their exact taste and preferences. Mississauga is filled with people from all around the world. To make peoples life easier we are now offering custom coffee and sandwich in Mississauga according to their choices. Also, we now provide custom combos.

Customized Coffee

Now you can make your own personalized coffee and sandwich with us, right here in Mississauga.
Even better!! You can create your custom combo by selecting the coffee and snacks.

More than just a Coffee or Tea!!

PSB uses premium coffee beans sourced with people & quality in mind. We use High quality beans from Arabica, Kona, Colombia and Rona that are used to prepare the best coffee in the world. These beans are sourced from all around the world to make the best custom coffee as per the consumer needs from around the world.

custom coffee

To add more to this, we also provide a number of options for the tea lovers in Mississauga.

Quick Customized Coffee for you!!

PSB has own CSA-certified baristas who are highly skilled and will surprise you with their incredibly creative latte art designs. In order to satisfy your taste senses and provide an unforgettable experience, we have a variety of coffee to choose from. We also do a number of art designs to provide the best personal experience.

We make sure that each customer gets their own custom coffee by altering the type of beans used in the coffee. They make sure to personalize products according to customer’s needs. This creates a positive customers experience as the customers have control and freedom of choice over their coffee.

Your Personalized sandwiches

Customized Sandwich

Each person is different in terms of taste and preferences. We try to get to know each of them and try to get them a personalized experience. This is achieved through providing the customers the freedom to choose their own ingredients for their custom sandwich.

PSB has a variety of ingredient’s that a customer can choose from.  Seven type of bread choices are provided at the beginning. This is followed by a number of choices for meat, cheese, vegetarians, condiments, toppings etc. This helps the customers to create their own custom sandwich.

Custom sandwich


PSB Café has now introduced new customizable combo packs. Customers can now choose their own combos from a variety of Coffee and snacks that are available in the café.

Combos are provided by most of the cafes in Mississauga. Cafes provide fixed combos to their customers this is where we differ from them. We provide an option to create a custom combo from the selected items. These combos are available at the same price range as that of other combos with a major change that the customers can personalize their choices.

Custom sandwich

PSB’s do special offers for students as well. With the heavy workload and busy schedule, students are in need of a coffee or tea to relax their mind. But they are not able to get this as they have a limited budget for their meals.  We have identified this need and created custom combos focused on students. Now students can get their favorite coffee and snacks with in their budget.

Special additions are provided for customers who needs something more special for them. Unlike the given custom item’s specials are available with extra pay.

Love to enjoy a Custom coffee and snacks in Mississauga? 

PSB is the right choice for you. Now you have the freedom to create your own custom coffee and sandwich in Mississauga. Furthermore, you can enjoy your personalized combos.

To blend into the world of coffee, to enlighten the hidden taste of your taste buds, come and try our new option of customization. Sign up to our web page to know more.

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Student friendly Cafe in Mississauaga

 PSB Café in Mississauga AKA Student friendly café


Students wish fulfilled

A college not surrounded by a café, or a coffee shop is a after all not what a students college experience is supposed to be. Every one of us love to have our spot with our friends near our college where we can chill and discuss and laugh and be the happiest we can be, after all they are students and they need some relaxation. There comes PSB café for your rescue, a student friendly café in Mississauga in order to serve the students of Sheridan college. It is one-of-a-kind cafés in Mississauga, it fulfilled the wish of the students of wanting to have a coffee shop or a place that above all offers enticing food and drinks at an affordable price close to their campus.


Why is PSB Café considered student friendly café in Mississauga?


Student friendly café

As we all know being a student and paying college expenses such as tuition fees, and purchasing the books and supplies needed is not easy. The cost included in these is increasing because of which students nowadays have become more economical and think a lot to spend and constrain themselves from even having a decent meal. This is when PSB café comes to the rescue of students by providing a specially curated menu for students at a discounted price and various meal options. This student friendly  café in Mississauga also provides free wi-fi.







What does PSB café offer for students (Menu for students)



  • Cappuccino                                                                     $3.00
  • Latte                                                                                 $2.50
  • Americano                                                                      $2.00
  • Choco/vanilla Latte                                                      $3.00
  • Mocha                                                                             $3.00
  • Milk Tea                                                                          $2.50
  • Matcha/ Brown sugar Milk Tea                                 $3.00
  • Masala Tea                                                                     $2.50
  • Fruit Tea                                                                         $3.00

Quick Bites

  • Fries (peri-peri/ cheesy/ classic)                                $3.00
  • Onion rings                                                                     $3.50
  • Mashed potato                                                               $3.50
  • Poutine                                                                            $4.00
  • Nuggets (Veg/ Cheese/ Chicken)                               $4.00

Wraps and Bowls

  • Classic Veg wrap                                                           $4.00
  • Chicken wrap (crispy/ shawarma)                            $5.00
  • Classic Veg bowl                                                            $4.00
  • Chicken Bowl (crispy/ shawarma)                             $5.00

Meal Kit

  • Any beverage with a quick bite                                   $6.00
  • Any beverage with a wrap or bowl                             $7.50
  • One beverage one quick bite one wrap or bowl       $9.00


student friendly café


NO room for hunger anymore

PSB café offers various options specifically for students where they can eat what they want rather than settling for whatever is there. They provide different kinds of meals where you can get one beverage and a quick bite for just $6.00, any beverage with your wrap or bowl for just $7.50, and lastly for a whole meal, a beverage with a quick bite and a wrap or a bowl for just $9. These meals indeed help students a lot economically. They can order the food or drink they want individually or instead of ordering each item separately which will cost them more, they can also have a little of everything which will be more than enough for one meal in a more cost-efficient way.



Why PSB Café is the ideal café for students?

Traveling is the most common problem faced by students because of the time constrain however PSB café has a solution for that. It is located very close to the college which certainly helps Sheridan students in many ways. They don’t have to travel or catch a public transport just to grab a coffee or a quick bite henceforth. Getting a hot coffee in the cold weather and hoping it would remain hot until you reach college is no longer a dream. Lack of time is the next biggest problem students face when they are busy with their academics, but PSB café has got it covered too, if you are wondering how mobile ordering is the way you save time by ordering food ahead of time and the staff will keep it ready for you when you arrive.


stuent friendly cafe


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Decaf Coffee with a perfect view

Decaf coffee by Waterfront Toronto

Where can I drink freshly brewed decaf coffee? How? 

Freshly prepared decaf coffee with the perfect view of Mississauga, which suits your taste or mood can make your day. Everyone has a preferred beverage; some people enjoy a cup of bedtime tea. But the majority choose a cup of coffee since they know it will keep them alert through the day, especially for college students who juggle between school and work. To serve a wide selection of food while also keeping customers’ preferences in mind, PSB Cafe serves them warm decaf coffee along with a blend of new flavours by Mississauga, Toronto.  We see our guests interacting with each other and building connections while having our coffee, which makes them a part of our family.

Decaf Coffee and the benefits of it by Mississauga, Toronto…….

Our coffee beans are not roasted but are kept completely raw. We have perfectly curated the coffee beans to match a milder and herbal flavour. It is made available at our Mississauga, Toronto cafe in variety of decaf flavours like latte, mocha, and French vanilla. Decaf coffee consists of green beans which are full of vital minerals and antioxidants that protect the body from harm caused by free radicals. Green coffee beans contain less caffeine which promotes a healthy lifestyle. On a chilly day freshly brewed coffee while enjoying the perfect view of Mississauga is the best way of living.  Apart from that it helps to regulate blood sugar. The diet conscious decaf coffee by the city of  Mississauga view in Toronto makes the experience perfect for our nature lovers.
Diet conscious Decaf latte

Updates to our menu 

As per the recent survey conducted by our team, we concluded that our customers are looking for innovative flavours. Hence, we are introducing Peppermint frappe with blends of honey this includes peppermint, honey, and mocha. Since there are no added sugars, Mississauga’s decaf coffee is healthy, and drinking it there gets you a great view at a reasonable price. Moreover, the perfect blend of peppermint and honey makes the mood quite refreshing. We are also looking forward to introducing more flavours soon to our collection of decaf coffees by Mississauga, Toronto. A special thanks to our survey participants that keep helping us in making the experience better. We also hold contests at Mississauga and give free decaf coffee to our contest winners. We want a smoother experience for our customers so we are going to start our loyalty program named Decaf Rewards.

Why should you prefer us? What are we doing to make the experience better?

PSB Cafe specializes in serving customer-preferred coffee as quickly as possible for those with hectic schedules. It is distinct from other cafes we have a walk-through establishment with seating spaces where customers can wait for their number to show on the screen. Additionally, it is simply within everyone’s means, whether they are working professionals or students.

People are becoming more particular about their coffee these days because they want variety, taste, and health considerations. PSB Cafe began making some coffee with sugar-free syrups such as vanilla, caramel, and many more.

Affordable prices

Compared to other cafes, the deals and prices are fair. As a team and as individuals, we are working hard to make the consumer happy when they take their first sip of coffee. We try to use diverse ways to make variations in coffee. We are learning from our customers and trying to deliver the needs of every coffee lover.

Social networking sites

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Please join us in making this experience better and keep yourself updated with our practices.

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Peaceful and Aesthetic café in Mississauga

This peaceful and aesthetic café in Mississauga is every coffee lover’s dream place!

Being purpose-driven in business is currently popular. Companies have a social responsibility to take an interest in the world around them. It doesn’t matter what the issue is—it could be ethical, social, or environmental—whatever they do is important. The strategy for sustainable practices in the café business is the introduction of an artisanal approach. You can get to the city’s best location, a peaceful and aesthetic cafe in Mississauga, to enjoy an undoubtedly amazing experience.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

Our warm neighbourhood café serves a daily selection of the best foods and beverages from our bakers and trained baristas in addition to the delicacies made on-site.

To brighten the mood, the interiors contain mild touches. Consequently, our peaceful and aesthetic cafe in Mississauga presents mild-themed decor and a not-too-bright interior along with a small side patio area on the exterior and many amazing things on the inside.

What’s inside? Read down below


What makes our café peaceful and aesthetic?

  1. Minimalist Design Layout

PSB Cafe offers an open floor, and simple line layout, providing a soothing and comfortable space for customers. With minimal elements in the ambiance, it provides a de-cluttered environment and thus creates a sense of calm and warmth. Additionally, the peaceful and aesthetic environment in the cafe makes the PSB an Instagram-worthy cafe.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Comfortable furnishing

PSB café opted for well-cushioned chairs, armchairs, and couches to provide customers with a homely atmosphere. Spacious tables indeed allow the customers to use their electronic gadgets alongside their meals.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Mini Library at PSB

PSB has a separate section dedicated to all avid book lovers. A mini library subsequently is in one corner of the café, which is also a quiet area of the cafe. Thereafter, anyone who comes to the books section would know from the aura of the place that quiet is to be maintained and to make sure no other readers are disturbed.

PSB has a wide variety of genres of books, for example, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, historical, business, and many more.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Natural lighting is what makes the café peaceful and aesthetic

With the installation of large windows, plenty of natural light comes throughout the day, allowing the customers to keep up with their physical and psychological well-being, and in general boosts focus and productivity. Furthermore, with its peaceful and aesthetic theme, PSB also gives customers a chance to click amazing pictures with their friends and family on social media.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

  1. Soothing background music

Our peaceful and aesthetic cafe in Mississauga plays selected music that complements the ambience of the café. Calm and low-fidelity music is played to ensure that no one is disturbed by the noise.

peaceful and aesthetic cafe in mississauga

Product offerings

We, at PSB café, are mindful of where our natural products come from. We ensure to provide purely organic and genetically modified organism-free products, by supporting sustainable farming.

Our café offers a wide range of snacks, beverages, and bakery items. You can visit us at Confederation Parkway, near Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga.

Our product line includes:

Coffee: cappuccino, lattes, espresso, and cold brews.

Other drinks: smoothies, hot chocolates, tea, and iced tea.

Snack and Bakery items: burritos, sandwiches, salad bowls, burgers, etc.

Bakery items: donuts, rolls, puffs, cookies, and muffins.


Recommended Drinks at the peaceful and aesthetic café

These drinks were the most ordered in the past two months, and thus very popular amongst customers.

  • Iced cap coffee
  • Mocha latte, and
  • Strawberry iced crush

Let’s Connect

The PSB Café is a buzzing meeting place where visitors can socialize in a cozy setting that makes them feel at home. People can relax in the welcoming and laid-back setting while sipping on a hot beverage from the soft menu. Visitors can enjoy reading in the café’s library while savouring their smooth, tempting coffee.

Our PSB café also runs a newsletter, that keeps you updated with all the latest offers, new product launches, recommendations for the week, offers and discounts, festive deals, and many more.

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PSB Café a Multiethnic café brews fresh coffee in Mississauga.

PSB Cafe

A cup that goes around the globe!!!

PSB Café has a wonderful quiet ambience where multiethnic people can relax and enjoy their freshly brewed cups of coffee. You can even order a croissant to go with your coffee. For anyone who wishes to escape the crowd and enjoy a relaxing time, PSB Café is a great choice. Don’t settle for fast food this winter, but treat yourself to an array of delicious, authentic beverages and food options at PSB Café this winter. The most important beverage for everyone in Canada is coffee, However that is what keeps people up, and energized, and improves their capacity to focus more sharply, which will help them make it through the day.

Multiethnic freshly brewed coffee in Mississauga


Multiethnic Mississauga who drinks freshly brewed Coffee every day at PSB Café

There are several ways to interpret Canada’s designation as a “multicultural society,” including politically, prescriptively, or descriptively. Canada welcomes people from all ethnic groups and civilizations. They bring their unique characteristics, tastes, and flavours.

Indigenous, English, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Iranian, Jamaican, Indian, Sri Lankan, and a wide variety of other cultures all have an influence on PSB café. However multicultural menu at PSB also combines locally farmed food with flavours from immigrants, refugees, and indigenous people to provide new, distinctive flavours with a Canadian flair. The fusion of many cuisines is what distinguishes our meal as unique. similar to a buffet!

Multiethnic coffee

Every ethnic group enjoys coffee in a different way. Here, we show you how coffee is consumed differently in different places, as well as some of the notable coffee-producing nations. So the method of brewing determines how each coffee beverage differs from one another. Despite the fact that all coffee is made from coffee beans, the type of coffee produced also depends on the climate and soil quality of the region in which it is grown. In order to produce coffee with the ultimate quality and flavor, a variety of factors must be considered, including the region’s climate, the soil’s quality, and the altitude at which the coffee grows.


Here’s a glimpse of a few coffee brews from other continents that we think you should definitely try for yourself at PSB.

Mexico beans

High up in the Chiapas region of Mexico, amid the fertile volcanic soils, this smooth and full-flavoured, mellow brew thrives. Coffee plants mature slowly in a tropical climate, hence resulting in richly flavoured beans. During the growing of this coffee, Mayan farmers use no pesticides on the coffee estates. Besides being fair trade, the product is so balanced and aromatic, which benefits farmers and communities. There is no aftertaste, and the flavour has a peppery, chocolatey flavour that is not overbearing or unpleasant.

PSB Café an Multiethnic café brews fresh coffee in Mississauga.

Panama beans

This light-medium roast coffee has a distinct scent with a strong earthy flavour, and high acidity, and overtones of sweetness. It emits an energizing aroma immediately.   Rain and sun protection are essential for the growth of Panama Boquete. The coffee beans can grow more slowly as a result, maintaining their flavour. Similar to Altura Tollan coffee, Panama Boquete grows best in higher elevations and on rich, volcanic soil.

Yemen beans

Yemen, a Western Asian country with mountains in the southern part, is one of the oldest places in the world to cultivate coffee. This gourmet brew has a robust body, faint smokiness, deep chocolate overtones, and some lemony essence. It thrives in the fertile soils of mountain terraces. This is well worth your time if you want a change from your usual coffee brewing.

Turkish Coffee

Unlike popular belief, Turkish coffee is not a type of coffee, but a method of brewing it. Due to its widespread occurrence throughout a large region, there is considerable confusion regarding its name. This includes the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. The word was created to differentiate it from instant coffee.

The Turkish method for making coffee involves cooking roasted and finely ground coffee beans in a kettle called a cezve although which generally contains sugar. There is not enough coffee in the cups because the ground is sluggish at the bottom.


Where does multiethnic PSB Café serves fresh brewed coffee in Mississauga?

Stay connected with PSB café for more information just like these. Sign in to our newsletter and get a coupon code in your email to get 20% off on your first 3 purchases. And visit us at 725 Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. Give your taste buds a cozy and warm treat that you will never forget. Follow PSB at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

quiet coffee shops to study in Mississauga

Modern coffee shops

Coffee shops are no longer just visited to drink coffee, but also to do work and have a cup of coffee. The PSB coffee shop is the right place for you if you’re looking for a quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga  and enjoy your coffee.


quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga
quiet coffee shop to study Mississauga

Benefits of studying in a quiet coffee shop:

1-Quite environment 

Studies have shown that studying outside your house in a quiet environment will increase your motivation to finish the study and make you more concentrated and focused hence, having high grades.

2-Relaxing soft music 

The main theme of most of the coffee shops is soft music and relaxation vibes. As it is known, studying and tests are very stressful and can lead to anxiety. Listening to soft music can reduce the anxiety; apart from this, watching other students’ study helps to relax.


The comfort level in any coffee shop is essential. For example, make sure to have comfortable chairs and sofas, good lighting, and a good temperature. Some coffee shops focus on designing every detail in the shop to make it convenient and comfortable for the customer .As a result, it will make studying easier.


4-Provides all kinds of amenities

You can use your laptop and devices easily anywhere and not suffer from the internet while studying.

tasty coffee in a quiet coffee shop

quiet coffee shop to study in Mississauga

Next time you see a quiet coffee shop, why not stop in and taste their coffee.Studies show that you’re more likely to enjoy your coffee  in a quiet environment.


Where can I find a quiet coffee shop in Mississauga?

The PSB coffee shop offers everything needed to create a quiet and relaxing environment so the customer can study and do their tasks easily while drinking the best coffee or eating one of the snacks from a multi-option menu.

quiet coffee shop to study in Mississauga
quiet coffee shop in Mississauga


The product line of the PSB café includes:

All kinds of coffee, tea, and snacks are available. In addition to that, there is a  new combo line option.


Here are some of the coffee drinks that are served on the PSB  cafe’s menu :


1-Americano:  1 shot of espresso and 3 oz. of hot water

2-Espresso :1 shot of espresso

3- Macchiato1 shot of espresso and  1 to 2 teaspoons of steamed milk

4-Cappuccino: 1-2 shots of espresso . In addition of 2 oz. of steamed milk + 2 oz. of foamed milk + sprinkling of chocolate powder

5-Mocha: 1 shot of espresso .In addition of 1-2 oz. of chocolate syrup/powder + 1-3 oz. of steamed milk + 2-3 cm of foam or whipped cream

6-Iced Coffee:2 oz. drip coffee or espresso . In addition of 4 oz. of ice + 4-6 oz of milk or water + flavouring syrup to taste.

quiet coffee shop in Mississauga
a cup of tasty coffee

Why should students drink coffee?

While having a quiet environment in the PSB cafe , having   a cup of coffee is a must because it has many benefits .
This is why students drink coffee :
In moderate amounts, caffeine can boost mood, energy, and concentration .Therefore,research has shown that drinking coffee increases mental alertness and reduces tiredness – a huge help to those trying to study.

Also, choosing what meal and drink you will have as a combo line  from the PSB cafe’s menu will save you time and money and help you to focus on the studying.




In conclusion, our main goal is to provide you with a quiet environment,so you can accomplish your tasks while enjoying the view and our tasty drinks and delicious snacks.

You may visit us at Confederation Parkway and City Centre Drive, near Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus.

For more details about the café and the events, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, by subscribing to our email, you will get the latest discounts and offers.