Liqueur Coffee Cocktail in Mississauga

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Liqueur Coffee Cocktail in Mississauga

Try the best Liqueur coffee cocktail in Mississauga! At PBS Café we take pride in creating a relaxing environment for patrons to feel of the upmost comfort. Our Barista/ Bartenders have combined the flavour profiles of both coffee and alcohol to create a delectable beverage that would mesmerize most coffee and cocktail enthusiasts. We offer our customers the best alcohol infused coffee experience in Mississauga.

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Have a Drink and Unwind

After a long day of work or university studies it’s understandable to want to take the edge off. We welcome you to PSB Café where you can select one of our infused Liquor Coffee Cocktail menu items which perfectly blends the relaxing aspects of alcohol with the rich flavour of coffee, we all love. We also serve traditional cocktails at the bar upon request.


Liquor Coffee Cocktail Menu

coffee cocktail Irish Coffee

Classic Irish: The Irish Coffee we all know, and love made with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and coffee with cream.

Coffee Cocktail Long Island Iced Coffee

Long Island Iced Coffee: A shaken cocktail comprising of Baileys, vodka and rum topped off with cold brew iced coffee.

espresso martini coffee cocktail

Espress Martini: A shaken cocktail comprising of vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and simple syrup, served in a tall glass.

coffee cocktail

Cold Brew Cocktail: Cold Brew Iced Coffee mixed with triple sec, simple syrup and your choice of fruit liqueur (Peach, Apple, Orange)

coffee cocktail

Baby Guiness Shot: Coffee based tequila topped with a cream liqueur.


coffee cocktail

We call our Bar staff “Baristatenders” as they are not only expert Barista’s but also trained mixologists and bartenders. Our lovely staff are what elevate our beverage menu and are the reason the Coffee Cocktail Menu tastes so delightful to your taste buds and bring these creations to life.



Nighttime Entertainment:

Live Jam Wednesdays

live music

What better way to enjoy your cocktails than vibing to live bands and artists performing every Wednesday night. With a weekly rotation of independent artists of both bands and solo acts of the genres R&B, Jazz & Reggae. Come to socialize or just enjoy the music? Doesn’t matter as all are welcome.

Karaoke Fridays

Every Friday night between 7-9 pm, we have live karaoke nights where you can sing all your favourite songs. The perfect event to have fun with friends and enjoy yourself after a long week.

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Customer Reviews

“The Alcohol infused coffee menu is exquisite, you could really tell that the bartenders know what they are doing.”

Susan Lee


“I love the Classic Irish after a long day of work, especially in the winter!”

Jonathan Miller


“There’s nothing I look forward to more than the Live Jam Wednesdays, I really liked the reggae night while having coffee cocktails with friends.”

Debby Lovell


“PSB Café is the perfect environment to do my studies for university, the background music creates a calming atmosphere, and their food and coffee selection are fantastic. I especially enjoy the beverages from the cocktail menu.

Raquel Lewis


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