Celebrity Fitness Trainer in Your City Mississauga!

Get in shape with your favorite celebrity fitness trainer Mark Tyler at PSB fitness center in Mississauga!

PSB Fitness Centre would soon be opening its fitness center in Davis campus in Brampton and HMC campus of Sheridan College in Mississauga. It not only caters to your fitness needs but gives you an experience with the celebrity trainer Mark Tyler.

The state-of-the-art fitness studio, with brand new equipment would have the best of experienced certified instructors in the industry. The center with its great location inside the Sheridan campus would have a safe and secure environment for its members. With spacious layout of about 25,000 square feet fitness facility with hi-rise ceilings and plenty of natural light through the sunroof, all members have their own space to work out with.

Celebrate your body and soul with Mississauga’s celebrity fitness trainer -Mark Tyler and get the results you deserve with PSB Fitness Center. Transform your health and get the body you like to flaunt! Sign up Today!

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Fitness- A New Experience

We have luxury equipment like treadmills with O2 vaporizers, spinning bikes, and stair climbers, and weight resistance equipment like dumbbells, smith machines, bench presses, lockers with USB port and much more.  Ample breathing space to each member inside the center as the equipment is placed 6 feet apart. Strict COVID-19 guidelines practiced throughout the day. All exercise equipment and tools would be cleaned and disinfected after every use. Our modern facilities along with the workout regime by the celebrity fitness trainer will help you reach your fitness goals.

The fitness center will also have a dietician to build individual diet plan for its health-conscious members. The club will also have Yoga and meditation sessions for those who want to relax and relieve their stress levels. We have flat screen, HD television screens with “cardio-theatre” sound the best surround sound system for you for a great music experience that stimulates your workout routine. Try out!

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PSB fitness is a great opportunity for student, staff and residents surrounding Sheridan college to utilize their extra time and give themselves a chance to get into shape with the help of a personalized trainer. Work with a celebrity fitness trainer in Mississauga who will help you look and feel your very best. Each member can set their own fitness goals, our celebrity fitness trainer will ensure you reach those goals with their personal supervision. Daily guidance and customized work out plan crafted especially for you by our well-known celebrity fitness trainer. You will get a chance to get a lot of Instagram worthy pictures of yourself.

Let us get you started with your fitness journey!

Bootcamps for women

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Bootcamp is a quick and an intense way that works towards your fitness and weight loss journey. It is an intense workout that works on all the major muscles, including the core, and gives you a great cardio workout. The results are great and quick and helps you achieve your fitness goals in a matter of months.

Free Bootcamp with every membership where members meet and make great connections. 

 Customized Diet Plans

Transform your health with a customized diet plan with a certified dietician. The dietician works in conjunction with your fitness routine and hence achieve the right balance of diet and workout. We motivate you to love eating healthy and help you get fat loss and muscle building results faster than you think.

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A Place to Socialize

You become who you hang out with, PSB fitness center gives you an opportunity to meet like minded college buddies. Or bring your college buddy, share your goals, motivate each other for an extra push up and have fun. PSB fitness center is much more than a gym, it is a stylish and luxury studio where you work out in style and socialize with your friends like you would in a night club or a pub. There are designated lounge areas to sit and relax with your workout buddy and much more… So, Believe in Yourself & Be Unstoppable! Create a positive self-image and feel confident from inside and out.

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PSB Membership Plans And Benefits

PSP membership for all students at Sheridan college is included in the tuition fees at the time of registration at a special discounted price. For the public and outsiders, the package is as follows-

  • Monthly $65
  • Quarterly $240
  • Yearly $650
  • Weekly Plan (pay and go)- $25
  • Free orientation kit upon membership which includes cool gym accessories.
  • Free trial sessions and consultations throughout the launch month.
  • 24-hour access
  • Free parking
  • Free cancellation of membership anytime.

***All the services and facilities are included in the package.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Visit our website:

Contact Us: 905 456-7891

Email: psbfitness@sheridancollege.ca




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