Vegan Protein Shake

Vegan Protein Drink

Available in multiple delicious flavors.

No matter what the goals are, WAY Shake always supports you with the growth and building of muscle. Moreover, shake helps to boost stamina during a workout

Target Indian community as there are so many Indians in Brampton with Indian food flavor, for example, Cardamom Almond, Saffron Almond.

Discounted coupons are also provided to a customer who is recently buying a subscription for joining the PSB gym. PSB fitness gym is going open in Sheridan college which very famous college and has more than 140 courses. PSB fitness is going to open soon on three different campuses Davis campus, Trafalgar, Hazel.



  1. No more chalky after taste of your protein shake with WAY Protein drinks.

Let us think of a scenario, which most of us have been through. Let’s say you have ordered a huge bucket of protein powder. For which the advertisement promised to be the yummiest protein shake ever. It has been delivered and you are super excited to open it up and fix your eating habits so that you are right on point for your health and fitness journey. You’ve just finished working out and you open your big favorite flavored protein powder bucket. Pull out a scoop or two of the powder, drop it into your shaker filled with cold water, and shake it until satisfied. You start to drink it and as you go you think “Oh! This is good, not bad at all” and once you have taken a sip and you swallow you discover your mouth is left with a gritty texture.


Some of us are just really bad with textures, for example, the texture of a bleary peach, a soggy shawarma wrap, or even a tomato, just can’t tolerate a texture.


If this is something you have been through, don’t be discouraged.


  1. WAY protein bottles are the way to go.

WAY protein doesn’t only eradicate the grittiness from your health & fitness journey, you don’t have to blend another dose of your protein ever again. In addition, why just compromise for one flavor, when you can treat yourself to so many delicious flavors.


  • Do you think you will end up spending more? No way.

WAY protein drinks are as affordable as a high-grade plant-based vegan protein shake and are not processed. WAY protein drinks are all organic.


  • Thinking about too much environmental pollution? We’ve got that covered for you as well.

We provide all of our customers with recyclable glass bottles that you bring back once you re-stock your groceries for the week.


  1. Why plant-based proteins are grittier?

The reason why this plant-based protein powder leaves a chalkier after taste is being derived from just plants. As they have no milk in them and are generally less refined and process and are mostly very natural. This, as a result, makes them very genuine to the taste of what is put in your protein powder.


But we at WAY drinks have taken care of this issue once and for all by providing you pre-blended flavorful protein drinks with real fruits and vegetables.


However, to help you finish the current bucket that you’ve ordered for yourself and get the most value for your buck

  1. some tips for you to help the gritty after taste.


  1. Add a creamier milk base instead of water

Your protein shake’s texture becomes way smoother when you add any plant-based milk instead of water to it. Unsweetened almond milk and coconut milk are my favorites! They make it smoother without a ton of extra calories or when I don’t want to add any extra fruit or veggies to it.

  1. Banana-cado

Adding fresh fruit and veggies not only provides extra nutrition to your smoothie but doing so will also improve the texture. Try a banana or ½ an avocado for an extra smooth shake!

  1. Blender is the way to go!

Try to blend your protein shakes in a blender instead of a regular shaker bottle when you have an extra minute. Blending gives it that extra smoothness that makes it easier to drink.

  1. Don’t leave it to sit or Order WAY protein drinks.

It is always a relief when you have your meals prepped ahead of time. But when it comes to smoothies and shakes. I personally think they any way take literally two minutes to make. Therefore have them fresh and they would taste much better. To avoid all of this hassle, order yourself the pre-made all-natural & organic plant-based WAY protein drinks in all delicious flavors today.

Click here to order now or go to your nearest Sheridan college campuses’ PSB fitness to get your stock. I hope all these tips help you make your smoothies tastier. But I really feel WAY drinks are the way to go. Just pop the bottle and voila!

Why only exercise? Nutrients are also important.

“Why only exercise, nutrients are also important”. Only exercise is not enough for gaining a healthy body, nutrients also contributes the same”. PSB Fitness and Health provide many different healthy products with natural ingredients to their clients for making their body good in shape.

Nutrients protein shake

More about PSB-Fitness

PSB fitness is the leading fitness club among all other clubs in the Greater Toronto region. In addition, PSB is providing fitness services and to all people from different Ages, regions, areas and communities from many years. Also, we are excited to introduce a partnership with Sheridan college. PSB Fitness Sheridan is planning to provide fitness centers and healthy products with healthy nutrients to youngsters who want to gain a good-shaped body. Moreover, it will motivate them and tells the importance of having proper nutrients and healthy products with natural ingredients along with good exercise. The two new fitness centers will be opened in HMC and Davis campuses of Sheridan college.

Weight lifting

Why Nutrients are equally important as exercise in gaining muscles?

“Nutrients contributes equally with the exercise in gaining muscles”. Nutrients are like fuel to our body. They recover the resources that are used while workout. A body cannot be in a good-shape without any of these.  Both nutrients and exercise contributes equally. Nutrients are necessary as they burn out our calories. When we exercise, our muscles gain strength but in order to maintain that strength for a time, proper nutrients are important.

Nutrients source, vegetables and fruits

Nutrients required for our body and muscles after exercise- PSB Fitness Sheridan college.

Fats: Fats are the nutrients by which our body get calories in a number. In addition, they also store a large amount of energy and give strength to our muscles.

Calcium: Calcium is necessary for strengthening bones. Calcium can be gained through dairy products like milk, eggs. For strengthening of muscles, strengthening of bones is also required.

Amino acids: Amino acids are very necessary when gaining muscles because when we do workout for muscle gaining, you have to do weightlifting in order to rebuild and make muscles stronger. As well as you have to tear your muscles so in order to repair that, amino acid is required.

Vitamins and nutrients: Vitamins and nutrients are necessary for the healthy functioning of all parts of our body and functioning of all body parts are important for reshaping of body and muscles.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are the nutrients that help our body in fighting with toxins and disease cells. They also help the body in fighting with cancer cells. So, if you will be free of diseases, then only it will be possible for your muscles to get energy. As when person got infected, then one needs nutrients for the curing of disease. Always “Stay healthy, Stay fit”.

Nutrients source, vegetables and fruits

What is the purpose of our product?

In the current generation, diseases like diabetes, obesity are a serious risk. We want to make people aware about the importance of fitness and proper diet. PSB Fitness offer healthy products with natural ingredients that people can use after workouts and for gaining perfect muscles. The name of our product is Mango Almonds Protein shake. It is a healthy product that PSB Fitness Sheridan is providing you without sugar that helps muscles in recovering the resources used in workout and gaining muscles. Moreover, our product comes in a 60g protein shake bottle. It is rich in protein and contain all the necessary nutrients with mouthwatering taste. Sometimes, our body cannot get sufficient amount of nutrient from regular diet. So, our product will help people by giving extra amount of nutrients to their body in a healthier way after their exercise. The ingredients used are natural and healthy.  It is the best and healthy protein shake with healthy and natural ingredients.

Product main ingredientProduct main ingredient

Offers provided

We planned to introduce our product by distributing free samples. In this way, we can build trust in the hearts of our clients. Also, we will sell our product on an affordable price so that every person can buy this. It will be available in every nearby nutrition store. Also, we will promote through social media apps. Because people like to use social media for updated news. We will promote our product on these mobile apps so that every person can get the updated news about our product.

phone app

Our responsibility

PSB Fitness club provides numerous fitness centers and healthy products on many locations. The plan is to give people knowledge about the importance of healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition products containing natural ingredients with no sugar in gaining good-shaped body along with exercise. Your care is our responsibility and your fitness is our goal. PSB Fitness always looks forward and try to find out all possible ways by which they can provide every possible facility to their customers so that they can maintain their health.

Contact information:

For all inquiries and details reach

Pilot school of business

Sheridan college

Davis campus

7899 McLaughlin Rd,

Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9




Fitness Programs for students at PSB

Keeping fit means keeping your body in the optimal performance condition. It involves a lot of sacrifice of which the benefits outweigh the costs of the fitness process. Being fit means you are less likely to suffer from heart related diseases such as coronary artery, arteriosclerosis and even diabetes. Keeping fit involves a lot more than just exercising, it covers even the type of food you eat on daily basis and the amount

I have discussed the following steps for you to follow in order to keep fit 

  1. Avoid junk foods at all costs;Junk food are a group of foods that have high amount of calories, sodium sugar but little nutritional value. They include processed foods from factories that are not naturally harvested from farms. Junk foods undo the the benefits of exercise and they are converted almost immediately into fats. foods are highly addictive and leads to obesity in most cases if someone overindulge in them they include foods such as cookies,doughnuts,candy and foods rich in artificial ingredients. For you to lose weight must have calories deficit but that will never happen if you eat a lot of junk food as primary diet.

  2. Eat healthyEating healthy is very vital to keeping your body fit. Make sure you eat a balanced diet in every meal since our body requires a wide variety of nutrients to function properly. Eating healthy food will boost your level , make your body strong against diseases causing pathogens. The following are essential foods that your body needsvegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins and mineral salts:bananas,spinach,eggplants melons oranges etc.High proteins foods such as beans,meat etc.Foods high in fiber which is very useful in digestion.

  3. Drink Sufficient amount of water dailyThe human body is made up of more than 60 percent water. This shows that water is very vital to the well being of your body. Water helps the body in the following ways:
    woman drinking water

    Benefits of water in the body

    Water helps in digestion of food and elimination of toxic wastes that are produced within the body. Besides the bowel needs water in order to function properly.Water helps in lubricating the joints of the body.

    Water helps in regulating the body temperature there by keeping the body in optimal temperature. This happens when water evaporates from the skin pores leaving a cooling effect.

    water helps in maintaining high blood pressure since lack of water makes the blood thicker thus increasing the blood pressure. If you need to find out more about benefits of water to the body click this link


  4. Exercise Daily

    You should exercise your body every day to keep your lungs more active and improve the blood circulation in the your body. You should also develop a routine of working out frequently to ensure you maintain it over a long period of time. Start walking, cycling or jogging over frequented places such as going to buy grocery or going to the gym it might as well serve as a warm up before the actual exercise. The following are the benefits of exercise.

    Advantages of Exercising

    I) Exercise helps you keep your weight in check. Regular exercise prevents obesity since exercise helps in burning the excess calories you consume

    ii) When you exercise you improve your mood and improve your mental health. You release dopamine everytime you exercice. its the chemical compound responsible for good mood.

    iii) Exercise helps you to reduce the craving of smoking cigarettes.

    iv) Exercise helps in keeping your learning, thinking and judgment abilities sharp even as you grow old.It stimulates release of proteins that improves the structure and function of the brain.