PSB Fitness Offers A Comfortable and Safe Environment

Welcome To PSB Fitness!

Inspired by former Sheridan College Alumni here to offer a safe and comfortable environment at our two convenient Sheridan locations. Our fitness centers are conveniently located at the Brampton Campus and the Mississauga Campus for not only students but its surrounding communities. An alumni inspired gym that takes into consideration the welfare of the student body regardless of gender, race, social and economic background. We hope that you choose to help support you on your fitness journey!

How PSB Can Offer a Unique Workout Space for You!

When embarking on your very own personal fitness journey, at first gyms can be extremely intimidating. You walk in, take a look around and see endless rows of machines and weights seemingly occupied by one giant community. Our goal is to remove the intimidation factor when you join our fitness center. We want you to feel the same level of comfort when you work out in your home when you step into our gym. We promise to provide everything you would ever need to reach your fitness goals. At PSB Fitness our goal is to promote a safe space for not only college students but people with all different fitness journeys. A gym curated by the Sheridan community that offers a comfortable space promoting a real community of fitness enthusiasts.

The other component that makes us unique is our community. Our collaborative school includes not only international students and local students but our mature students and young students all work together in the classroom encourages a collaborative mindset to make our environment welcoming for all. We encourage support not only from our staff but our clients to truly make this a safe haven for all.

Our PSG Fitness center while smaller, offers a convenience for its student body and its surrounding community!

Services We Offer

At PSB Fitness we do not only want to offer an area just to workout but a fitness center that offers personal attention.
Our team of personal trainers work to improve your comfortability and knowledge at our fitness center. Inspired by Sheridan students we hope to encourage learning in all subjects.

Weightlifting and Cardio are not the only way to achieve your fitness goals. That is why at PSB Fitness we ensure a wide range of fitness classes that targets specific types of strengths and movements. These classes are led by passionate professionals who simply want to spread their passion through our platform! Our classes include but not exclusive to yoga, kickboxing, circuit workouts, and even zumba. We want to ensure all your fitness desires are met at our locations.

At PSB Fitness we offer different options for our clients that encourage participation:

  • Our classic membership ($20) includes access to our fitness center as well as free wi-fi.
  • Our premium membership ($45) includes access to our fitness center, free wi-fi, towel service and a reserved locker.

    Where you can find us

    Brampton Location – 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
    Mississauga Location – 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5


  • Budget Friendly Fitness Training

    How PSB Fitness training can help you

    Not seeing results you want from your workouts? Need help mastering proper exercise form? Do you have a small budget but need affordable personalized training? Then come join us at PSB Fitness. PSB Fitness is an affordable option that offers expert fitness trainers. They will help to educate and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

    Fitness trainers at Psb Fitness


    Our trainers Jessie and Matt, are former Sheridan Alumni. They understand the busy life of a professional and a college student. Jessie and Matt have extensive fitness training experience. Matt has five years of experience and is a certified personal trainer. Jessie is a former fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. He also has five years of experience.

    At PSB fitness, you do not have to break your budget to get expert fitness training. Our trainers will help you to create fitness plans that can target your fitness goals. Whether it is to relieve stress from upcoming exams or gaining strength to keep up at work. Or if your goal to train for your next team event or to maintain your health.

    The benefits of  PSB Fitness’ affordable fitness trainers:


    Our fitness trainers are budget-friendly at $45 an hour 2 hourly sessions a week. They also offer the option of four 30-minute sessions.

    Learn the correct exercise form from personal trainers

    Executing exercises with proper form reduces the risk of injuries. It applies to both beginners or someone who exercises routinely. They will show you the correct technique, to use exercise equipment and lift weights.


    If you feel stuck in your fitness journey, our fitness trainers are here to help. They will be with you every step of the way. They streamline your fitness routine until it is natural for you. The fitness goals that you strive to achieve will be that much more reachable.

    Supportive personal trainers

    Our fitness trainers do not just tell you what to do. They walk you through the workouts and even join you. It will give you an extra push of moral support or a sense of competition. If you have questions, our trainers are also available for consultations and advice.

    Help create stress-free personalized workouts

    Fitness routines are never one size fits all. Everyone has individual goals and time to work out. Our fitness trainers make sure to create simple routines. These routines can take all the stress from your workouts.

    Create a simple personal training schedule

    If you have problems setting a solid routine, PSB fitness trainers have your back. They can help you create the perfect schedule that fits a busy lifestyle and meets your goals.

    Why Join PSB?

    We offer a variety of affordable stress-busting exercise programs that include:

    • Boxing equipment and classes for stress relief
    • Relaxing yoga classes
    • Weight training equipment
    • Cardio equipment
    • Instructional quick work out pamphlets (also available on the website)


    PSB fitness offers two tiers of fitness memberships

    • Classic fitness —  $20
    • Premium fitness  — $45

    How to join PSB Fitness

    Register in person at one of our two Sheridan campus locations!


    Sign up directly through our website.

    After you sign up, your membership card will be there for you to collect on the way to your first workout.


    PSB fitness locations:

    PSB FItness Gym Sheridan Brampton Mississauga Campus
    Picture of the Sheridan campus

    Hazel McCallion Campus

    4180 Duke of York Blvd
    Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
    Telephone: 437-550-2931

    Sheridan Davis Campus

    7899 McLaughlin Road
    Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
    Telephone: 905-459-7533

    Exercise your stress away with our fitness trainers by signing up for PSB fitness today!

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    How PSB Fitness Gym is Stress Relieving in Mississauga

    Who We Are?

    PSB Fitness will be opening two new fitness training facilities, one in Mississauga and one in Brampton. Both facilities will be located on Sheridan campuses in their respective cities. PSB Fitness is intended for young adults and aims to help improve mental health and physical health through effective training that will help you build long lasting healthy habits. We offer two levels of membership, our budget friendly Classic option at $20 a month and alternatively there is our Premium membership for $45 a month. For more information memberships please click here.

    Managing Stress Through Physical Activity

    Studies show that physical exercise has a positive impact on ones mental health. Our facilities aim to help you see the mental health benefits of your physical exercise while developing healthy habits. PSB Fitness understands the day to day life can get heavy and feel overwhelming. We aim to help you overcome these feelings through a variety of available activities such as kickboxing and yoga.


    woman in orange and black shirt and black leggings doing exercise

    Kickboxing is a high energy exercise that helps release built up frustration through series of impact training on bags. This also stimulates the flow of endorphins in the body which play a significant role in reducing depression. We offer a safe space for you to come hit the bag and exert some of that pent up energy. Are you new to kickboxing? No worries, we have on site staff ready and able to get you into the groove. Whether it be school stress or just life in general getting to you, kickboxing is an amazing high intensity way to blow of steam and get a full body workout all in one.


    woman wearing sport bra standing on gym floors

    If high intensity doesn’t appeal to you then maybe our yoga programs are more what you are looking for. Yoga is a great way to engage all areas of the body in a very manageable way. We offer yoga classes for beginners and intermediates along with providing dedicated space to practice yoga on your own. Our group classes teach a variety of poses and breathing techniques that aim to increase awareness of the body and mind. Also, joining one of our classes is a great way to engage with like minded peers and build new relationships. Prefer to go at it alone? Our solo yoga training areas will be perfect for you. Solo yoga training can offer different benefits than group training such as an increased ability to enter a meditative state. Meditation can help provide a better awareness of body and mind and help to assess and relieve stress.


    Finding Time For The Gym

    Life is busy and finding time to work out can be tough but what most don’t realize is it doesn’t require a ton of time to experience positive results. Fifteen minutes of high impact physical exercise or thirty minutes of moderate physical activity is what is recommended to begin seeing and feeling positive changes. Through our convenient locations in Mississauga and Brampton building these small amounts of time into your daily schedule will help you build towards healthy habits. For more information on how PSB Fitness can fit into your schedule, please click here.


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    PSB Fitness – For Busy Schedules

    black spin exercise bike lot


    PSB Fitness is a fitness centre focused on people with busy lifestyles that want to also maintain a healthy lifestyle. We currently very close to opening two locations in the Greater Toronto Area, one located in Brampton at the Sheridan College Campus as well as one located in Mississauga at the Sheridan College Campus. PSB fitness is a Sheridan Alumni-run Gym. We are a gym that understands YOU! PSB understands that everyone’s lives are hectic and busy. We focus on working with you, we offer many different ways to provide you with a gym that is here for you! Our gym offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art gym equipment, from treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, weight machines, and free weights. We also offer Professional Fitness Trainers and 30-minute quick workout guides.


    Our overall campaign message is we are focusing on the student lifestyle because they have different needs compared to someone in high school or someone post-graduation. College students have a limited amount of funds that they can spend on a monthly gym expense but going to the gym can be a great stress reliever for the students. Many students find it relaxing after a long day at school to go to the gym and work out. Many students see it as an escape for a while.


    Where we stand out is we are focused on you! The owners of PSB are Sheridan graduates who understand that pre-graduation, as well as graduated people, have very busy lives. Students are busy with classes, projects, studying, work, family, personal time, and of course your social life and if you aren’t a student you are busy with managing many other things every day as well! Sometimes life can get stressful, PSB fitness is also very focused on helping our members manage their stress, click here to learn more about what we do to help you!

    Dumb Bells On A Rack


    Our quick workout guides are free pamphlets that we offer that our customers can use and they can use them as a guide to target certain muscle groups in a 30-minute workout. The pamphlets include many different styles of workouts. Our pamphlet guides include not only the workouts but also QR codes that can be scanned that will lead to video guides on how to do each workout with proper form. In the pamphlets and videos, they also include information about what each workout does to your body and the main parts of the body the workout is using. This is perfect for anyone who is a beginner and new to working out who isn’t quite comfortable yet.

    Below is a list of some workouts that our pamphlet focus’s on

    • Cardio Workouts
      • Treadmill Workouts
      • Bicycle Programs
    • Leg Workouts
      • Squat Rack
      • Leg Press
      • Free Weights
    • Chest Workouts
      • Pec Deck (Seated Chest Flys)
      • Bench Press
      • Dumbell Bench Press
    • Arm Workouts
      • Dumbell Curls
      • TRX Ropes
      • Push-Ups
      • Dips
      • Chin Ups
    • Back Workouts
      • Dead Lifts
      • Pull-Ups
      • Seated Cable Row
      • Lat Pull Downs
    • Ab Workouts
      • Sit-Ups
      • Bike Crunches
      • Oblique Pulses

    Membership Levels

    We offer 2 levels of membership’s which include different things based on which membership you choose

    Classic Membership – $20/Month

    • Free Wifi
    • 24 Hour Access
    • Access to all equipment
    • Free access to our 30-minute quick workout guides.

    Premium Membership – $45/Month

    • Free Wifi
    • 24 Hour Access
    • Access to all equipment
    • Free access to our 30-minute quick workout guides.
    • Access to our sauna
    • Access to massage chairs
    • Personal Locker


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