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  • PSB Protein powder benefits :


  • Our gym will provide plant based protein powder
  • Protein powder helps to maintain healthy weight
  • Trainers would provide free consultation on choosing perfect protein powder per customer
  • First month free trial kit for a month to our customers.



  • Company profile:


The PSB Fitness Company was founded by the two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Two new fitness gyms will be opened at the HMC and Davis campus of the Sheridan College with $250000 investment and the budget of $25000 for the first 12 months. These statics are assumed to increase. Moreover the sales revenue is forecasted to increase.


  • Value Proposition


“Our mission is to provide plant passed protein powder to the customers at affordable prices “.


  • Types of products

PSB fitness gym will sell protein powder at affordable price to the customers. This protein powder will be categories into four different types which are:

  • Gain weight
  • Bulk
  • Vanilla flavor
  • Chocolate flavor


  • Market definition and overview:


The market share of the protein industry tends to increase. The protein industry comes under health industry in the category of the sports nutrition. As the people nowadays are getting aware about the benefits of the fitness and the good health the industry of the protein supplements tends to rise with the time. Urbanization has also plays a vital role in the rise of the market share and sales revenue of the protein powder. People more concern about the aging and obesity has lead in the positive growth of the industry. (total revenue share)



  • Competitors overview:

The gyms did not provide the protein powder. People have to struggle themselves to find one. Our gym will provide protein powder at very reasonable price and will not focus on the brands which are popular in the market .Our goal is to provide best protein powder at cheaper rates. For instance: Puma have high quality but has very high price where as magnum has low quality protein powder but our gym will provide high quality and low price.


  • Product description:



Sports nutrition products are very popular nowadays. That is why PSB fitness gym are introducing their protein powder at low prices to the customers.  (supplements source, 2020) Core products would be cereals, pea based and good taste. However the protein powder will be gluten free, lactose free and support muscle mass with no artificial supplements and will be available at our gym at reasonable price.









  • Marketing objectives:


With the supply of the plant passed protein powder, it will bring awareness among people against animal protection. Plant based is associative with positive health effects. Our main focus is on taste as well as environmental effect. We are hoping for better change in the protein industry by introducing plant based protein powder. This will tends to increase the total revenue of the Nike Inc Company .Moreover the timeframe to achieve this set goal is by the mid of the year 2021.













  • References



Nike Inc. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.britannica.com/topic/Nike-Inc

supplements source. (2020). Retrieved from https://www.supplementsource.ca/product_p/progressive-vegan-protein.htm

total revenue share. (n.d.). Retrieved 2020, from https://www.statista.com/statistics/254489/total-revenue-of-the-global-sports-apparel-market/




PSB Fitness Mississauga | Best Gym Experience in Campus

New Workout Place at PSB Fitness in Sheridan

PSB Fitness has established new gyms for students and employees to enjoy at Sheridan! The locations are set at Hazel Mccallion Campus and Davis Campus, we ensure you can get the most comfortable fitness experience here.

We provide high-quality gyms for members who pursue the quality of life and like workouts, PSB Fitness Mississauga, meet a different you. 


Find Any Fitness Equipment You Need

PSB Fitness Mississauga equips a majority of exercise machines that are new and comprehensive.

You can find:

  • Training Bench
  • Dumbbell Set
  • Barbell Set
  • Kettlebell Set
  • Pull-up Frame and Bar
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary Bicycle
  • Fitness Ball
  • Rowing Machine

Do not need to worry if you do not know how to use equipment since we have professional tutors to guide you! Once you are familiar with it, you will enjoy yourself.

All the equipment is free to use!

Different Course Options!

Fitness classes are a great way to get started, achieve goals, or change routines. Our certified instructors ensure that you can motivate to learn the right form and fun!

  • Cardio:

Our energetic cardio class trains your whole body and gets your heart pumping. To stay motivated, push your limits and burn calories through various endurance training courses.

  • Strength:

Regardless of your level of fitness, meet the challenge with the power of life. To build muscle, achieve weight loss goals, also maintain your bone density.

  • Cycling

Exercise bikes can help us burn calories during exercise, burn calories. Moreover, have different fat-burning efficiencies by adjusting resistance, speed, and time.

  • Flexibility and Mobility

Design to lengthen and strengthen muscles, release tension. It can also promote your stability.

  • Personal Trainer

We also provide courses individual-to-individual, a personal trainer can best help you to customize a fitness plan. Expensive but worthy. Recording your personal physical differences, a tutor will guide you where you should improve.

Diet Food at PSB Fitness

Muscles are a sign of fitness

PSB Fitness Mississauga provides customized diet food for every member!

Many people want to be muscular. Except for workout, a proper diet is also more important, to choose the right food and its kilocalorie proportion.

Having a balanced, well-balanced diet and choosing healthy, low-calorie foods will keep you full and keep you going through the seemingly endless cycle of fat loss.

Do you have any ideas about how many calories you take for a meal? A large fries with a large coke and hamburger will reach 1200 calories! However, if you try our diet sandwich can only intake about 350 calories!


Learn more at https://sheridanbruins.com/general/HMC

We are welcome you to join the PSB Fitness club!

Group Number 4

Promoting Fitness Among Old People

Studies have shown that physical inactivity is mainly contributing to mortality. PSB Fitness is considering the significance of physical activity through providing health-efficient expenditure. PSB is also following the guidelines necessary for maintaining the traits of physical activity. Several non-communicable health conditions are common in both developing and developed countries. However, with the expansion in age, there are chances of developing non-communicable health conditions.

PSB Fitness is identifying several risk factors, thereby reducing blood pressure and also the blood glucose level. Revealing these risk factors will help on maintaining glucose levels and blood pressure. This will also help on decreasing the obesity, thereby decreasing the levels of physical inactivity. PSB Fitness is also urging old people to maintain the efficiency of physiological systems, thereby deriving a balance between health and environment. The motto of PSB Fitness is to surge the levels of physical activity, which will also help on recognising the significant intervention necessary for enhancing the health standards. For the old people, extending the traits of life is a significant factor. As a result, it is necessary to maintain the functional traits, thereby recognising the functional significance and also derive high importance. This will also help on maintaining the standards of life quality and also managing the resources of health.

PSB Fitness will also be promoting the word ‘exercise’, which will facilitate on creating structured programmes necessary for performing the daily-based physical activities. Physical activity can be considered on defining the traits of physical activity, thereby maintaining the intensity and frequency of the activity. In this article, PSB Fitness will help on identifying activity that has an energy price, such as shopping, housework, and structured exercise programmes.

Recognising Metabolic Equivalent

Following the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO), PSB Fitness will also provide recommendations necessary for maintaining the traits of physical activity in old adults. When accessing the traits of physical activity, it is significant to identify the levels of physical activity and also measure the intensity. PSB Fitness will help on recognising an approach of calculating intensity through identifying the metabolic equivalent rate. Metabolic equivalent can also be considered as an indicator necessary for maintaining the traits if energy expenditure. One MET can be considered equivalent to the expended energy while sitting quiet.

Perceived Exertion Level

PSB Fitness will follow guidelines that will help on identifying MET value necessary for observing the understandable metrics. The guidelines will also maintain the scale of intensity, thereby maintaining the self-perceived exertion level. Considering a scale of 5-6, it will help on recognising moderate-intensity exercise, and considering a scale of 7-8, it will help on identifying the vigorous intensity exercise. The guidelines will also consider values 0 and 10 necessary for defining the sitting process and also recognising the greatest possible effort.

Utilising Accelerometers and Pedometers

PSB Fitness is also utilising accelerometers and pedometers, which are the credible methods necessary for measuring the intensity of the levels of physical activity. Pedometers are mechanical devices that recognise the total number of steps a person will take throughout the day. On the other hand, accelerometers will help on measuring accelerations necessary for identifying different motion planes and also maintaining several indicators such as intensity, frequency, and also considering several movement types.

PSB Fitness will help on identifying evidences necessary for balancing the traits of exercise and also recognising the strengths of aerobic exercises. PSB Fitness will also consider the functioning of muscle-strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises, thereby maintaining the details considering the intensity and type of various forms of exercise. Moreover, incidental physical activity is a condition that maintains the course of the daily activities.

Internal Link: https://three.psbdigital.ca/promoting-fitness-among-old-people/

For more information contact us at 437-457-8906 or email us fitnesstrials@gmail.com


Fitness: importance of physical fitness

benefits of being physically active

In today’s generation, health related practices decreased. This results in lack of outdoor games and daily exercises. Problem can lead to harmful effects in our young generation’s body. Without exercise, their growth will be quite effected in a negative manner. PSB Gym is encouraging youth to have at least 15 minutes of practice daily. We have 24 hour fitness service available. We provide  free monthly subscription of Gym for one month. This will help customers to continue exercise after one month routine. Exercise is the only way to make young generation’s life healthy. We hope it will attract people and will motivate them to have exercises to stay fit and healthy.

Calories Required per Day

Calories Requirement
Diet chart

The focus of our last quarter was spreading awareness regarding importance of health and fitness. In today’s time, Gym exercises attracting our young generation leading them to healthy life. Now, we are going to discuss one of the important factor which plays an important role in developing healthy and fit body. You guys might heard about the words “Proper Dieting”, but most of the people are not aware what does these phrases actually means and take it in a different approach, According to us, a proper diet should be in this way that your body is getting all the required nutrition’s. For protein, we prefers mango almond protein which is good for health and do not have any side effect, along with protein, we advice our customers to consume salads, and proper food. Also, we have a guide ready according to weight and age of people, to use our special protein, which will surely help our customers.

24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton

The fitness world is full of a lot of gimmicks and promises because working out is hard work, and if there’s one thing human history has shown us, it’s that humans love to do a good workout. When it comes to fitness “hard work” means getting into the gym, banging weights around, laying down miles, not eating trash, and making the effort to cut fat and make gains. For this hard work and improvement in the gym, we are launching a 24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton.

Professional trainers:

24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton
24-hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton

Sheridan College, Brampton is providing professional trainers which will provide the best workout and will help in building one’s career. The trainers are highly qualified and have several skills to control any type of problem. The skills include:

  • Knowing how to engage, manage, and direct people and teams.
  • Communicating with clarity, precision, and influence.
  • Using creativity to handle situations on the spot.
  • Identifying and measuring the different results of training.
  • Speaking to an audience with confidence and control.


24 Hour Gym Excel:

24 hour gym with professional trainers in Sheridan college Brampton
24 Hour gym availability

Apart from professional trainers, Sheridan college is also providing 24-hour gym availability for the students and other people. Joining a 24-hour gym could benefit in several ways:

  • Supreme Scheduling Flexibility – Joining a 24-hour gym provides superior scheduling flexibility. Customers get to work out whenever they want-whether it’s early in the morning before work, late at night, or during the day. They should forget shifting their day around just to make it to the gym when the lights are still on. Anytime Fitness also makes it easy to burn calories and tone muscles at any time of day or night.
  • Consistent Motivation – Knowing that the gym is open 24 hours a day leaves no room for excuses. It’s easy to skip the fitness class or treadmill time when workout opportunities are limited.
  • Faster Goal Achievement – Getting to work out at any time is not only highly motivating, but it will also enable the consumers to reach their goals faster. They will burn calories and strengthen their muscles regularly, as well as get fit in a shorter time span. Whether they want to define their abs, lose their stubbornness, or simply have more energy, they will achieve their goals all the faster in this gym.


Costs and Packages:

Professional trainers at 24 Hour Fitness vary in price depending on the number of sessions you purchase, the length of each session, and the individual trainer. Packages start around $200 and can cost more than $2500.You cannot buy a single training session at 24 Hour Fitness and all sessions sold in packages must be used within six months of purchase. One-on-One, partner, and small group training sessions are available.

Training Packages at 24 Hour Fitness:

Professional Trainer (50-Minute Sessions)

  • Starter Package (include four sessions; first-time trainees only): $200 to $270
  • Four sessions: $330 to $500
  • Eight sessions: $600 to $900
  • 12 sessions: $900 to $1100


Offers and Discounts:

There are various offers given by the Fitness gym. Members and Sheridan college students will get the first two classes with a professional trainer for free and get additional discounts on the packages and passes. They could get a 7-day pass just for $50 and a 30-day pass for $130. To apply for membership you could fill out the membership form at Sheridan college Fitness gym, Brampton or could apply online at https://three.psbdigital.ca/. Follow the fitness gym page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for more updates on sessions and offers.


The Fitness gym is also offering an application where people could do different types of things and activities and could track them by using the app launched by the gym recently. To access it and to understand it better visit https://three.psbdigital.ca/new-fitness-program-by-psb-fitness-for-sheridan-college-students/.




As we know that in this Covid-19 situation everything is going online from studies to work so its become important for us to mix up in these situations and our Sheridan college as well is online so in order to keep ourselves healthy and active we launched a new app called PSB Fitness.

Stressed due to Virtual studies


You might not be able to make it to the gym as much as you used to, but that doesn’t mean the workouts have to stop. So, in order to solve this problem Sheridan launched a app called PSB Fitness app which will be very helpful for them in these situations.

PSB fitness app

Run faster, bike farther, swim better, trim down, or bulk up. However, this app will help you keep your commitment to physical fitness.


  1. It will be a hands-free audio coaching where you will find pre-recorded workouts for different fitness levels.
  2. It can be connected to your smartphone app like apple health to track your workouts and calories burned.
  3. Meal planner will also be in the app
  4. You can customize your workout reminders
  5. 50+ yoga exercises with detailed explanations
  6. You can connect to a personal trainer of Sheridan if you have any questions regarding any workouts or exercise.

So those are some features of the app. This app will be very easy to access if you are Sheridan students you need to just login with your Sheridan student number and password and it will open a premium free version to you. But don’t need to worry if you are not Sheridan students you can access our premium version for just $4.99/month which is a very less amount to access all our premium features.

       If these features interest you, please download our app on app store or play store.

If you want to join our fitness programs, please visit our website




Student life involves a lot of responsibilities and maintain a work life balance is important and as a college student staying mentally active is as much important of being physically active. If your body is not feeling well or you feel sluggish, tired it means your mind is going to be same. Exercising regularly will help us to improve our mental and social wellbeing.

College students doing gym to keep themselves healthy

This app will help you to achieve the fitness level you want starting from basic to hardcore trainings and there will be no. of exercises you can do at home to stay fit and active not only these this app has a special feature which is calorie counter from where you can count the calories you are getting from the food and it includes 9000 menu items to choose from so it will help you to calculate the desired calories you need per day.


Apart from this it will help you to build your daily exercise routine which is very important because there are 90% chances that you will do exercises one or two days and after that you will follow your regular routine but this app will delete your current progress if you missed any day so by this way this helps us to stay consistent with our routines



You can also connect with us Facebook, twitter and Instagram to follow us to get more update about these things. Any questions please contact us!



Meditation Classes in Mississauga, Gym and Yoga too

Complete Fitness with Meditation Classes in Mississauga


We are pleased to announce that now in your own vicinity you will have the facility to gain complete fitness to achieve your goals with success. Yes!! PSB Fitness is opening with two centers in the Sheridan College Campus with Physical Fitness and Meditation Classes in Mississauga. To make it easier for the students and nearby people to reach us, we have two centers one in HMC Campus and the other one in Davis Campus. So, coming to the point, What do we mean by Complete Fitness? Why should you take Meditation Classes?


Meditation Classes in Mississauga at PSB Fitness
Meditation Classes in Mississauga at PSB Fitness











The Sheridan College entertains a number of students who are enrolled in various programs and spend their time and energy to learn the best tools and techniques. It is important to stay physically and mentally fit to perform well and learn effectively.

Sheridan College provides a lot of sports opportunities and many students want to excel in sports. Sports obviously improves physical fitness. However, to achieve a higher goal in sports like playing for the district or state, you need to have a high level of fitness consistently. And here, only taking care of your physical fitness will not work. The reason is, any superior goal demands mental calmness, focus, and strength. You may struggle hard to perform well in the fields if you have a busy mind all the time. Hence, both physical and mental fitness are essential to lead a happy life and to achieve one’s goals. This is what we mean by ‘Complete Fitness’.


To meet the needs of the college and its vicinity, we are introducing Meditation classes in Mississauga. It is very easy for your mind to get engaged with lots of activities going around. Adding to it, we have gadgets and social media. It doesn’t need research to explain how a lot of time on digital platforms can harm your mental state and overall health. Following are some of the key benefits of Meditation:

  •  Meditation is an effective tool that helps us improve our mind’s ability to focus and gives us a relaxed and peaceful mind.
  • With only one or two days of practice, you can realize the helpful difference it brings to your mental health.
  • With regular practice, it can improve your sharpness and activity of mind by a great deal.
  • It improves the ability to make the right decisions quickly, which is a very essential factor in sports.
  • It also gives you an edge in academics.
  • Last but not the least, it gives you an active day, sound sleep, and the ability to enjoy your life.

For knowing more benefits of meditation you can visit here.

This is why we say –

“Only a Fit Body will not help in your Goal, you need a fit mind too!”


PSB Fitness realizes the increasing need for mental fitness along with physical well being.  Hence, we are providing high-quality meditation classes to meet the needs of students, faculties, and staff, or anybody living in Mississauga.

Meditation at PSB Fitness
Meditation at PSB Fitness

Meditation classes in Mississauga  provided by PSB Fitness will have the following features :

  • It will be provided at two different timings – morning and evening. You can choose your slots to accommodate your other priorities.
  • It will be only a 30 mins session followed by sports-oriented physical exercises or Yoga.
  • Students can attend the first two classes for free.
  • It is very soothing and relaxing to practice meditation with pleasant music on.
  • There is only a $20 monthly charge for Meditation classes.
  • The classes will be under the guidance of experts who explain the process beautifully and do it along with you.
  • The benefits are highly rewarding and start exhibiting within the first couple of days. As a result, it will not be a tough choice for you to decide.

“It is best to work silently on your fitness and let the progress speak.”                – PSB Fitness


PSB Fitness also provides special Sports-Oriented Physical Exercises to match the physical fitness requirements of the college students. It is very beneficial for students who are very active in sports. Physical Fitness along with Meditation classes can help you attain a feeling of complete fitness in your daily life. It helps us in improving our coordination between mind and body. It allows us to perform tasks with comfort and mental calmness. You will love these exercises after a 30-mins meditation session.

GYM SESSIONS (1 hr class)


GYM Sessions are also there for maintaining and improving physical fitness. Moreover, lots of Gymming equipment are available. Expert Trainers with good experience will assist the members while attending Gym classes.

YOGA CLASSES (30-mins class)

Yoga is a wonderful tool to improve the flexibility of the body and coordination of the body and mind. Also helps you balance your life. It improves your physical fitness without much pressure on your body.

Yoga Class at PSB Fitness
Yoga Class at PSB Fitness


It does not require any vigorous exercises. We are experts at Yoga training and help the members attain the desired fitness through regular observation and counseling.





We are sure you have realized the benefits of Meditation and Complete Fitness, and have liked the classes we are offering. Please register here to leave your contact details and email address. We will contact you as early as possible. Or you can directly visit the centers to get more details and book your slots. Here is the address for the centers:

  1. PSB Fitness, HMC Campus, Sheridan College, Mississauga
  2. PSB Fitness, Davis Campus, Sheridan College, Mississauga



PSB Fitness

PSB fitness Sheridan college mobile app workout tracking and meal planning available for all PSB gym members for FREE!!

Demonstrate app interface for meal planning and workout tracking
User Friendly interface. Quick access to all tool and features

Being a student is hard and we at PSB fitness understand that. Students are always tight on time due to schoolwork and assignments not to forget their jobs. Due to the busy lifestyle students are often left with no time to enjoy and preform a proper workout, cook a healthy and nutritious meal which to many is important. Because to stay healthy it means our minds and body can preform at their best potential. That’s why here at PSB fitness we are opening our first fitness center in the Sheridan college HMC and Davis campus to make it accessible to all of our students to work out before, between or after classes without wasting commuting time to nearby local gyms while being charged hefty prices that many students cannot afford. We have also developed the PSB fitness Sheridan college mobile app workout tracking and meal planning which helps and aids students through their fitness and health journey.

PSB fitness Sheridan college mobile app workout tracking and meal planning, staying healthy has never been easier

The PSB fitness app helps you integrate your workouts and the results into your mobile app, it provides the user with detailed information on what they have completed and helps them plan their workouts based on their goals and performance. The user can scan the code on the machine, should the user prefer to perform their own workouts. By scanning the code on the machine and entering the number of sets, reps, and weight used in your 30 second break between reps; making it time efficient, the app recognizes calories burned and muscle group exercised. The app may also develop a personalized workout routine based on the user’s body type, fitness level and fitness goals. Should the goal be to lose weight, or put on some muscle mass the PSB fitness app can help. 

Its all about you!

The app uses the data and information collected from the user’s workouts and customizes a detailed meal plan with information on products and ingredients required, recipes on how to cook the meal, nutrition values, portion sizes and quantities. Students can prepare the meals on their free time for the entire week to help students save time, money, and live and eat healthy.

The PSB fitness Sheridan college mobile app workout tracking and meal planning considers the user’s goals and with appropriate accessories such as the apple watch, the app can monitor heart rate and other vitals to best maximize the customization of the workouts and meal plans. The user may also add in foods, drinks, snacks that they have consumed into the app to track their nutrients consumption. The app has over 5 Million food and beverage products that you can search for and directly add to your daily food consumption. Should the product not be on the app, you may input the nutrition values in manually.

Remember to stay hydrated !

Illustrate app interface
PSB’s fitness app keeps track of your water consumption and reminds you to drink more when necessary

The app also has a “water” reminder option, which help students consume enough water during the day which is the most necessary and important element to stay healthy. One study in women showed that a fluid loss of 1.36 percent after exercise impaired mood and concentration and increased the frequency of headaches


The app generates weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on the user’s fitness levels, workouts preformed, food and nutrients consumed. The app also provides tips and advice on room for improvement to help guide students to reach their maximum potential. The PSB fitness app aids students in not only tracking their workouts and planning their meals, but also helps in setting them on the right track to a healthy, organized, time efficient lifestyle for the students to succeed in all aspects of life. The PSB fitness app will be available for all gym members at no cost, sign up using your membership ID and you are in! If you have already signed up to be a member, Download the app today to start your journey with PSB fitness to achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted

Benefits of Physical Activity

Benefits of Physical Activity

Being physically active has been the trending campaign globally for the past few decades. Several health-related programmes and social events facilitate us for remaining physically active and also spreading positivity around the world. We all know exercise is always good for maintaining an efficient health structure but many of us do not know the full sources of benefits. Enlisting out some reasons that will thrive the physical culture, thereby embracing the life standards.

Managing Weight

The most significant merit of exercising is that it facilitates us with managing weight. Exercising surges the rate of caloric expenditure and also helps us on losing weight necessary for maintaining a balanced physical structure. Regular amount of exercise in an appropriate way helps on maintaining the functioning related to metabolism, thereby making weight management a simple and an easy task to follow.

Eliminating Physical Pains

Exercise provides rehabilitation sources for eliminating chronic pains. The appropriate way of exercise is a correct form of physiotherapy necessary for healing injuries and pains. However, it is always necessary to consult a health specialist to follow the ideal routine before an individual follows a particular healthy routine.

Safeguarding Against Health Conditions

Apart from keeping physically stronger, exercise also keeps our body healthy through eliminating the risks associated with the development of chronic conditions. Through following the traits of weight management, exercise helps us overcoming several diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, heart diseases. Regular exercise also helps us on maintaining our blood sugar and insulin levels at healthy rates.

Maintaining Bone & Muscle Health

Exercise helps on making our body physically active and stronger as it generates muscle strength and also develops the bone structure. Stronger bones help on maintaining a better body balance, thereby generating stability and also causing less amount of injuries. On the other hand, stronger muscles help on maintaining the fitness levels necessary for carrying out daily activities. However, it is not necessary to get actively involved in developing a muscled body. Maintaining a healthy and fit physique requires a huge amount of training and nutrition. Holistic strength training approach will help on maintaining the functioning of our body muscles and also helping us on remaining active.

Boosting Mental Health Conditions

Exercise is always considered beneficial for maintaining the brain functioning activities. Initially, exercise helps on maintaining the release of hormones, thereby encouraging the growth of brain cells. Secondly, exercise helps on maintaining the blood flow to the brain, thereby facilitating it get more amount of oxygen and also maintain better functioning. Moreover, oxygen also paves the pathway of enhancing memory traits necessary for surging the size of the hippocampus, the portion of the brain that maintains memory-related functions. This decreases the chance of occurrence of several degenerative diseases such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease, and also slows down the process related to brain ageing.

Boosting Energy Level Conditions

A good exercise routine helps on maintaining hormonal rush that is an important energy booster. This facilitates us with fighting fatigue and also remaining more focused. The energy boosting conditions have become significant for the people who have been suffering from chronic health-related conditions. This has a tremendous impact on the energy levels.

Mood Enhancements

Apart from keeping energetic, exercise also helps on remaining always happy. Hormones such as endorphins that generates help on evoking positive feelings and also remove the negative ones. As a result, exercise is necessary for people who have been suffering from depression or anxiety. Moreover, the stress-relieving impact of exercise also helps on keeping the body and mind relaxed.