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Sumiyaki Japanese
Roasted Coffee

“Unlock the Coffee Mystery: Sumiyaki Coffee. Charcoal, Infrared magic, and beans that cook from the inside out. Experience authentic Japanese coffee

What's Authentic Japanese Coffee?

Sumiyaki, known as ‘Charcoal-Heated’ coffee, is a distinctive roasting method used in Japan. Coffee beans are initially charred by the heat of special charcoal. Subsequently, the process employs Infrared and Far Infrared rays, which permeate the beans, generating internal friction and cooking them from the inside out. This unique dual roasting technique yields the rich and unparalleled flavors of Sumiyaki coffee. This is a very authentic Japanese coffee

Coffee beans being slow-Roasted (Sumiyaki), Authentic Japanese Coffee
Sumiyaki Process

"Pursue perfection, always seek improvement."

Person enjoying Sumiyaki Coffee, Authentic Japanese Coffee

At PSB Japanese Cafe, we wholeheartedly embody the Japanese ethos of ‘Pursue perfection, always seek improvement.’ This philosophy is our guiding star in crafting your coffee and snacks. We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of perfection, always fine-tuning our offerings to ensure that every visit to our café is a step closer to the ideal experience. It’s a commitment to excellence woven into the very fabric of our café, reflecting our passion for continuous improvement in every cup and every bite we serve.



Authentic Japanese Experience

PSB Café delivers an immersive Japanese experience through authentic Sumiyaki coffee and traditional snacks, creating an atmosphere that transports customers to the heart of Japan.

Hand-crafted snacks

At PSB Café, our dedication to hand-crafted Japanese snacks means each treat is a carefully prepared, authentic delight, providing a genuine taste of Japan through traditional and unique flavors.

What's on our Table

Japanese Buns served at PSB cafe Authentic Japanese Snacks
Japanese Honey Buns
Different types of Coffee
Coffee with Leaves in the background served as japanese PSB cafe
Sumiyaki coffee
Japanese Snacks at the display of PSB cafe
Sweets and Snacks


Discover PSB Café, Your Oasis in the Heart of Mississauga’s Square One Mall. Nestled amidst the vibrant city life, our café is your convenient escape for an authentic Japanese coffee and snack experience in the heart of the community.

Unit number: 124
Square One

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